This About Me section is where you will see me referred to as A Unique Title For Me and sometimes as newepicauthor. I wrote this to provide my readers with an honest picture of who I am, giving them a little bit of my background information on me and also provide the reason why I decided to get my own Homepage.  I am a story teller and I like to use my imagination.  I am interested in many things, but a few of my favorites are watching the NFL and playing golf.  I do not like onions and I always make sure that my food does not contain any of these annoying, disgusting, despicable, putrid, revolting items that just wreck the taste of food.

I had two wonderful parents, my dad Herb Adams was a television repairman and my mother Mary Adams was mostly a stay at home mom. They are both deceased now and I miss them.  I am divorced, and I am a retired Electrical Engineer who is specialized in control systems.  I held many different positions because I worked mostly as a consultant.  Now I work as a Substitute Teacher, because it gives me plenty of time to write.  I am happiest when I am writing, as this seems to give my life a purpose.  Writing is a way of life for me now and forming that perfect sentence that contains meaningful words that can articulate my inner feelings is an everyday quest for me. I have done a lot of technical writing, which I won’t boar you with.  I am a dreamer and I have done some of my best writing in the secret space of my dreams.  I never assume that my dreams come from God, but I like to imagine that all the people in the world can live their lives in peace and I feel that every great dream begins with a dreamer.

Every writer needs to tell their story, and all writers have their own style. All stories starts off with characters, who are able to entertain the reader.  Creating realistic lovable characters is the best way to tell a story.  If you are able to develop characters that become real to you, then you will know exactly what they will do say and do next and this lets your story progress to the completion.  Writing changes everything and having the calling to create something new through the power of words involves much more than just making marks on a page.  Once written, a book can be used by many people to learn and be entertained.  To me, the act of writing is similar to the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, as it contains an inherent fuzziness, because various people may obtain different meanings from reading the same words.  The true nature of written words can never be known, the best I can do is hope is that people will understand the meanings that I am trying to convey.  There are no clear-cut laws on how to write and it is impossible for me to determine how my readers react to my writing.  I hope that you enjoy my blogs and I wish that I could wrap this up with an eye-catching image, because I understand how much they help articles look better, but sadly I have no artistic talent.  The only things worse than pictures that I might attempt to draw would be if you heard me singing or if you happened to see me dancing.