Today’s Questions

Why did you choose your particular blog title? Was there a reason behind it or was it just a random choice?
I was looking for a blog title that was unique and which would fit me so I chose to be A Unique Title For Me.

Do you think that a catchy, “click bait type” title does better or is a blog name that indicates the general purpose of the site more attractive for readers?
For some people a clickbait name will attract attention and entice users to follow them and for others this might work differently, only time will tell.

Some bloggers have the same user name and blog title? What is your opinion of this? OR Are you one of them? If so, could you share your reason for this?
My user name is NewEpicAuthor and I picked that because I wrote three very long books which were never published.

Written for Blogging Insights #57 by Dr. Tanya where this week she is concerned with Blog Titles.

Melanie’s World

What would you enjoy if you could do so without someone getting annoyed with you for enjoying it?  It MUST be something you aren’t supposed to enjoy because it is “bad for you”.
Belching, and farting.

Is it okay for men to wear the color pink?
Sarah Fuller became the first woman to play during a regular-season game in one of college football’s Power 5 conferences by booting a kickoff on Saturday for Vanderbilt to start the second half against Missouri.  Thus, if a woman can play football then men can wear pink, although it really isn’t my color.

Can you curl your tongue?
As a matter of fact, I curled my tongue today when I was getting my teeth cleaned.  My hygienist used the air blaster to clean my stained teeth and it stings like a sand blaster.

What, in your opinion, is the best room to put a fireplace?
Home is where the hearth is, so what ever room you like to spend time in would be a good spot for a fireplace.

I am grateful that I will finish up the last of the Thanksgiving Day leftovers tonight, as a person can only eat so much turkey.

Written for Melanie’s sparksfromacombustiblemind’s Share Your World.

Like a One-Eyed Cheshire

Robert Hunter the Grateful Dead lyricist said that the song ‘China Cat Sunflower’ came to him when he was visiting Mexico’s Lake Chapala and a cat decided that his belly looked like a comfortable place to take a nap.  My most embarrassing moment at a Grateful Dead concert came for me at Roosevelt Stadium in Jersey City, when I yelled out ‘China Cat’ and all of these Deadheads looked at me and said, “They already played that song.”  I was humiliated, but I can blame my blunder on the acid that I took.  Well, at least I didn’t request that they play ‘Freebird’.  The Grateful Dead were known for never playing the same concert twice and most of their fans really paid attention to which songs they were playing, although a lot of real stoners did go to the shows.

‘China Cat Sunflower’ and ‘The Eleven’ were the first lyrics that Robert Hunter wrote for the Grateful Dead and they were composed while he was on LSD.  He mailed them to the band from Arizona.  The Grateful Dead first performed ‘China Cat Sunflower’ on January 17, 1968 and it was recorded on their 1969 studio album Aoxomoxoa, and later released on the triple live album Europe ’72, played as a suite with the John A Lomax & Alan Lomax traditional blues tune ‘I Know You Rider’.  The two songs segued together perfectly, with ‘China Cat Sunflower’ almost always preceding ‘I Know You Rider’ and the Grateful Dead performed this combination well over 500 times.  Excluding drums and space music only 6 songs were played more times than ‘China Cat Sunflower’, those being ‘Playing in the Band’, ‘Not Fade Away’, ‘Me and My Uncle’, ‘Sugar Magnolia’, ‘I Know You Rider’ and ‘The Other One’.

Up until November 1977, Robert Hunter said that nobody ever asked him about the meaning of this song.  Hunter was asked about the song by BAM: The California Music Magazine, and he gave an interesting answer that was published in 1978 and included in the American musician, songwriter, and music journalist David Gans’ Conversations With the Dead: The Grateful Dead Interview Book in 2002.  In this song, Hunter tells a story of mind-altering situations including words coming out from out a silk trombone and ringing a silent bell, and I don’t think that he ever wanted anybody to know what these lyrics were about.  The significance of this song, is that it helped Hunter land a job as being the band’s lyricist.  In mid-1967, Hunter mailed the lyrics to the Dead, along with the lyrics for another song ‘The Eleven’ and by September 1967, he was working with the band in Rio Nido. California.

