One Way Out

I am rebloging my MM Music post because I don’t think it got enough attention yet. If you like the Allman Brothers Band, you may want to read it. It is a writing challenge that offers you a lot of options, so if you enjoy writing, this could be the perfect post for you to respond to.

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This Allman Brothers blues song reminds me of ‘Back Door Man’ the blues song that was written by Willie Dixon and recorded by Howlin’ Wolf in 1960. The Allman Brothers Band recorded ‘One Way Out’ on their 1972 double album Eat A Peach and it charted #86 in the US. It is still a bit of a mystery concerning who wrote ‘One Way Out’, but it has been credited to Marshall E Sehorn, Elmore James and Sonny Boy Williamson. Elmore James recorded it in 1961, but didn’t release it until ’65. Sonny Boy Williamson released a version in 1961 and 1965 and G.L. Crockett had a 1965 hit with the same song under a different name. Sehorn was a recording engineer, record producer, and all-around “record man” at Fire/Fury Records in New York, who likely engaged in the then-common practice of adding himself onto composer credits of songs that he…

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2 thoughts on “One Way Out

  1. I regret not ever seeing them. I was only 4 when Duane died but I would have loved to have seen any version of them. Gregg Allman was one singer who could make any song his when he sang it. I saw a video of him singing Tuesdays Gone and he made it into an Allman Brothers song.

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