The Talk

Carl a 10 year old boy with blonde hair woke his younger 9 year old brother Joe up and said, “Dad wants to give us the talk tonight, before we start our summer vacation.”  The brown haired Joe said, “What do you mean by ‘the talk’?”  Carl said, “Sex you dummy!”  Joe said sarcastically, “Do I need to explain sex to him?”  Carl said, “Stop being such a wise ass, you just have to listen and try not to make him feel too embarrassed or uncomfortable.”  Joe said, “First I am a dummy and then I am a wise ass, can’t you make up your mind?”  Carl said, “Just make sure that you are around when Dad gets home tonight.”

At 5 PM Mr. Jones arrived at his house and Carl and Joe were waiting inside for him.  Carl said, “Hi Dad, how was work today”?  His dad replied, “Same stuff different day although I did have to handle multifarious tasks today.”  Carl said, “Dad, Joe and I already know everything there is about sex, our school gives out free condoms, so you can skip the sex talk because it is not necessary.”  Mr. Jones said, “Who said anything about a sex talk, I wanted to talk to you about the 2020 census that we will have to participate in next year.  I am actually not the father to either one of you boys and I have no idea who your real parents are and you guys are not really brothers.  Carl I found you frozen up in the arctic and it seems like you may have been part of some forgotten Nazi experiment.  Joe, I found you a year later in the Himalayas and you were inside an alien space craft.

I adopted both of you and I am sorry that I told you that your mother died, but I thought that would be the best way for you boys to handle it till you became older.  I have had some girlfriends, but I never tied the knot with anyone.  When they launch the 2020 census, we need to get our stories straight, as they may include questions about citizenship status.  You are both my legally adopted sons and the joy of my life.  I have been a citizen since I was born in 1987, so that makes both of you citizens.”  Carl said, “Dad why are you trying to scramble my brain with this Nazi nonsense?  I can’t be a Nazi as they were all evil.”

Mr. Jones said, “Don’t worry Carl we will take this secret to the grave with us, but I just thought that you should know.”  Joe said, “If I am an alien, then do I have any superpowers?”  His Dad replied, “How the hell should I know that, I found your spaceship buried under an avalanche when I was chasing an opossum for my dinner.”

Written for Sheryl’s Daily Word Prompt – Multifarious, for the Daily Spur prompt – 1987, for FOWC with Fandango – Scramble, for Ragtag Community – Knot, for Paula’s Three Things Challenge – Joy launch opossum and for Word of the Day Challenge Prompt – Vacation.

Subtle Hints To In Your Face

Dick Grayson was the ward of Bruce Wayne and some comic books showed them both sleeping in the same bed, which may have insinuated that something was going on between them.  Dick was a minor who was thought not to be capable of managing his own affairs, so Bruce served as his guardian.  Robin wore a flamboyant costume and he was being raised by a single, older bachelor and back in the day this was not percieved as being inappropriate.  In his late teens Little Richard became a member Doctor Nubillo’s traveling show, and he started wearing capes and applying makeup which shocked some of his fans, but it opened up the door for Glam Rock.  Hollywood came out with Brokeback Mountain, a story of a forbidden and secretive relationship between two cowboys and after this, politics and same sex relationships were out of the closet and they would never be the same.

Today it seems like there are new gay characters popping up in comic books all the time.  Is this new wave of in your face gay comic characters indoctrinating impressionable young minds into thinking that a gay lifestyle choice is normal and desirable?  Gay rights are becoming more and more mainstream, and as the gay lifestyle becomes more acceptable, featuring interesting LGBT characters in comic books has become the new trend.  The new cartoon shows are pushing diversity, acceptance, and subconsciously this desensitizes people towards it.  Comics have featured social outcasts, mutant heroes and these stories will always exist on the social fringe.  In Riverdale Cheryl Blossom is dating Toni Topaz and Kevin Keller kisses his boyfriend Moose, which makes me wonder if we will soon be seeing Archie kissing Jughead, well at least they are not wearing spandex.

