1.Do you have any family traditions?
My family had many traditions, and most were centered around holidays.  For Christmas, my parents would always wrap gag gifts for myself, my brother and sister to open and they would laugh when I opened new socks or new underwear when I was expecting it to be a present.  For Easter my mom would color eggs and they would hide them for us to find when we woke up.  For Thanksgiving one of us kids were always allowed to name the turkey.  I don’t have a family, but I keep up a tradition that my dad started.  He always made sure that my mom made spaghetti for the first Sunday of football season and I still make sure to do that.

2. With December on its way, have you ever been carol singing?
Nobody in their right mind would ever want to hear me sing.

3. Do you decorate your home for the Christmas holidays?
I got a lighted palm tree that I can put presents under, and I hang a wreath on the front door.

4. Do you enjoy the Christmas rush for preparations and shopping?
I only enjoy it when it is over.

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Nose Hair

1.As a child, did you prefer to watch TV, play games outside on a nice day, or read?
When I was young, I played outside all the time and so did all my friends.  There wasn’t that much stuff to watch on TV back then like there is today.  My parents encouraged me to go outside and play if it was a nice day.  I was never much of a reader, but I did enjoy TV and later I got interested in listening to music.

2. What would you rather do now, read a book, watch a movie at home, dine out with friends, or go down the pub?
I write during the day, and I watch TV at night.  I like eating home cooked food and dining out for me means getting takeout and eating that at home.  I don’t even know where a pub is by me.

3. Are you fashion conscious?
Nope.  I have clothes that I like which are comfortable and I but the same style when I feel the need to get new clothing.  I like to look presentable, which requires showering and shaving and making sure that there are no hairs hanging out of my nose.

4. Do you wear slippers, clogs or go barefoot indoors?
I wear slippers indoors, or sometimes just socks.

I just ordered Christmas stamps and when they arrive, I will send out all my Christmas cards.

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For Melanie C

A big loss for our little community.


It was hard to believe that I’ve known Melanie for roughly 15 years as a blogger. Not just on Word Press but on other sites. She had been very prolific throughout those years and I really liked her style and she also had great tastes in music too. Recently she stopped posting and of course I just thought she was taking another break.

I only knew about her passing through a post from another blogger here and I was devastated. I knew she had both mental and physical problems but I thought she would be okay and be back to writing on here again as she had done so before.

I don’t know the circumstances of her passing (maybe I don’t want to know) but I know I’ve lost a special friend even though I never got to meet Melanie. I always looked forward to her posts and now it…

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What Friends

1.Do you consider friends an extension of your family?
Sure, why not.

2. Would you confide in a friend more than you would a family member?
It depends.

3. How long have you known your best friend?
I don’t have a best friend and if I don’t count my virtual friends online, I actually don’t have any friends.

4. Do you believe distance has a negative effect on friendships?
It would depend on how strong the friendship is, but if you are separated from a friend that can make it more difficult, as like Bill Withers said, “There ain’t no sunshine when she is gone.”  Now that there is “one less bell to answer, one less egg to fry, one less woman to pick up after, I should be happy, but all I do is cry.”

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God Laughs

1.How organized are you? Do you plan ahead, take things as they come, or does it depend on the circumstances?
I just made a plan with my girlfriend for us to be together and I rented a hotel room which was very reasonable, only $35 a night.  I should have realized that price was too low and when I confirmed my reservation with my credit card, it said it was non-refundable.  She lives kind of far from me in a town called Oviedo and the reservation that I made was in Oviedo, Spain, not Oviedo, Florida, so I am sure God had a good laugh about that one.

2. How many Christmas presents have you bought already?
I give cards with checks in them for Christmas presents and I bought all the cards already.

3. Do you refer a family gathering for special occasions, or just you and your significant other?
I am assuming that Di meant “prefer” and not “refer”, so I will try to answer it that way.  I don’t live near any of my family, so I only see them on special occasions.  I guess I like both, as it is always nice to see my family, but it is also good to get away from them.

4. How many words do you think your pet understands?
One of my cats, enjoys being pet and she will let me know every time I go past her.  I am sure that she understands certain things, but I don’t think that human language is something she is able to grasp.

I am in a football pool with two other people, my cousin and her boyfriend.  The winner of each week gets a dollar from the two losers, so it is not about the money, it is just to make the games more interesting to watch for all of us.  Currently I have a two-game lead with overall wins, and I am one game ahead for this week, which I am grateful for.

