Prompt Responses

Hosting prompts is vital for the blogging community, as by holding the interest of other writers, it becomes the most important reason for the community to exist.  Without prompts, we would all be individuals, doing our own thing and hardly anyone would get to know anyone else.  Prompts are an indispensable and a vital part of blogging, so much so that they can be considered the life’s blood of the WordPress Community as they contribute to the continuing success and existence of what makes blogging so much fun.  It is a sad day for all bloggers today with the news of Melanie passing, but I was proud to read all the posts from her close friends interacting with each other through this difficult time.  Melanie went by the nickname Sparky, and she definitely added her certain flare to everything that she wrote.  I feel proud to be part of this blogging community and most of my posts are inspired by other bloggers who created interesting prompts for me to respond to.  If I respond to a prompt, I always give credit to the host.

Written for Sadje’s Sunday Poser #105 where today she asks, “Do you give credit to the blogger who inspired your post?”

If You Had All the Money in the World

What does it take to make you happy?  If you could afford to buy anything that you desire, but you were constipated all the time and your belly pain just wouldn’t quit and your bloating kept coming back, I don’t think that you would be too happy, as you would be spending most of your day on the toilet, or else in adult diapers.  Having your health and having some money are both important for your happiness, but you need a balance between the two extremes to find true happiness.  Most people will say that health is more important than wealth, but if you live your life in poverty, you will probably be miserable.  If you are too sick to appreciate the money that you have accumulated, then it isn’t doing you much good.  Health is something that you always need to maintain, and money is something that will help you to sustain hardships.  You can lose your money and your health if you don’t pay attention to the world around you, but I think that it is easier for a person to become unhealthy, that is unless you are a chronic gambler, which can be considered a disease.  Some people are born with money and money has a way of becoming more money with interest accruing and the proper investments.  If you chase after money your whole life and in the end, you have a great deal of cash, but you are in no shape to spend any of it, then what was it all about?  Poor health often comes with pain, which nobody wants and if you have always been poor, it is hard to miss something that you never had.  Money is tempting, but nothing beats a healthy life.

Written for Sadje’s Sunday Poser #102.

Title Shot

I have written 4,423 posts on WordPress, but I don’t think that I am a very popular blogger, even though my statistics say that I have 1,782 followers.  A small group of people regularly read my posts, however 18 of my posts have over 1,000 views and my Home page / Archives has 14,562 views along with my About page getting 1,229 views.  My most viewed post has an odd title Colder Than a Well Digger’s Ass and for some unknown reason it has had 23,144 views and I attribute all of those views to the title.  This post actually had 5 views today and I wrote this 5 years ago.  I often write about music and some of my music posts had a lot of views like the one titled Sloopy Hang On which has 10,962 views and it is about the McCoys song ‘Hang on Sloopy’.  Another music post that did well was titled Pumped A Lot Of Pane and that got 4,636 views and it is about the Creedence song ‘Proud Mary’.  Four others of my music posts have also done very well those being Girls Rock Your Boys with 1,203 views about the Slade song ‘Cum on Feel the Noize’, Oh My Darling with 1,178 views about the song ‘Oh My Darling Clementine’, Let Me Die In Your Arms with 1,029 views about the John Denver love song ‘Annie’s Song’ and An Old Welsh Witch with 1,026 views about the Stevie Nicks song ‘Rhiannon’.

I wrote a post titled War, Famine, Pestilence and Death which received 8,508 views and that is about the four horsemen of the apocalypse.  I wrote a few sex posts that have also done very well and How To Make Your Vagina Taste Good got 7,549 views, Sex Is A Three Letter Word received 4,261 views, Do You Think That I Have a Nice Butt? got 2,055 views and Also Known As Cunnilingus had 1,146 views and I guess this proves that sex sells.  I wrote two scientific posts that also got a lot of views and Quadratic Equations and Astronomy got 1,832 views and Unusual Properties of Water received 1,273 views.  I am not sure how to classify these other four posts that all got over 1,00 views, but they are titled There Is No I In Team which got 1,981 views, Whip The Horse’s Eyes which received 1,916 views and this is about Fyodor Dostoevsky’s novel Crime & Punishment tied in with the Doors album Soft Parade, It Was Beauty That Killed the Beast got 1,452 views and that is about King Kong and The Old Man and the Sea got 1,343 views and that is about the Ernest Hemingway novel.

