Chrome Dome

I wish I could find my way back home
I never carry a comb
On land or sea, or foam
I just roam

I just wrote a poem about a gnome
In a catacomb in Rome
On land or sea, or foam
I just roam

Jerome was not made of Styrofoam
Hello, goodbye and shalom
On land or sea, or foam
I just roam

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Saturday Mix Lucky Dip hosted by weejars aka Sarah where she reached into her mystery bag and pulled out a Triquint Poem.  The triquint poem consists of 3 verses each having 5 lines with a syllable count of 9, 7, 5, 3, 1 and lines 3 and 4 must repeat in verses 2 and 3.  It is a rhyming poem with a scheme of a, a, a, a, b.

Save the Bales

The Save the Whales movement, occurred right around the time when bales of marijuana started washing up on shore in the Florida Keys.  The floating “square grouper” packages of marijuana bobbed up and down in the ocean off Key West dumped by smugglers, if they were under pursuit by authorities, or if they got paranoid and just thought the man was chasing them.  They actually still turn up from time to time offshore down here, as some things never change!

We have had some stormy weather here in Florida lately, although I have been staying inside not willing to brave the elements.  My power went out yesterday, only for a few minutes, but I had to reset all of the clocks and wait for the TV to come back on.  My computer was really slow today, but when I restarted it, it came back to its normal speed, thank God.  I got all of my shopping done for this week, so I won’t need to go out and have to face any unfavorable conditions for a while.  The summer here in Florida can become ungodly hot as it has been well up into the nighties all week, so I will be staying inside in the air conditioning, instead trying to brave these poor weather conditions.

Bales I save
Storms I brave
Sitting in my cave
Riding a wave
Two hoots I gave
While digging my grave

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Saturday Mix Rhyme Time hosted by weejars aka Sarah where she asks us to use the following rhyming words, save, brave, cave, wave, gave and grave.

Enola Gay Dropped the Bomb

On August Sixth 1945
Little Boy was dropped and many died
No one in Hiroshima recalled hearing any noise
All the buildings started falling down
This atomic bomb saved the lives of many GI’s

160,000 people did survive
The blast travelled far and wide
Nuclear weapons are not toys
Temperatures reached several million ℃ in the town
A mushroom cloud rose into the skies

Before the blast 300,000 people were alive
The bomb exploded there was no place to hide
Skin started melting wrecking the delicate poise
The smell of burning flesh is enough to make anyone frown
Radiation in their eyes, cries of the wise no surprise

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Saturday Mix Lucky Dip hosted by weejars aka Sarah where she reached into her mystery bag and pulled out a Rimas Dissolutas Poem.

Love and Marriage

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.  A force is a push or pull acting upon an object and this could result in an interaction of forces between a pair of objects if they are acting in different directions.  When two equal and opposite forces act on the same system, they will cancel each other out, so even though forces are present, it will seem like they are absent.  In order to understand forces, you have to be able to recognize their presence or absence along with their relative magnitude and direction.  Life is full of moments where two equally opposing forces are vying for your attention; the good will be very good at piquing your interest and the not so good will be convincing enough for you to notice them.

Physics has a paradox, which asks, “What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object?”  We must assume that both the immovable object along with the unstoppable force are equally indestructible, and that they are two separate entities and that both things can actually exist in the universe.  These are contradictory premises, because they involve an argument or should I say a fallacy that draws a conclusion by asserting and denying the same thing.  The construct of an unstoppable force means that it would contain enough energy so that it would not decrease in any way throughout its course as it encounters any one object or another, thus it would need to possess infinite energy.  An immovable object would need to have infinite mass thus giving it infinite inertia.  These two things can exist simultaneously and you cannot construct one without causing the other to destruct.

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Saturday Mix Opposing Forces hosted by weejars aka Sarah where she asks us to deal with absence and presence – construct and destruct.

Sharing the Same Pronunciation

I asked Jake my old college roomie who now worked in the pet shop, “How much is that doggie in the window, the one with the watery eyes?”  Jake said, “You don’t want a dog that is prone to excessive tearing, because that may end up being a problem, as you would have to constantly wipe the rheumy eyes of that built up mucus, or that nasty looking yellow-green pus.  You have a roomy back yard and I just got this Vizsla in from Hungary and they are supposed to lively, gentle-mannered, and affectionate, so she would be perfect for you and you can take her along when we go hunting.

I followed Jake into the back room and he showed me the dog, but I thought that her waist looked too thin and I told Jake that I didn’t want such a skinny dog.  Jake said that she would fill out once she got a real home away from the pet shop as then she would start eating better.  He said that dog waste can become a nutrient for my mom’s garden, by being composted in the backyard and I was sold.

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Saturday Mix – Double Take hosted by weejars aka Sarah where she asks us to use the homophones rheumy/roomie/roomy and waist/waste.

