His Eyes Were Gray

All his teeth were brown
And his eyes were gray
He went for a walk
On a winter’s day
A storm is coming
He should have stayed in L.A.
His brain was screamin’
On that winter’s day
Stopped in to a bar he passed along the way
He ordered drinks for all
He decided to stay
He likes his beer real cold
Some drunk puked on him
He said, “you know you’re gonna pay”
His brain was screamin’
On that winter’s day
All his teeth were brown
And his eyes were gray
His phone started to ring
On that winter’s day
He heard her heels clip-clop
As she made her way
He had to tell her
He was leaving today
A hiccup in his plan
His brain was screamin’
On that winter’s day
A storm is coming on such a winter’s day

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Saturday Mix – Sound Bite, November 23 2019 hosted by weejars aka Sarah where she asks us to use three onomatopoeic words, those being ring, clip-clop and hiccup.”

Sacrifice and Compromise

Many people are willing to sacrifice their own happiness so they are able to provide happiness to the one that they love.  It is rare to have love without heartache and although being in love might be the greatest thing that can happen to someone, love also has a darker side that consists of sadness, disappointment and the pain that comes with having your heart broken.  It may be difficult for you to ever love again, if you have been burned by heartache.  At a certain point enough becomes enough and you may start out being deeply in love with a person, and think that they are the only one for you, but time has a way of taking its toll and certain things that you adored about this person may eventually start to annoy and irritate you.  German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche suggested that “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger”, but every person has a limit and they can only take so much heartache and still be able to survive.

Love is a human phenomenon and falling in and out of love can be a battle that we all may have to struggle with.  Your capacity for love might be tested, so it is important to develop a strategy to prevent you from becoming a helpless victim. The conflict of power and dominion can be controlled and enforced only if you are willing to weaponize your love.  Only the victor enjoys the spoils and in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make, so the more love that you are willing to give, the more love you will get back in return from that person.

A beautiful girl with jasmine blossoms in her hair flirted with me and I wondered if she could be the true love that I was looking for.  I wanted to kiss her lips and give her all my love, even though I knew that marriages typically have only about a 50% chance of lasting.  I wanted a relationship that would grow and last forever and when we parted, I was sad, but I also had all the wonderful memories of us being together.  She was my end and my beginning and without her I felt incomplete.  When people love one another, there’s always a tug-of-war going on between them.  I wanted her to do things the way I liked having them done, but she always wanted to have things done her way.  I ended it because I got tired of making sacrifices and compromises.

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Saturday Mix – Mad About Metaphor, October 12 2019 hosted by weejars aka Sarah where she asks us to write about the metaphor “Love is a battlefield.”

With A Little Luck

What a wonderful stroke of luck
I should try to win at the tables
With any luck, I might break even

Maybe I am just being a shmuck
As luck probably only exists in fables
Everyone needs something to believe in

I wished for a dog, but I got a duck
My friend gave me some mazel tov labels
I am happy to have a friend like Stephen

I enjoy driving around in my truck
I just got some new jumper cables
Very soon I will be leavin

Luck has nothing to do with it
I have always been known to quit

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Saturday Mix – Lucky Dip, September 7 2019 hosted by weejars aka Sarah where she asks us to write a Trilonnet poem. I used the abc abc abc abc dd rhyme scheme.

Flowers And Bees

The flowers were blooming, and the bees kissed them every now and then.  It was a competition among the flowers, as they all had a strong desire to be pollinated, so they could reproduce and the bees would only visit the most attractive flowers.  Some bees only collect nectar (used for feeding the adult bees), while other bees will collect both nectar and pollen (used for rearing the baby bees) on the same trip.  Bees have fuzzy, hairy bodies that pollen sticks to when they drop by to visit their flower friends.  Their hind legs are anatomically designed for pollen production containing pollen combs, pollen rakes, a pollen press and a pollen basket.  The bees will use their pollen combs to remove the pollen that gets stuck on their body.  Next they do a little dance rubbing their rear legs together to rake the pollen into the pollen press on the opposite leg.  The pollen press is a joint that compresses pollen particles into a dense clump for more efficient storage while flying.  Pollen clumps are moved from the rake to the pollen baskets on the outside of a honeybee worker’s hind leg.  The pollen basket is emptied when they go back home to their hive.

Male bees do not collect pollen, as they don’t have pollen baskets to transport it from flowers to the nest or hive.  Pollen is the protein source for the honey bee colony.  It is the only protein that bees eat and without protein no young bees could be raised and the colony would die.  The nurse bees consume pollen in order to produce “brood food” secretions from a gland in their mouths.  Growing larva will always need constant feeding.

