Disk Jockey

I love music and I enjoy sharing it with others and I would love to have a job where I could get paid for playing tunes and talking about them.  Not just anyone can become a disk jockey, or a DJ as it is more commonly known, because these people need to have a wide taste in music, as you never know what is going to appeal to your audience on any particular day or evening.  Just because you like a particular type of music, doesn’t mean that everyone who shows up for the party is going to enjoy what you play, so in order to be successful, you must become well rounded.  Having a career as a DJ does not require a degree or, really any sort of formal education, but you probably have to purchase a lot of CDs and vinyl’s and you will also have to work a lot of nights and weekends.

Last week we had Mature Audience with prompt being to feature a song whose title must starts with the letter M or A.  This week we have DJ as the prompt and you must feature a song whose title must start with the letter D or J.  This two-letter prompt thing has been going really well and I hope that it continues this week.  Take some time to read the posts of other bloggers who respond to this music challenge, and even better, read as many of them as you are able to as you will probably find many enjoyable songs and it is quite possibly that you will learn a thing or two.  Share your music with others and post a video, try do some research and let everyone know something about the song that you post.  Tell everyone why you like the song, whether it was a hit, or what you think the song is about.  Show the lyrics, let’s all listen to our favorite songs and explore some new music.  Try to find a song that fits the prompt, then write your post and create a pingback, or you can just place your link in the comments section.

Here are the “rules”:
• Post the lyrics to the song of your choice, whether it contains the prompt words or not.  If it does not meet the criteria, then please explain why you chose this song.
• Please try to include the songwriter(s) – it’s a good idea to give credit where credit is due.  Your post can be as long or as short as you want it to be.
• Make sure you also credit the singer/band and if you desire you can provide a link to where you found the lyrics.
• Link to the YouTube video, or pull it into your post so others can listen to the song.
• Ping back to this post or place your link in the comments section below.
• Read at least one other person’s blog, so we can all share new and fantastic music and create amazing new blogging friends in the process.
• Feel free to suggest future prompts.
• Have fun and enjoy the music.

I am writing about the Bill Browning song ‘Dark Hollow’ today.  Next week, I will be writing about the song ‘Yakety Yak’ written by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller and performed by The Coasters.  The upcoming prompts will be:
January 24, 2021 – Chat/Laugh/Rant/Scream/Talk
January 31, 2021 – Even/Odd
February 7, 2021 – Colors which Helen did back in 2017
February 14, 2021 – Brain/Mind/Think

Love Is In Da Blog 2021 Reveal

I participated in this challenge in February of 2019 and 2020 and it is coming back again this year, however it will be a bit different.  Bee the host has a private blog, so there will be no pingbacks this year, the prompts are themed as the Great Love Stories and she is expecting poetry or music, so you can choose a song or a write poem or do both.  February will have 28 days of love and the prompts are here with my planned choices listed below.