Rhupunt Poem

Waves of birds fly
Up in the sky
I don’t know why
Frozen in flight

The rain comes down
Heading to town
Spinning around
Sleeping tonight

Remnants of dreams
Laughing moonbeams
Not what it seems
Answer is bright

Drifting to earth
Another birth
For what it’s worth
Far out of sight

Sparkling ice caves
Blinded by waves
Forgotten graves
Seeing the light

Never ending
Always bending
What is trending
The lockdown plight

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Saturday Mix Lucky Dip hosted by weejars aka Sarah where she reached into her mystery bag and pulled out a Rhupunt.

Howling at the Moon

When Chester Arthur Burnett was a child, his grandfather told him stories about the wolves in Mississippi.  He acquired the name “Howlin’ Wolf” from his maternal grandfather, who admonished him for killing his grandmother’s chicks by reckless squeezing them till they suffocated.  His grandfather warned him that wolves in the area would come and get him if he didn’t stop this destructive behavior.  This warning frightened him and he ran howling upstairs, which prompted his family to nickname him Howlin’ Wolf.

“Two riders were approaching, and the wind began to howl,” seems to indicate that something ominous is going to happen.  A year after his motorcycle accident, Dylan made a radical turn toward cryptic, austere country-folk while hanging out with the Band in the basement of ‘Big Pink’ near Woodstock.  In this Bob Dylan song ‘All Along the Watchtower’ which was made famous by Jimi Hendrix. there is a joker, a thief, Business men, a Plowman, Princes, the women, Barefoot servants and Two riders.

This song may be about the record industry, where the joker is a performer, a musician maybe Bob Dylan and he is speaking to his manager, the thief who at this time is Albert Grossman.  The joker is looking for a way out, maybe he wants a new record deal because of the confusion and he is getting no relief.  The businessmen drink his wine and the plowman digs his earth, which means that a lot of people in the record industry are riding on his coattails and benefiting from his success without making any contributions.  He thinks that he is stuck in a bad contract saying that, “None were level on the mind, Nobody up at his word.”  Next the thief tries to calm down the joker, telling him not to take things so seriously, as this is just a job and they are both in it together to make money.  The musician and his manager have been through a lot of stuff and the manager tells the musician that it is not their fate to go up against the record companies, they must just keep doing their thing as the hour is getting late.

The watchtower is the record company and it is run by record moguls, who are the Princes that watch over everything.  They were known for having their women coming and going, “While all the women came and went.”  The barefoot servants are the workers that are stuck in their jobs, doing all the work to make their superiors look good.  They can’t leave as they have no shoes.  Dylan wanted to shake things up, and he came up with a wildcat that growls, like a lion that roars.  Then he made a link between the wind and a wolf, since wolves’ hunt in packs, they are known to have viciousness appetites, they are fast, strong and beautiful, thus we see the wind as being vicious and fast and strong, and beautiful in its own way.  There is a lot of cruelty, and pain in nature, especially between predators and their prey, so the wind is also cruel, painful, predatory, but it is part of the natural world.  “A wildcat did growl, two riders were approaching and the wind began to howl.”

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Saturday Mix Mad About Metaphor hosted by weejars aka Sarah where the metaphor is, “The wind was a howling wolf.”

Map in My Head

Jim said, “I don’t need no stinking directions, as I was born with a map in my head.”  Connie said, “I can’t believe that you are too stubborn to stop and ask for directions and too damn cheap to have a GPS tracker.  We have been going around in circles for the past hour, as this is the third time that we have passed this same gas station.  Swallow your pride and go inside, because I am tired of this game that you are playing.  You must have watched too many John Wayne and Clint Eastwood movies and that is probably what has put you in this frame of mind.  You got the idea in your head that it’s wrong to ask for help, that no real man should ever do that.  I will still think of you as a tough guy, and I will never blame you for getting us lost, so don’t be embarrassed and then we can get back on our way.”  Jim said, “Connie please let me navigate as I know we are close, because I can feel it in my bones.  Do you see that flame ahead, that is where the town started burning its garbage, after all of the landfills ran out of space and my uncle lives right down the road from that?  I guess it is just the way that I was made and I will never claim to be your macho, macho, macho man.”

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Saturday Mix Rhyme Time hosted by weejars aka Sarah where she asks us to use the following rhyming words, flame, frame, game, blame, same and claim.

All About A

Alisha Adams answered all allegations about abdominal abnormalities and also anomalies.
Already accused abruptly agitated and agonized alarmed an ambivalent apology.
Always alerted and aroused articulate arguing assisted, astonished and assuaged an athletic audience.
Awesome availing avenging advanced and awakened Alisha’s abandoned abilities.
Aborted approach absolved all accords accepting an acerbic abyss.

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Saturday Mix Lucky Dip hosted by weejars aka Sarah where she asks us to write a Tautogram Poem.