My Favorite Word

I was watching the 1970 movie Myra Breckinridge when I heard the word fornication.  I was not exactly sure of the meaning of this new word when I first heard fornication, but from the first time I heard this word, I liked it.  I found that it was even more fun to say the word fornication as it has this perfect balance of consonants and vowels that formed wonderful syllables which gave it this intrinsic property allowing it to simply roll off your tongue and flow out of your mouth.  I feel like even Porkey Pig would not stumble when saying fornication, that’s all folks.  I was going to have as much fun as possible with this new vocabulary word and to me it sounded like a sophisticated smoking hot way of saying sex.  This suggestive term was to become my new sexual innuendo and for a seventeen year old that had not yet gone all the way, this was my new naughty term.  I realize now how juvenile I was acting, but you are only young once.

I don’t really remember all that much about this oddball movie, except the script was definitely weird, however it made me laugh and I thought that the acting was good.  The Film Stared Raquel Welch and it also featured Mae West, Rex Reed, John Huston, Farrah Fawcett, Jim Backus, John Carradine and Tom Selleck.  The movie had an R rating and it was the first sex film that I ever saw, well maybe not a sex movie, but there was plenty of T&A to look at.  Myra Breckinridge was not a hit, it was a flop as it cost more money to film than it grossed at the box office and maybe this is because America was not yet ready for this outlandish film.

In 1970, the motion picture industry changed and this happened as the Kent State massacre took place and just prior to the US suffering a defeat in the Vietnam War, the Watergate scandal ensuing, the Munich Olympics shoot-out taking place and as drug use started increasing.  Actor George C. Scott won the best actor award for his role in ‘Patton’, which also won best picture for the Oscars.  M*A*S*H, Love Story, Two Mules For Sister Sara, Five Easy Pieces, Airport, Tora! Tora! Tora! and El Topo also came out in 1970, so Myra Breckinridge went virtually unnoticed, well so did El Topo.  I always liked this line from Patton, “No dumb bastard ever won a war by going out and dying for his country.  He won it by making some other dumb bastard die for his country.”

I still like fornication, I actually like everything about this word. I like to fornicate, I enjoy fornicating and I don’t mind being called a fornicator.  To fornicate or not to fornicate, that is the question, would it be better for one to indulge in this act and commit fornication and therefore have fornicated, copulating with another person, being promiscuous and sleeping around while making passionate love, or would it be best to just stand idly by loitering aimlessly in the dark being useless.  I choose to fornicate!  Repeat out loud along with me, “fornication, fornicating, fornicate”, now don’t tell me that didn’t feel good.

Written for 6/2/18 Linda G. Hill’s ‘Life in progress’ Stream of Consciousness Saturday where the prompt is “your favorite word”.

11 thoughts on “My Favorite Word

  1. Alas, I was a couple years too young to get in to see Myra. I do remember seeing Love Story which was a big hit in my peer group, though I would not want to watch it today. I no longer agree with Ali MacGraw’s line, “Love means never having to say you’re sorry.”

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  2. The last time I heard it was in a church when the vicar like a robed bat flew from his pulpit and roared looking at me … “Do you fornicate” I,clutching my children to my sides, pink faced and trembling stuttered ‘I’m not um sure’ 😲🤡🙉🙈

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