The Third Date

Gary and Pete had known each other since Grammar School and now that they each graduated college and got jobs in the city, they decided to share a two bedroom apartment, which cut down on all of the commuting hassles from the suburbs. They each had their own privacy and they split all the bills.  Gary had always been a ladies’ man and Pete was a bit shy, so Gary was getting a lot of action and Pete concentrated on his career.  Gary had asked Pete many times when he was going to find a girl, so they could go out on a double date and have fun.

One morning in the kitchen Pete told Gary that he had found a nice girl and tonight was going to be their third date.  Gary said, “Have you made a move on her yet?”  Pete said, “Of course not, as we are still getting to know each other.”  Gary said, “If you snooze, you lose, and if you want to get to know this girl better because you find that she is interesting, you must make her aware of your intentions.  It serves no purpose at all to wait, aside from giving some other dude the opportunity to ask her out while you’re being indecisive.  As soon as an attraction is made you must react or she may see you as not being confident enough to be with.  Many guys take too long to approach a girl because they are afraid to pull the trigger and when they finally get up enough nerve, the girl has already been swooped up by someone else.  When a girl is interested in you, delaying will only frustrate her, bore her, or make her think you aren’t attracted to her.  If you meet a girl that you like, then you must touch her, start making physical advances, get that first kiss before you will be able to have sex with her.”

Pete said, “Gary I hear what you are saying, but I am not like you.  Things are going fine with us and I hope to get the green light to make my move tonight.”  Gary replied, “Most girls know within 15 minutes after meeting a guy, if they are destined to just become a friend or if they will be a potential for romantic interest.  You need to act fast before you find yourself being stuck in the friend zone forever!  If you let too much time go by without telling her how you feel about her, than there is a good chance that she will only want you as a friend and if you complain, then you will lose her for good.  If she decides that you’re her friend, then you are doomed to remain as being close friends, you will no longer be considered as being a sexual entity, because in her eyes, she sees you like her brother, or just someone she can hang out with.  You might keep telling yourself that it is getting better and that one day you will be getting some loving, but that will never happen.”

Pete said, “I saw her in the supermarket and I thought that I would try to make her laugh.  She was in the fruit section near some apples, so I asked her whether she thought the best tasting apples were red, yellow or green.”  She smiled at me and said, “Aren’t you sweet, however I am not sure about the color, but the best tasting apples are the ones that are baked into pies.”  Pete said, “We hit it off right away and it seemed easy for me to be myself around her.  I was able to keep her attention and I remembered to look into her eyes when she was talking to me and I made sure that I kept on smiling.  I asked her for her number so we could make a date for lunch, coffee, bowling, mini golf, or whatever.”  She said, “Won’t you need my name first?”  That made me laugh and then I introduced myself to her.  She grabbed my cell out of my pocket and entered her name Maria and her number into my contacts and said, “Call me.”

“I called her the next day and we decided to go see a movie together and we held hands in the theater.  After the movie was over we went to the Cheesecake Factory where we each enjoyed some desert and coffee.  I was real happy because I thought that this went well and there were no awkward moments to speak of.  Then at the end of the date I drove her back to her place and she grabbed my hand and she said, “Thank you, I had a great time and I would love to see you again.”

Pete continued, “I was a bit disappointed as I had intended on kissing her when I dropped her off, but I thought that we were gradually and smoothly building a connection and at least we were going to have another date and maybe I would have better luck next time.  I knew that on our next date that I would have to get her to open up more with me and get her to trust me, so that we could create a deeper connection and I could determine if she did have any sexual interest in me.  I asked Maria if she would like to go to an amusement park and we had a great time.  I was able to hold hands with her, put my arm around her and we even kissed at the top of the Ferris wheel.  We ate, we walked, we talked and we really got to know each other and I did kiss her as I dropped her off at the end of our date.  Wish me luck on my date with her tonight, as I am sure that she is the one for me.”

The next morning Gary saw Pete in the kitchen and Gary said, “Did you score?” Pete said, “Things went real well, but I am not the kind of guy that kisses and tells.”  Just then Maria walked into the kitchen wearing one of Pete’s work shirts and she said, “Is the coffee ready yet?”  Pete said, “It looks like you got the green light.”

Written for 3/17/18 Linda G. Hill’s ‘Life in progress’ Stream of Consciousness Saturday where the prompt is “green”.

