The Offer

Gerard was never satisfied with his lot in life.  Others always had more money, better clothes, better looking women, okay they at least had a woman.  One day Gerard is made an offer he can’t refuse, he is to do as he is told, or else he will be killed.  The Godfather was not known for making threats, he only made promises that he followed through with.  The Godfather told Gerard that even though they have known each other many years, that this is the first time that he ever came to him for help and that he had never extended an invitation for him to visit his house, not even for a cup of coffee, even though his wife is godmother to Gerard’s only child.  The Godfather said, “Let’s be frank here, you never wanted my friendship, because you are afraid to be in my debt.”

Gerard wanted permission to date a girl who was connected to the rival Tattaglia family, who were dealing drugs which the Godfather was against.  Don Corleone agreed, but only after he dispatched his main man Luca Brasi to infiltrate the organization, however during the meeting Brasi is stabbed and killed.  Gerard is told that he is to become the new informer, as he is already trusted by the Tattaglia family and there is nothing that he can do except comply to the wishes of the Godfather.

Gerard knew all about what happened with Johnny who signed this contract when he first started out with a big-band leader.  Johnny being a godson to Don Corleone wanted to get out of this contract as his career got better.  The Godfather went to see the bandleader, and offered him $10,000 to let Johnny go, but the bandleader said no.  So the next day, Don Corleone went to see the bandleader again, only this time with Luca Brasi.  Within an hour, the bandleader signed the release, with a certified check of $1,000, as Luca Brasi held a gun to his head, while the Godfather assured him that either his brains or his signature would be on the contract.

Later the famous singer Johnny Fontane came to visit Don Vito Corleone and asks for his help to secure a film role that will boost his fading career.  The head of the film studio, flat out refused to give Fontane the part, but Don Corleone tells Johnny, that he would make him an offer that he can’t refuse.  The next day the studio head wakes up to find the severed head of his expensive racehorse in his bed.  Unsurprisingly, Fontane is subsequently given the part.  Gerard knew that he had to do whatever he was told.

Written for Swimmers the New Community Pool prompt – God and for Haunted Wordsmith Nothing But Ideas Today Story Starter.

Help On The Way

She always remains calm and composed equanimous that her love is not lost.
She feels ice, snow and freezing cold, as she is well acquainted with Jack Frost.
Marching through madness, she spreads her wings poised to fly.
She has no pain, she rides on the crest of a wave, never telling a lie.
Reassured that the night will end and the Sun will shine.
She takes a drag on her cigarette and a sip of her wine.
She has integrated with the vibrations of the universe.
Things are good now, but they could always get worse.
Crippled but free, never cursory.
Paradise waits on bended knee.
Tell me the cost, I will pay, I have the revenue.
I will sell everything for love, whatever is due.
She warned him to stop taking risks, as accidents do occur.
He enjoyed the spoof too much, so he did not listen to her.
He ended up getting hurt, and she said that help was on the way.
Superman, Batman, and The Shadow showed up to his dismay.

Written for Daily Addictions prompt – Revenue, for FOWC with Fandango – Cursory, for July Writing Prompts – Marching through madness, for Sheryl’s A New Daily Post Word Prompt – Equanimous, for Ragtag Community – Spoof, for Scotts Daily Prompt – Drag, for Teresa’s Haunted Wordsmith Three Things Challenge prompts – Superman, Batman, The Shadow and for Word of the Day Challenge Prompt – Integrated.

Sex Is A Three Letter Word

The big fat hip cat sat for her nap and the red ant ran for the rat and the bat.  Gee get Joe and Sue, you two and any old cow can say moo.  Jim was way too old and far too gay for her big fat ass.  The sun had set and the boy was mad.  She set out for the sea, but all she saw now was one big eye and the fog did not let her get far.  She can run off any day, she did not let any man see her new red cap, and the old hag had put her bag out and yet was too big for the his pot pie.  She put the bin out for the bin guy, did her bed, fed the dog, but ate all the ham she had, but not for all hot tea hid the sea, nor the sky, nor the sun.

