How It Goes

Worms go in and worms go out, in your ear and out your mouth, well at least I think that is how it goes, but this being a stream of consciousness, I am not allowed to verify that.  It could be in your nose and out your mouth, but that would not be an earworm and it would not matter much anyways, as this is the hearse song and you are already dead.  There is nothing worse than a dead atheist, as whether they go up or down, they won’t believe it anyways.  It certainly is not up your nose with a rubber hose, but that is always fun to say.  I like writing in the Stream of Consciousness Saturday challenge and today it has the theme of earworm.  It would be nice if I was getting to the point which I usually like to do, however in SoCS there is no fun in doing that.

Enough introduction, as I got that song in my head, OK you don’t have to ask twice, as I was going to tell you right away, so cool your jets.  Brandy you are a fine girl, you would make a good wife and that is all I got.  I have not heard that song in a while, but it is the type of song that burrows deep into your brain and once you hear it, you will be stuck with it for the next three days.  Here is another by Gaga that Poker Face song, your pa, pa, pa poker face, yea try and get that one out of your brain.

Last paragraph as the earworm needs a climax, but that does sound a bit messy.  Time for the fat lady to sing and if she does that enough times, that could become an earworm.  I wonder if the earworm is a relative of the earwig, but I also wonder who wrote the book of love?  Wonder, wonder, wonder woman and her wonder bra.  Anyway I tried, but this is going nowhere real fast and it is about time for the worm to turn.

Written for 9/8/18 Linda G. Hill’s ‘Life in progress’ Stream of Consciousness Saturday where the prompt is “earworm”.

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  1. “There is nothing worse than a dead atheist.” Well, at least you didn’t say a live atheist.”

    And “I wonder, wonder who, mmbadoo-ooh, who, who wrote the book of love.”

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