DC Comics Legends of Tomorrow features Sara Lance and Ava Sharpe in a romance and Alexandra Danvers Supergirl’s sister has developed a love interest with Detective Maggie Sawyer.  Has all of this become too much for anyone else, having gone from being trendy to becoming something that needs to be forced into every comic that I watch?  Is this segment of the market now being over-represented?  Why are the producers of these new comic shows shoving this down our throats?  On Flash Nora West-Allen, nicknamed XS seems to be attracted to women and on Arrow, Oliver Queen’s son William came out as being gay.

My purpose for writing this is not to control what is being shown in the comics and the last time I approached this similar subject for one of Fandango’s Provocative Questions I got a lot of negative feedback, but I do wonder if this is ephemeral or if it is just going to become more plentiful.  I do not want to be a referee and get in the middle of this, or tear anyone’s world apart with this post.  I am usually very chill and I repress my desires to strike out at others, or to shog anybodies world.  Perhaps I am displaying my insipience about the LBGTQ community with this post, as I don’t really understand it.  I do understand the allure of being dressed up in drag, as men have been wearing women’s clothing probably as long as human beings have been wearing clothes, because this makes them feel sexy.  I never saw the Rocky Horror Picture Show and even though it is dark and outrageous, it looks like a lot of fun.

I am not going through a mid life crisis and I am not ready to trade in my pants for a skirt just yet, because that would not look good on me.  I would much rather dress up as a wispy ghost for Halloween and hope that I could collect enough Granny Smith apples to fill a large basin, so I could go bobbing for them.  With a bit of luck, I could keep from getting wet, which would make me feel stupid and probably cause me to stutter.  I was just thinking about the last apple that I started eating and it contained a beetle and my best friend went on the intercom and told everyone which was real embarrassing.

Written for Sheryl’s Daily Word Prompt – Control, for the Daily Spur prompt – Tear, for FOWC with Fandango – Referee, for Ragtag Community – Ephemeral, for Paula’s Three Things Challenge – Pants beetle intercom, for Word of the Day Challenge Prompt – Similar and for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Wordle #139 prompts- Chill Ghost Shog Repress Wispy Insipience Stutter Strike Dark Granny Smith Apples Drag Wet.

Things Moved Fast

Her clothing was arranged to display enough skin, but I did not considered it to be blatantly erogenous.  We met in a dance club in Cincinnati which featured a very energetic DJ.  Our eyes met and I asked her to dance with me, and she said yes because she wanted to make her boyfriend jealous.  I told her if that was what she really wanted then she should leave with me and I would take her back to my place.  When we arrived at my apartment, she asked me to undo her zipper and I was more than glad to give her a hand.  She was warm and soft and she smelled amazing, which made me want to howl at the moon.  Her dress dropped to the floor after I undid her zipper and I took a quick inventory and saw that she was just in her heels, stockings, bra and panties.  To me a woman who is still partially clothed is more interesting than a woman who is already naked.  I made my move nudging the straps of her bra from her shoulders and then I kissed her neck.

She told me that she had never been with a guy as old as me before and she thought that I might even be as old as her Dad.  I told her that the way we age is determined by nurture, as John Locke wrote about in his Blank Slate essay.  I said that I used to be a hippie years ago and all I wanted was peace in the world.  Then I told her that it’s only natural to want to look good and feel young and that I eat at least one fig a day to help me do just that.

Written for Sheryl’s Daily Word Prompt – Jealous, for the Daily Spur prompt – Energetic, for FOWC with Fandango – Inventory, for Ragtag Community – Peace, for Swimmers prompt – Dad, for Paula’s Three Things Challenge – fig Cincinnati zipper and for Word of the Day Challenge Prompt – Nurture.

Sloop John B

Am I able to write another post today?  Don’t bother trying to answer, as that was a rhetorical question, because I am going to take this one home.  There is a plenitude of prompts for me to chose from and I will try to dabble in all of them.  Covering multiple prompts in the same post might compromise my writing, taking me off topic, but it also affords me the advantage of writing about different topics.  I try to nurture my posts and let them breathe in the oxygen, so they can develop into a story that I can be proud of.  If I write something that is too radical, I may have to suffer penance later because of that.  From day to day and night to night, I never know where the prompts will lead me.  I write using Microsoft WORD, so I don’t have to worry about running out of ink.  I consider my writing to be first rate and Ivy league caliber.

