Mish Mash

1.What is liquid gold?
Patron tequila.

2. What is housemaid’s knee?
A disease that exists in domestic servants that live in London, probably because of the damp weather.

3. Why is the Eiffel Tower so named?
The guy that designed this tower lost an eye when it just fell out, so he commemorated his lost eye by naming the tower Eyefell and somehow the spelling changed to Eiffel.

4. Can elephants swim?
They seem to do fine in Tarzan movies, although Johnny Weissmuller was always a much better swimmer.  The elephant is the only mammal that is not able to jump.

5. What is a pot hole?
That is the end of my pipe where I put the marijuana into.

6. What is a woolly pulley?
That is a song by Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs.

7. What is a tap washer?
I put a tap washer on Farrah Fawcett and I tapped that all night long.

8. Why do we have warts on our fingers but corns on our toes?
I think it is supposed to be rings on your fingers and bells on your toes.

9. What is a pendulum?
This is another term for a swinger.

10. Where will you find a pupil and iris?

Written for Di’s Fibbing Friday.

Water Is a Renewable Resource

A raindrop is held together by surface tension and when falls from the sky and lands on to the ground or into the ocean, it ceases to become a raindrop anymore, and it will try to seek its own level as it eventually joins other droplets.  It might be consumed or end up in a in stream, river, lake, or an ocean, and it can also go underground.  When a raindrop lands, the liquid in the drop will be attracted to the surface of what it has landed on, it will continue to spread and eventually adhere to this surface or be repelled away.  The water cycle is often taught as being a simple circular cycle of evaporation, condensation, and precipitation, but it is more complex than that.  The water cycle can be thought of as death, when the water evaporates and rebirth when we get precipitation.  There are actually seven steps involved in the water cycle and the ones that you don’t usually hear about are Interception, Infiltration, Percolation and Transpiration.  Interception is when precipitation does not reach the soil, but is instead intercepted by the leaves, branches of plants and the forest floor.  Infiltration happens when water soaks into the soil from the ground level until it can’t hold any more.  Water that infiltrates the ground will be a rebirth for wells.  Percolation occurs when water moves downward through the soil under gravitational forces and is filtered through the soil into aquifers.  This will replenish aquifers that hold groundwater, so this is also like a rebirth.  Plants suck up most of the water that they need from their roots, but when the weather gets very hot, water will be pulled into the leaves.  This will cool down the plants, but water will be lost during this process.

Since global warming, and climate patterns are continually changing, causing the depletion of the ozone layer, it is possible that all of Earth’s water might disappear one day, like what we think happened on Mars.  There are science fiction movies about terraforming the Red Planet, but it is not realistic in the near future for Mars to undergo a rebirth.  It would be really nice for us to have a second Earth, a place where humans could live without having to put on a space suit.  I think that we should be trying harder to protect our own planet, instead of looking for another place to live.

Written for Reena’s Xploration Challenge 236 where today’s theme is “Rebirth”.

Fireworks Excitement

1) What are your earliest memories of watching fireworks?
My early memories are kind of foggy, but I do remember my parents driving my family to a park where we watched fireworks.

2) Were you more afraid or excited at the time?
Fireworks have always been exciting for me.

3) What occasions were celebrated with watching fireworks?
Independence Day, Labor Day and New Years Eve.

4) Did you travel to fireworks shows, or did your family have their own, safe and sane explosives?
When I was really young, my family drove to fireworks shows.  I had punks, snakes and sparklers as a kid, which were pretty safe.

5) Did you ever light off illegal fireworks?
Around the age of 10, every kid in my neighborhood had their own fireworks, which included fire crackers, poppers, bottle rockets, ash cans, cherry bombs and M-80s.  I lived in Staten Island and everyone there was a transplant from Brooklyn or the Bronx and this was normal for everyone.  The guy on the ice cream truck sold them to the kids.  The whole block was filled with smoke, but I don’t remember anyone ever getting hurt.  I did get hurt on the 5th of July, as we always went out to look for the duds, the ones that didn’t explode.  We would break the ash cans apart and light them off with our punks and watch the powder shoot out of them.  I found this ash can and my punk had already gone out, so I decided to light it with a match and the flames burnt my thumb and it hurt for at least a week, but I didn’t suffer any permanent damage.