The most common three letter words which you probably use on a daily basis would be: all, and, any, are, boy, but, can, dad, day, did, for, get, has, her, him, how, its, let, man, mom, new, not, now, old, one, our, out, put, say, she, the, too, two, use, was, way, who and also you. Some other common three letter words are: act, bar, car, cut, dew, eat, far, guy, hey, hit, ink, jet, key, log, mad, map, nap, odd, pal, ran, saw, see, sun, tan, urn, vet, win, yap as well as zoo.  Scrabble recognizes 15939 3-letter words, so if you are still searching for a three letter word, you might want to try: ace, add, age, aid, aim, air, ale, amp, ant, ape, arc, ark, arm, art, ash, ask, ass, ate, axe, bad, bag, bam, ban, bat, bay, bee, beg, bet, bib, bid, big, bit, bog, boo, bop, bow, box, bra, bro, bud, bug, bum, bun, bur, bus, buy, bye, cab, cad, cam, cap, cat, cob, cog, cop, cow, coy, cry, cub, cud, cue, cup, cur, dab, den, dip, doe, dot, dry, dub, dud, due, dug, duh, dye, ear, ebb, eel, egg, elf, elk, elm, end, eon, era, eve, ewe, eye, fad, fag, fed, fee, fem, fen, few, fig, fit, fix, flu, fly, foe, fog, fox, fro, fry, fun, fur, gab, gag, gal, gap, gas, gay, gel, gem, gig, gin, gob, god, goo, got, gum, gun, gut, gym, had, hag, hah, ham, hat, hay, hem, hen, hex, hey, hic, hid, hip, hoe, hop, hot, hub, hue, hug, huh, hum, hut, ice, ick, icy, ill, imp, inn, ion, ire, irk, ivy, jab, jag, jam, jar, jaw, jay, job, jog, jot, joy, jug, jut, keg, kid, kit, lab, lad, lag, lam, lap, law, lax, led, leg, lid, lie, lip, lit, log, lot, lug, mat, maw, max, may, men, met, mid, min, mob, moo, mop, mow, mud, mug, mum, nab, nag, nah, nap, nay, net, nil, nip, nit, nix, nod, non, nor, nub, nun, nut, oaf, oak, oar, oat, ode, ohm, oil, ole, olf, ooh, ops, opt, orb, owe, owl, own, pad, pal, pan, par, pas, pat, paw, pea, pee, pep, per, pie, pig, pit, ply, pod, pom, poo, pop, pot, pro, pry, pub, pug, pun, pup, pur, pus, rag, rah, ram, rap, rat, raw, ray, ref, rib, rid, rig, rip, rob, rod, rot, row, rub, rue, rug, rum, run, rut, sap, sat, sax, say, sea, set, sew, sex, shy, sip, sir, sis, six, ski, sky, sly, sod, son, sow, soy, spa, spy, sty, sub, sue, sum, tab, tad, tag, tap, tar, tax, tea, ten, thy, tic, tie, tip, tit, toe, ton, too, top, tot, tow, toy, try, tub, tug, ugh, umm, ump, urn, van, vat, vex, via, vie, vow, wad, wag, way, web, wed, wee, wet, why, wig, wit, wiz, woe, wok, won, woo, wop, wow, wry, yah, yak, yam, yea, yep, yes, yet, yip, yuk, yum, yup, zag, zap, zig, zip, or zit.