Written for Sheryl’s Daily Word Prompt – Plenitude, for the Daily Spur prompt – Night, for Reena’s Exploration Challenge #90 – Compromise,  for FOWC with Fandango – Dabble, for Ragtag Community – Nurture, for Paula’s Three Things Challenge – Oxygen Ivy Ink and for Word of the Day Challenge Prompt – Penance.

Red Tie Day

It was no surprise that all the men in the office were wearing their red ties today, as once someone decided to instigate this, it became a tradition.  In the advertising world, people needed to be trendy and stay ahead of the hustle and bustle in the big city.  The firm was working with a new client that owned a chain of drug stores and there was a big meeting set up just after lunch.  Dave was nervous as he needed to land this account, or else he would be forced to go back to his previous job where he worked as a ventriloquist.  He enjoyed doing that, but the pay was so low that he did not make enough to support his new bride.  At his wedding, Dave had a monkey at the altar, which he used to exchange his wedding vows.  Now that was funny.

Written for Sheryl’s Daily Word Prompt – Instigate, for the Daily Spur prompt – Advertising, for FOWC with Fandango – Hustle, for Ragtag Community – Exchange, for Paula’s Three Things Challenge – Bride Lunch Ventriloquist, for Cee Neuner’s photo response of Judy’s To the Point Challenge, for Susan’s Weekly Word Prompt – Drug Stores and for Word of the Day Challenge Prompt – Surprise.

Not In Middle School Anymore

The party was on, as Joe’s parents were going away to Europe for two weeks and his cool Aunt Betty would be watching him. Steve and Bill were already hanging out there when Cindy, Sue and Lucy arrived.  Joe told his Aunt that they were going down into the basement to watch TV and she said, “Don’t do anything that I wouldn’t do, but I guess that gives you a lot of leeway, as I was pretty wild when I was your age.”  Cindy said, “I love your Aunt, she is so cool” and Joe said, “That’s because she is from Chicago and it gets frigid there.”  Cindy laughed and Sue said, “I still can’t believe that we will be in High School next year and I wonder how much our lives will change.”

Steve said, “Sue, you have changed a lot already, as just three years ago you were flat as a board and now you got some real gazongas girl.”  Lucy said, “Girls are more than just tits, we are people also and personally I am not at all offended when others look at my breasts, as cave women did not cover their breasts and it was not a big deal till women started hiding them.  Hey I look at men’s bulges every now and then I even look at women’s butts, but Steve you need to grow up as we will be in High School come September.”  Bill said, “Since Lucy admitted to looking at other girl’s butts, I think that we should play Truth or Dare.”

Joe said, “We are not Millennials and that game is old school, I think that since we are Generation Z, we should play Sacrifice, Secret or Sin, which is much more fun.”  Cindy said, “You are not tricking me into playing some game that I never heard of, especially without explaining all the rules.”  Joe said, “The rules are simple and you don’t need to be a rocket scientist or a brain surgeon to play.  All participants will be given the choice between giving up something precious, which is considered a Sacrifice, or revealing something that they are hiding, this is the Secret option, or committing a forbidden act which we will call a Sin.  It does not matter how you play the game, as the object is to win and you do that by being the last one in the game.  You can quit at any time, but if you decide to quit, then you have to leave the basement and go sit upstairs with my Aunt.  We each take turns and we all do Sacrifice, then Secret and finally Sin.  For Sacrifice, you must give up something and an item of your clothing would work nicely for this.  When we get to Secret, you must divulge something that none of the others know.  For Sin, you must do something that you normally would not do because you think it as being wrong.”

Sue said, “I think that this game could be awesome, but only if the boys all go first, so us girls don’t come off looking like we are as dumb as a doorknob.”  Lucy said, “I second that”, and Cindy chimed in and said, “Let it be so.”  Steve said, “I am fine with the boys going first for each round, but not for doing all three S’s, so after we do Sacrifice, then the girls must go.”  Bill said, “That will work for me and since we are giving up our clothes, we should probably just rename Sacrifice, to be Strip instead, that is unless this game is going to progress into sacrificing a live goat or something like that.”  Joe said, “I did not make this game up and the three S’s came from my cousin and I have never played it before, but I can dispel any fears that you have about us sacrificing any live animals, as if that takes place, then I will be the first one to make a bee line out of the basement and sit upstairs with my Aunt.”