6) Did you typically have a family celebration before the nighttime display? What did it include?
My nephew was born on the 4th of July, so we always celebrated that with a cookout.

7) As you grew older, did your feelings about fireworks change?
After I moved out of Staten Island to New Jersey, fireworks were not as easy to get, and I used to go to China Town to purchase them.  I had to give my money to a person who told me to wait in a certain spot and that he would come back with my stuff and a couple of times the guy never came back, so that was disappointing.  It has become too much trouble with worrying about neighbors that think their house is going to be set on fire or having the police come around, that a lot of the fun has been sucked out of having my own fireworks, so I don’t get them anymore.  I still think that they are fun, but I can do without them.

8) Now the thinker: Many places are restricting fireworks now because of the trauma it can cause to pets, young children, and sensitive adults. How do you feel about restricting fireworks?
I live in Florida now and people around here seem to be shooting them off all the time.  Our Governor Ron DeSantis made it legal for adults over 18 to shoot off larger aerial fireworks, Roman candles, bottle rockets and other pyrotechnics.  I can hear the fireworks being shot off at Disney every night.  I see them being sold in the supermarkets and there are road side stands that also sell them.  I see this as being a lot like guns, as people are going to have them and shoot them off no matter what the laws are.

Written for Throwback Thursday #44 which is hosted by Lauren and Maggie and this week it is Lauren’s turn and her topic is “Fireworks Celebrations”.

Baby, Let Me Follow You Down

‘Baby, Let Me Follow You Down’ is a traditional folk song that was popularized in the late 1950s by blues guitarist Eric Von Schmidt.  The song is best known from its appearance on Bob Dylan’s debut album Bob Dylan which was released in 1962 on Columbia Records after he turned 21.  The album contained a few covers, some traditional songs that were reworked by Bob and two original Dylan songs.  Originally this album did not sell well, but as Bob became more famous and after he toured the UK in 1965, it did reach #13 on the UK Top 75.  This song has a complicated story involving how it was created and then evolved over the years.  Dylan indicates that he heard this song being played by Eric Von Schmidt who was part of the folk boom of the late 1950s and early 1960s.  Eric Von Schmidt disagrees feeling that the Dylan cover resembles the 1960s Greenwich Village folksinger Dave Van Ronk’s version.  Von Schmidt said that he had copied it from another folksinger, Geno Foreman, who in turn had found it on a Blind Boy Fuller album.  He goes on to say that all of these versions were titled ‘Baby, Let Me Lay It on You’.  To complicate matters further, Reverend Gary Davis claimed that he wrote the song and that Blind Willie Fuller learned it from him.  Another twist in the history of this song comes from American blues singer, guitarist and songwriter Mance Lipscomb who claims that he learned the song in 1926 and that he was the one who taught Dylan this song in the early sixties.  This song was credited to Davis when it was played on the Last Waltz, The Band’s final concert which Martin Scorsese made a documentary out of.

The story doesn’t end here, as Songfacts® and Wikipedia® both say that it was first recorded as ‘Don’t Tear My Clothes’ by the State Street Boys in January 1935, a group that included Big Bill Broonzy singing vocal, and playing guitar, Jazz Gillum on harmonica, Black Bob on piano, Zeb Wright with violin.  This was a studio group that formed in Chicago, Illinois in 1935 to blend modern swing music and country blues.  This link opens up a proverbial can of worms, as I listened to that song and I don’t see the similarity between ‘Don’t Tear My Clothes’ and ‘Baby, Let Me Lay It on You’, but I have been known to be wrong before.  Robert Clifford Brown who was reputedly the half-brother of Big Bill Broonzy and professionally known as Washboard Sam also did a version of this song.  The Locke Brothers Rhythm Orchestra, a basically unknown Carolina regional band also covered the song for Bluebird records in 1936.  The Chicago jazz band Harlem Hamfats covered it again, and then Rosetta Howard did a version with the Hamfats, changing the title to ‘Let Your Linen Hang Low’.  Big Bill recorded this again with new lyrics performed with a group called the Chicago Black Swans.