My Third Award

I have already received the Unique Blogger Award and the Awesome Blogger Award, so this makes 3 for me.  My favorite blogger Fandango This, That and The Other Random Musings on Life Society and Politics just nominated me for the Liebster award.  He writes a lot of character based blogs that tell short stories and seriously if you are not familiar with his blog, you definitely need to check him out, because he is sure to male you smile.  He actually thought that it was possible that this Liebster award may have been a misspelling of the word “lobster”.  Now that is funny and I found out that there is actually is an American ticketing company named Fandango that sells movie tickets and features reviews on movie awards and they did a review of the movie Lobster which you can read here  Fandango told me that his blogger name comes from that Queen song Bohemian Rhapsody and I need to thank him for honoring me with this nomination.

I am not really deserving of this award, as it is supposed to celebrate new bloggers who show great potential and it should only be given to bloggers who have less than 200 followers.  I just checked and as of today, I saw that I have 251.  I also need to answer 11 questions then I’m supposed to nominate five other bloggers who I think are deserving of the Liebster award and ask each of them the same 11 questions.

The 11 questions are:

#1: If you could be anywhere in the world, where would you like to be right now?
I have always wanted to visit Southern Europe, so I will say Rome, Italy.

#2. What is your favorite hobby?
I like golf!

#3. Name one person you admire and why?
Bob Dylan for refusing to accept the 2016 Nobel literature prize.

#4. What do you hope to accomplish, if anything, from blogging?
It passes my time, while keeping me out of trouble.

#5. Name one thing that you absolutely detest.
Whining bloggers that complain about their personal issues.

#6. What inspires you the most?
Purchasing lottery tickets.

#7. If you could live at any time in history, when would it be and why?
The Black Plague of the Dark Ages.

#8 Name something on your bucket list.
Nudist colony!

#9. What do you think awaits us beyond death?
Saint Peter and the pearly gates.

#10. Do you believe we, individually, have a life’s purpose?
The world is one big birthday cake, so have a slice on me.

#11. Name a “super-power” you’d like to have.
Wisdom that gives me the ability to see the truth.

My questions which are to be answered by the nominees that I will select.

  1. What do you do when you are not blogging?
  2. Do you spend more time per day writing your blog or reading other blogs?
  3. What is your favorite writing challenge to participate in?
  4. Have you ever won any other blogging awards?
  5. Do you think that your blogging has improved since your first blog?
  6. What advice would you give someone who is thinking about starting a blog?
  7. Do you have any pets?
  8. If you met a genie that gave you 3 wishes, what would they be?
  9. What are you most afraid of?
  10. Do you have a bucket list, and if so name one thing that is on it?
  11. Is there something that keeps you going on a bad day?

Now for the hard part of nominating 5 other bloggers as it is not like they are getting a Pulitzer prize.  I hate perpetuating chain letters and I admit that all of these blogging awards are stupid, but on the other hand, I am always looking for something to write about.  I am apologizing in advance in case you think that this is nothing more than an annoying chain letter that you don’t want to waste your time with.  I can see how this award could be viewed as a participation trophy, as it is just a virtual award and you actually don’t win anything of any value, but in my opinion, you are all good bloggers whose posts I enjoy reading.  It will take some effort if you decide to accept this award, as you will need to answer the questions that I ask you, use these same questions or create a new list of questions for your own nominees and of course keep this going by selecting 5 bloggers that you want to nominate for this prestigious award and notify them.

Without further ado, my nominees are:


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stoner on a rollercoaster

The Perks of being Different

Most Famous Genius Of The Modern Age

Steven Hawking an English theoretical physicist, cosmologist and author realized that the Big Bang was rather like the collapse of a black hole in reverse.  His 1970 paper that he developed with Roger Penrose showed that general relativity implies that the universe must have begun as a singularity.  Hawking theorized that a black hole would only increase in size, never decrease since anything that gets too close cannot escape, thus black holes will keep on swallowing up more matter and gaining mass.

Hawking showed that a black hole can never be split into smaller ones and he argued that the event horizon’s ever-expanding surface area was analogous to entropy, which measures the amount of disorder in a system, which according to the second law of thermodynamics is only able to grow.  Hawking recognized that because the increasing surface area of a black hole and the increasing entropy of the universe were oddly similar that as the universe inevitably gets older that it will become more disordered.

