That Is How It Starts

I got a Fraud Alert phone call yesterday about suspicious activity on my card and they said the transaction was for Twenty Cents, which seems like no big deal.  The company told me they considered this to be a phishing tactic, where the scammer hits numerous accounts for small amounts, just to see if any of the account numbers that they used are active.  If they get their Twenty Cents. Then the next time they hit that account it would be for a lot more.  This tactic is used, because it has become too difficult to prosecute anyone for just Twenty Cents.  They cancelled my card, at my request and they told me that I could go to the bank and pick up a new one.  Since I have some bills deducted every month automatically off that card, I have to alert these service providers (Cell phone, Netflix, ect.), so I don’t lose my service.

I probably should call each one of them before when my email got hacked earlier this year, as I need to give them my new email, in case they need to get in touch with me.  There are too many hackers and scammers out there, because people just want to sit by their computers, instead of getting an honest job.  I spend all of my time at the computer every day, but at least I am not trying to cheat anyone.  It is scary out there with the Dark Side Ransomware cyber attack on the East Coast pipeline, which they suspect was perpetuated by Russian hackers and now all of us are going to have to pay more money for gas because of this.

Now going back to a rant that I had last week and I guess that is OK, well the one about the serial post liker that liked 71 of my posts in 3 minutes, well they haven’t been back.  However, that question about the comment liker Operation X when I said that were probably harmless, as he struck me again last night.  He doesn’t appear to like any of my posts, but he sure does like my comments, which seems extremely odd.

Written for Paula’s Monday Peeve.

Kop & Curva Spam

This morning from 5:41 AM to 5:43 AM Kop & Curva liked 71 of my posts which is an average of 24 posts a minute and I seriously doubt that anyone can read that fast.  Does anyone have any idea why people do this blast spamming?  I don’t like this, as it wastes my time and if you don’t bother to read my posts, then please don’t like them!

Why Do We Have Rules?

It doesn’t take much to get me irritated when I am in a bad mood and although that doesn’t happen very often, it did yesterday.  The big problem for me is that when I get irritated, my blood sugar drops and that contributes to making me feel worse.  I took over the Song Lyric Sunday challenge in the beginning of 2019 and since then, I have been trying very hard to keep it the same way that Helen had been running it.  She had rules and what I think is the most important rule that she made was for everyone to at the very least look at one of the other posts that are made by the other participants and I am sure this is not being followed by everyone.  I look at every post that anyone contributes to this challenge (something that many other hosts don’t do) and I find that most of the contributions are very interesting, and many of them have helped me to broaden my musical boundaries.  The act of reading every post and listening to all of the songs takes a lot of time and effort on my part and there are many weeks where I feel like quitting.  People write their posts and that is their only concern, but other people like me want to see what everyone contributes.  I am always surprised with the different songs that people think of and that is what makes this challenge so special and so much fun.

What got me mad were people saying that they don’t like to follow directions, meaning that they don’t want to follow the established rules, which will only lead to anarchy.  Maybe that is what the world needs and I wonder if life would be better if everyone chooses what they want to do, giving them unburdened freedom to do as they please.  I am also tired rules, but I am not saying that I support chaos and violence, because I think that rules have a purpose, and I guess that I should try harder to listen to your voices, because I am only the current host of Song Lyric Sunday, and I feel like SLS belongs to all the participants.

I don’t want to lose participants over this, but until the rules are changed, they serve a purpose, so please try to follow them.  The thing is that I give everyone 4 weeks’ notice in advance of what the upcoming prompts will be, and there is also a stipulation in the first rule that says if the song that you select does include the prompt word, then you need to explain why you chose this song.  I am aware of the term copypasta which infers to a block of text that is copied and pasted across the Internet, but when some people listen to the music that you post, they also want to see the lyrics, so don’t view this rule as being spam, it is there to make the experience more enjoyable for everyone.