It is possible that this song originated from the Papa Charlie Jackson 1928 recording of ‘Lookout Papa Don’t Tear Your Pants’.  In 1952, Smokey Hogg recorded ‘Baby Don’t You Tear My Clothes’ after it was ignored for nearly a decade and then Lightnin’ Hopkins recorded it in 1962.  Model T Slim (Elmon Mickle) and Little Richard both recorded this in 1968.  By 1938, Blind Boy Fuller changed the name of this song to ‘Mama Let Me Lay It On You’ and his rendition took it in a lascivious direction, telling his woman all the things he’ll do for her if she’ll just let him lay it on her.  Von Schmidt didn’t receive any royalties from this song even though Dylan paid homage to Schmidt in the introduction of this song.  Two years later, Dylan’s song publisher Whitmark & Sons copyrighted the tune as a Dylan composition.  It seems that this song was never in trouble of being lost to history, and no matter who wrote it the State Street Boys, Blind Boy Fuller, or Reverend Gary Davis, or Mance Lipscomb, as it kept on getting edited and changed and it took on a life of its own.

I first heard it from Rick von Schmidt
He lives in Cambridge
Rick’s a blues guitar player
I met him one day in the
Green pastures of Harvard University

Baby, let me follow you down
Baby, let me follow you down
Well, I’d do anything in this God Almighty world
If you just let me follow you down

Can I come home with you?
Baby, can I come home with you?
Yes, I’d do anything in this God Almighty world
If you just let me come home with you

Baby, let me follow you down
Baby, let me follow you down
And I’d do anything in this God Almighty world
If you just let me follow you down

Yes, I’d do anything in this God Almighty world
If you just let me follow you down

Written for Thursday Inspiration #165 Red House where the prompt is baby.

Thursday Inspiration #165 Red House

Respond to this challenge, by either by using the prompt word baby, or going with the above picture, or by means of the song ‘Red House’, or by going with another song by Jimi Hendrix, or anything else that you think fits.  ‘Red House was written by Jimi Hendrix and this twelve-bar blues song was one of the first songs recorded in 1966 by the Jimi Hendrix Experience.  ‘Red House’ was released on the Jimi Hendrix Experience debut studio album Are You Experienced in 1967.  Jimi worked on this song in New York City when he was still a struggling musician.  He was staying in a friend’s apartment that was decorated almost completely red, which gave him the lyrical inspiration for this song.  In late May of 1966, Linda Keith a strikingly beautiful twenty-year-old model who had been the girlfriend of Keith Richards from 1963, when she was just seventeen, and had witnessed the birth of The Rolling Stones went with her model friends to The Cheetah Club in New York, where Jimi was playing with Curtis Knight and the Squires.  After the set she invited Jimi to join her and her friends at their table and when the last set and asked Jimi to join them back to an apartment at 63rd Street.

Linda and Jimi quickly became good friends however it was said not to be a romantic relationship, as she would play a lot of music for him at this apartment, because she felt that he needed it.  She said that she felt silly being a middle-class white girl playing the Blues for him, but Hendrix stayed at what they called the Red House apartment because of its red velvet walls and decor where the rent was paid by Keith Richards for days on end.  Linda played Bob Dylan’s new album Blonde on Blonde for Jimi and he liked that a lot.  She was convinced that he would become a big star, so she asked him why he was playing with Curtis Knight, and he said, “I don’t have my own guitar”.  Linda promised to get him a guitar and she also introduced him to LSD.

‘Red House’ was inspired by blues songs that Hendrix had been performing early in his career when he worked as a sideman.  Some music critics have said, “Red House’ is very similar to the song ‘California Night’, which Hendrix performed with Curtis Knight and the Squires at The Cheetah Club and that this was originally recorded by Albert King in 1961 as ‘Travelin’ to California’.  It is a slow blues tune that features lyrics that follow the common blues theme of a rambling man that lost his love.  Elmore James recorded ‘The Sky Is Crying’ in 1960 which contains, “I got a bad feeling my baby don’t love me no more” and this may have also been an inspiration for Hendrix.