A young physicist named Jacob Bekenstein suggested that the surface area of a black hole’s event horizon might be a measure of the black hole’s entropy, but this lead to a paradox between entropy, energy and temperature.  This paradox did provoke Hawking, so he decided to investigate this further hoping to prove Bekenstein was wrong in his assertion.  Hawking determined that Bekenstein was basically correct and he did this by bringing together two areas of physics that nobody else had managed to unify, those being general relativity and quantum theory.

Einstein and others had struggled unsuccessfully to unite quantum theory which is used to describe invisibly small things, like atoms and their component particles, with general relativity which is used to describe matter on the cosmic scale of stars and galaxies, thinking that this was the theory of everything.  This is the holy grail of modern physics, because the two theories seem fundamentally incompatible.  General relativity assumes that space is smooth and continuous like a sheet, whereas quantum theory insists that the world and everything in it is grainy at the smallest scales, being divided into portions and then distributed into discrete lumps.

According to quantum theory, space is not empty, in fact it is far from being a void, because space cannot be smoothly, absolutely empty at all scales.  Instead it is alive with activity as particles suddenly appear and disappear.  Pairs of particles are constantly being spontaneously excited into movement and aroused into existence, one is made of matter and the other is antimatter.  One of the particles has positive energy and the other negative, so overall no new energy is being created.  The two then annihilate one another so quickly that they cannot be directly detected, thus they are called virtual particles.

Hawking came up with a new theory that proved he was wrong about black holes not being able to get smaller.  He suggested that these pairs of particles could be upgraded from virtual to real, but only if they are created right next to a black hole.  He felt that there is a chance that one of the pair could be sucked inside the event horizon, leaving its partner stranded outside and this severed twin might then shoot out into space.  If the negative-energy particle is absorbed by the black hole, the total energy of the black hole decreases, and therefore so does its mass.  The other particle then carries away positive energy.

In 1974, Stephen Hawking predicted that gravitational black holes would emit thermal radiation and decay, because a black hole’s temperature increases as its event horizon’s surface area gets smaller, black holes that were tiny would be hot and Hawking described them as white hot.  Smaller primordial black holes can actually emit more energy than they absorb, which results in them losing net mass, while larger black holes will absorb more cosmic radiation than they emit through Hawking radiation.  He said that they would fizz with Hawking radiation, shedding mass until they eventually disappeared and they would not go quietly.  This radiation, emitted from the event horizon, is known as Hawking radiation and it explains thermal properties relating to black holes.  Normally, a black hole is considered to draw all matter and energy in the surrounding region into it, as a result of the intense gravitational fields.  Hawking radiation was one of the first theoretical predictions which provided insight into how gravity can relate to other forms of energy, which is a necessary part of any theory of quantum gravity.  To date it is still one of the most intriguing physical effects and bears great importance for the development of a quantum theory of gravity, cosmology and high energy physics.

Making Noise

The British prime minister Theresa May is making some noise by expelling 23 Russian diplomats in retaliation for poisoning an ex-spy, but maybe she did not go far enough.  There is compelling evidence that says Vladimir Putin had authorized this planned attack, however it seems that the whole world is afraid to poke the bear.  Putin wants to maintain his power no matter what the consequences are, and along the way he would love to try to restore the old Soviet Union and reestablish Russia as being a great power.  I am so sick of the Russians and despite overwhelming evidence, it seems that Trump is still not convinced that they were involved in any election meddling.  He talks a good game, but to me it seems like he is afraid of the NRA and of Putin and I never trust a man that cheats in golf.

‘Poking the bear’ is an idiom for doing something that might provoke someone into becoming angry or causing problems and it is very apropos in this case, as the bear is a symbol for Russia, the Russian Empire, the Soviet Union and the present-day Russian Federation.  I will probably provoke someone with this post and I am risking getting that Russian Trojan Worm Ransom virus again, but I needed to rant and I felt like making some noise and sometimes you just have to stir things up.

Words Of Wisdom From Andy Rooney


Life is like a roll of toilet paper, the closer it gets to the end, the faster it goes.  Where does the time go?  The sensation that time speeds up as you get older is one of the biggest mysteries that we encounter with time.  Time perception refers to a person’s subjective experience involving the passage of time, or the perceived duration of events, which can differ significantly between different individuals and/or in different circumstances.  We often say things like “time flies when you are having fun” or “a watched pot never boils”, but actually time remains constant in every situation.

Written for Linda G. Hill Life in progress One-Liner Wednesday – March 14 prompt.