Nectar actually begins in the leaves of plants.  The plant draws in carbon dioxide and water and produces sugar using the energy from the sun which is called photosynthesis.  The sugar flows through the plant to feed it, flowing in much of the same way that sap will flow from a Sugar Maple tree.  Roots, stems, leaves, flowers and fruit use this sugar supply to grow.  Any excess sugar water that is secreted in the base of flowers is a place where bees can go and have a drink.

Worker-foraging bees (hey somebody has to do it) collect nectar by sucking droplets with their proboscis (a straw like tongue).  The nectar on its own provides immediate energy in the form of carbohydrate sugars and any excess nectar is stored in the bee’s stomach until it gets back to the hive.  Once back at the hive, the nectar is passed from bee to bee.  An enzyme in the bee’s stomach turn the sugar into a diluted honey.  This passage also helps remove some of the excess water.  The un-ripe honey is then stored in comb cells where worker bees fan it with their wings to evaporate the rest of the excess water until it becomes honey.  After the process of fanning and evaporation, the nectar will turn into honey, and will be capped over with wax by the bees.  Now that this nectar has been turned into honey, it will provide a winter food source for the bees to dip into when they are unable to forage outside for food.

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Saturday Mix – Unique Personality, August 24 2019 hosted by weejars aka Sarah where she asks us to write about personification among the flowers and the bees.

Uneasy Lies The Head That Wears A Crown

No one loves a messenger when he brings back bad news and I have to tell the king that the whole French fleet was destroyed by our enemy the English.  The king does not take bad news very well and he has been known to kill people when they upset him.  David slew the man who told him that King Saul was dead, so this has been going on for a long time.  I guess that I could tell the king that I have good news and bad news and then ask him if he would like to hear the good news or the bad news first.  If he want to hear the good news first, I will tell him that all of our troops died like heroes.  When he wants to hear the bad news, I will have to tell him that everyone is dead, the English won the battle and sunk all of our ships, which probably won’t go over very well.

It is not easy being the king and having responsibility for a whole country and this prevents the king from getting a good night’s sleep most of the time.  This loss of sleep makes him cranky and irritable and when he gets in a foul mood, it is best to stay away from him.  He consulted with his generals, but ultimately it was his decision to go into battle and sometimes he makes bad decisions because of the tremendous pressure that he is under.  The bearer of bad news is the one who is usually blamed for a catastrophe, and they become the scapegoat for the faults of others, as that is the simplest explanation and thus it becomes the accepted way of passing the buck.

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Saturday Mix – Mad About Metaphor, August 17 2019 hosted by weejars aka Sarah where she asks us to write about the metaphor, “Don’t shoot the messenger”.

Tango Anyone

A fun ballroom dance
Physical contact for love
Helps you stay in shape
Don’t cry for Eva Peron
Step-step-step-step-close long pause

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Saturday Mix – Lucky Dip, 10 August 2019 hosted by weejars aka Sarah where she asks us to write a Tanka, which is a Japanese poem that contains five unrhymed lines which consist of five, seven, five, seven, and seven syllables.

Nemean Lion

Just like every Leo, she always had to be the center of attention.  Lana was warm, action-oriented and driven by the desire to be loved and admired and she looked great in a leotard because she liked to exercise.  Her horoscope for today said that she should move in for the kill and don’t stop until she succeeds.  Lana was not a quitter, so she would always keep going, but she was a pacifist, so she would never want to hurt anything, much less kill something.  Lana liked astrology and Greek mythology and her favorite story was the one about the Nemean lion that was eventually killed by Heracles.

Lana was born on August 3rd making her a Leo.  She knew that the constellation Leo was named after a vicious monster of a lion that lived at Nemea.  It could not be killed with mortal weapons because its golden fur was impervious to attack.  Its claws were sharper than any mortal swords and they could cut through any armor.  Heracles gave the lion a whack and it let out a yelp as Heracles chocked it to death.  He tried to remove the skin from the lion, but his knife was unable to cut it, so he decided to use one of the lion’s claws to skin the creature and splish it came off.  Heracles was proud of his feat and he wore the lion skin from then on.

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie First Line Friday hosted by Dylan and for Saturday Mix – Sound Bite, August 3 2019 hosted by weejars aka Sarah where the prompts are the onomatopoeia words Whack Yelp and Splish.