This song is about a guy who has been away from his girl for over three months, and he decides to return home to see her, where she lives in a red house.  When he gets there, his key doesn’t work, and he realizes she doesn’t live there anymore, and she probably doesn’t love him anymore.  He decides that instead of wallowing in his misery, that he will pay a visit to her sister, because he thinks that he can get some loving from her.  Noel Redding the bassist in Experience, said that Hendrix told him this song was about his high school girlfriend Betty Jean Morgan, and Jimi’s brother, Leon also felt that it was about Betty Jean, and he said that she had a sister named Maddy.

There’s a red house over yonder,
That’s where my baby stays
Lord, there’s a red house over yonder
Lord, that’s where my baby stays
I ain’t been home to see my baby
In ninety nine and one half days

It Takes One To Know One

The Wednesday Thoughts challenge takes place today as it is Wednesday, but people don’t seem to be waiting at the gates, or they are lining up around the block to participate in this challenge yet.  I do look forward to this, as Wednesday seems to be a bit short on things to write about, and this challenge has produced some unexpected posts and I am hoping that will continue this week.  For this challenge you can write a poem or a story, and I will be here anticipating that you to come up with something that is interesting and is written considering the phrase, “It takes one to know one”.  I think that this could be the week where this new challenge finally turns the corner.  It seems that Wednesday is always getting a bad rap, with people saying it is bleak, that it has a black heart, or that it is utterly devoid of any kind of hope.  Don’t lose hope, as this challenge is here to get you over the hump.

Lock Him Up

I have been watching the House Select Committee Hearings investigation on the January 6, 2021 Capitol attack, not all of it, but enough to get a good idea of what is going on.  I do agree that Trump knew that he lost the election, and that he acted like a spoiled sport by trying to unlawfully remain in office.  He made up the Big Lie that he was cheated and that there were fraudulent votes that caused his loss.  While I was watching the hearings yesterday, I heard a report that nearly 6 out of every 10 Americans think that Trump should be charged for the role that he played in the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol.  There is no doubt in my mind that Trump is guilty as sin and that he should be prosecuted as a criminal for this insurrection.  People are still saying that his actions are alleged, but I have seen enough proof and I think that we need to charge him as a criminal for trying to overturn the results of the past election and for being the leader of this conspiracy.

Fandango made a comparison of Trump with the Roman emperor Nero and that is very accurate, as there was no end to Nero’s ambition.  Nero became power hungry because he was pushed by his aggressive mother, where Trump was always grasping for more.  Nero saw himself as an actor and he thought he was God’s gift to the stage and Trump thinks that he is better than anyone else, so he has to be stopped.  Nero and Trump are both unstable and a lot of stuff is coming out in these hearings to show what a crazy person Trump is.  Nero killed himself, but Trump will never admit that he ever did anything wrong.  The Republicans have made themselves “the party of Trump” and this is going to be a bitter pill for them to have to swallow if Trump is charged and ends up being incarcerated.  We have laws for a reason and people can’t take the law into their own hands, even if they are the President of the United States, so Trump must face the music.  The House Select Committee has stated that they are only involved in an investigation and that it is up to the Justice Department to hold Trump responsible for his crimes, as that is how the separation of powers has always worked.  If the Justice Department is paying any attention at all, they should pick up the ball and do the right thing.

Written for Fandango’s Provocative Question #170 which asks the following four questions, “Have you been watching, or at least following the news about, the Select Committee televised hearings?  Do you agree or disagree with my assessment of what has come out of the hearings thus far?  Do you think that Trump and others who took part in the attempt to overturn the election should be criminally charged and incarcerated?  Do you think that they will be criminally charged and incarcerated?”