I don’t think that views are the best measure of how successful a post is, but I do think that people who go on Google are drawn in by interesting post titles.  Sadje wants us to discuss, “How you choose to head your post makes a lot of difference in how it is viewed” and I do agree with that.  She also asks, “What about you; do you give a lot of thought to your post’s titles or just choose them according to what you’ve written?”  The way I choose the title varies from post to post, but I certainly do put a lot of thought into it, however I have actually written several posts with the same title.

Written for Sadje’s Sunday Poser #101.


It is inevitable that I will have to interact with certain individuals who are miserable, bitter, gloomy, or just unpleasant, but mostly I try to avoid unsavory types and if I can’t, then I will ignore them.  It is hard to avoid thinking about someone who is suffering from an illness or an affliction, and other than donating to charity, I really don’t know how to help them.  Sometimes I see beggars at stop lights with signs asking for donations, but I read that a lot of these people are fakes, and they make more money than I do, so I usually drive right past them.  If they are missing a limb, then I would have more sympathy for them, but I feel that most beggars are probably just too lazy to get a job.  If I give money to the panhandler, then they might just use it to buy drugs, so I think the money would be better spent on a legitimate charity.  One person can’t help everyone, and I can only give what I feel I am comfortable giving.  I don’t want to be seen as someone that is inhumane, but I don’t know what is causing their anguish.  I want them to be happy and I want their suffering to end, but I have my own problems to deal with, so I see that them going through a bad patch or falling on hard times as just being part of life.

Written for Sadje’s Sunday Poser #100, where she asks us, “When you see someone in misery do you avoid thinking about it or do you do something about it?”

My Behavior

I have never been diagnosed with any mental problems, but sometimes I struggle with my mental well-being.  It seems like many bloggers have developed some type of a psychological disorder, but perhaps it is just temporary, and they are just saying what is on their minds.  I think of myself as being mostly normal, but sometimes I have a difficult time getting along with others.  I have never set a criterion for my behavior, and I consider myself to be spontaneous and a if it feels good do it type of person, sort of like Fandango’s whatever floats your boat saying.  I know the difference between what is wrong and right, and I try to be a moral person.  I value myself and I guess I set the bar high when it comes to demonstrating compassion and empathy for others.  If I go out on a date with somebody and I realize that it is not going to work out for us, I will end the relationship as I don’t want to waste my time or her time.  I am not going to compromise my standards and maybe that is why I don’t get many dates.  I know what I want and what I like and I ain’t gonna be treated this old way.

Written for Sadje’s Sunday Poser #99, where she asks us, “What criteria of behavior you set for yourself?  Do you set the bar high?  Or do you give yourself leeway as you’d give to a friend, family member or a stranger?”

Without Reservations

I think that living boldly means that you will do things despite the consequences.  You may consider the consequences, but you are going through with your original plan even though you know that it could be risky.  For instance, take social distancing and wearing a mask during the pandemic, a person that decides to live their life boldly would probably not cut back on socializing and throw caution to the wind not even considering the danger of coming down with Covid.  Maybe they have already contracted Covid, and it did not affect them that much, so they think it is no worse than getting a cold, thus they have pushed aside all their fears about getting sick.  The same could be said about safe sex and people not wearing condoms when they are with people that they don’t know that well, as these people feel confident, and they are ready to take on anything that comes their way.

Written for Sadje’s Sunday Poser #98, where she asks us, “What does it mean to live boldly?”

Pat on the Back

I think that most people will look for physical beauty first, but it is probably easier for a man to be accepted if he is not that good looking, because women have a way of looking beyond beauty.  Most men are visual creatures as our brains are wired differently from a woman’s.  Men are consumed with desire, so looking at a beautiful woman turns us on, allowing us to ignore almost everything else in order to be with an attractive woman.  I don’t get many compliments on my looks, and I don’t consider myself to be attractive.  Since beauty is in the eye of the beholder, it is possible that someone else might think of me as being attractive.  If it comes down to beauty or brains, I would rather the person that is giving me a compliment just be honest with me.

