I Thought It Fit

I go by the title of A Unique Title For Me on my blog and I am also known as newepicauthor when I make comments.  I think that I am a very unique individual, and it is probably good that there is only one of me around, as the world can only take so much of me.  Epic is what I think my writing is, stuff that can be very long and impressively great, and I wrote three unpublished books that are all very long.  I am an acquired taste, unlike anything else and I am probably full of hot air most of the time.

Written for Sadje’s Sunday Poser #57, where Sadje asks, “What is the reason behind your blog name?”

Lonely Too Long

I do get lonely, because this world is made for couples, not singles.  When you are young, it is OK to be single, but as you get older, you are supposed to have a partner.  Most things are better when they are shared with a partner.  With the pandemic still raging, it is that much harder to meet anyone, so I try to find ways to keep myself busy and hope that this will pass one day.  If I didn’t have WordPress to occupy my time, I would probably go out of my mind.  I was married for 22 years and I have had many girlfriends, so I have memories of what it is like to have someone special in my life.  Not all of these memories are good, but I have hope that there is someone out there that will understand me and want to be with me.  Of course, it would help if I won the lottery, but if I could find someone before that, then I would be able to trust them more.

Written for Sadje’s Sunday Poser #56, where she asks, “Do you ever feel lonely?  And if you do, how do you overcome the feeling?”

Chicken Soup

My cousin made a big pot of chicken soup and I plan on eating it all week till Thanksgiving.  Many people say that chicken soup is good for fighting colds, but I don’t think it is the soup, I feel that it is the love that is put into making the soup.  It is a chicken noodle soup and I am also a big fan of noodles.  Chicken soup does have nutritional value containing many minerals and it is definitely good for soothing a sore throat.  Chicken soup was always my mom’s fix for a cold and I am very happy that somebody invented it, as it is a good way to consume vegetables.

Written for Sadje’s Sunday Poser #55, where Sadje asks, “At this moment, what are you grateful for?”

Roll With It

I get angry at the things that I see on the news, because people are so far apart on important issues and I have my doubts that this country will ever be united again.  I often wonder why House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy doesn’t punish Republicans when they are clearly out of line, but I guess it makes perfect sense since all he does is suck up to Trump.  He will never reign anyone in that is in his party and that will give him a party-line vote, which sets a bad example for everyone.  McCarthy has avoided censuring Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene and he has isolated and ostracized Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger.  Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz is under federal investigation for sex trafficking allegations, and supposedly he is “innocent until proven guilty”, but he won’t get punished till charges are filed.  Far-right politician Rep. Paul Gosar from AZ posted a photoshopped animated video of himself killing Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez with a sword and brandishing weapons at President Biden, like WTF is going on there.

This is what our world has become and it is not going to change anytime soon, that is unless Trump gets reelected and then it will surely change for the worse.  I can blog about stuff, but I am too lazy to do more, so some of the fault lies with me.  My family is all Republicans, so it is hard for me to talk to them about anything and living in Florida with all of the Republicans is just awful.  I enjoy knowing what is going on in the world, but I take it in stride and try to not let it upset me.  Most of the bad news rolls off of me like water on a duck’s back.  You have to take the bad with the good and learn to celebrate your wins and not get too upset about any of your losses.  Listening to music is always a good way to calm down, but I usually vent by writing and Paula’s Monday Peeve is always a good place for that.

Written for Sadje’s Sunday Poser #54, where she asks, “What do you do when you get angry?  What do you do to calm down?”

Older Posts

I make mistakes, just like everyone else, but after my posts are published, I rarely go back to edit anything on them, unless it was a blatant mistake that sticks out like a sore thumb.  I usually spend enough time writing and editing them that they are good enough for others to read, so even though they may not be perfect, I have bigger fish to fry.  I am certain that every post that I have written could be made better, if I spent more time writing it, but I am more interested in new things, than living in the past.  People do this and I think that it is a great idea to go back and revisit your old posts, but I can’ be bothered doing that.  I do wish that I kept a list of what I wrote about, because many times I come across things and I know that I wrote about that topic, but I can’t find my post and the keyword for searching WordPress posts, doesn’t work all that well.

Written for Sadje’s Sunday Poser #53, where Sadje asks, “When you re-visit your blog posts, do you feel you could have written or said it better?”

I Have No Problem with That

If I have trouble hearing what somebody said, I would always ask them to repeat what they just said.  When I went to Scotland, I had to ask everyone to repeat everything that they said to me, because this accent sounded so foreign to me.  I knew that they were speaking English, but I always had to tell them to try and speak more slowly, so I could concentrate on what they were saying.  I think it would be rude for me not to ask some one that I did not understand to repeat what they just said, as that would mean that I am not interested in hearing what they are saying.  However, if I still don’t understand what they said after a second time of hearing it, I will probably just shake my head and nod like I caught what they were saying.

Written for Sadje’s Sunday Poser #51, where Sadje asks, “If you didn’t hear it the first time, do you ask people to repeat what they just said or make your own assumption about what they just said?”

It Doesn’t Matter Much

If you look at something as being a pain in the ass, then you are going to hate it, but if you develop a more positive attitude, it will be easier for you to adjust.  Daylight saving time 2021 in Florida ends at 2:00 AM on Sunday, November 7, which means that I have to turn my clocks back one hour to be in sync with the rest of the population.  I always set all of my clocks the night before, as that way when I wake up all is right with the world.  Some of my clocks will change automatically, like the ones on my computer, my cell phone, my TV and my Alexa Echo Show.  I have two clocks in my bedroom that I have to change and, in the kitchen, I will need to change the microwave clock and the oven clock.  The only clock left for me to change is the one in my car, because I don’t wear a watch anymore.

