Something Meaningful

My blog might seem insignificant to many people, but without it, I wouldn’t have anything meaningful going on in my life.  I am hoping that this is a passing phase and that my life will change for the better, but I don’t see that happening any time soon.  It is possible that I could hit it big in the lottery, but that is also very unlikely, so my blog helps to get me through the day.  It is a good thing, as it keeps me out of trouble, it keeps my mind active and I have several virtual friends that I communicate with.  I guess it could be described as being an inexpensive hobby that I take part in every day.  I am a paid member of WordPress and I rarely skip a day of writing, thanks to all of the wonderful challenges that other bloggers host.

Written for Fandango’s Provocative Question #147 which asks, “What’s the best thing you’ve got going on in your life at the moment?”

Punishing Putin

The Vladimir Putin regime is as corrupt as it comes, but because they depend on maintaining access to Western countries, banks and financial markets for their key cronies, we still have some control over Russia.  Private Russian holdings abroad among the oligarchs and Putin himself are estimated at $800 billion to $1.3 trillion and the new proposed sanctions will be targeting his money, if Russia invades Ukraine.

Written for Linda G. Hill Life in progress One-Liner Wednesday.

Online Gender Switch

He realized that she had made a fool of him when he opened the drawer and found… a driver’s license that showed Sheila was actually named Simon.  He contacted Sheila on a dating site where she disguised herself as a female who was looking for intimacy with a male.  He figured that Simon or Sheila was experimenting with her identity, switching to see how the other half lives, and relying on the anonymity of cyberspace to express her feminine side, which he or she would otherwise normally hide.  When he confronted Sheila, she told him that at 18 months old, she began exhibiting very strong female characteristics and her parents thought that she would grow out of it, but by the time she turned 4, they realized that this was not a passing phase and they let him transition into a girl.

Sheila said that she knows that physically she is still a boy, but in her heart, she knew that she is a girl, and she has always been a girl.  Sheila told him, “Boys will be girls when their gender identity differs from the sex they were given at birth.  I’m in the right body now, and I feel good.  I began playing with princess dresses and dolls at a young age.  I wore skirts, first at home and then out, along with glittery shirts and skinny jeans, and eventually I grew my blond hair long.  I just started wearing a padded bra and taking hormone blockers to suppress male puberty.  Last year I had my name legally changed from Simon to Sheila, and that is my old driver’s license.  I am not out to trick you, and this is not a game for me and if you think that I deceived you, I understand, but I didn’t know you well enough to share all of my secrets with yet.  I was unsure about joining this dating site, especially since I am just looking for someone to treat me with respect.”

He said, “I was attracted to you because you’re a woman, and I think that you are a very hot looking woman.  I don’t feel that it would make me any less of a man, or any less straight, if I were to date you and there is no need to keep this a secret, as I am open to being in a relationship with you, if you will have me.  I see you as a beautiful butterfly and I want to get to know you for the woman that you really are.  Wanting to get romantically involved with anyone is difficult, as you are setting yourself up for rejection, humiliation, and disappointment, but I think this could work for us as you are a straight woman looking for a straight man.  I will always give you respect and offer you encouragement so you can flourish as a woman.”  Sheila said, “Next month, I am getting rid of my penis and having a vagina installed.”

Written for Fandango’s Story Starter #23.

Low Tire Pressure

This is the third time this idiot light has come on in my car.  I can ignore it for a while as it is an orange or amber light and it is on steady, but the blinking red ones that come with a beeping noise demand immediate attention.  I think this is just a normal part of living in Florida, where your tire can lose about a pound of air pressure for every 10-degree drop in temperature.  Thus, when the temperature drops at night, you get the low tire-pressure warning the next day.  I looked at my tires and they all look fine to me and since I won’t be driving in the Indy 500 any time soon, this is just an annoyance.

Written for Paula’s Monday Peeve.

Zorro’s Hacienda

The swashbuckling champion of justice who always dressed in black, wore a mask over his eyes to disguise himself was a distinguished California gentleman who was constantly on the run from the authorities.  There was a bounty on his head, but he was too skilled and cunning for the bumbling authorities to catch, and he also delighted in publicly humiliating them and leaving his unique calling card, a “Z” slashed into every place where he brought justice to.  He was the son of the richest landowner in California, and he learned how to handle a sword when he lived in Spain.  He came back to California after an oppressive dictator had taken control of the territory.  He lived quietly with his father in a huge hacienda, which contained a number of secret passages and tunnels, that lead to a secret cave where he kept his horse, in case he had to make a hasty getaway.

The masked avenger with a double identity pretended to be a coward, but his purpose was to protect citizens from corrupt politicians and be a defender of the meek.  Zorro always seems to be able to barely escape from the clutches of the Spanish comandante, as good is meant to triumph over evil.  Robin Hood came before him, performing great daring deeds by robing from the rich and giving to the poor, and seeking to right wrongs and fight injustice, but Zorro became a positive heroic image for Hispanics and early American immigrants in California and he laid the groundwork for later superheroes, such as Batman and Spider-Man.  Zorro was the first truly homegrown California hero, but he was an enigma, being an aristocrat fighting for the people whose oppression made his wealth possible.

Written for Sadje at Keep It Alive What Do You See #111.