Some rare three letter words that I like are alb, which is a long white robe worn by priests and dag a dirty tatted tuft of sheep’s wool.  There is dap which means to dip gently into water and fie which is an expression of disgust or disapproval, or gad, to wander about idly or in pursuit of pleasure.  A gat is an opening or strait between two sandbanks and a jib is a small triangular sail extending from the head of the foremast.  A ked is a wingless fly that feeds on livestock and kef is a state of dreamy or drug-induced tranquility.  A kop is a bank of terracing at a football field, while a lea is an arable land left fallow or used for pasture.  A neb is a bird’s beak and an obi is a broad sash worn with a kimono.  An ort is a scrap of food or a morsel and taw means to prepare skins by soaking, salting, stretching and paring.  A tot is a bone or other object retrieved from a garbage pile and yew means to rise, as a layer of froth in a boiling liquid.

There are a lot of three letter acronyms like AKA – Also known as, BTW – By the Way, IDK – I don’t know, IMO – In my opinion, IOW – In other words, LOL – Laughing out loud, MMW – Mark my words, NRN – No reply necessary, OMG – Oh my God, POV – Point of view, TBA – To be announced, TIA – Thanks in advance, TYT – Take your time, WFM – Works for me and my favorite WTF – What the fudge. The end!

Written for 7/14/18 Linda G. Hill’s ‘Life in progress’ Stream of Consciousness Saturday where the prompt is “to start with a three letter word and you would get bonus points if you also end your post with a three letter word”.

What’s The Deal

I am part Irish and I never understood why the Irish have so many superstitions about all of these ridiculous things.  I understand that things were different in my grandmother’s time, as back then people wanted to keep witches away and make sure that their new born baby was protected from evil spirits and my grandmother carried all of these false notions over from what she was taught.  Many people grow up with weird traditions and superstitions because the infinite Universe is sending them heuristic lessons, so they can overcome their fear of the unknown.  Francis Bacon said, “The root of all superstition is that men observe when a thing hits, but not when it misses.”  Most of the superstitions that my grandmother taught me have been forgotten or lost, but the ones that survived, I keep as a treasured memories.

A normal superstition would encompass breaking a mirror, having a black cat cross your path, opening up an umbrella inside a house, or walking under a ladder, or encountering the number 13, and of course Friday the 13th being the  worst, all of which would give you bad luck.  Enough is enough, you don’t have you to throw salt over your left shoulder, if you ended up spilling it and an itchy palm doesn’t mean that you will soon get money.  People need to stop being so petulant and remember that they are creating their own reality.  Most things as far as I can tell are not haunted, although I imagine that it is possible that a ghost or two could be wondering around a graveyard from time to time with their own agenda.

A superstition that I remember my grandmother telling me was that if a knife was dropped at the dinner table, a man visitor would soon be arriving.  She also said that putting new shoes on the table was bad luck.  In China if you sign your name using a red pen, then people will say that you have a death wish and if you write someone else’s name in red, that means that you want them dead.  It is thought that when you are buying a home that you should always look for an entrance way on the homes left side that has a curve in the path leading up to it, as straight paths are believed to lead evil spirits directly into the home.

Tonto National Forest is a Wilderness area immersed in myth which was designated in 1939, and expanded to its present size of approximately 160,200 acres in 1984.  It reminds me of that movie ‘City Slickers II: The Legend of Curly’s Gold’, and this is probably because of several trails that are unsuitable for horses, the searing heat, a shortage of water, the bitter cold, but it still has many rumors concerning lost gold mines, and secret maps are still being sold to the unwary.  Many superstitions are just around for fun, as the English speaker likes to have their way with words, but most carry a dubious reputation with them.

Superstition is used to circumvent religious power by substituting the divine with magic and rituals, which may be a matter of which fire is demanding appeasement.  The boundaries between religion and superstition are not always clear, as they both use incantations for healing the sick.  Whispering a charm or reciting a biblical verse over a suffering child will probably terrify them more than being able to deliver a physical cure.  If the child does not recover, the blame will often be placed on sin, or that the spell was not carried out correctly.

