The Can Can

Can I get you some fries with that, is something that I have been fortunate enough to never have had to say.  When I think I can, I think I can turns wrong it becomes, I thought I could, I thought I could.  Having a can do attitude might allow you to accomplish many things.  I have opened up many a can of worms and I only went fishing twice in my life.  He said, “That’s okay, boy, won’t you feed him when you can”, Take a load off Fanny, (Sorry I started singing, but I am thinking that you actually like my singing anyway).  I used to watch Popeye when I was younger and he would eat a can of spinach so he could beat up Bluto and rescue Olive Oyl.  Time to put this post in the can.

Written for 10/20/18 Linda G. Hill’s ‘Life in progress’ Stream of Consciousness Saturday where the prompt is “can” with bonus points issued for starting and or ending with the prompt.  I imagine that double bonus points can be collected for doing both.  Bonus points for Linda if she can name the song that I was singing.

22 thoughts on “The Can Can

      1. Also not forget that Fanny comes across as guardian angel, at least for me… and all three stanzas he is reliving the burdens of all of them finally returning to Fanny

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  1. Popeye was on our TV a lot. Maybe my dad liked it. Or maybe there were not a lot of cartoons to choose from back then. Now I realize I don’t like the characters much, but since I turned out to be a vegetarian, I can really appreciate that a can of spinach can make you stronger.

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    1. It was a cartoon for boys, kind of like the Three Stooges. Popeye’s testimony that he is “strong to the finish, ‘cause I eats my spinach” is apparently born from a mistake that was made 50 years before he became popular. A mathematical error was made where spinach’s iron content was miscalculated by a German chemist when he misplaced a decimal point. This mistake gave birth to Popeye’s obsession with the vegetable, which the cartoon character eats vast quantities to boost his strength.


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