I learned how to play chess when I was 8 years old and I would go to the park just up the street and play every day.  I learned a technique how to put the other player in checkmate after six moves and I won a lot of games with that move, until I came up against the Czech kid that just moved into the neighborhood.  He could hardly speak any English, but he was a whiz at playing chess and his name was almost unpronounceable being Pavel Andreievich Chekov.  My friends and I taught him all the bad words because we got a kick out of hearing him swear, that was so funny.  He always wore a checkered shirt and he would say things in class that other students would get suspended for, but the teachers always let him off, because he did not know any better,

As he learned more English, he talked about his home country of Czechoslovakia, which I put on my bucket list of places that I would like to visit some day.  I still have not been able to check that one off and with the pandemic going on, I probably never will.  I have to go to the dentist next week for a check up and I will get my teeth cleaned.  I have dental insurance and I will use my debit card to pay my deductible instead of bringing a check with me.  The thunder scarred my cat last night and I could not find her till I checked under my bed, and there she was.  I am registered to vote by mail for the next election and we all must do our part to make sure that tyrant is put in check.

Written for Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday where the prompt is to use any of these words check/cheque/Czech and then we are supposed to go back to Linda’s post to check to make sure that she got it.

18 thoughts on “Checkmate

  1. Great job with the prompt! It’s cool that your childhood friend had the same name as Mr. Chekov who served on the Enterprise. 😉 I think I was about 14 when a boy tried to teach me chess one summer. I didn’t follow through though and always thought I might try it again some day. If nothing else, it would be good brain exercise.

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      1. Teeth are as healthy as the gums they are anchored in. I have a strange bacteria in my mouth that goes berserk if I don’t have my teeth cleaned every 3 months. Believe me, I put it to the test and went 6 months and it wasn’t pretty. Thank you for saying I have a nice smile. Hoping I can keep it.

        About the chess, I learned how to move the pieces but never developed any strategy. Machines are merciless when it comes to playing games. The online game my kids and I play is ruthless if there is a computer player in the game 😦

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  2. Once you learn how the pieces are called and how they able to move, you know enough to start playing and this will not take very long. The difficult part is developing a strategy on whether you will be an aggressive offensive player, or a cautious defensive player, or somewhere in between.


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