Unique Blogger Award

I consider being nominated for this prestigious award to be a great honor, but at the same time I also feel that it is a complete waste of time.  So this guy named Fandango one of the great writers on WordPress put me behind this podium and I understand that I need to be gracious, grateful, and humble, but not to the point where I am trivializing this honor.  Many years ago, back when I was in second grade I remember riding my unicorn to school and my teacher told me to leave it outside, as the classroom was no place for a unicorn.

My unicorn had the body of a horse, it was all white with a long mane, it’s head looked like that of a deer, and it featured a goat’s beard, it had the tail of a boar and a single black horn in the center of its forehead.  I was aware that the unicorn’s horn would not only grow out of its head, but it also would grow into its head.  This ingrown horn exerted an extreme amount of pressure on the unicorn’s brain, which affected their reasoning capabilities, thus severely impacting their logic and consequently rendering them unable to be able to tell time.  This beautiful majestic creature was basically as dumb as a box of rocks and they could be easily outwitted by a cabbage, a turnip or a rutabaga.  The unicorns always liked to act silly, playing hiding games and kicking and splashing around in the mud, while the rain was pouring down on them and that is why Noah was never able to get any of them on the Ark.

I laid into my teacher about affirmative action making sure that she understood that unicorns are people too and that they should not have to suffer from any discrimination, especially in relation to education, just because they are not the greatest thinkers on the planet.  This award requires me to acknowledge the person who nominated me in order to show them some love, which I have already done (although it is possible that I could have been a bit more loving).  Next I am to answer the following three questions, nominate 8-13 people for the same award and ask them three more questions.

  1. What motivated you to start your blog?
  2. What characteristics do you look for in other people’s blogs?
  3. What, if anything, will cause you to not read (or not continue reading, another’s blog?

I found these questions pertinent, intriguing and easy to answer.  To answer question number one, I wrote a book and I thought this might be a good way to drum up publicity for it.  I actually wrote three books and none of them were ever published and I may have them all put in my coffin with me for the spirits to read.  Answering question number two, I look for proper grammar in other blogs.  If you have ever read any of my posts you may have noticed that I always skip two spaces after every period and before I start a new sentence.  I guess that this would qualify me as being anal.  Proceeding to number three, if someone writes about farting, this usually holds my attention and the blogs that I stop reading are the ones that are loaded down with advertisements, especially those that screw with my virus detection software.  I hope that my sincere answers were adequate to meet these demanding questions.  I actually do not actually know that many people on WordPress, as I only started here in April this year.

I guess that I could nominate a wonderful poet named Vandana who actually told me that he wants to write other things besides poetry.

I am a follower of Byron, The Jittery Goat who always writes great posts, so I will also nominate him.

I would love to nominate Sauce Box as he is one of the funniest writers on here.

Last but not least I will nominate Tricia who may currently be missing as I have not read any of her posts for about a week now.

If any of these four talented writers decides to accept this chainmail, oops Unique Blogger Award then they can either do what I did (nominate others for the Unique Blogger Award) or else do whatever they desire and please accept my apology if this in any way bothered you.  I am sort of making this up as I go along so I will be asking them to answer three different questions listed below.

  1. How much time on the average do you devote to writing (per blog, or per day, or week or whatever) ?
  2. What is the approximate average word length of your blogs?
  3. How often do you write for the Daily Post blog?

11 thoughts on “Unique Blogger Award

  1. Nicely done. I hope my nomination for this award wasn’t too big of a waste of time for you, though.

    By the way, I use only one space after each period at the end of a sentence. Maybe I’ll write a post one day to explain why.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was tons of fun, thanks for the nomination. Has anyone else responded yet? Is it my duty to notify the bloggers that I nominated? Most people use one space, but I have taken on the identity of A Unique Title For Me, so I need to do something that makes me unique. I will wait anxiously for your upcoming post.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Me too! After years and years of doing the doubles, I finally got kicked enough to see my way to becoming automated into the single space realm. I’d love to hear the ‘why’ – is it different to my ‘why’? (which comes from the publishing reqs, the e-world expectations [auto-load sw reqs] and a sore thumb.)

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Haha that’s one unique way! Congrats for being nominated. Definitely deserving. Sad you didn’t publish your books.
    I’m also not a great fan of these nominations either but when it comes from genuinely good and wonderfully creative writers like you I really feel humbled! Thank you so much. 😊😊…And I must get on to write a post to thank all who have been graciously nominating me.

    Liked by 1 person

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