Hunter said that ‘China Cat’ took him a long time to write and that it was originally inspired by Dame Edith Sitwell, who had a way with words utilizing assonance and alliteration.  Hunter said that he was in a rather hypersensitive state when he wrote this, and he followed this cat out to what he believed to be the planet Neptune, where there were rainbows across Neptune, and cats marching across the rainbow.  This cat took him to all these cat places and that along with the LSD that he dropped, became the essence of this song.  The Dame Edith Sitwell poem Trio for Two Cats and a Trombone which is about a couple of cats having a love affair ends with the line “In the palace of the Queen Chinee!”  A china cat is most likely a porcelain cat, not a cat from China, although there is a common Japanese figurine that is called Maneki Neko known as the beckoning cat, which is believed to bring customers and wealth to a merchant’s establishment when it is displayed in front windows of restaurants and teahouses.

The phrase, “I rang a silent Bell” could refer to an old gambling term when betting was illegal, and when someone won, it was called ringing the silent bell.  The Cheshire Cat is a fictional cat that was popularized by Lewis Carroll in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland which can disappear and reappear whenever it likes and it is known for its distinctive mischievous grin that sometimes stays in view when it vanishes.  Vincent van Gogh made a series of psychedelic Sunflower paintings and perhaps Hunter saw one of these on his trip to Neptune.  In 1955, the beat poet Allen Ginsberg wrote a poem titled Sunflower Sutra, which is about a desolate American landscape, that was destroyed and devastated by the careless work of modern society.

Arctic regions like Scandinavia and Alaska are often called the land of the midnight sun.  The Led Zeppelin tune ‘Immigrant Song’ says, “We come from the land of the ice and snow, From the midnight sun where the hot springs flow.  The very odd line “Copperdome bodhi drip a silver kimono” is puzzling, but copper was often used in architecture because of its durability, prestigious appearance, and ability to form complex shapes.  The “Bodhi Drip” is a way of existence, a dewdrop of positivity from one leaf of the Tree of Enlightenment, which stems from Buddhism, putting an end to the cycle of transmigration and leading to Nirvana.  The line, “Comic book colors on a violin river cryin’ Leonardo” could be referring to Leonardo da Vinci writing in mirror script as a way of keeping his hands clean and preventing him from smudging his ink.  George Herriman created the Krazy Kat comic strip which featured a cat and a mouse and the US Postal service issued a Krazy Kat stamp in 1995.

Hunter was known to like the Old West, as he read Wyatt Earp, when he was young, and one of his grandfathers was a cowboy who occasionally lassoed him as he ran about the yard.  He was also a train enthusiast and steam locomotives needed to make stops at water towers, where a railroad worker would line up the spout with the water hatch on top of the tender, loading water so they could keep running over long distances.  The fireman climbs up on the tender and pulls the spout into the tender’s hatch.  He then pulls on a chain attached to the water valve in the bottom of the tower.  Water flows out through the spout into the tender, but on real hot days, he might let some of this water flow onto his head to cool off.  Maybe he would get under the waterfall to get some of that coal dust washed off of him.  The line, “To a double-e waterfall over my back” may have something to do with the 1965 Bob Dylan song, ‘It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry’, because it contains the line, “Don’t the brakemen look good, mama, flaggin’ down the ‘Double-E’”, as Double E locomotives were at one time the largest trains.  Warren Zevon’s 1976 song ‘Poor Pitiful Me’, also contains the line, “Laid my head on the railroad track, waitin’ on the Double E”, which later became a big hit for Linda Ronstadt.

Look for a while at the china cat sunflower
Proud walking jingle in the midnight sun
Copperdome bodhi drip a silver kimono
Like a crazy quilt star gown through a dream night wind

Na na na, na na na
Na na na, na na na
Ooh, oh, oh

Crazy cat peekin’ through a lace bandanna
Like a one-eyed cheshire, like a diamond-eye jack
A leaf of all colors plays a golden-string fiddle
To a double-e waterfall over my back

Na na na, na na na
Na na na, na na na
Ooh, oh, oh

China cat, china cat
China cat, china cat
China cat, china cat
China cat, china cat

Comic book colors on a violin river cryin’ Leonardo
Words from out a silk trombone
I rang a silent bell, beneath a shower of pearls
In the eagle-winged palace of the queen Chinee

China cat, china cat
China cat, china cat
China cat, china cat
China cat, china cat
China cat, china cat
China cat, china cat
China cat, china cat
China cat, china cat
China cat, china cat
China cat, china cat
China cat

Written for Song Lyric Sunday where the prompt is Bird/Cat/Dog/Fish/Pet.