Appearance counts, but so does creativity, passion and character.  Beauty is only skin deep, so this would be a superficial compliment and it would not account for the person who you are on the inside and beauty can fade over time.  I guess it is also possible for a person to lose their intelligence, as they get older and that is why I keep blogging as I feel it keeps my mind sharp.  I would always take a compliment, but I think it would be more sincere if it was about my intelligence, rather than on my looks.  If a woman ever told me that I was the best lover that she ever had, I would know that she is lying to me, but so far that has never happened.  I think the thing that would impress me the most is if somebody thought I was attractive for my honesty.

Written for Sadje’s Sunday Poser #96, where she asks us, “What is the first thing you would like people to notice or compliment you upon?  Looks or intelligence?”

I Have Been Complaining About This for Years

There has been a Communication Breakdown between WordPress and me for a long time.  I complained to them that I would never get any alerts when people respond to comments that I have made on their posts.  I bet that a lot of people think that I am a snob for ignoring them and that is not the case, but my sincere apologies go out to anyone who feels that I have not been responding to them.  I would get alerts if somebody clicked the like button on any comments that I make on other blogs, but some people do not even incorporate the like button, so I have no way of knowing, but when I do get the alert that somebody has liked one of my comments, I would go back to their post to see if they made a further response.  I usually wait like 5 minutes before checking back and if they respond later than this, then I would never know.  The Happiness engineers were never able to fix my problem, but suddenly the other day this resolved itself.  I am really glad that this is working as it should have been a long time ago, but it is fixed now, and happiness is the only thing that matters.

Sorry about that first paragraph as although it is related to the question that Sadje posed today, it does not answer it.  Most people will hit the like button anytime that you make a comment on their blog, unless you said something that was nasty or that they didn’t like.  This may be done as a matter of courtesy signifying that they were glad that you took you time to read and comment on what they wrote.  Hitting the like button on a post means that you visited a blog and you probably read or at least skimmed it, but making a comment has a deeper meaning and that should be valued more.  It takes more effort to make a comment, so it should hold more value.  I realize that every reader does not have the time to make comments on every post that they look at, so it makes me feel really special when someone goes out of their way to say something about my writing.  Hopefully it is something good!

Written for Sadje’s Sunday Poser #95, where she asks us, “On your blog post what you value more; likes or comments?”

Creative Juices

It is hard for me to say what drives me to respond to a prompt, but mostly I do the same ones every week.  I average writing about 2 posts per day, so I am very discriminating about which prompts I will respond to.  There are a lot of prompts here on WordPress and I host 2 music prompts, which I also write in.  I usually avoid poetry, because it often goes over my head, even though I enjoy reading all the lovely phrases contained in it.  I find the right image prompt to be fun, but it has to be something that I can relate to and a picture that is not boring.  I don’t do that many word prompts anymore and I only respond to them, when there is nothing left to write about.  Question prompts can be interesting, and I usually participate in Fandango’s Provocative Question, Sadje’s Sunday Poser, Share Your World and I guess Fibbing Friday belongs in this category.  I like to be challenged, but sometimes the question prompts get too personal, and I don’t want to reveal everything about myself, because I don’t think that I am all that interesting.   I like participating in Reena’s Xplorration challenge, because it is always different, and I never know what to expect.

Written for Sadje’s Sunday Poser #94, where she asks us, “What gets your creative juices running, Images, questions, or word prompts?”

Digital Life

I read that one third of the world’s population suffers from being tech-phobic, but that group does not include me.  I try to embrace technology, but I don’t keep up with the latest trends.  There are many things that I have never done with my smart phone, and I have never worn those virtual reality goggles yet, although my great niece asked me if I wanted to try hers.  The things that puzzle me the most are Network problems, as once I am connected then I can do my thing, but when things go wrong, I struggle to figure out what I need to do.  My nephew gave me an Amazon Fire stick and I have not opened it up yet, as I have a smart TV and it seems like an unnecessary device for me.  If I go on another vacation, I will get it set up and bring it along with me.  I had a bunch of problems trying to get Alexa to recognize my new smart light bulbs that I purchased, so I gave up.  Amazon really needs to make their software more friendly.

Written for Sadje’s Sunday Poser #92, where she asks us, “Are you tech-phobic?”