Written for Daily Addictions prompt – Infinite, for FOWC with Fandango – Fear, for July Writing Prompts – Enough is enough, for Sheryl’s A New Daily Post Word Prompt – Heuristic, for Ragtag Community – Superstition, for Reena’s Exploration Challenge #Week 45 – which fire is demanding appeasement, for Scotts Daily Prompt – Size, for Teresa’s Haunted Wordsmith Three Things Challenge prompts – haunted, pen and superstition, for Rachel Poli I Read I Write I Create – Time To Write Three Word Story prompt – Agenda, Curve and Speaker and for Word of the Day Challenge Prompt – Petulant.

Killing Me Softly

This song was written by the songwriting team of Charles Fox and Norman Gimbel, and it was inspired by a girl attending a concert by Don McLean, the singer/songwriter famous for his hit ‘American Pie’ written about the death of Buddy Holly in relation to the ‘day music died’.  This girl hears of this young performer and his talents, so she goes to see him perform to see if he is as talented as she has heard that he was.  When she gets there, his songs are describing all of her emotions and feelings, almost as if he had somehow read a journal or diary of hers, she felt like he had found her personal letters and was reading each one of them out loud.  The singer related her feelings so well to the song that was being sung, that she became emotional, it really hit home, she felt like the singer sang as if he knew her, in all of her dark despair, and that he looked right through her.

After being mesmerized by one of Don McLean’s concerts at the Troubadour theater in Los Angeles in particular with his song ‘Empty Chairs’, Lori Lieberman described her strong listening experience from that performance to Norman Gimbel and Charles Fox.  Lori said that she felt all flushed with fever, she was embarrassed by the crowd, she prayed that he would finish, but he kept just right on singing her most private feelings.  Gimbel and Fox were writing songs for her new album, and they wrote this song for her after the three of them discussed it and they all felt that it had possibilities.

Norman came up with the song title, that is about someone listening to a song and being moved by the words.  Everyone at one point hears a song that just really hits them, where the words seem to glow and you hear the voice coming through the music.  It’s like the words are speaking to what that person’s life is about.  It’s symbolic, evocative, not good or bad, but sad and celebratory.  She’s not asking to be killed, she is being killed, as if someone sang a song so well that they destroyed the rest of the competition.  Song interpretation is often based on conjecture and rumor, and there’s no way to get the perfect answer.  Using words like ‘killing’ in a poetic context, means that someone is doing very, very well.  The killing is happening softly, thus it is happening gently and a song can kill you with sorrow, or kill you with laughter.  Music can sooth the savage beast easing it’s pain, affecting your emotions in powerful ways and certain songs can touch your soul and add meaning to your life.  Killing me softly is something that will stick with you for the rest of your life, as you will be forced to remember this event from time to time.  Killing me softly is a feeling that you get when you are forced to endure something that is really unpleasant, but avoiding that thing would actually be a lot worse.

The words were written by Norman Gimbel and set to music by Charles Fox and Lori Lieberman a young folk singer from the West Coast recorded this ballad in late 1971.  In 1973 it became a number-one hit in the US and Canada for Roberta Flack.  The song has since been covered by numerous artists, including the version by Lauryn Hill with the Fugees, which won the 1997 Grammy for Best R&B Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal.

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Music Challenge #31: “Killing Me Softly”.

Word Limits

“He was the stuff schoolgirl dreams were made of.  Unfortunately, she was no longer a schoolgirl.”  She had become a woman of the world, a High School graduate studying Nursing at the local Community College and now she was only interested in real men.  Tom lived down the street from Lauren and one time they played strip poker in the woods next to the school with the rest of the kids on the block.  Lauren was 13 at the time and her breasts has just started budding, so this was a big deal for her, but kids get tired of playing spin the bottle and this was the next step in juvenile sexual discovery.  The game ended before anything happened, as Mr. Jones approached the kids when he was walking his dog and they all scattered.