Domesticated Animals

Animals make great companions, keeping people happy and entertained.  A cat lover is called an ailurophile, while a dog lover is a cynophile, but some people love fish and others love birds, all in all having a pet can be therapeutic.  “I say, hey (hey), you (you), get off of my cat”.  Shirley Temple had Animal Crackers in her soup, while Simon & Garfunkel were at the zoo, Elvis Presley was trying to be your teddy bear and The Rolling Stones were riding high on a beast of burden.  Tweety Bird was a yellow canary that tormented Sylvester.  Dr. Evil was a parody of the James Bond villain Blofeld and he had a hairless cat named Mr. Bigglesworth in the Austin Powers movies. Nipper sat in front of a gramophone trying to decipher his master’s voice.  The Great White shark in Jaws was named Bruce, but Nemo and Dory are my favorite fish.

Last week we had Spouse in the House with the prompts being Fiancé/Husband/Lover/Wife.  This week we have the affectionate animal prompts of Bird/Cat/Dog/Fish/Pet.  Take some time to read the posts of other bloggers who respond to this music challenge, and even better, read as many of them as you are able to as you will probably find many enjoyable songs and it is quite possibly that you will learn a thing or two.  Share your music with others and post a video, try do some research and let everyone know something about the song that you post.  Tell everyone why you like the song, whether it was a hit, or what you think the song is about.  Show the lyrics, let’s all listen to our favorite songs and explore some new music.  Try to find a song that fits the prompt, then write your post and create a pingback, or you can just place your link in the comments section.

Here are the “rules”:
• Post the lyrics to the song of your choice, whether it contains the prompt words or not.  If it does not meet the criteria, then please explain why you chose this song.
• Please try to include the songwriter(s) – it’s a good idea to give credit where credit is due.  Your post can be as long or as short as you want it to be.
• Make sure you also credit the singer/band and if you desire you can provide a link to where you found the lyrics.
• Link to the YouTube video, or pull it into your post so others can listen to the song.
• Ping back to this post or place your link in the comments section below.
• Read at least one other person’s blog, so we can all share new and fantastic music and create amazing new blogging friends in the process.
• Feel free to suggest future prompts.
• Have fun and enjoy the music.

I am writing about the Grateful Dead song ‘China Cat Sunflower’.  Next week I will be writing about the song ‘Happiness Is a Warm Gun’ by the Beatles.  The upcoming prompts will be:
December 6, 2020 – Alligator/Crocodile/Lizard/Snake/Turtle
December 13, 2020 – Apple/Banana/Cherry/Olive/Orange/Strawberry
December 20, 2020 – Circle/Polygon/Square/Triangle
December 27, 2020 – Odor/Scent/Smell/Taste

Car Insurance Options

My car insurance will expire in the middle of December and I guess if I look around, I could get a better deal and save some money.  I am a AAA member, not the alcoholic thing, the American Automobile Association and they have some deals with certain insurance companies and I am also a member of AARP the American Association of Retired Persons who also alerts me of deals on insurance.  Even though I have several options, I would need to go through all the trouble of entering my information on different websites and that would open me up for a ton of Spam email.

The biggest option to consider when you get car insurance is whether or not to get collision coverage, which adds greatly to the cost.  There is a rule of thumb that says if your car is over 8 years old, then it might be time to consider dropping collision.  If you have a new car, or if you are still making payments on it, then you have to have collision coverage.  If you have collision coverage and you go on a trip and you rent a car, then your coverage should apply toward your rental and you will just pay the regular rate.  If you don’t have the collision coverage, this is where the car rental companies will charge you more.  My car is a 2012, and I own it outright, so I went without collision on it.

I logged onto the AARP site and ended up saving $150 a year on my insurance.  People say that the quickest way to get a raise is to change jobs and the same thing works for insurance, as if you think that you are paying too much, then look around for some cheaper rates.  Some of the questions are ridiculous, as why do insurance companies need to know your credit score.  Change can be good, as if nothing ever changed, there would be no butterflies.

Written for Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday where the prompt is “opt”.

