Why Did The Cat Die?

The expression “curiosity killed the cat”, is usually used as an attempt to stop someone from asking unwanted questions. Cats are extremely curious from the time they are born due to their survival instincts and a natural instinct to assess their environment for prey and predators.  They are inquisitive when they see something new, because they need to make sure that it doesn’t pose a threat.  Kittens may spend the whole day looking into every corner, watching carefully, observing each movement and catching small prey, bringing them home as trophies.  Cats enjoy climbing because being high up in the air gives them a broader view of their environment, allowing them to easily observe everything without being disturbed.

When cats explore, one thing they are looking for is a potential hiding space.  The experience of jumping and sliding into a box resonates with their instinct to find protected spaces out in the wild where they are able to see their environment without being seen.  It is a good idea to provide boxes and other similar spaces for your cat to climb into as this is an inexpensive way to enrich their home environment.  Try hiding toys in these spaces, and always make sure that the environment is safe for your cat and that your cat can easily retrieve the toys from the box.  Cats use their minds to shape the world around them and they are always seeking answers to why things exist.  Knowing why cats behave in a certain manner, will help you to better understand your cat and provide them with a more comfortable life that is free from possible domestic dangers.

Written for Linda G. Hill’s ‘Life in progress’ JusJoJan January twenty-second prompt suggested by Pamela, Butterfly Sand Curiosity run amok and that is “Curiosity”.

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