Swimming Upstream

We worked out our whole trip while sitting at this table in a coffee shop.  This was going to bring us the adventure of a lifetime.  We found out that we both enjoyed nature and we could not wait to get things started.  We were going to the Amazon jungle, more specifically the rainforest and we soaked our tent in lacquer to make it waterproof and it would still remain pliable.  We had no idea what we would find there, but Joe was a dentist and last year we went to the Pacific Northwest together and had a great time fishing for salmon while they were swimming upstream.  Joe likes to drink and sometimes he becomes three sheets to the wind, and that always makes me giggle when he gets that way.  I will take a shot every now and then, but I tend to watch my consumption, so Joe can count on me to be the responsible one.

This was my first trip out of the country, so I had to get a passport which caused me some problems.  I had just burned my fingers on my grill and when they took my fingerprints, they came out all smudged and the guy said, “Hey who is the thumbprint thief”, because he had to keep trying to get a readable image.  I told him that I was not part of any terrorist cell and that I wouldn’t have the gumption to try and pull any tricks on him.  He finally got something that was readable although he did say it was not ideal.  I guess I was there so long that maybe a layer of my skin had finally grown back in.

We both kept hearing the news about global warming and we figured that we should go before the rainforest up and disappeared altogether.  Glaciers were melting and the state of the environment was a real concern for both of us.  Joe held the view that the world was going to hell in a hand basket, but I was not sure what the deal was, although I knew it was bad.  After an exciting taxi adventure we made it to the airport and we boarded our plane for the 10 hour flight.  I will tell you all about the rest of our trip when we get back, that is if we ever do make it back.

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Waiting Room Chairs

Wow, an empty waiting room, I must be going in next to see the doctor.  This was my first trip to see this new doctor and I had to wait a long time to schedule an appointment.  I always get so frustrated when I make an appointment and I show up at the designated time, but end up being kept in the waiting room for a long time before I get to see the doctor.  I know that every doctor wants to maximize their income, so they schedule as many patients into their day as possible and that medical insurance companies and Medicare are paying them by the patient, not by the amount of time that they spends with each patient.  I waited for over an hour and because I know that only the squeaky wheel gets the grease, I got up and asked the person at the check-in desk how much longer she thought that I would be waiting.  She told me that it would probably just be another half an hour before I get called inside.

I told her that is ridiculous, as I was the only one in the waiting room and she corrected me saying that I was the only one in the overflow waiting room.  I went back to my seat hoping that the regular waiting room was better than this one, as these chairs are padded, but there are no arm rests and it seems very cramped in here.  I have a walkin closet that is bigger than this room.  They should at the very least provide some magazines to read and a TV set would be appreciated.  A few plants would also be nice, so I don’t feel like I am running out of oxygen.

Written for Sunday Photo Fiction hosted by Donna.


The shelf life of stored kerosene is approximately 12 months and I would be wary of using anything from that rusty can. Kerosene will go bad if you don’t use it right away, especially if that can is not well sealed making it airtight and if it is not filled to the top.  If it is stored properly, then it might last for up to three years.  Condensation has a way of getting into kerosene storage cans which adds water that does not mix well, tainting the kerosene.  Kerosene can also develop sludge from bacteria and mold that live in the kerosene which will break it down and turn it yellow.  Expired kerosene will smoke a lot if you try to burn it, so it may be OK for burning some trash outdoors, but you wouldn’t want to use it in an indoor stove or a heater.  Kerosene should always be stored in certified blue containers rather than red containers designated for gasoline or the yellow diesel containers.  It is best to buy quality kerosene in small quantities, if you have any doubt, it is best to get fresh fuel to protect your product and yourself.

Written for Sunday Photo Fiction hosted by Susan.

Raccoon Face

Mercy me, what a surprise I got walking into this cement building.  It put a song in my heart and hope back into my life.  I used to come here when I was in High School and I remember sitting in that very booth when Betty Lou first kissed me.  It was a soft kiss that caught me off guard, as I had gum in my mouth.  I tried to keep the gum in the back of my mouth, but that did not work so well as I almost choked, so I wedged it into the side of my cheek.  My good friend Durango saw me and he made this raccoon face bulging his cheeks out which made me laugh.  Disaster as I spit my gum out on Betty Lou, however the waitress just happened to pass by and she handed her a napkin.  Betty Lou smiled at the waitress, but she said that she would need a washcloth to get the gum off of her blouse.

Betty Lou excused herself to go to the washroom and I told her that I was sorry, but I also said that she should hurry back. Durango came and sat in my booth and it was good to see him as he had just gotten back from a foreign excursion where had been studying the sex lives of mosquitoes abroad in Beliz.  I asked Durango how long he had been back and he went on with this lengthy narrative about all the trials he had been through being eaten alive by mosquitoes.  He said that he slept under a net, but still those pesky buggers continued to stalk him.  He said that he was happy to be back and that his parents had just put in a brand new swimming pool.  He said that I could stop by any time that I wanted to go swimming, but I had to make sure that I closed the gate, as he did not want his dog getting loose.

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Walk In The Park

I couldn’t have picked a better day as I love to walk when it is sunny. Let the sun beat down upon my face, make it clear, so I can relate.  Oohs and ahhs, ooh la la, living is easy, nothing to get hung about, with the frangipani flowers strewn on the ground.  Sweet child of mine, where do we go now, hello I am feeling comfortably numb.  Any way the wind blows, it doesn’t really matter much to me.  Dream like people searching in the night and everybody’s dancin’ in a ring around the sun.  Baby I want to know if love is real and if she will be a true love of mine.  The room was humming harder as the ceiling flew away, no gold pavements, tired starlings with moonbeams in your dark eyes.  Beauty I’d always missed with these eyes before, I really want to see you and be with you.  I have my mind set on you and we can work it out if you could just imagine all the people living life in peace.  It’s a love that lasts forever, drink the sweet juice from a loving cup, show her what it is to make a love song.

