Thursday Inspiration #200 When Will I Be Loved

Respond to this challenge, by either by using the prompt word time, or going with the above picture, or by means of the song ‘When Will I Be Loved’, or by going with another song by the Everly Brothers, or by Linda Ronstadt, or anything else that you think fits.  Phil Everly wrote ‘When Will I Be Loved’ and the Everly Brothers recorded this song on their 1960 album The Fabulous Style Of The Everly Brothers.  It reached #4 on the UK chart and went to #8 in the US.  Phil Everly wrote this in his car, parked outside an A&W root beer stand.  In this song, the singer is not getting the respect that they feel they deserve, and they are fed up with being pushed around and having their heart broken again and again.  Phil took inspiration from his on-again, off-again romance with Jackie Ertel-Bleyer, the stepdaughter of Cadence Records founder, Archie Bleyer.  Phil and Jackie got married in 1963 and divorced in 1972.

In 1956, Bleyer rejected a demo tape for the Everly Brothers, who already recorded unsuccessfully for Columbia.  A few months later, he signed them to a contract after a recommendation from music publisher Wesley Rose.  In 1960, the Everly’s contract with Cadence expired, and they decided to move to Warner Bros., because Cadence was a small label, and they were not able to match the packages offered by Warner Bros.  With Phil Everly being married Bleyer’s stepdaughter, Jackie Ertel (daughter of Chordettes singer Janet Ertel Bleyer), that must have made things awkward at family get-togethers.

Linda Ronstadt had even greater success when she released this as the second single from her 1974 fifth solo studio album, Heart Like A Wheel.  Aside from peaking at #2 on the Hot 100, it became her first #1 hit on the Country chart.  Linda rearranged some of the verses and somehow, made the song her own.  Linda was not a songwriter, but she was very astute at picking the right song for her to cover.  Linda Ronstadt doesn’t sing anymore since she was diagnosed was Parkinson’s disease.  Emmylou Harris, Bonnie Raitt, Stevie Nicks, Sheryl Crow and Carrie Underwood performed Linda Ronstadt’s ‘When Will I Be Loved’ at the 2014 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony.

When I meet a new girl that I want for mine
She always breaks my heart in two, it happens every time
I’ve been cheated, been mistreated
When will I be loved

10 thoughts on “Thursday Inspiration #200 When Will I Be Loved

  1. I love the Everlys but I have to go with Linda on this one. She really boosted it.
    Jim your post will be posted at 6:45 CST. Thanks again!

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      1. Yes she does…only ocaasionally do I like the original better after she covers it…the one exception for me is Poor Poor Pitiful Me.

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