In a stream of consciousness writing exercise, you are not allowed to look up any information, it is supposed to be your thoughts as they flow out of you, but the only thing that I had that fit this prompt was pigsty, and since I have never been to a place where pigs are kept, I wanted to make this a tribute to Pigpen.  I apologize in advance for my writing not being a real stream of consciousness today, but even though I knew this story, I made a conscious decision to cheat with this post and look some stuff up, only to make it a more fitting tribute.

Ron McKernan was given the affectionate nickname of Pigpen because of his unwashed demeanor, his funky hygiene habits, but most people say that his grubbiness was charming.  Ron was gifted his nickname from a girlfriend who thought that he was similar to the unkempt Charles Schultz character Pig-Pen in Peanuts, who was always drawn surrounded by a permanent cloud of dust.  Ron McKernan embraced his bodily funkiness, along with his disheveled look and unorthodox approach to life and sanitation and this became his trademark.  His greasy black hair covered up his acne scarred face, and he often wore a leather vest over a dirty tee shirt, accompanied with unwashed dungarees.  Pigpen looked like a Hells Angel, and they even made him an honorary member.  Ron McKernan’s outwardly appearance may have been seen as being menacing and this might have put off some people, as he looked hard on the outside, but underneath his gruff biker exterior, he was a kind, soft man that had a heart of gold.

Pigpen grew up listening to the blues and his father was a boogie-woogie pianist and R&B DJ on Berkeley radio in the early ‘50s, known as “Cool Breeze”.  He had a fantastic collection, so Garcia would go over to Pigpen’s room, to listen to records and he said that it was like going to a ghetto, because Ron was always leaving empty beer cans and whiskey bottles all over the place.  They would sit in his room for countless hours and stuff was thrown around everywhere.  Pigpen had a habit of just wearing a shirt and his underpants and he always had a bottle of wine under his bed.  His mom would come in about every five hours to see if he was still alive and Jerry thought that was hilarious.

Written for Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday where this week’s prompt is to find a word that ends in “-sty”.

The Nerve of It All

How dare they, those politicians are outrageous and Texas is completely broken.  I feel bad for all the folks that are freezing, without electricity, had their pipes burst and are without water.  Worse yet, when their Senator saw how bad things were, he hightailed it down to Mexico and left everyone to fix the problems.  Everyone is pointing their finger at somebody else and no one is willing to take responsibility for this disaster.  Israel came out with a study about the Covid vaccine being effective after only one dose, which we already knew and now people want to eliminate the second shot in favor of vaccinating more people.  Things seem to be running much better under Biden, but I still have not spoken to my Republican sister yet about politics, since she blew up on me on New Year’s Eve, when I asked her if she still believed that Trump won the election, and I wonder how many years will have to go by where I still have to avoid this conversation.

I know the weather has been really bad for a lot of the country, but I have had my own problems with a hacker.  It is always something, isn’t it?  Life will not get back to normal for a while yet.  The Republicans had their chance to break away from being the party of Trump, but only a few of them had the courage to speak out against him, and many others are still sucking up to him.  I am starting to develop this “Why should I care” attitude, because I am losing hope that our country will ever be united again.  I know it is important to care about certain things, like who is telling the truth and who is lying, but I don’t have to care about everything.

Written for Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday where this week’s prompt is “nerve”.

Somewhere Below the Ocean

I always find the lost continent of Atlantis fascinating and the stories never end.  I guess it has to be one of the greatest stories ever told and somehow it came to Egypt.  Supposedly these people of Atlantis who lived above the ocean beyond the pillars of Hercules were more advanced than the rest of the world and at least one of them survived.  Since they were isolated from the rest of the world, the only thing known about them comes from stories that Plato told, but apparently the Egyptians accepted one of the survivors as a god.  Thoth the dude with the bird head was thought to have come from Atlantis and because he was smarter than the rest of the Egyptians, they made him the god of wisdom.  With his help the Egyptians were able to build the pyramids, but I have always liked him because he invented writing.  Thoth should be the god of the bloggers, as bloggers wouldn’t be doing very much without writing.

