You know that guy, the one who always needs to get the last word in on any topic and he is determined to win at any cost.  I have read all types of blogs since I joined WordPress back in April, some are short, some are long and some are overflowing with wonderful pictures.  Some blogs are uplifting, filled with beautiful poetry, while others are informative, revealing, fascinating, thorough and helpful.  I find that it is always good to read from an authoritative expert.  Bloggers may fall into many different categories such as the delegator, the investigator, the instigator and the engager (according to Sandi), but I think that my writing puts me into the rogue category also, however I do belong in the investigator class, as I enjoy being that informative guide who reveals and tells-all and gives back.

I am not afraid of bending the rules and going against the grain and on rare occasions I have even been known to swim upstream.  I say things the way I see them and although it is hard to teach an old dog like me new tricks, but I do value others’ opinions.  I guess to be a real rouge, I would have to dress to kill like James Bond, but that is not my style as I always opt for comfort.  Recently, I have gone through what I will describe as Bloggergate that involved excessive banter.  I love the comments section below the blogs and I wish more people would make comments.  When the horse is dead, it is time to stop beating it and when the fork goes into the potato, then it is done.  I know when the time comes to let it go.

It is totally awesome when you can get into a long conversation in the comments section, especially when others join in.  I may write serious stuff, but actually I am a very silly person and basically I am here just to have fun.  I do not like being in arguments, I am a very non-controversial person who would just rather give in to end things and I have no problem being called a quitter.  I have read that the unrelenting personality type usually underestimates their own performance, feeling that it is inferior to the norm, but at the same time they are constant, determined, persistent, steadfast and unbending.  I look at this as being a blessing and a curse at the same time.

I worked as an electrical engineer specialized in control systems for over thirty years and during that time I have installed and programmed many reset buttons.  Things get out of whack at times and they need to be reset.  Writing has become my reset button lately, as it allows me to think clearly about issues.  When I feel a reset is necessary, I change the topic.  I might try to pull off that train A and train B scenario, or I could go for something like the multiple choice question on whether it is better being (a) trapped in an elevator, (b) stuck on a train, or (c) stranded in a tiresome contentious cocktail-party discussion?  I feel that it is always good to shake things up.

The adjective unrelenting basically means the same thing as relentless, but for me relentless sounds much more harsh.  Relentless implies that it will never end, however unrelenting means that so far they have not given up.  Relentless is repeated over and over and over again till you have lost your mind, but unrelenting will stop once the topic is changed.

14 thoughts on “Unrelenting

  1. This is great, Jim. Nice to meet you. It’s obvious I love The Comments Talk Show. Like that title? By the way, I don’t poke forks in my baked potatoes, I give’em a gentle squeeze. I’ve only seen horses shot not beat. How come no one says, “Stop shooting a dead horse” instead?

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    1. I prefer not to use labels, oh wait that was what my last post was all about, but do I see you as a person who brings about or initiates certain things which are always fun, or a person who entertains others, wait I think we are apples to apples here, or should I have said here, here.

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    1. There is no message (although it may have seemed that way), I felt bad the whole time while I was writing this. I really love your comments and although we have had our moments, I will always cherish anything that you have to say. How are things going? I told Tricia who just changed her name from ageofaquarious how much you had helped me, when she told me that she was having some problems. I hope you are OK with this, as I told her that you might be able to help her out.


      1. Nah, it has been pointed out to me that I am an a****le..Yep..You are way better than me Jim.. No I am not an engager but an enrager(noun. Someone who makes other angry). I have to learn to shut my pie hole.

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      2. It was not you Jim.. Trust me.. How can I find your words hurtful.. You are (and don’t make me repeat myself) Academician (and as Sandi said an investigator).. Come on man.. Don’t take the blame for me..

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