I am not a very popular blogger, although I am here on WordPress every day.  I follow just about everyone who gets into the Song Lyric Sunday challenge, except the ones that make it too difficult for me to do that, usually the ones that are not on WordPress and they ask me too many questions in order to follow them.  I would say that the majority of people that participate in the SLS challenge have never read any of my posts, except the one that they link back to, which is fine by me, because they have no idea what they are missing out on.  Time is the enemy of every blogger, as we all want to write and we would all like somebody to read what we write, but reading other blogs takes time away from your writing, but I find it rewarding to see what others write.  I am sorry for the rant, but Paula said that we should unburden ourselves of an annoyance and we’ll feel better afterward and she is right, as I feel better by getting things off my chest.

I only want to have fun with Song Lyric Sunday, so I am changing the rule for having to strictly meet a prompt word to become that of having to conform to a general theme.  This way you can analyze the prompt words and interpret them how ever you like and I hope this will make life easier for everyone.

Written for Paula’s Monday Peeve.

Communication Breakdown

The main thing that bothers me with WordPress is that I never get any alerts when people respond to comments that I have made on their posts.  I bet that a lot of people think that I am a snob for ignoring them and that is not the case, but my sincere apologies go out to anyone who feels that I have not been responding to them.  I do get alerts if somebody clicks the like button on any comments that I make on other blogs, but some people do not incorporate the like button, so I have no way of knowing, but when I do get the alert that somebody has liked one of my comments, I will go back to their post to see if they made a further response.  I usually wait like 5 minutes before checking back and if they respond later than this, I would never know.

Since this is a response to Paula’s Monday Peeve, I might as well get something else off of my chest while I am at it.  The other day my computer shut itself off and then it sent me an apologetic message saying that the shutdown was necessary, so it could collect information about me.  Like wtf is this all about, is Bill Gates trying to write a book about me.  If information about me is being collected, shouldn’t I have the right to know how it is being used, or maybe it is being abused.  I think that my computer should be working for me and not collecting information about me to send to somebody else dammit!  I just ordered an Amazon Echo Show and I hope that won’t be taking pictures of me while I am sleeping and streaming them online, not that I could imagine anyone ever wanting to see that, but hey people actually watch the Kardashians, so there is no accounting for taste.

Written for Paula’s Monday Peeve.

How Could I Have Been So Stupid

I received a message which said, “Help us secure your account”, which I ignored it because I thought it was a scammer.  I got a few more messages that I didn’t think were from Microsoft, so I ignored most of them, but one I replied, “Go f*** yourself scammer”.  Then I got a message that said if I didn’t respond, that were going to close my account down.  I logged in and put in my password and I have not been getting email since then.  I followed all of the Microsoft directions which included changing my password, but the hacker still has my account.  I do still get some spam mail, as I guess he doesn’t check my junk folder, but nothing else comes through.  I decided to close this email account which I have had for around 30 years, because the scammer has been writing to my contacts and asking then to send him money.  I apologize if you got one of these emails from the guy who now has control over my account.

Microsoft said that my account is set to close on 4/17/2021 and I just wish it would close today, because this is embarrassing for me.  They did inform me on my Yahoo email which I never check that there was some unusual sign-in activity detected that came from Nigeria with the IP address:  This really sucks and I have wasted a whole day on this and I still have to set up ,y new account in Outlook.  I guess I missed many of your responses to my posts, but I can’t get my life back to normal, till I get this straightened out.