  1. Choose your own
    Peter & Gordon ‘A World Without Love’
  1. Romeo & Juliet~ Find a love song and/or write a Madrigal about them.
    Joan Jett & The Blackhearts ‘I Hate Myself For Loving You’
  1. Casablanca~ Find an unusual version of “As Time Goes By” and/or write an Acrostic with this song title
    Cyndi Lauper ‘Time After Time’
  1. Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal(Taj Mahal) ~ Find a Bollywood song and/or write an Epitaph for lovers
    Taj Mahal ‘That’s How Strong My Love Is’
  1. Diego Rivera & Frida Kahlo~ Find a Jazz love-song and/or write a Contrapuntal poem about Rivera & Kahlo
    Sarah Vaughan ‘All Of Me’
  1. Paris & Helen~ Find a love song of war and/or write an ode to Helen & Paris
    Dusty Springfield ‘I Only Want to Be with You’
  1. Bonnie & Clyde~ Find a Blues love song and/or write a Nonet about doomed love
    Muddy Waters ‘Just Make Love To Me’
  1. Choose your own
    Neil Young ‘Only Love Can Break Your Heart’
  1. The Butterfly Lovers~ Find a pop love song with a butterfly in it and/or write a Gu Ti poem (second form in the article)
    Bob Lind ‘Elusive Butterfly’
  1. Johnny Cash & June Carter~ Find a country love song and/or write a Senryu about love
    Johnny and June duet ‘You’re A Part Of Me’
  1. Tristan & Iseult~ Find a love folk song and/or write an Ae Freislighe about love
    Emmylou Harris ‘A Love That Will Never Grow Old’
  1. Dr Zhivago & Lara~ Find a “revolutionary” love song and/or write an Onegin Stanzaabout Zhivago and Lara
    Andy Williams ‘Somewhere My Love’
  1. Orpheus & Eurydice~ Find a singer/songwriter song about love and/or write an Ovillejo poemabout love
    Todd Rundgren ‘Blue Orpheus’
  1. Niulang and Zhinu (Cowherd and Weaver Girl)~ Find a Valentine’s song and/or write aSijo poem about love.
    Shirley Bassey ‘My Funny Valentine’
  1. Choose your own
    Beatles ‘And I Love Her’
  1. Pretty Woman~ Find a great opera love song and/or write a Bop poem about Edwards & Vivienne’s love
    Andrew Lloyd Webber from The Phantom of the Opera ‘All I Ask Of You’
  1. Cleopatra & Mark Antony~ Find a 50’s love song and/or write a Descord Poem about love
    The PlattersOnly You
  1. Choose your own
    Adele ‘Make You Feel My Love’
  1. Gertrude Stein and Alice B Toklas~ Find a chanson about love and/or write a Lai poem about Gertrude & Alice
    Petula Clark ‘Love This Is My Song’
  1. Sisi & Franz~ Find an acapella Love song and/or write a Sestina poem about Sisi & Franz
    Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons ‘Can’t Take My Eyes off You’
  1. Lancelot & Guinevere~ Find a love rock song and/or write a Hir a Thoddaid poem about love
    The Pretenders ‘I’ll Stand By You’
  1. Choose your own
    The Cure ‘Love Song’
  1. Aragorn and Arwen~ Find a classical love piece and/or write a poem in your own invented language (With translation please)
    Joe Cocker ‘You Are So Beautiful’
  1. Jackie Kennedy & Aristotle Onassis~ Find a love song from 1968 and/or write a free verse poem about love
    Big Brother and the Holding Company ‘Piece of My Heart’
  1. Hadrian & Antinous~ Find a metal ballad about love and/or write a Rispetto poem about their love
    Ozzy Osbourne ‘Mama I’m Coming Home’
  1. Katniss & Peeta~ Find a love song from the “Hunger Games” films and/or write a Tricubes poem about love
    Van Morrison ‘Hungry for Your Love’
  1. Dante & Beatrice~ Find an Italian love song and/or write a Palindrome poem about love
    Billy Joel ‘Scenes from an Italian Restaurant’
  1. Clara & Esteban (House of Spirits) ~ Find an exotic love song and/or write a Katauta poem
    Savage Garden ‘Truly Madly Deeply’

We May Never Get an Answer

I have so many questions about why all these people swallowed up Trump’s lies and even if they didn’t actually believe them, these hard-core supporters bought his snake oil thinking that he was the best thing for them.  They cried fraud being the result of systematic ballot tampering and voting software manipulation, because Trump had told them that was the only way that he could lose the last election.  Trump may be the world’s greatest con artist and he pulled their strings like a puppet master, because he was able to fabricate stories and his lemming followers would see “fake news” when he told them it was so.  Trump taught these people to hate, starting with Hillary, then making up things about the radical left, targeting the immigrants and using his psychological warfare to gain more and more followers relying on FOX News.

These people who attacked the Capitol on January 6th believed that Democracy was a threat to their lives and those far-right QAnon conspiracy theorists who believe in a deep state, that things get done in potentially secret and unauthorized networks of power operating independently of a state’s political leadership in pursuit of their own agenda and goals are the worst of the whack jobs.  These people are seeking order and control and they don’t seem to care about evidence, so they always have an answer no matter what the question is, because they feel that no one can prove them to be wrong.  Corruption oozed out of every pore on Trump’s body and the only way that he could have cleaned up the swamp was if he resigned on the first day that he took office.

He tore this country apart in for years and millions still support him and even if he does something that they don’t particularly like, they are still going to say that he is their man, because he says things that make them feel secure and they see him as a winner.  Trump supporters thought that he was bringing the country together, even at a time where he was tearing it apart.  They may have been doing well in the stock market, but many other Americans suffered under his administration

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Saturday Mix Opposing Forces hosted by weejars aka Sarah where she asks us to consider the antithetical, opposing, contrasting, mutually incompatible opposites of answer and question – together and apart.

First Days of Hope Loom Over Last Days of Doom

First thing is first, or should that be first things first, meaning that you should take care of the most important things before you move on to the other stuff that can wait.  It is about setting realistic priorities and goals that you must do to deal with the activities that you are obligated yourself to achieve, before moving on to tasks that are not essential and then you can tackle the things that you would like to get done.  My car needed some repairs, as my check engine light came on and I could smell oil burning.  I knew that this was the most important problem, because I didn’t want oil leaking onto my driveway and I didn’t want my engine to seize up.  I explained the problems and asked them to give me an estimate for the necessary work and if I had any money left over then I would have them do those repairs as well.

