This is the Place

I was told to drop the dead body here, because nobody would ever find it. I am a hit man working in the modern version of Murder, Inc., which is an organized crime murder for hire organization that is contracted to spread corruption and eliminate any threats.  I recently did a hit in the Ukraine and I may be called in for questioning on the impeachment hearings, which I will have to plead the Fifth Amendment, as I am sworn to secrecy, knowing that my life and that of my family is under constant intimidation.  I grew up in the Gambino crime family one of the five families that dominate organized crime activities in New York City and I was engaged in gambling, loan sharking, extortion, labor racketeering, fraud, money laundering and narcotic trafficking, until I realized that I had a talent for killing people and then I became a hit man.

The decomposed body was discovered by a fisherman who pulled her into his boat and investigators are trying to pin it on me.  They have started to call her the “lady of the lake” and publicity is building up because of this name.  Nobody knows who she is yet and she didn’t have to die, but she wouldn’t give up the information that I was told to get from her and it was sort of an accident when she slipped and cracked her head open.  I weighted her body down in the spot that was selected and this area is not known to be good for fishing, so it was felt she would never be discovered in this secluded bay.  I should have cut her up and dumped her into the sea, but it is too late now for second guessing.

Written for Sue Vincent’s November 14, 2019 Thursday photo prompt.

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