A Firm Mattress

I haven’t told anyone about this yet, but over the last month, I experienced some difficulty sleeping, as I kept tossing and turning and then I would wake up tired and cranky.  Last Tuesday was laundry day, so I stripped the sheets off of my bed to put them in the wash and I noticed my mattress tag was sticking out, you know those things that you can’t rip off under penalty of Federal Law.  At the same time a commercial came on my TV that said, “If your mattress is 8 years old or older, it is time for you to get a new mattress.”  I looked at the tag and it said manufactured in 2007 making my mattress 12 years old.  I thought that maybe this was what is causing my unrest at night, but I had all these precious memories connected with my mattress.  There was Alisha the blond, Pam the brunette, Sue the redhead, Janet the nurse, Debbie the college student, Shelia the housewife and ooh-la-la Cindy….I better not get into that!

My back hurt and my mattress was past its prime, so I needed a new mattress, and I could always make new memories, thus I went out looking for one.  The salesman asked me what I was looking for and I told him that I didn’t want anything that was too soft and I told him that I was mainly interested in support and then I asked him if he had any suggestions.  He said that they just got in this new line of Ative mattress and he said they had a model set up which I could try out if I liked.  I asked if this Ative line of mattresses had something that was firm and he said that’s affirmative.

Written for 2/2/19 Linda G. Hill’s ‘Life in progress’ Stream of Consciousness Saturday where the prompt is “affirm”.

9 thoughts on “A Firm Mattress

      1. I like no lumps or bumps or hard bits or to have trouble rolling over or edges that are too close or … I don’t like being confined, and I’d like to have an air bubble I can get into and just float …

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