My Poor Cake

Fallon said, “Can you come here for a second?” Jeff got up off the couch and walked out to the patio where his wife was standing and he said, “Honey what is on your mind?”  Fallon said, “Don’t honey me, I told you that if it looked like it was going to rain that you needed to bring my cake back inside and look at it, my cake is ruined.  I don’t think that I can take it to the Miller’s house tonight for the party and it took so long to bake it and Carol said that she wanted that recipe, but now she won’t because all of the sweet, green icing is flowing down.”  Jeff said, “Yea it is my fault as I do remember you telling me to bring your cake back inside if it started to rain, but it came down all of a sudden in torrents and when I did get up and took a look at it, I knew that it was too late, as it was already ruined and I saw no need for me getting wet trying to save something that could no longer be saved.  I realize that you put a lot of hard work into your special cake and you still have the recipe, so you can bake another cake some other time.  As far as the Miller’s party tonight, I could go out to Dunkin Doughnuts and get something for us to snack on with our coffee.”  Fallon said, “I have a coupon if you are going there and today is National Doughnut Day, so they will give you a free doughnut.”

Written for Rachel Poli I Read I Write I Create – Time To Write: Sentence Starter 35 [Creative Writing Prompt]

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