Never Found a Conspiracy Theory That She Wouldn’t Support

Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene a first-term member of Congress from northwest Georgia has embraced a long list of the baseless conspiracy theories and she is the is the biggest QAnon ticking time bomb in Congress.  This nutjob stuff that she makes up would be funny if she wasn’t part of our government.  What is worse is that many psychos believe all of her lies.  She denied that a plane hit the Pentagon on Sept. 11, and she supports the idea that the Parkland school shooting was a “false flag” operation meant to usher in tighter gun laws.  She accused Hillary Clinton of wearing a baby’s face, WTF and this way down to the bottom of the rabbit-hole insanity theory is actually called Frazzledrip.  Greene has advocated removing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi with “a bullet to the head” and she said Muslims do not belong in government.  She angered colleagues over her refusal to wear a mask at the swearing in ceremonies.  Greene was a prime instigator of the false claim that Trump really won the 2000 presidential election and she has claimed that space lasers controlled by Jews started all the wildfires in California.  Democrats are condemning her, asking that she be censured, stripped of committee assignments and many of them feel that she does not belong in Congress.  Most Republicans have stayed silent on this issue, but some of them want to defend her just like they defended Trump and all of his lies.

Written for Paula’s Monday Peeve.

Annoyed and Irritated

A member of the Florida House of Representatives wants to rename U.S. 27, the Donald J. Trump Highway.  Rep. Anthony Sabatini, a Republican from Howie-in-the-Hills said that he wants to rename U.S. 27 the Donald J. Trump Highway in order to honor one of the greatest presidents in American history.  This is one of the longest highways in the State running North-South for 481-miles from the Georgia state line to Miami-Dade County.  There are way too many Republicans living in Florida and all the really crazy ones are in government.  He has collected a lot of signatures, but the proposal hit a bump in the road when Palm Beach County Commissioner Melissa McKinlay said that it’s too soon to be considering naming anything after Donald Trump and she won’t support it.

The idea of naming anything after the former President Donald Trump is so offensive that it makes me want to vomit.  Trump has been labeled, and he has proven himself to be, the worst president that the United States has ever had, he was the instigator of an insurrection and he belongs behind bars.  I could understand naming a poisonous snake after him, or maybe a sewer system, or possibly naming the town dumps in Howie-in-the-Hills the Trump Dumps.  I am much more in favor of what the Texas Representative Joaquin Castro is proposing, that the president should be proactively banned from ever seeing his name appear on a federal building.  I would take this a little further and ban his name from being used on any municipal building or any road.

Written for Paula’s Monday Peeve 72.

Embarrassed to be American

This is the first time in my life that I ever said this, but after the Trump thugs and miscreants stormed into the Capitol, I have to hang my head in shame.  This was wrong and our whole government has been a mess with that sycophant in the Oval Office.  Even Frank Gallagher from Shameless has more integrity than Trump, as this despicable man wants to be the dictator for life.  Nobody is surprised by Trump being a poor loser, but what is shocking is that these Republicans are so brainless that they still believe his lies.  Sorry, but I had to let some steam out.

I’m Not Dead

I am just taking a well-deserved day off, so there is no need to worry about me.  I started writing a post this morning and then my mouse froze up, which forced me to give my computer a hard boot and that cost me to lose everything that I wrote.  After that I lost my motivation, so I am watching Netflix today instead of writing anything.

Do I Need It

I bought a used car on Saturday, a 2012 Chevrolet Sonic which has an option for a free 4-month trial of SiriusXM and then my rate would go to $8/month.  I never had this before and I certainly don’t need satellite radio or other online radio services, but having a larger variety of programming than traditional radio offers, as well as getting clearer reception might be cool to try out.  I don’t really listen to Talk Radio and I don’t pay that much attention to Sports any more like I once did and I don’t need to get every channel that is available, but I do like music and they say that no credit card is required, as I just enter my Radio ID and VIN.  I just want the cheapest plan available and I know that some people pay over $200/year for this.

This $8-per-month streaming music plan is called SiriusXM Essential, and it includes a bundle of over 300 channels consisting of music, talk radio, comedy, sports, and other content.  There is also an Essential subscription option plan that would give me a six-month “Select” subscription for $5 monthly which is only good for in-car listening and lacks any streaming component, however that would work for me.  I would love to tune in the Grateful Dead channel while I am driving around.  If anyone knows about this, please share your feelings with a comment below.