Her Top Came Off

There was a wardrobe malfunction at the pool today and I don’t see what all the commotion was about. This kind of thing happens to Brittney Spears all the time and she keeps going on with the show without missing a beat.  She was wearing a bikini and it was tiny, but it was not that Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weenie Yellow Polka dot Bikini.  She was shy and she was afraid to come out of the water.  This would be no big deal in some parts of Europe or in Rio de Janeiro, but here in the USA when a girl is exposed above her waist, it is not socially acceptable.

It seems weird to make a big fuss about certain exposed body parts in one place of the world and then if you are in a different place, no one stares at you and everyone just goes along their merry way with what they are doing and it is no big deal, because they are relaxed with public nudity.  Religion may be responsible for social attitudes concerning nudity, as certain uncovered body parts may be deemed to be porn.  God created all of us and the human body should not be anything that we need to be ashamed of.

Cultures develop norms for what they judge as being appropriate and nudity may be considered to be taboo or dirty in some places or circumstances, while in other places or situations nudity may be viewed as being a perfect natural thing when it happens.  This is something that you need to figure out as it is not good to shock others.  If you are in a hot tub in certain parts of Europe, then take off your suit, but if you are around some other people that are very sensitive about nudity, then you should stay covered up.  It is how it is, nudity may work for some and others will get upset by this sort of thing.  Some people just don’t want anybody else to be able to see anything that they consider to be private and this actually has nothing to do with shame, it is just that private means private.

Nudity is not always linked to sexuality, but when the link is made, that is when nudity has the potential to create problems.  In the American culture naked breasts have become a titillating and taboo topic and billions of dollars are spent on bras and breast augmentation, as guys and also girls have them on their minds constantly.  This cultural obsession in our society forces us to pay attention to the shape and size of all breasts, but much more when they are exposed.  It is not uncommon for certain people to actually get into arguments about whether certain breasts are real or fake.

There are women who see their breasts as a way to get ahead in life, and they have this self-esteem and blunt honesty about the importance of this specific body part which makes them extra superficial.  There is also that old adjudge that goes, ‘If you got it, then flaunt it.’  Does anyone think that America would be a better place if nudity was seen as more normal and not overly sexualized?

6 thoughts on “Her Top Came Off

  1. It’s strange but the idea of nudity is interwoven with the idea of shame. So by default the being nude attitude is psychologically associated to being shameful

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      1. Nudity and nudists are two different worlds and words. As nudity can be partial, it can also be practical (with being intimate and all that).. But nudists how to say this are impractical in their approach..

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