Baby Talk

Goo, goo, gaga cootchie, cootchie coo are things that are usually said to babies to get their attention or to make them smile.  Babies start out with their own language emitting undistinguishable sounds, but did you ever wonder if babies can understand other babies?  I am sure that some social scientist has done a government funded study on this topic, which is a laugh, because babies are not mind readers and baby talk is not an actual language, as it is only used to encourage a baby’s communication skills.  If it were a real language, than babies of cavemen would be able to understand modern babies and Chinese babies would understand English language babies.

Newborns have an innate ability to get their parents attention when they are hungry, or their diaper needs changing, or when they need to be held and most of these signals that they send to their parents come in the form of crying.  Babies know when they are being neglected and they rely mostly on body language for their communication and besides crying, they will squirm and fuss trying to get their points across.  No one ever said that it would be easy for someone to become a parent and it is always difficult to try and understand what an infant is feeling.  I should probably place a picture of a baby here, as who doesn’t like babies.  They are adorably cute with their fat cheeks, their pudgy tummies, and their toothless grins.

Here is a cute baby and I have no idea who she is. I am thinking girl because of the ribbon on her head, but I just love that expression on her face.

On a more personal lever, this is a picture of me holding my great nephew.

This is my great niece and she is no longer a baby, I guess she should be classified as a rug rat now.

Actually I never really liked babies that much and when people would ask me if I wanted to hold their baby I would usually decline, because I did not want to crush them. Infants are not that different from loaves of bread as they have some give to them, but they can be mushed.  I never had any of my own kids and I have yet to change a diaper.

40 thoughts on “Baby Talk

      1. I’m starting to feel like Wile E. Coyote with these comments. It keeps knocking me out of sequence. Perhaps I should keep quiet.

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      2. You just have to love that guy with his schemes, the intricate mechanics of his gadgets mostly purchased from Acme company, the way he makes these elaborate plans with impeccable timing, and he seems to follow the laws of physics.

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      3. I have no clue as I m sort of new to WordPress, but when I see other people’s posts they usually are in order. I am not a big complainer, but I want my money back or else I will cry like a baby.


      4. Just added that to my bucket list. No seriously I should spend less time writing and with all the comments and try to be more professional as my comment section is a real mess.


      5. You are being professional. You are attending to customer service. That’s an important aspect of business.


    1. Are you indicating that you never held a baby? If you look at that picture of me, my face is all red from playing golf out in the Sun that day. Holding my great nephew was a new experience for me, but it was necessary as my niece was as Southerners say ;fixin’ dinner and my nephew was back on the deck grilling up some steaks. I would rather have been outside with him sucking down some beers, but the baby just woke up and he needed to be held.

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      1. It wasn’t an overwhelming feeling of love and I was not experiencing a flood of happy emotions, but it was enjoyable and circumstances permitting I would do it again. You should try it sometime.

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      2. But in your original comment you pointed out that it effect women more than it effect men.. So she is the right choice.. And than we can ask Fandango assuming he gives straight answers.. And I’m also a man…

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      3. That would be wonderful if you could get each of their opinions and Sandi would provide valuable insight. I have gotten a few straight answers from Fandango, but he is a big kidder. The one thing I am certain of is that you are a man.

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      4. That would be wonderful if you could get each of their opinions and Sandi would provide valuable insight. I have gotten a few straight answers from Fandango, but he is a big kidder. The one thing I am certain of is that you are a man.


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