Written for Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday where this week’s prompt is “Above/Below”.

False Flag

I remember hearing about pirates that would fly a different flag to disguise their identity and this would let them get closer to other ships so they could attack them.  Representative Greene the one who was just thrown off the committees the other day had said the Parkland school shooting was a false flag.  She indicated that this incident only happened to make it easier for others to take guns away from others.  I am all for taking guns away from people who don’t actually need them, as if there were less guns around and they were harder to get, everyone would be much safer.  There was a time and a place for the Second Amendment (Right to bear arms) and that was in Colonial times and the Wild West, but we should act more civilized now and get some of these crazed gun nuts off the streets.

I wonder if a woman who wears false eyelashes could that be considered as sending out a false flag, but then if it makes her feel better about herself and it gives her more confidence, and since it seems harmless, then I guess not and I am all for it.  Anything that has to do with cosmetics or fashion is most likely going to be an improvement, so if people want to look more glamorous that is a good thing.  Of course, this can go too far reaching the stage of vanity to consume people’s souls, but my motto has always been, if it feels good, then do it.

One more false flag of hope before I go.  Last night was my 50th High School Class reunion, but it was virtual, because of the pandemic.  Only one other guy besides me signed up and I saw that a girl signed up also.  I knew the guy mostly from the senior class trip where we rode on the same bus together to get to the Poconos, but we were not really friends.  The girl may have been in a few classes that I was in, but I don’t really know much about her.  Anyway, the guy just underwent heart surgery and he posted a message that he probably wouldn’t be able to make it and I was the only one there at the reunion.  I have never been good at keeping up with old friends and with the Covid, it is impossible to make any new friends, but I guess all I really need is to be happy.

Written for Linda G. Hill’s JusJoJan and Stream of Consciousness Saturday where this week’s prompt is “flag”.

Running a Red Light

I have to back up a bit, because the title of this post reflects the end of the story, well very close to the end.  My friend Henry had a bag of chocolate mescaline and he shared some with me.  He asked me why I never brought my girlfriend around, as he said that he had heard about her and he would like to meet her someday.  I never introduced Debbie to anyone, because she lived in another town, she worked nights and when we got together it was mostly in motel rooms for adult activities.  Henry understood after I told him, but he wanted to know if Debbie had any friends, that he could meet.  I never talked to Debbie about any of her friends, well at least not at this point in our relationship, but I told Henry that I would ask for him.

I picked Debbie up after work that night, her shift ended at midnight and I told her about Henry and his bag of mescaline and him wondering if she had any friends that he could meet.  She said that this girl Yolanda would probably go for it and that we should pick both of them up the following night.  Henry was excited that I had got him a date sort of, and we were in the parking lot when Debbie and Yolanda got out of work.  Debbie made the introductions and said that Yolanda was going to drive her to her house, so she could change her clothes and that we should follow them there.  Henry was happy because Yolanda looked really fine and he was wondering if he was going to get lucky.

We followed them to the center of town and they went through this yellow light and I stayed on their bumper, but the light turned red while I was in the intersection.  It was unfortunate for me that a police car was waiting for the light to change and he saw me run the light.  I had been pulled over many times before and I knew how to talk to cops, so I told Henry to be cool as I pulled over to the side of the road because the police were flashing their lights and running their siren.  Henry was always a bit of a space cadet and he starts fumbling around, looking for a place to hide his mescaline and the cops were watching him as he was fidgeting around.  One officer came up to my window and asked me for my licence, registration and insurance card, while the other officer went to henry’s window and said, “What are you hiding boy?”