Written for Sunday Photo Fiction hosted by Susan and the photo is courtesy of long-time contributor Fandango and it makes me wonder if there is anything this guy can’t do.

Mrs. Robinson

I was all sweaty after I finished mowing the lawn on this sweltering day and I opened the screen door to the patio to collect my pay.  How awesome, Mrs. Robinson had left me a cold glass of ice tea, just what I need to cool down a bit.  I yelled out, “I put the mower away and this iced tea has hit the spot”.  I heard a voice, “Is that you Billy?”, to which I responded, “yes, I am all done.”  Mrs Robinson called out, “Coming”, and I heard her footsteps coming down the stairs.

Mrs Robinson said, “Come inside Billy, so I can pay you, my husband said that I should give you twenty five dollars, does that sound right?”  I said, “Yes that is the price that we agreed on and it is generous and I want to thank you for leaving me the iced tea, ah I hope that was for me.”  Mrs Robinson said, “Sure that was for you and I figured that you could use it, because it is so hot out today.  I am going to give thirty five dollars for your fine efforts, but I do need a favor from you.”  I said, “I am at your service, what do you need?”  She turned around and said, “My zipper is stuck, are you any good with these?”  I smiled at her and said, “That all depends on what direction it is going, up or down and whether or not your husband is home.”

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Written for Sunday Photo Fiction hosted by Susan and photo by Reena Saxena.

Target Practice

Photographer Dawn Miller

I have set up three tea cups on top of those posts for the purpose of improving your skills when firing your BB guns.  Make sure that you don’t aim your weapons at any other person and when you are firing, you must be wearing safety glasses.  Pump up your air guns, as this should be have loads of fun for all of us and at minimal cost.  Once you have mastered your BB guns for target shooting, I can teach you how to use them for pest control, varmint hunting and general plinking of a downrange target, such as tin cans or some fruit.

For anyone who has not watched the movie, ‘A Christmas Story’, you may not realize that BB and pellet guns if not used properly will cause injuries and they can even kill.   Youngster Ralphie Parker dreamed of owning a Red Ryder BB gun but he was told, “You’ll shoot your eye out, you’ll shoot your eye out!”, because his parents thought that this was too dangerous for a child to handle and when he finally does receive the gun, he promptly shoots himself in the eye, exactly as his mother predicted.

196 words written for The Sunday Photo Fiction contest August 27, 2017 published by Sunday Fiction.

BBC Dr Who Marathon

Starting today a Four Day Doctor Who colossal marathon will be broadcast on BBC America with non-stop continuous episodes all day long.  The Doctor is an alien Time Lord from the distant planet Gallifrey.  He is a renegade highly-intelligent scientist that is eccentric yet compassionate as he travels through all of time and space in his TARDIS (an acronym for Time and Relative Dimension In Space), fighting monsters and other villainous megalomaniacs with his numerous companions to solve problems and battle injustice.  The Doctor often visits Earth, to save it from alien threats or to grab a few choice inhabitants to help him fight evil nin the galaxy.

I want to see the episode where that huge spaceship is trapped in the gravity well of a black hole, or the one where every clock in the world begins counting down to the Earth’s destruction.  I definitely want to catch the one where the Doctor makes a final stand against an army of Cybermen and also when he is trapped on a space station with no oxygen.  I absolutely want to see the episode where there is that spectacular city on a distant planet inhabited by a band of cute droids.

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photographer © J Hardy Carroll

The Secret Service began restricting access to the sidewalk because the Donald will be passing by here on his way to his tower. I heard that he actually called himself the greatest person in the world.  Jeff Sessions America’s top prosecutor, serving as the US attorney general has been criticized by the Trump administration for being very weak on leaks, said that four people have been charged over leaks in a recent crackdown that was launched on these embarrassing disclosures.  The suspects were accused of divulging classified material or having some involvement linking them to concealed contacts with foreign intelligence officers.

I think that the leaks continue because Trump is not telling the whole truth, he has invented the Fake Media as a ploy to be used when he wants to discredit anything and insists on the Russia Collusion stories being a witch hunt.  It happened to Nixon and unauthorized disclosures have bedeviled government officials for as long as there have been governments.  President Trump and his aides have been especially troubled by leaks this year, partly because there have been so many of them.  It’s been a torrent, really, of several different kinds of Trump-related leaks.

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For Sunday photo fiction

Silly Head

The police chief entered the examination room just as his forensic expert Simon Method was finishing up and he exclaimed. ‘Is that the head that was found in the woods off the country club?’  Simon said, ‘Yes it is, what do you want me to do with it?’  The chief responded, ‘That depends on whether or not you are done collecting all of the available evidence.  What have you determined so far?’  Simon said, ‘Well this head does not have any toes to touch, so I can’t go around saying Simon says touch your toes.  The head was dead when it was found by a golfer who was looking for his ball who whacked this head with the head of his golf club and I assume it was a nine iron or perhaps a wedge.’

The chief said, ‘How long has the head been dead?’  Simon said, ‘There was no sign of bleeding from the golf club impact, so it was dead before it got whacked.  The golfer found it two days ago and it has started to decay and it has become one smelly head, so I am guessing it has been dead at least a week.


198 words exactly Prompt: Sunday Photo Fiction
Photo provided by © A Mixed Bag
[Synthetic Alien Head from the National Space Centre,  Leicester, UK]