Trash Compactors

What really turns your stomach?  (politicians aside)
Lana Turner’s sister, she was a real stomach turner. Lana’s sister was not much to look at, but she loved exercising and that is how she met Jane Fonda, who she introduced to Ted Turner.  Lana was a head turner, and her brother got a job at IHOP where he became a pancake turner.

What would YOU do with the immense amount of ‘garbage’ in the world, if there weren’t dumps or barges (Sorry New York/New Jersey) where it was taken to be processed? 
I have always wondered what would happen if we dumped plastic waste into a volcano and apparently, I am not the only one, as I found this video which discusses this.

We can’t send our garbage out into space, because that would be too expensive, so if we can recycle as much of it as possible and try to compost some of it, all we have left is trash compactors.

What’s the oddest container you’ve ever gotten a gift in?
I don’t know how to answer this, but I will go with a bicycle that had a ribbon on it.

Do people behave differently during Christmas (insert your own holiday or festive season)?

Do they try to be better?
Some do, but I don’t like to generalize.

Do you donate something (money, clothes…) to charities?
I have a bunch of clothes that I am no longer wearing, and I should make an effort to give them away.

Do you give something to homeless people?
I honestly don’t know any homeless people, but sometimes I see them begging with signs when I am stopped at traffic lights.  I feel bad for them, but I usually won’t roll down my window to give them money, as they look perfectly healthy to me and I am sure that if they put as much effort into getting a job, as they put into begging, that they could make their own money.  If feel that if I did give them money, that I would be enabling them to be lazier than they already are.

This is an allegedly joyful time of year.  How do you, personally, FEEL?
I enjoy seeing the houses in my neighborhood decorated, but I have not caught the Christmas spirit yet.

Written for Melanie’s sparksfromacombustiblemind’s Share Your World.

She Said She’d Always Been a Dancer

She worked as a nightly cabaret performer at a neighborhood bar and grill because she was passionate about her dancing and aspired to become a professional ballerina, but she had no formal training.  She had this act where she would have water dumped on her and then dance around while she was soaking wet.  The water would fly around everywhere, and her body looked great, because of the sheen that the water produced.  It was similar to the Flashdance movie, except she danced wearing only heels and it drove all of the men crazy.  The stage needed to be almost totally dark, so the sparkling water would show up.

Feminist groups criticized her act for objectifying women, but she had legs and she knew how to use them.  Her legs were the first thing that you would notice about her, and her mother encouraged her to go outside every time that it started raining.  She took joy in the sounds of the rain and walking through puddles.  This dance always brought back these childhood memories for her where everything was fun, and she was free and uninhibited.  As an adult, the rain still calls out to her, but now she gets paid very well to have her fun and maybe someday she will become a ballerina.

Written for Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #146-2.

Same Old, Same Old

Most people will keep on doing the same things every day, resisting any change because they fear the change will upset what they are used to.  Life gets better for every generation, but most people don’t see this, because they observe many things growing worse.  We still have racism, sexism, oppression, pollution, disease and war and these things may never go away.  Most people see doom and gloom, where only a few spread sunlight, and move toward progress.  It is easy to see the glass as being half empty, because the more people have, the more they want.  They are no longer satisfied or content, with having accumulated enough wealth and possessions to live a happy life, as every possession they have fuels a desire for further accumulation.

The first and most fundamental responsibility for a human being is to be happy with what they have accomplished in their life and what kind of person they have become.  Everything that you do should be for your own happiness, but your happiness should come from you being nice to others.  Happiness is inside of you, and you can achieve it anytime you like, no matter the outside circumstances.  If everyone could learn how to listen more and criticize less, the whole planet would be better off.  Make a goal of leaving an imprint on the world for doing great things, as we all have the opportunity to grow.

Written for Blogging Insights New Format #20 by Dr. Tanya where she asked us to consider the following quote, “Don’t be the same, be better.”

I Thought It Fit

I go by the title of A Unique Title For Me on my blog and I am also known as newepicauthor when I make comments.  I think that I am a very unique individual, and it is probably good that there is only one of me around, as the world can only take so much of me.  Epic is what I think my writing is, stuff that can be very long and impressively great, and I wrote three unpublished books that are all very long.  I am an acquired taste, unlike anything else and I am probably full of hot air most of the time.

Written for Sadje’s Sunday Poser #57, where Sadje asks, “What is the reason behind your blog name?”

I Will Give This a Try

I am not good at answering these types of questions, basically because I am a cynical person and the holiday season is tough on me, because I am single.

1.What is your all time favorite food for any occasion?
I guess whatever I am eating at the time, but I do enjoy snacks and deserts, but because of my diabetes, I have to consume them in moderation.

2. What is your favorite season and why?
I live in Florida which only has too seasons, which are hot and very hot, but we do get some nice days here, however when it gets very hot, I stay indoors.

3. Pick three of your most favorite colors and tell me why you love them.
The color of money, because that is what makes the world go around.
I like red on women, like red fingernails and red lingerie and I guess because it excites me.
I like black on women, like black panties, because they look good with red lipstick.

4. Who is your favorite person on the planet?
Ilhan Omar.

5. What is your most favorite personality trait in other people?

Written for E.M.’s Sunday Ramble Prompt #2 Favorite Things.