I already mentioned that Henry was a space cadet, but I couldn’t believe it when he said, “Here is my mescaline”, and he hands it over to the cop.  We were arrested, taken to the police station and while we were behind bars, the cops searched my car and found a roach (the remains of a joint) in my ashtray.  It was late so we both stayed in jail all night, but the next morning I called my friend Rudy who paid the money to bail us out.  This was not my first arrest, so I hired a lawyer to represent me at my trial.  This guy was pretty good and he got me off from the possession of marijuana charge, because he discovered that all of the evidence was used up in testing to determine if it was marijuana and he said that since there was no evidence that the police did not have a case against me.

I felt bad for Henry, but since this was his first arrest, he got off with 6 months’ probation.  He never got to meet Yolanda, but at least he never asked me to set him up on any more dates.  I had to pay the lawyer, and the fine for running the red light and I may have got some points on my driving record, but life goes on and you can’t go back to the beginning and start over.

Written for Linda G. Hill’s JusJoJan and Stream of Consciousness Saturday where this week’s prompt is “the beginning, the end”, where we are supposed to write about the beginning of something and the end of something and we can get bonus points if our first sentence contains “the end” and our last sentence contains “the beginning.”

Point and Shoot

I followed the grand puppet master Linda’s instructions who has all of us willingly jumping through hoops, by opening up something close to me, then closing my eyes and pointing at what I saw written there.  The Newsletter that I volunteered to take over as the editor was right next to me and I pointed at a section titled “special days in February” and right under that it said, “February 1st is National Get Up Day (celebrated by skaters that have slipped on the ice), nothing more, however I will try to get a bit deeper here in this post.  Since ice is slippery and skaters have to do all of this spinning and jumping maneuvers, sometimes they fall.  The important thing is that they must get up and finish their routine, unless they have been seriously hurt.

Since I am writing this as a Stream of Consciousness, I can’t go to Google and find out more about this special day that way, so I will have to either make some stuff up, or do my best to try and explain why this is a holiday.  My personal feeling is that this National Get Up Day probably is not just concerned with skaters and it is more about any person being able to overcome their failures, or rectify their mistakes.  Not everybody knows how to skate, but everybody is capable of making a mistake from time to time.  This should be the most important holiday that the US celebrates this year, because our country is in deep trouble after the last fours years of Trump mishandling everything.

I don’t want National Get Up Day to become a forgive and forget day as some Republicans who incited the violence at the Capital with their efforts to overturn the election results would like things to settle down hoping that everyone develops amnesia and gets on with our lives without prosecuting those responsible for this nightmare of insurrection.  If someone attended the rally and did not storm the Capital building, then there is no need for prosecution, but for the ones that went there to stir up trouble and for the organizers, they must face justice.  There is no cure for stupid and these non-violent idiots that were blinded by Trump’s words should be forgiven, so our country can move on, but by no means should any of them be looked at as being patriots.  They were all duped by a con artist and he must eventually face justice.

Written for Linda G. Hill’s JusJoJan and Stream of Consciousness Saturday where she asks us to close our eyes and point and some reading material that is nearby.

First Days of Hope Loom Over Last Days of Doom

First thing is first, or should that be first things first, meaning that you should take care of the most important things before you move on to the other stuff that can wait.  It is about setting realistic priorities and goals that you must do to deal with the activities that you are obligated yourself to achieve, before moving on to tasks that are not essential and then you can tackle the things that you would like to get done.  My car needed some repairs, as my check engine light came on and I could smell oil burning.  I knew that this was the most important problem, because I didn’t want oil leaking onto my driveway and I didn’t want my engine to seize up.  I explained the problems and asked them to give me an estimate for the necessary work and if I had any money left over then I would have them do those repairs as well.

Things were getting crazy in the courtroom, so the judge banged his gavel down repeatedly and yelled, “Order in the court”, I wanted to say, “I’ll have a tuna fish sandwich on rye with an iced tea to wash it down”, but I came to my senses, as I knew that the judge was not taking lunch orders.  Later that day while we were deliberating the verdict a clerk came by and took our lunch orders and once, we finished out meal, we went back to discussing the case.  I didn’t think the case was all that difficult to decide, but I wanted to have an open mind, so I listened to all the facts before I started yelling, “Lock Trump up and throw away the key.”  The foreman stood up and said, “We have to decide on guilt first and punishment will be the last thing.”