Things were getting crazy in the courtroom, so the judge banged his gavel down repeatedly and yelled, “Order in the court”, I wanted to say, “I’ll have a tuna fish sandwich on rye with an iced tea to wash it down”, but I came to my senses, as I knew that the judge was not taking lunch orders.  Later that day while we were deliberating the verdict a clerk came by and took our lunch orders and once, we finished out meal, we went back to discussing the case.  I didn’t think the case was all that difficult to decide, but I wanted to have an open mind, so I listened to all the facts before I started yelling, “Lock Trump up and throw away the key.”  The foreman stood up and said, “We have to decide on guilt first and punishment will be the last thing.”

Written for Linda G. Hill’s JusJoJan and Stream of Consciousness Saturday where the prompt is to start your post with the words “First thing” and you can pick up bonus points if you are able to end it with the words “last thing”.

Hippie Cousin to the Camel

Lilly named her llama Pauciloquent because she thought that was a cute name for such a fluffy animal.  It made some groaning noises, it hummed and it made these adorable gargling sounds when it became sexually aroused from time to time, but it mostly stayed silent.  Lilly enjoyed riding on Pauciloquent and she thought it was better than being on a camel with humps, but she did not weigh that much.  Lilly loved taking selfies while riding on her pet, which she would hashtag, Instagram, and facebook all over the net, and this increased her bonding with this fuzzball creature

Lilly had owned an alpaca before, but she found out that are more distant to affection like cats usually are, while llamas are more like dogs once you earn their trust.  Lilly was having a lot of fun hanging out with Pauciloquent and although she was warned that llamas might try to spit in her face, but as she got to know Pauciloquent, she realized that he would never do such a nasty thing.

Lilly became the president of the Life is Better with a Llama Society and she was now sending out over 150 newsletters every month.  She included a section on llama humor, which everybody seemed to enjoy.  Some of her favorite jokes were: What do you get when you cross a turtle and a llama?, where the answer is a turtleneck sweater.  What do llamas call the end of time?, answer Llamageddon.   Did you hear about the woman who broke up with her boyfriend and moved to Peru?, she became a real llama queen.  What’s a llama’s favorite song?, Llama Chameleon.  Her llama never laughed ay any of the jokes that she told him, but he was never big on words anyways.

Written for Word of the Day Challenge Prompt – Pauciloquent.

City of Love

Gigi assembled her planners, her calendars, her pens, pouches, and post-its before her on the desk and stood over them like a general surveying maps.  Gigi was going back to Paris for the first time since her marriage to Gaston failed.  Gaston didn’t know how good he had it, being lucky enough to be the man that she chose to marry, and he reverted back to his old ways of making love to one woman after the next.   Gigi became a world class ballerina and Gaston flirted with all of the other dancers, telling Gigi that he was just being friendly, but she caught her understudy and Gaston in a compromising situation backstage.  Gigi always thought that her understudy Titania was a total sleaze bag, especially after she answered that dance audition which read, “Dance background a plus, and nudity and sexual situations a must.”  Gigi exclaimed, “Thank God for good divorce attorneys.”

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie First Line Friday hosted by Dylan.

Once in a Blue Moon

  1. Where did the phrase ‘Out for a duck’ originate?
    This is a sexual innuendo that parents used when they wanted some time away from their kids.

2.   What is Duck a l’orange?
This is a recipe that was created by the Duke of Earl.

3.   Why do we yell ‘DUCK’ when something is likely to hit us?
If we yelled “Look up” we would get hit in the face.

4.   When was the first iPhone released?
You will have to ask Fandango about this.

5.   What is an interrobang?
This is what happens in mosh pits when the crowd gets naked.

6.   What is, or was, a Troodon?
Bom ba, ba bom ba bom ba bom, bom, dang a dang, dang ding a dong ding, I don’t know.

  1. Who invented the Little Black Dress?
    The same tailor who sold the new clothes to the emperor.

8.   What is TikTok?
I think that is a breath mint.

9.   Who invented the frying pan?
The same guy that invented the flying carpet.

10. What colour is most toilet paper in France?

Written for Di’s Fibbing Friday.

Tripping on Peyote

I had done magic mushrooms before, capped my own chocolate mescaline and dropped acid a few times, so when my friend offered me some peyote buttons, I said, “Hell yes”.  I didn’t know all that much about peyote and I had heard that it grew out of cow shit and that it came from Mexico.  I was aware that the Aztecs dried the buttons and gave them to their warriors so they could become better fighters.  I wasn’t all that wild about eating something that grew out of cow dung and I also heard that most people get sick and end up puking after eating them.  My friend told me that the buttons grow on top of the peyote cactus, so I would not be eating something that sprung up from cow dung and this was more like eating the fruit of a plant.

