Words Escape Me

I am speechless, I can’t think of anything appropriate to say at the moment.  I don’t think that this is related to Alzheimer’s or dementia, as I had a clear train of thought and then poof my words had vanished.  Has that ever happened to you?  Everything is flowing along you know exactly what you want to say and then brain fart, everything stops.  This temporary mental lapse or failure to reason correctly is so frustrating, as you are putting a string of words together that clearly convey your intent and that are coherent, until a processing error interrupts sensory data and then all is lost.  It is usually not totally catastrophic where you forget your name or what planet you are on, but this dysfunction of grey matter throws your brain for a loop.

It happens to everyone, usually when you are mid-sentence then something goes weird in your head and you might say, ‘It is on the tip of my tongue’, but alas all hope of ever figuring it out escapes you.  It may come back to you later, as you start to recall certain aspects of where you got mixed up, maybe you could just get the first letter of the word that you were striving for and then your thoughts come flooding back to you and you are relieved.  Brain fart is not a very technical term and neither is a dumb goof, so perhaps I should say that a person encountered a temporary breakdown in their lexical word retrieval or even refer to them as maladaptive brain activity changes.  Brains are rather complicated as you know and many people talk about difficult tasks and compare them to brain surgery or rocket science.  Your brain has that special organ called the hippocampus which is associated mainly with memory, in particular with long-term memory and whenever you try to remember something, your brain calls on your memory network to work together to access encoded memories.

Years ago, I had so many different jobs and I went on a lot of job interviews, so I memorized my drivers’ license number, so I didn’t have to take out of my wallet and look it up, and although I moved away over ten years ago, I can still recall that number.  I am actually good with numbers and I can remember my phone number from when I was a kid, but because I rely on my smart phone to do all of that for me now, I actually don’t even know my house phone number or my cell number.  I am good with places and remembering where I put my things, but I am not so great at remembering people’s names.  I see their face and I can remember details about them, but their names are blank.

I have had my moments like in the shower I finished washing my hair and then brain fart and I grab the shampoo bottle again.  On occasion I have forgotten to zip my fly back up, but the thing I do most often is forget how to spell certain words.  Just the other day I spelled Satan as Satin, oops and even spell checker will not help with that.  These blunders or inexplicably stupid errors make me feel devastated.  I guess we have all head those dumb blond jokes and even though they make me laugh, they could be offensive to others, so I am going to skip all of that.  The adult brain consumes up to 20 percent of the energy in your entire body and every now and then it needs to take a break.

If you want to include a dumb blond joke as a comment, I am OK with that.

49 thoughts on “Words Escape Me

  1. So your comment meant this.. Thanks for the head up.. And I am also not good with names.. My problem is different I sometimes wander off.. Completely cut myself off.. Alone with my thoughts..

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      1. Never bother with going to a doctor and getting it checked.. Now, it happens but it’s annoying especially if you are giving interviews or are in a stressful situation..

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      2. I am from a different generation and I know that I had ADD as a kid, but the doctors had not classified this condition yet. I wondered off all the time and I just thought that I was a spaced out kid that had trouble paying attention. You are who you are and you just need to make the best of things as most doctors really don’t know any better because they are pill pushers working for the pharmaceutical companies.

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      3. Hear Hear.. The pills are now becoming nasty habits. I’m glad my father and mother never showed me any kind of leniency in this matter. Today’s kid.. Everything is a pill..

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      4. The kids today are on a lot of drugs, but all of these drugs were prescribed by adults. Parents that don’t know how to handle their children just end up drugging them.


  2. I am experiencing more and more brain farts lately. Like the other day when I walked from the living room to the pantry to retrieve something. But by the time I got to the pantry 10 seconds later, I completely forgot what the hell I had gone into the pantry to retrieve. Poof, it was gone. Or the time my wife texted me and asked me to pick up some sponges from the grocery store while I was there. I got back and handed her the two bags of groceries I had brought back from the store. After she put the contents of the two bags away, she called out to me and asked, “Where are the sponges I asked you to get?” Oops. Brain fart.

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      1. Well I started out young and then I aged, I was a chicken scratch scribbler, but when I got caught chewing gum in class, I received that blackboard punishment of writing 100 times on the board, ‘I will not chew gum in class.’ I was not going to let this stop me and then I discovered girls and I was scintillated, which caused me to ruminate about getting to first base with one of them and this is way before I ever even heard of Fandango. This is how I paint my world.

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      2. Yeah, but choices are given and than made.. You walk into restaurants.. Choices are given than made.. You walk into car dealerships.. Choices are given than made.. Everything.. Choices are given and than made.. Fandango started this whole trend..where everything is seen through physical pleasure.. That’s what I meant..

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      3. There is always the tradeoff, an alternative which is given that allows you to make a different choice and least we forget to mention the rational choice where you choose the alternative which holds the greatest value and your choices will reflect how your life is lived. Having too many choices can be a paralyzing problem, but I think that Fandango is right when it comes to his view that choices do involve physical pleasure.

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      4. They are a part.. And alternative if viewed properly is a paradox because if given than it becomes again a choice.. So I am correct in saying.. Choices are given than made.. On the part of involving or invoking physical pleasure.. Than it’s a part of the picture not the whole picture in itself..

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      5. Speaking sacrilegiously about God or sacred things and God is not the best one when it comes to standing up to ridicule. Sometimes criticism is necessary and things should not be considered to be inherently good or bad.

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      6. Let me get this straight, you have not forgotten how to remember, but it is a good thing when you can remember to forget. There are some people who can forget to forget and others that remember how to remember. Ok I got it now, at least the way I remember it.

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    1. You brain is at fault for making you absent minded. Your brain decides to take some time off and then you look like a fool. It is easy to blame your brain activity for all your momentary, unavoidable fluctuations that caused you to make mistakes.

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