Written for Linda G. Hill’s JusJoJan and Stream of Consciousness Saturday where the prompt is to start your post with the words “First thing” and you can pick up bonus points if you are able to end it with the words “last thing”.

Legitimate Concerns

Nancy Pelosi is going after Trump and the sky is the limit as far as she is willing to go, because she wants him out of office.  Even though we all know what he is capable of doing, we have no idea what he will do next and that is disturbing.  When King Nimrod of Mesopotamia built the Tower of Babel, he thought that the sky was the limit, but it all came crashing down on him just like what is happening to Trump now.  He is a dangerous criminal even though he has not been convicted yet, his record will show that he has been impeached.  There is a criminal case pending against him and since it is from New York State, he is not able to pardon himself for these allegations.  This is just is one of several legal entanglements that will haunt him after his presidency is over.  They are looking into his taxes; he is being sued for sexual assault and they are still looking at possible campaign finance violations that he supposedly committed.  He has a debt that is coming due and his lenders are expecting him to pay back $900 million in loans in the next few years.

Part of the New York investigation pertains to payments made during Trump’s 2016 campaign to porn actress Stormy Daniels and model Karen McDougal to prevent them from publicly alleging they had extramarital affairs with him.  The Russian election interference probe may get picked up again when we get a new Attorney General under the Biden Administration and this may end up being Merrick Garland.  It is unforgivable for a sitting president to encourage people to overthrow the government and there must be consequences.  I think that most people would be happy if Trump resigned, but I really want to see him locked up.

Written for Linda G. Hill’s JusJoJan and Stream of Consciousness Saturday where the prompt is “sky is the limit”.

Maybe It’s Me

It is quite possible that I am the one who is brainwashed as my sister told me last night.  I innocently asked her if she still believed that Trump won the election and she told me that it is still under investigation and that many votes were not counted and some people were locked out of the voting pools.  Well, all of that was news to me as I don’t watch FOX news, so I told her that there is no proof of any of these allegations and she said that it will come out but it takes time.  As far as I know, every voter fraud claim that Trump and his lawyers brought up was thrown of court.

I was eating dinner when my sister called and I didn’t tell her that she was interrupting, but I was bent on making this call short, as my sister can go on and on sometimes, but while my steak was waiting for me, I was going to make sure that this untimely call was not going to last.  I usually avoid talking politics with my sister, as we are on opposite ends of the spectrum, but it amazes me how Republicans still listen to all of the Trump nonsense.  She got mad at me and said that I was brainwashed and unwilling to listen to the truth.  I never heard any truth, as all I have been hearing were lies and false claims of wrongdoing that had no evidence to back up these allegations and it is about time this ended, so our country can go on with more important business.

We are in trouble now, as the Iranians are gathering ships in the Persian Gulf, people are dying by the thousands every day and Trump plays golf.  I told my sister that Trump never wants to help anybody but himself and she said, “If that is the way you are going to talk with me, then I will hang up”, which she abruptly did.  What do you think, should I call her back and apologize for acting rational, or would it be better for me to sit in the corner and take a time out?  It is time that we all step out of the Twilight Zone, get back into reality, admit that there is no Santa Claus, that professional wrestling is fake and Trump lost the election.  Any help that you can offer will be appreciated, please make a comment below.

Written for Linda G. Hill’s JusJoJan and Stream of Consciousness Saturday where the prompt is “in the corner”.

Boxing Day

“Why I ought to box your ears in”, Moe said to Larry, as these two brothers were always horsing around.  I guess this is the day where you put presents in boxes, but I have never celebrated Boxing Day before, mostly because Belvedere, Hobson and Jeeves don’t work for me.  I did get a few gifts yesterday that did not fit me, so I will have to box them up and send them back.  You never know for sure when you buy something online.

Written for Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday where the prompt is “box”.