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1,When you go food shopping, do you go with a list or amble down the aisles putting things in your basket or cart that you fancy or think you need?
Since I am retired, I don’t mind spending time in the grocery store, but I usually have a list when I go shopping for food.  I consider myself to be a confident, easy-going guy that is able to have a casual chat with almost anyone, and although picking up a woman never gets written down on my list.  At times I have approached several women in the grocery store by asking the cute ones to help me pick out a pineapple or getting them to tell me what a rutabaga is, because I am making soup.

2. When the temperatures drop for the colder months, is there a specific date you put the heating on or do you flick the switch when you start to feel cold?
It is so f’’’ing hot here in Florida, I wish it would cool off.

3. Keeping with the cold theme, do you prefer a hot water bottle or an electric blanket at night?
I would rather have a woman warm up my bed.

4. How do you feel about log burners? Do you think they are messy or cosy?
I have absolutely no feelings about log burners.

When was the last time you laughed out loud?
There’s a feeling I get, when I look to the west, while I am wondering if there’s a bustle in your hedgerow, and the forests echo with laughter because I just purchased a stairway to heaven, and that was the last time I remembered laughter.

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Know It All

Can we really know everything?
I think that many people are capable of having an opinion about everything, but nobody truly knows everything.  Some people have a lot of knowledge and education, and they like to share what they know, but only a narcissist would feel that they know everything.

Where were people before they were born?
Inside of their mother’s womb, unless they are a test tube baby, and I don’t believe that a person’s spirit lived in heaven before they were born.

Does the Law of Attraction exist?  (Law of Attraction as I understand it) is a school of thought where positive thinking brings about good changes.  Some say it’s made them wealthy.  Others say it improves their health or their outlook on life)
I read that there are 3 Laws of Attraction, where Like Attracts Like, the Aristotle phrase Nature Abhors a Vacuum, and the Present is Always Perfect, which is basically saying that there will always be things to make you unhappy if you go around looking for them.  There are supposedly 12 universal laws in our universe that are thought to be intrinsic, unchanging which ancient cultures have always intuitively known.  I am not going to get into these 12 universal laws, but there are plenty of places that you can read about them if you are interested in this mumbo jumbo.  I am more interested in Newton’s Laws of Motion, as I consider the Law of Attraction to be pseudoscience.

Do we love ourselves more in the virtual world and less in the real world?  If so, why?   If nay, why?
Social media has changed our perceptions about life and people are spending more time online in a virtual world.  Love is something that everyone needs, whether they are in the real world or existing in a virtual world, but I have no clue how to answer this question.  As long as a person is pursuing a meaningful life, I don’t think it should matter where they choose to spend their time.

Gratitude Section
Are you happy?
Writing makes me happy, and I do that every day.  I also enjoy watching TV.

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Would you rather have no nose, or no arms?
It wouldn’t be pretty, but I think that I could live without a nose and some people are born with congenital arhinia and they have no nose or nasal passage.  I heard about a baby that was born with imperforate anus meaning that he did not have a rectum.  This seems more serious to me, but when the opening to the anus is missing or blocked, they can just cut you a new one.  I imagine that the right surgeons could fix a person without a nose, but I really don’t want to have anything blocked or missing.  I feel that living without arms would be much worse and I am not the type of person who would cut off my nose to spite my face.

What is your spirit animal?
I read that every person has a spirit animal, but as far as I know, mine has not showed up yet, and maybe this is just a big load of crap for people that want to believe in magic.

Do you think cavemen had nightmares about cavewomen?
Cavemen had a lot to worry about and they probably had nightmares about many things.  Caves are a creepy place to have to live in, but before structures were built, that was better than having to sleep outdoors.  Caves are dark and this can be scarry, they might be filled with strange creatures like bats or slimy bugs, rocks could fall down on you inside of the cave and you could even be buried alive.  Cavemen did the hunting, and their women did the cooking, so I don’t think that they had nightmares about their women, because they both needed each other to survive.  The caveman probably didn’t go around clubbing their women and then drag them back to their caves by their hair, in order to copulate with an unconscious or otherwise unwilling woman, but they may have engaged in bride capture, where they took women from other tribes.  Prehistoric humans lived in a shame free zone, and nobody went around saying, “I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours”, as they all knew what each other had and what they looked like naked.  Humans have a very low rate of conception, so it was more successful if women just kept having sex.  Cavemen were promiscuous and they had multiple partners in order to up their chances of reproducing.  Partners were shared, just like food, shelter, and other essential needs.  Women evolved for having sex with multiple partners, and this can be seen in their ability to have multiple orgasms in a sexual session, which resulted in encouraging more men to come and join in, and this also ensured that breeding was successful.  If there were more men in the tribe than women, the cave woman would have multiple sexual partners.  Some of the men had to wait for their turn sitting quietly in the corner and watching while another caveman had sex with a woman.  By watching others have intercourse and learning what felt good, this is how man figured out sex, and this is the same way every other species does.