Fibbing Time

  1. Why is it traditional to eat turkey for Thanksgiving dinner? (In the US, at least.)
    Eating cats didn’t go over so well.
  1. What is “Festivus”?
    That is when the tree is lit up at Rockefeller Center.
  1. Why does Hanukka (or Chanuka, if you prefer) last for eight days?
    That comes from a Beatles song.
  1. Why does Kwanzaa last seven days?
    That was determined by Bob Dylan.
  1. According to the song, there are twelve days of Christmas, so why do most people only observe Christmas for one day?
    The 12 days of Christmas was derived from the Babylonian number system which was made on a base of 60 and when man forgot how to read cuneiform t ablets, they shortened it to one day.
  1. Why does Canada have Thanksgiving in October?
    It is too damn cold up in Canada after October.
  1. What is Childermas?
    I could tell you, but then I would have to give you a spanking.
  1. In the US, why is the Friday after Thanksgiving known as “Black Friday”?
    This came from the Rolling Stones.
  1. What is “Boxing Day”?
    This comes from the iconic movie On the Waterfront.
  1. What is “Saturnalia”?
    This is when all of the moons on Saturn are aligned.

Written for Frank’s Fibbing Friday.

Makes a Bulldog Hug a Hound

Willie Dixon wrote the song ‘The Same Thing’ in 1964 for Muddy Waters.  This is a humorous song, because of the country comparisons that it makes with a tom cat fighting, a bulldog hugging a hound, and a preacher putting down his bible.  The man likes his woman to have long legs and he feels good when he sees his girl get dressed up.  Sex is enjoyable to him but many times it leads to jealousy and he sees the whole world’s fighting about that old same thing.  Most men like to see a woman wearing sexy clothing like a short skirt, tight jeans, low-cut blouses or a dress that hugs their body, especially if they can pull off that look, but some women become aware of this effect that they have over men and they use it to wrap their man around her pinky.

In 1953, Willie Dixon was just an office assistant at Chess Records, an up-and-coming indie blues label on the South Side of Chicago.  His duties ranged from playing upright bass on sessions to packing up the resulting records for shipment and sweeping the floor.  He was always pestering people about the songs he wrote in his spare time, but no one paid him much mind.  As a bluesman who had been there and done that, Willie lived his life exactly like he wrote songs; simply, without pretension and at gut level.  A huge man both in girth and talent, he became a voice for the broken man and the troubled woman.  He had a genuine gift for musical arrangement and composition and is, to this day, still considered one of the blues’ most prolific songwriters.  He was incredibly intuitive when it came to pairing songs with musicians and musicians with sessions, then successfully capturing on vinyl, the best from both.

Chess Records songwriter Willie Dixon was the man behind some of the most beloved and influential songs in history, inspiring a whole generation of musicians.  Willie Dixon was a Chicago blues artist, perhaps best known for his songwriting.  He wrote or co-wrote over 500 songs and his work has been recorded by some of the best-known blues musicians of his era, including Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf, Little Walter, and Buddy Guy.  Later, some of his songs were popularized by rock groups, such as The Rolling Stones, The Doors, Cream, and Led Zeppelin.  Dixon’s combination of simple but effective rhythms and melodies with punchy cliché-free lyrics continue to be interpreted and recorded by newer performers.

What make a man go crazy when a woman wears her dress so tight?
What make a man go crazy when a woman wears her little old dress so tight?
You know it’s that same thing that make a tom cat fight every night

And why all of these men trying to run a big legged woman down?
Now why all of these men trying to run a big old legged woman down?
It’s got to be that same old thing that make a bulldog hug a hound

And it’s that old same thing
It’s that old same old thing
Now tell me who to blame?
The whole world’s fighting about that old same thing
Yes it is

What make you feel so good when your baby get a dressing gown
What make you feel so good when your baby get a dressing gown
It got to be the same old thing that makes a preacher lay his bible down
Yes it is

And it’s that same thing
It’s that old same thing
It’s that old same thing
It’s that old same thing
Yes it is

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie MM Music Challenge #170 Hold Me Now.