MIL Gone Wild

“I was looking in your desk drawer for some photographs I thought might be there, but I was surprised to find… naked pictures of your mom in there and I am just wondering how you can explain this to me.”  My wife smiled at me and told me that I was not meant to see them and that she should have been more careful with those pictures.  My wife Donna said, “Remember when my mom got divorced and she said that my dad was tracking everything she did, so she asked if she could join our cell phone plan and we got her a new phone.  We happily agreed to help her because my dad was treating her so badly and I set up a new email account for her.  She didn’t have a laptop at that time, so I became the administrator of her account, and I gave her the username for her to use and her password, because she wasn’t very proficient at working with computers.  When she finally got her own laptop, I set her up as an administrator for her account also.”

I told my wife that I was happy that her mom got away from her dad and that she has email and her own cell phone, but that does not explain the naked pictures.  Donna said, “The other day I was cleaning out my email and I saw that below all of my messages and my folders, that my mom’s email was still listed, and I figured that I would check out her messages to see if they might need to be cleaned up also.  I opened up a few of her sent files that had attachments on them that she had sent to her new boyfriend.  I was staring at all kinds of nude pictures of her, where she looked pretty sexy, so I printed a few of them out, figuring that I should talk to her about this.  I needed the pictures so she wouldn’t lie to me about having taken them.”  I told Donna that she has to tell her mom that she should stop doing this, as who knows what will happen to these pictures if she breaks up with her new boyfriend.  I then said, “Your mom does look kind of sexy and I hope that you don’t think that I am weird for saying that.  Before you talk with your mom, we should probably check out her email to see if she sent any more pictures of herself to her boyfriend.”  My wife told me not to be such a pig and that I was going to be in the doghouse for making that comment.

Written for Fandango’s Story Starter #51.

Don’t Force Your Writing

Once you figure out what you are going to write about, then look inside of yourself and stop wasting time.  Go with your gut instincts, leave your mind alone and jot your thoughts down.  You can always go back and edit it later, but while your ideas are fresh in your head, it is time to start writing.  Time rolls by like hurricanes, runnin’ after the subway train and don’t forget the pourin’ rain, because all of these things can end up being distractions.  Take the bull by the horns, buckle down and get it done, cross the Rubicon, face the music, and run the gauntlet.  Your article is not going to write itself and the only way for you to get anything done is by getting started.

Written for Blogging Insights new format #43 by Dr. Tanya, where we are being asked to consider the following Ray Bradbury quote, “Your intuition knows what to write, so get out of the way”.

The Good Little Boy

Kevin is a very observant boy who is curious about everything, and he loves to learn from reading books.  He was surprised by what he just read and he shouted at his mom telling her, “I know everything about babies and they don’t come from storks.  There are still a few things that I am still not clear on, but from what I just figured out, I have enough information to tell all the other fourth graders about conception.  Not only are the storks just folklore, but God doesn’t make babies either, as people make babies.”  Cynthia told her son that they needed to talk.  Cynthia said, “Remember last year when you found out that there isn’t any Santa Claus and I told you not to tell your friends about this, because it would spoil their fun, well this is sort of like the same thing.  Your friends will all learn in time at their own pace and just because you are a little bit smarter than some of your other classmates, that doesn’t make you responsible for teaching them certain things.”

Kevin said that he understood and he promised not to tell anyone about this.  Cynthia said, “It is amazing how smart you are, because I didn’t learn any of this, till I was in the sixth grade and it wasn’t until as recently as 1875 when human conception was figured out by Oskar Hertwig when he discovered that fertilization needed a sperm and an egg.  Before that people did not know, they may have assumed that a baby has only one father, as it has only one mother.  They did not know why babies resemble their parents, and sometimes one parent more than the other.  Humans have really come a long way and I will be more than happy to explain anything to you that you don’t understand yet.”  Kevin said that the one thing he wasn’t sure about was when he read that the baby grows in a special place inside the woman called the womb or the uterus.  Cynthia said, “That is part of the female reproductive system, but I don’t think that you are old enough to learn about this yet.”

Written for Sadje at Keep It Alive What Do You See #139, where the Image credit goes to Ben White @ Unsplash.