Tom was still in High School, he was a Senior but he had no plans for College and he was going nowhere with his life.  Lauren wanted to marry a doctor, or someone else that was successful and she despised the way Tom would whistle at her everytime he saw her.  She wondered why boys have to be so immature and act like such jerks.  The persistent sound of his rude whistling was maddening to her and it annoyed Lauren to no end.  She knew that she had to put a stop to his absolutely unacceptable wolf whistling and catcalling, so she developed a plan.  She told Tom to meet her in the …

250 words

I hate it when I run out of words and that is why I hardly ever enter writing challenges with word limits, anyway this was written for Deb Whittam’s 50 Word Thursday #9, where she gives you a photo and phrase prompt and your story needs to be written in multiples of 50 words with a maximum of 250 words.

Further Than Before

Who would have known that Religion would become so confusing after England broke away from the Roman Catholic Church and created a new church called the Church of England?  I joined a group of travelers and we were on a journey to find a holy place where we could experience solace in our lives.  We felt that something needed to change, King James I needed to come down off his throne and leave us all alone.  We called ourselves pilgrims because we are the true Christians, and we are determined to purify the Christian church and return to a scripture-based service.  We immigrated to Holland to escape persecution but we feared the loss of our English heritage while living in this foreign country, so we purchased a charter to establish a colony in the New World that would enable us to set up our own society where we could be free to worship as we pleased.

Our intent was to establish a farming village in the northern part of the Virginia Colony at the mouth of the Hudson River near the Big Apple.  We would live under the English government, but we would worship in our own, separate church.  Our group originally started out on two different ships, the Mayflower and the Speedwell, but the Speedwell began to leak almost immediately after we left port, so both ships headed back to where we started.  We managed to squeeze everyone and all of our belongings onto the Mayflower and then we set sail once again.  Because of the delay caused by the leaky Speedwell, we had to cross the Atlantic at the height of storm season, which made our journey horribly unpleasant and so many of us got seasick.  Treacherous shoals and storms drove our ship off course and after two miserable months at sea over the great Atlantic Ocean, we landed on the salty shorelines of the wrong place.  What a fiasco, it was like a comedy of errors as we had no right to be where we actually ended up, so in order to establish ourselves as a legitimate colony, we named our landing spot Plymouth after the English port from which we had departed.

We knew that life without laws could prove to be catastrophic, so our leaders Myles Standish, William Bradford, John Carver, William Brewster and Edward Winslow created a doctrine that we called the Mayflower Compact, which was a contract that was supposed to ensure that a functioning social structure would prevail.  Several scouting parties were sent out, but most of us still lived on the Mayflower and we were ferried back and forth from shore to build our new storage and living quarters.  More than half of us died during that first winter, death became a concomitant of poor nutrition, inadequate housing and harsh weather.

After we built our settlement, I came into contact with Tisquantum, who I called Squanto, and he was English-speaking Native American of the Pawtuxet tribe.  I traded some of my beads with him for some of his food and we became good friends.  He was my accomplice when I went out exploring.  One day we came across this tree that was decorated with colorful tapestry, and Squanto said that this would be a nice place for me to get my groove on.  Squanto said that this was the place where he would go to smoke tobacco and make wishes for peace in the world.  Squanto and I would both dance by this tree, although he had some different moves that I had never seen before.  We listened to the sounds of nature as we danced by this tree with the hanging ribbons and feathers and he had this one move that caused me to tremble and then explode and this left a smoking crater inside of my mind with a rainbow that spiraled round and round.

Written for Daily Addictions prompt – Doctrine, for FOWC with Fandango – Accomplice, for July Writing Prompts – Salty shorelines, for Sheryl’s A New Daily Post Word Prompt – Concomitant, for Ragtag Community – Groove, for Scotts Daily Prompt – Contract, for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Tale Weaver/ Fairy Tale # 179 – Voyage of Discovery, for Teresa’s Haunted Wordsmith Three Things Challenge prompts – tapestry, comedy and Big Apple, for Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo Thursday photo prompt – Wishes and for Word of the Day Challenge Prompt – Solace.