Hold Me Now – Challenge #170

The Thompson Twins were named after the two detectives in the Belgian cartoonist Hergé’s comic strip The Adventures of Tintin. The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn (2011) was Steven Spielberg’s motion capture 3D film based on three Hergé albums: The Crab with the Golden Claws (1941), The Secret of the Unicorn (1943), and Red Rackham’s Treasure (1944). The group had seven members when they recorded their first album, but pared down to three for their second. In 1986, Joe Leeway left the group and Tom Bailey and Alannah Currie continued as a duo, releasing three more albums. ‘Hold Me Now’ may not be the right thing during this global pandemic, but it found its place on mainstream radio helping the Thompson Twins to make an impact with their music. I believe that there is a story inside of every song that is waiting for the right person to tell it, so stop by and listen to ‘Hold Me Now’, or better yet join in with your own contribution.

Mindlovemisery's Menagerie

‘Hold Me Now’ is a song by British band theThompson Twins. It was written as the first single from their fourth studio album,Into the Gap which was released in 1983. The song was written by the English singer, songwriter, composer, musician, record producer and lead vocalistTom Bailey and the New Zealand musician Alannah Currie, along with the multi-instrumentalist, stylings guru Joe Leeway who provided the falsetto backing vocals. The song was produced byAlex Sadkinand Tom Bailey, and it peaked at #4 on theUK Singles Chartand it went to #3 on theBillboardHot 100, becoming the band’s highest charting single in the US, and it was certified gold. The song is a mid-temponew wavesong that uses a varied instrumentation, including keyboards, axylophone, a piano and Latin percussion.

Bailey and Currie were on-again, off-again couple and like all couples they went through different stages.  Certain things can tear a couple…

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The World We Live In

The world can be a confusing place, being meaningful for some and at the same time meaningless for others.  Our world is unravelling with the global pandemic, climate change, Brexit, Trump nonsense, poverty and starvation, destabilization of the economy, religious conflicts and discrimination and the uncertainty of all of these issues leads to confusion.  The process of continuously thinking about the same thoughts, which tend to be sad or dark, is called rumination and this will never solve anything, as it only brings on more confusion.  The Temptations had a hit with their song ‘Ball of Confusion (That’s What the World is Today)’ and the single was released before it came out on their album Greatest Hits, vol. 2.  The song reached #3 on the US Billboard Pop list chart and it got to #7 on the UK Pop list chart.  The Temptations lineup at this time consisted of Otis Williams, Melvin Franklin, Eddie Kendricks, Paul Williams, and Dennis Edwards.  The Funk Brothers provided the music for this track using two drummers and a wah-wah pedal electric guitar effect.  The Temptations were ranked at number 68 on Rolling Stone magazine’s list of the 100 Greatest Artists of all time.

This song bravely sheds light on the political and social issues plaguing the world during the 1960’s, including segregation, the Vietnam War and other social issues, but it seems to still be relevant with what is going on today.  This song written by Norman Whitfield and Barrett Strong was politically driven and released in May of 1970.  This song deviates from Motown’s usual clean and charismatic approach and it speaks out against the pharmaceutical companies gouging people for their medications in a time before the opioid epidemic ever existed.  Great googa mooga is an expression of surprise or exasperation that is similar to saying “Goodness gracious”.  This song mentions, “the beat goes on” which was a big hit for Sonny and Cher in 1967.  It contains the Biblical law, “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth”, which allowed people to retaliate against others when they were oppressed.

People movin’ out, people movin’ in.
Why, because of the color of their skin.
Run, run, run, but you sho’ can’t hide
An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.
Vote for me and I’ll set you free
Rap on, brother, rap on.
Well, the only person talkin’ ‘bout love thy brother is the preacher
And it seems nobody’s interested in learning but the teacher
Segregation, determination, demonstration, integration, aggravation,
humiliation, obligation to our nation
Ball Of Confusion that’s what the world is today (yeah, yeah)
The sale of pills is at an all time high
young folks walkin’ ‘round with their heads in the sky
Cities aflame in the summer time, and oh the beat goes on
Eve of destruction, tax deduction,
City inspectors, bill collectors,
Evolution, revolution, gun control, the sound of soul,
Shootin’ rockets to the moon, kids growin’ up too soon
Politicians say more taxes will solve ev’rything, and the band played on.
Round and round and around we go, where the world’s headed nobody knows.
Great googa mooga, can’t you hear me talkin’ to you, just a
Ball of Confusion that’s what the world is today. (yeah, yeah)
Fear in the air, tension ev’rywhere
Unemployment rising fast, the Beatle’s new record’s a gas,
and the only safe place to live is on an Indian reservation,
and the band played on
Eve of destruction, tax deduction,
City inspectors, bill collectors, mod clothes in demand,
population out of hand, suicide too many bills, hippies movin’ to the hills
People all over the world are shouting end the war and the band played on.
Round and round and around we go, where the world’s headed nobody knows.
Great googa mooga, can’t you hear me talkin’ to you, just a
Ball of Confusion that’s what the world is today
Let me hear you, let me hear you, let me hear you
Ball Of Confusion that’s what the world is today