Joe said he would go first and he kicked off his shoes.  Lucy said, “At this rate, it will take all day for us to see anything good.”  Steve stood up and took off his belt and said, “Is that any better?”  The girls cheered and Bill stood up and removed his shirt.  Cindy got up and wiggled her hips back and forth and said, “I guess it is my turn and I find this to be very empowering having everyone’s eyes on me, but I am going to make you all wait for the good stuff.”  Cindy removed a ribbon from her hair and said, “I am glad I wore layers today.”  Sue stood up and said, “I guess you all know that I have a bit of a crazy side, so I won’t disappoint you, but I need some music to do this right.”  Joe said, “I can do that for you, I will get you whatever you want and if you need some rope, then just ask.”  Sue took off her top and said to Lucy, “Try and beat that!”  Lucy stood up and said, “Life is not a fairytale, if you lose your shoe at midnight, you are not Cinderella, you are a drunk.”  Sue said, “That is a nice line, but let’s see some skin.”

Written for Sheryl’s Daily Word Prompt – Dispel, for the Daily Spur prompt – Rate, for FOWC with Fandango – Awesome, for Ragtag Community – Line, for Paula’s Three Things Challenge – Surgeon Chicago Doorknob and for Word of the Day Challenge Prompt – Rope.

Dark Side Of The Moon

The dark side of the moon refers to the part of the moon that does not face the Earth.  It was unknown until humans were able to send spacecraft around the Moon, so we could finally view this area.  A new study suggests that our moon once had a smaller companion, but it was destroyed in a collision that left one side of the lunar orb lumpy.  A primordial collision between two natural satellites of Earth could explain the stark differences between the moon’s two sidesOur moon is asymmetrical, exhibiting a mysterious dichotomy between the visible side and its remote far side and now scientists think that Earth once had two moons, which merged in a slow-motion collision that took several hours to complete.  They feel the contrast between the two different sides can be explained by a collision with a sister moon about one-thirtieth the Moon’s mass, or around 1,000 kilometers in diameter.

On Oct. 7, 1959, the Soviet Luna 3 spacecraft looped behind the moon, snapping off a series of grainy but distinct photos and then radioing them home.  Because the moon’s rotation is perfectly synchronized with its revolution, one hemisphere always points toward Earth while the other always points away, unseen.  One theory speculated that the Moon has two different looking sides, because Earth’s gravity raised powerful tides on the moon billions of years ago, while it was young and molten.  The bulges then froze in place, giving rise to the thicker crust and distinctive geology of the far side.  This made things more complicated and thus it did not pass Occam’s razor or the law of simplicity, so it lead Erik Ian Asphaug the American- Norwegian planetary science professor to develop a low velocity impact theory and his Big Splat model.

In 1975, two groundbreaking papers discussed the Giant Impact theory, of how our moon was created.  In this model, Earth was born moonless.  Then shortly after its formation it collided violently with a Mars-size body, commonly referred to as Theia (the mother of the moon goddess Selene in Greek mythology).  The resulting inferno vaporized Theia along with a substantial part of Earth’s outer layers.  Some of the material was blasted to kingdom come, but much of it settled into a disk around the bruised Earth.  Within a very short period of time, perhaps as little as a decade, the disk had condensed to form the moon.  Research costs money and going back to the moon won’t break the bank, and Congress allocated over $20.7 billion to NASA in the 2018 omnibus spending bill, which was about $1.1 billion more than the agency got in the previous year’s omnibus bill.  They have to keep their priorities straight which can be difficult and not become a spendthrift agency, or go to the other extreme and become a tightwad.

Establishing a permanent presence on and around the moon is the immediate aim, because it will allow NASA and its partners to push out even farther into the solar system, to Mars and beyond.  I don’t see us holding a Frisbee throwing contest there, or setting up a hamburger franchise any time soon, but who knows how far man will reach.  I am certain that one day a memorial will be established on the Moon to commemorate all of the astronauts and cosmonauts who have died in the space race.

Written for Sheryl’s Daily Word Prompt – Difficult, for the Daily Spur prompt – Dark, for FOWC with Fandango – Spendthrift, for Ragtag Community – View, for Paula’s Three Things Challenge – Memorial Hamburger Frisbee and for Word of the Day Challenge Prompt – Contest.