Waiting For The Leprechaun

Peggy O’Toole is hatching a plan to catch a leprechaun, because she was told that at the end of every rainbow there is a pot of gold, but the only way for her possess these riches, is for her to catch a leprechaun and then regulate his powers by controlling him with a four leaf clover.  All leprechauns instantly know whenever a rainbow appears, so they travel there because they know that the rain might reveal their gold.  When the Vikings eventually departed from Ireland after years of plundering, they inadvertently left behind some of their booty, which the leprechauns found.  The leprechauns considered this gold to belong them, so they reburied this misplaced Viking treasure in pots deep underground all over the island.  When rainbows appear, they magically always end at a spot where some leprechaun’s pot of gold is buried

The one true way to defeat a leprechaun is to use a four leaf clover, as this can be used to trap him in and keep him from escaping until he reveals his gold to you.  Peggy had found a four leaf clover and she stole some of her father’s whiskey to lure the leprechaun into her trap, which she made out of a dog house.  The only thing left for her to do is follow the rainbow, lure him into the trap with the whiskey and seal him in with her four leaf clover till he gives up his gold.  Peggy was aware that the rainbow actually never touches the Earth, instead it just sort of vanishes in the sky at a certain point, but she thought that she could just estimate the ending of the curve and there she would definitely find a leprechaun.  Peggy has done this year after year and she has never caught a leprechaun yet, but she leaves milk and cookies out for Santa and he always stops by to take her gifts and leave her presents.  Peggy has also left out carrots and lettuce for the Easter Bunny who in return always leaves her a basket filled with yummy treats.

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Photo Challenge #205.

A Firm Grasp On It

Having a firm grasp means that you have a good understanding of something, especially the finer points, which includes the basic rules, details, methods and principles.  Last night the young man caved in to his desires and he got a grasp on the situation, but now he is wondering if his masturbation will result in a variety of physical maladies, including going blind and growing hair on his palms.  Back in the dark ages rumors were spread about people who practiced self-abuse, would have their growth stunted, it would render them weak and feeble after the act, they would experience instances of madness or complete idiocy, they would suddenly sprout hair on their palms and eventually they would go blind.  This rumor spread because people believed in a half-baked logic that said whatever was responsible for new hair growth in boys, like that on their face, armpits, and in their groin area was being carried by their semen, which would of course end up in the palms of the masturbators.

In the dark ages, religion used desperate tactics so they could make people feel bad about normal things, usually this was done by priests, or some opportunist that attempted to blame nearly every single bad possible conceivable thing, on masturbation.  People began to read after Johann Gutenberg invented the movable type printing press and now in 1455 the Western world was able to read and examine the Bible.  One of the stories tells about Judah who was the fourth son of Jacob and Leah and he married Shua, a Canaanite woman and they had three sons named Er, Onan, and Shelah.   Er married Tamar, but he did a wicked thing during intercourse, by pulling out of his wife and spurting his load on her belly in order to avoid getting her pregnant.  Er wanted Tamar to maintain her beauty and the Lord saw this as a vile act, so Er was killed for doing this.  Judah told his second born son Onan to go to his dead brother’s wife and marry her, and raise up an heir for his brother.  Onan knew that the heir would not be his, so he emitted his semen on the ground, that way he could have sex with Tamar and not give his dead brother an heir.  God disapproved of Onan’s attitude, and He took Onan’s life also.

Back in the dark ages, no one would ever question a priest, so if they were told something by a priest, no matter how incredibly stupid it would sound, they would believe it.  Here today, we still have people who actually believe this insanity.  Masturbation is the act of touching oneself in a sexual manner for pleasure or sexual release, although it has been long been the center of taboo and many misconceptions.  From time to time, everybody does it, as it is not restricted to just adult men, married folks and the elderly do it too as well.  Teens and children engage in it, although it is thought that children are driven to do this more from a self-exploratory point of view than sexual.  Masturbation is not a sin and it does not have to be avoided at all costs.  Contrary to the demonizing myths surrounding masturbation, it is completely healthy and it can even benefit you mentally and physically.

Masturbation is the form of sexual behavior that most of us learn first, as it happens quite instinctively, although until recently, it was probably the type of sex least talked about.  Society has become more tolerant of it, but only when this activity is done in private, however it still carries shameful connotations with it and it is generally seen as a something that is done by a sad character.  I always thought that I would just do it until I needed glasses, and then I would stop, oh crap, I am already wearing glasses.