General Harmony Between Parts

I was out walking the dogs one night in an ice storm and I slipped because I lost my balance and the dogs were off and running.  I cracked my head on the street and the last thing that I was thinking about was the dogs.  I was only five houses away from where I lived, but I was in pain and I could not move, so I just laid down on the freezing cold ground.  My hands slipped off the dogs leashes as I threw my arms out trying to maintain my balance.  The dogs were happy to be free and they were having a ball, as I laid flat on my back.  I thought that this was a horrible way for my life to end, but I could not even try to make an effort to pick myself up off the ground.  Eventually the dogs both came back and licked my face, and their salvia was freezing on my face, not what I really wanted at this point, but it may have been what I needed, as it gave me the motivation to pick myself up and get back home.  I think that when my head slammed into the street that I may have got a concussion, as I ended up staying in bed for three whole days and I felt terrible for the whole next week.

Written for Linda G. Hill’s ‘Life in progress’ JusJoJan January twenty-fifth prompt suggested by JP the Wide-eyed Wanderer and that prompt is “Balance”.

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