Back in the early 80s, I had this idea of setting up a global network of satellites that would beam in the correct time to everyone’s watch and then there would be no need to change them, and I thought this could be used in schools to help from having the janitors go into every classroom.  It would have been good for people flying through different time zones, but sadly my idea was ahead of its time.  When I lived in Milwaukee Wisconsin, they did not conform with the rest of the country on this, because that is the Dairy State and they felt it would upset the cow’s milk production.  They changed their clocks a few weeks later than the rest of the country.

Some clocks are easier to change than others and moving the time one hour ahead can be done by pushing just a few buttons, but switching it an hour back takes more work.  The thing that I like about setting my clocks back an hour, is getting that extra hour of sleep.  I can remember when I was young, this meant an hour extra for drinking, but now it is sleep.  I just ordered a Fitbit because my doctor wants me to walk a mile every day, however it did not arrive yet and I hope that it does not have a clock that needs to be changed.  One good thing about switching the time on your clocks, is that you can always change your furnace filter at this time.  That was always my reminder to do that chore.

Written for Sadje’s Sunday Poser # 50 – Time charge – Yes or No?

Both Sides Now

I look at life differently every day, sometimes with excitement and other times with apprehension, wondering if the human race will survive.  We are in a pandemic and these wonderful scientists have created vaccines that will protect us from getting sick, but some of the people who still think that the world is flat, or that this vaccine will make your body magnetic, refuse to get vaccinated.  I wake up every day excited to see what prompts are out there that I could respond to, but sometimes there are too many of them and I have my own challenges that I host and I end up getting overwhelmed.  I try to prepare for tomorrow and if I am prepared, then I don’t need to worry.  When I start running behind schedule, I do worry and I feel like I have bitten off more than I can chew.

Tomorrow is going to come whether I worry or not, so mostly I try to live for today as it is much more exciting being in the moment, than agonizing over something that I can’t control.  But as Annie said, “Tomorrow is only a day away”, so I do plan for it as much as I can.  I just got this new phone and it took me a while to get all of my contact information entered into it, but I am very excited about having a phone that is not low on memory, like my previous phone was.  You know that you are old when most of the contacts in your phone are doctors and that is my case, but I like all of my doctors and they are all trying to keep me healthy.  The world is full of good people and bad people and I am hoping that the good people end up winning, but you never know what tomorrow will bring.

Written for Sadje’s Sunday Poser #48, where Sadje asks, “Are you excited about tomorrow or worried?”

Back to Basics

I identify myself as being a blogger ever since I retired and this gives my life purpose.  It is not the reason that I get up in the morning, as that has more to do with emptying my bladder, but after breakfast that is the first thing that I do.  I am motivated to blog, because it gives me a sense of direction and if I am able to write something that is meaningful, that leaves me with a satisfying feeling.  Blogging is not just a way to kill time, as I could always watch TV to do that, or play FreeCell.  I am isolated from most people, as I don’t have any real-life friends and the bloggers that I interact with are my only link to reality.  The money that I spend on my WordPress membership is worth every dollar, because writing brings joy to my life.

Blogging is a compulsion for me and I am here every day and it has become my life.  I know what prompts I will be responding to by what day of the week it is and blogging keeps me from getting into trouble, as I am safe while I am in my home.  I don’t expect that any of my posts will make the world a better place, but I will keep trying and do the best that I can.  Blogging is not easy, as it takes a lot of effort, but I am willing to sacrifice my time to try and write things that I feel are worth the time that I put into this.  I am happy now as I have had a Spam free day today after reading Fandango’s post about automatically closing comments on posts older than a certain time period and I set this for 28 days.

Written for Sadje’s Sunday Poser #45, where Sadje asks, “Why do you blog?”

I Have Nothing Better to Do with My Time

I get alerts on all the comments that are made on my blog, but I only get alerts on the comments that I make on other people’s blogs if they hit the LIKE button on my comments.  In the 4 years and several months that I have been on WordPress, a lot of comments have piled up and my statistics say that I have 43,715 overall comments and the ones that are mine amount to 16,659.  I host several challenges so a lot of my comments are pingbacks and that is why they greatly outnumber my responses.  I figure if I spent 2 minutes on each comment that I made, that would total up to being 555 hours of my time.  One year consists of 8760 hours and my total time here since I joined WordPress is about 37,668, I can get a good estimate of how much of my time is spent responding to comments made on my posts.  My estimate comes out to being almost 68 hours of my time being spent responding to comments made on my blog.  This boils down to being about 16 hours a year which is like an hour and a quarter every month, or 75 minutes every month which is 2.5 minutes every day.

Sadly, I have no record of the comments that I have left on other people’s blogs, but I imagine that I must spend an equal amount of my time or more making comments on other blogs.  I love the comments aspect of blogging, as that is what makes me feel connected to the other bloggers and when I have something to say, I spill it out, so I am thinking that the times that I do leave comments, that they are much longer than the ones that I have left on my own posts, thus I am going to estimate that I spend 5.5 minutes every day commenting on other blogs.  In the beginning, I didn’t get any comments and I didn’t know any other bloggers, so my comment frequency has stepped up a lot the more that I have been blogging.  Thus, I am throwing all of my earlier math out the window and instead of saying that I spend 6 minutes of my time every day on comments, I am thinking that it must be closer to 10 minutes now.

Written for Sadje’s Sunday Poser #44, where Sadje asks, “How much time do you spend on responding to comments?”