Ed was sort of an expert on drugs and he said that it was more likely that these cactus plants sprung up after a heard of buffalo was grazing in the area.  Indian tribes followed the buffalo and they started using these plants in their spiritual ceremonies to obtain pleasant feelings.  They would eat the buttons inside of a tipi during a sweating ceremony where they would commune with the creator and try to live in harmony with the earth.  Different tribes developed their own music using gourd rattles, drums and chanting and all of this purified their bodies.  Peyote was also used to treat snakebites, burns, wounds, toothaches, fever, scorpion stings, and arrow wounds.  Ed told me that if we each ate a little bit at a time, that would reduce the chance of either of us getting sick.

Ed said that the chocolate mescaline that he sold me was actually dried and ground up peyote buttons that were covered with chocolate powder to make them taste better by covering the bitter flavor, which I did not know.  I always liked mescaline better than dropping acid, because I was never was able to talk when I was tripping on that stuff.  We ate some buttons in Ed’s car as we drove up to the Poconos to go camping and after we consumed them Ed said that this was going to be fun and he popped the Doors album L.A. Woman into his cassette player.  Ed repeated a famous line from Aldous Huxley where he once said, “The man who comes back through the Door in the Wall will never quite be the same as the man who went out.”  I responded with, “Nothing is certain in life except man’s ability to fail” and I knew that we were well on our way to a deep philosophical discussion.

Written for Linda G. Hill’s ‘Life in progress’ JusJoJan January prompt of button.

Well Water

A breakdown in domestic water supply caused the town leaders to consider new alternatives and they made an appointment to talk with the well water sales engineer today.  When Mr. Jones arrived, they asked him what type of guarantee they would get for their money, if they decided to invest in this well water system technology.  Mr. Jones said that he would need a retainer to do a study and depending on what information came from that, then he could give them an estimate.  Mr. Jones told them, “Since you can’t see ground water, we have hydrologists on staff that utilize scientific methods to find water, but this can be a crap shoot and sometimes your neighbor may have water and you won’t.  We will have some test holes drilled and check our records that we have acquired for all the holes that were drilled in this area and that should give us something to go on.”

The mayor spoke up and said, “How much of a retainer do you require to get started and instead of equivocating the issue, tell us the chances on a scale of 1 to 10 that you will be able to hit pay dirt or us hitting rock bottom and this project becomes a money pit that runs us completely dry.  Ten would match up with us having to pay a minimal amount of money and would yield a vast water supply that would last us for years to come and one on this scale will have you run out of here on a rail.”  Mr. Jones replied. “Do you want me to calculate the cost of water treatment, just in case there may have containments present?”  The mayor said, “Yes of course”!  Mr. Jones said, “Well in that case, I am going to need a retainer and you can make the check out to the We Dig Wells company.

Written for FOWC with Fandango – Instead, for Linda G. Hill’s ‘Life in progress’ JusJoJan January prompt – Neighbor, and for Reena’s Exploration Challenge #168 – A breakdown in domestic water supply.

My Dogs Are Barking

The man entered the shoe store complaining that his feet hurt, because they were tired and they needed some tender loving care.  The salesperson said, “Well sir you have come to the right place, as we have something that goes way beyond your basic dress shoes, or cheap sneakers here, as our basset hound Jason would tell you, ‘Quiet your barking dogs in the most comfortable shoe that you will ever wear’.  Prince Phillip of Great Britain chose Hush Puppies to wear on a 1959 visit to the United States and at that same time Warren Beatty was wearing them.  David Bowie wore Hush Puppies and Princess Diana’s had a custom-made pair.  Tom Hanks wore them in Forest Gump and Dennis Rodman, Jim Carrey, Sharon Stone, Patricia Arquette, Ellen DeGeneres, Daryl Hannah, Lenny Kravitz and even ‘Seinfeld’s’ Kramer have worn these shoes.  Frank Sinatra’s Rat Pack including Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Peter Lawford and Joey Bishop wore Hush Puppies and the Beatles wore them on their U.S. tours in the mid-1960s.

They were the first shoes advertised on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, but an ‘electrifying’ boost was given to the brand in 1965 at a Rolling Stones concert in Sacramento, California, when Keith Richards accidentally touched his guitar against an ungrounded microphone and was knocked unconscious.  Medics believed that the crepe-soled Hush Puppies that he was wearing at the time saved his life.  They were embraced by hippies wearing tie-dyed shirts, beads, bell bottom jeans, long sideburns during San Francisco’s “Summer of Love” in 1967.  In 1974, Jimmy Buffett recorded the song ‘Come Monday’ which featured the lyrics ‘I’ve got my Hush Puppies on’, and this song reached #3 on the charts.  By 1990, Hush Puppies became so popular that Mikhail Gorbachev invited the brand to become the first American company to manufacture and sell footwear in the Soviet Union.  Come into the store sir and I am sure that we can do something about your tired feet.”  The man said, “OK I will try on a pair, but I think that Keith Richards could live through anything and after the next nuclear war, he will be this only thing left alive besides the cockroaches.”

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Tale Weaver #310 hosted by Michael where the prompt is

Tired and Run Down.