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Tale Weaver – #303 hosted by Michael – where we are asked to consider the notion of confusion.

Women Do Funny Things To Me

The Larry Randal Kingston song ‘Women Do Funny Things To Me’ was ranked #25 of the Best Country Singles of 1965 and it reached #9 on Billboard Country chart for Del Reeves.  This is a humorous song that is about a worldly man, a guy who traveled to Egypt to ride a camel, encountered a bull in Spain, climbed Mount Everest and even went over Niagara Falls in a barrel, but he is still learning about women.  He appears to be very manly, as he enjoys hunting, he feels at home in the Okefenokee swamp wading past gators, walking across the Yukon and he even volunteered to go to the moon.  The funny thing is that he becomes a quivering mess when he is around women and he is afraid of marriage.  I guess that every man can still learn a thing or two about women.

Country singer/songwriter Franklin Delano Reeves moved to Nashville, Tennessee in the early 60’s, signed up with United Artists Records, and scored his first hit song with ‘Be Quiet Mind’ in 1961.  Reeves and his wife formed a professional songwriting duo; they penned songs for such established country singers as Carl Smith, Sheb Wooley, Rose Maddox, and Roy Drusky.  In 1965 Del had his biggest and most beloved smash success with the delightful trucker’s country tune ‘Girl on the Billboard’, which soared all the way to #1 on the country radio charts and sold a million copies.  The follow-up song ‘The Belles of Southern Bell’ was a Top 5 country radio hit.  Reeves’ other hit songs include ‘Women Do Funny Things to Me’, ‘A Dime At a Time’, ‘Looking At the World Through a Windshield’, and his signature number ‘Good Time Charlie’s’, ‘Be Glad’, and ‘The Philadelphia Fillies’.

Larry Randal Kingston was one of the top country songwriters in Nashville from 1965 until the 80’s.  Among his best-known songs are ‘Pittsburgh Stealers’ by the Kendalls, ‘Thank God and Greyhound’ by Roy Clark, ‘It’s Not Over (If I’m Not Over You)’ by Reba McEntire, ‘Biloxi’ by Kenny Price and ‘Lovin’ Machine’ by Johnny Paycheck.  Kinston also had cuts by Porter Wagoner, George Jones, Vern Gosdin, Don Williams, Mark Chesnutt, Jerry Lee Lewis, Ringo Starr and others.

Doo do do do doo a doo do do do doo

On a bareback camel I rode across Egypt
Without water in the blistered sun
And in Spain I stood calmly without even a cape
And for the bull he was too tired to run
Bound and tied a gagged and sailed in a barrel I went over Niagara oh yes
But baby last night when you said you loved me I turned into a quivering mess

Cause women do funny things to me women do funny things to me
I’m usually perfectly calm and collective and curious as I can be
But ruby lips swingin’ hips bitter minds tender sighs
Pretty curls and flirty girls I see they do funny things to me

Without a guide or a gun I went a huntin’
Killed a tiger with my two bare hands
Without a rope and barefooted I climbed Mount Everest
And didn’t even get a blister on my hand
Through the Okefenokee I waded pass the gators
And the snakes and skeeters and flies
But baby last night when we started kissin’
I said Lord I can’t stand it I’m gonna die

Cause women do funny things to me

Without a dog or a sled I walked across the Yukon
It was spring but it was forty below
And when they began to plan for the moon
Guess who volunteered to go
Yes I’m always ready to show my courage and my extreme bravery
But baby last night when you talked marriage you scared the living outta me

Oh women do funny things to me
Funny things to me doo do do do doo funny things to me

Written for Paula’s Thursday Inspiration 84 where this week’s theme is learn from the 1996 release of the Alanis Morissette song ‘You Learn’.