Where did the name Pina Colada come from?
The name piña colada is Spanish, and it literally means “strained pineapple”.

Gratitude Section
I am happy for all of the wonderful prompts that exist here on WordPress.

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The Moon, the Stars and the Sun

Do you ever feel more excited about getting the package in the mail, rather than the item that’s in it?
I can understand that there is a certain thrill associated with waiting like the way Pavlov’s dogs salivated when they heard their dinner bell ring in anticipation of getting fed.

What is the difference between your ideal self and your real self?  (i.e. what attribute or physical feature would allow you feel the ideal ‘you’?)
My ideal self is not an overweight, out of shape old man, but as long as I am happy in life, I try not to complain.  If I had more money, nothing would matter to me.

If you found $2,000 on the ground and there were no witnesses, what would you do with it?  Are you ever morally obliged to take action? Under what circumstances?
If you don’t tell anyone and nobody finds out about the money that you found, it is probably yours to keep.  Some places do have laws that require you to report that you have found money and they may even require you to turn this money over to the police, or else you could be charged with larceny or theft.  The money must belong to somebody, as it usually just doesn’t drop out of the sky for you to find.  If it is an unusually large sum of money, there is a good chance that somebody is probably looking for it and the saying “finders’ keepers, losers’ weepers” would not apply to this situation.  I am not sure about this being a moral obligation as much as this is a legal obligation, as the law says that if you find a significant amount of money that you must make reasonable and just efforts to find the owner.  Nobody cares if it is a small amount of money found, as that just causes too many problems, but I think that $2,000 would qualify as a significant amount.

Most people would feel that they have a moral obligation to look for the person that lost the money, but they may not go as far as getting the police involved.  They would know that this money belongs to somebody else, but they could feel that they are not legally bound to report the found money.  I guess there is a chance that the police could just end up keeping all the money for themselves, which would really be wrong, but I could see that happening.  I think I would contact a newspaper telling them that I found the money, but not give them too many details, because telling them too much would get all of the cockroaches scrambling out of the woodwork claiming that it was theirs.  If they knew the details that I didn’t reveal that would help me to determine if they were the rightful owner, and then I would return it to them expecting some type of a reward.  I am not a big believer in karma, but I think it is important to do the right thing.

Melanie would like us to share how last week went for us.
I would describe it as being uneventful, but one of my nephews that was out of work did get a new job, so that was a good thing.

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Inflicting Pain

What mythical creature would improve the world most if it existed?   (If you don’t know, just choose something that you think would improve things)
I couldn’t narrow it down between the unicorn, a mermaid, or a fairy.

Should the death penalty be re-instated?  Why or why not?
I am not certain, because I never spent any time in prison and I never studied law or criminology, but I think that the death penalty might save money if we didn’t have to house certain unredeemable criminals for years.  The thing that makes me think differently about this is that every now and then a prisoner is released because new evidence surfaced that proved their innocence.

Spontaneity Or Stability?
I think that both are necessary in life in order to maintain an equally balanced world.

Can a dog/cat suffer? What about an ant? What about a plant? What about a bacteria cell?  Why do some humans think we’re the only species that does suffer?  Your thoughts?
Anything that lacks a nervous system is probably not capable of feeling pain.  No one is sure whether or not plants can feel pain, as they do not have pain receptors, nerves, or a brain.  Plants do feel sensations and they perceive and respond to touch.  Plants will perceive and respond to touch and temperature changes, but they are probably numb to pain sensations.  The plant will know when a caterpillar is eating it and it will send an electrical signal from leaf to leaf so the plant can start protecting itself.  Even though this plant is responding to damage being caused to it, that does not mean the plant is in pain.  Animals that are raised and killed for food will suffer miserable lives, but I don’t think that you have to worry about biting into an apple, unless it is on a forbidden tree.  In Game of Thrones, Joffrey was a strong-willed child that had an uncontrollable temper which manifested in his sadistic streak.  He had little sense of right or wrong, which often leads him to trouble, especially when he loses his temper, and when things go wrong, he always blames the problems on others.  He got his kicks by pulling the wings off of flies, and anything that was harmful to others he took pleasure in, because he was mean.

What are two things that have brightened your day today?
I had a nice breakfast and a nice snack.

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