Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.

The Strategic Homeland Intervention Enforcement and Logistics Division newly rebuilt Boeing C-17 Globemaster IV military transport aircraft which normally serves as an Airborne Mobile Command Station just touched down in the forest and Agents Melinda May and Daisy “Skye” Johnson aka Quake are making their way to the hidden headquarters so they can brief the new Director Alphonso “Mack” Mackenzie who took over after Phil Coulson died.  The six engines installed on each wing of the Globemaster are able to pivot giving this plane vertical take-off and landing capabilities.  Superheroes and secret government agents like James Bond and the Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. need their cool toys to play with and since Batman has his Batmobile, Wonder Woman has her invisible jet, the Globemaster provides a secure way to get around stay one step ahead of the bad guys.

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie NEKNEERAJ’s Photo Challenge #276.

Guinness World Record

The things I have to endure to make him happy.  Just like any other sheep, I don’t like the shearing process, because it makes for a long, stressful day.  However I definitely like the feeling of being shorn.  I feel the same way after being shorn as my human would after someone shaved his beard off if he grew it for a long time, which is a bit naked, a bit cold, but mostly relieved, feeling cleaner and lighter.  If left alone, I would grow just enough wool to protect myself from the cold in the winter and shed my winter coat all by myself to stay cool in the summer without any human help.  It is a good thing that I am being washed and brushed on a daily basis, as when wool grows longer and longer, flies have a tendency to lay eggs in the moist folds of my skin and those hatched maggots can eat me alive.

I really don’t think this is a good look on me and the other sheep are wondering what is wrong with me and they treat me like some type of freak.  I am getting special treatment that the other sheep are not receiving, which is a benefit.  I have my own private stall and I am not herded into a holding pen like the others.  I also get plenty of food and water, which is always a plus.  They cut the wool off my face and that allows me to see where I am going.  I am going to get an epic haircut later today after the Guinness World Record committee stops by and yes sir it will produce more than three bags full.  I suspect it will be a downright insane amount of wool and that will get me the new world record.

My human who I call Dr. Frankenstein started testing this wool growth hormone on me which promotes continual, year-round wool growth and he is very happy about this.  Having all of this fleece can be dangerous, as I could die, if I were not cared for properly.  It is bad here in very hot Australian summer, and I could get heat stress if I didn’t have that air conditioned stall to go in.  There are mobility issues, that prevent me from laying down, but I wear this button that I can press so someone will come and help me, as it is impossible for me to roll off of my back once I am down.

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie NEKNEERAJ’s Photo Challenge #275.

The Nature Of Man

Joe, Steve and Jorge were all born killers, serving life sentences on death row, before they were selected for the experiment. Joe was an assassin, a hit men, a contract killer who worked for profit and who took pride in his work.  Joe was a sniper in the Army, that is where he developed a taste for killing and after his service ended he put his talent to use.  Steve was an abused child who became a serial killer and it was discovered that he possessed a gene that made him more prone to displaying violent behavior, a specific variant of the enzyme monoamine-oxidase, after he was put away for killing 27 people. Jorge was a merciless, bloodthirsty killer, a member of the MS13 gang and the Juárez drug Cartel, who took pleasure in hacking people to pieces with a machete and a chainsaw.

These men were chosen from a list of more than 2,000 inmates on death row to be part of a new study conducted by the CIA at Area 51, because of their ability to ignore pain.  This study was called Project Procrustes and it involved newly discovered alien technology from a crashed spaceship found at the South Pole.  They were all hooked up to this device which was an artificial biosphere that was capable of sustaining life in the vacuum of space.  It was being tested for its ability to protect the user from harmful radiation, much like the theoretical Dyson sphere, or a megastructure would, but on a smaller level.  The device that these men were connected to, sucked up the energy output of the Sun and encircled their special suits with a protection layer that became a unique closed system extending into the very core of what made them human.

The study involved a deep interconnection between neural structures and human behavior, it was a nature versus nurture scenario that did not involve lobotomy, which the three men were happy to hear.  It could detect damage to the prefrontal cortex of a violent criminal and measure for a reduction in grey matter.  The device was neurologically medicating the subjects and at the same time increasing their empathy, making them less confident and impulsive, which resulted in reducing their propensity for violence.  After they were attached to the device for a period of 5 hours, they became desensitized to everything around them.  The study proved that although killing was inherent in man’s nature, the urge to kill others could be controlled.

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie NEKNEERAJ’s Photo Challenge #274.

What’s New Pussycat

Pussycat, pussycat, what beautiful eyes you have and they are enormous.  I figured that it would be best to approach you by getting on your level so you could smell me.  Will we still be friends now that I am no longer a caterpillar?  Here kitty, kitty, meow, meow let’s have some fun today as we play together.  I can spot a mouse for you to toy with.  You run and jump and I will fly around, then I’ll land on your nose and you can curl up in a circle and make sweet purring sounds.  Pretty young kitty you sure can purr, and you have the softest fur.  What a beautiful pussy you are.  If you want to take a nap, I could come back later.  No, please don’t eat me, as I would bet that I don’t taste all that good.  I would just end up getting stuck in your throat and you would have to cough me up like a fur ball.

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie NEKNEERAJ’s Photo Challenge #273.

Causeway To Heaven

That is correct, this is the way to heaven, although it is all uphill from here and if you encounter any engine trouble from this point on, we will be forced to push your vehicle over the side of the bridge, so it doesn’t block any traffic.  If you look out to the left, you will see Jupiter ascending while Aquarius is rising, a rare sight indeed, but also one that is fun, dreamy and bubblyOn your right, we just passed by the Voyager 1 space probe that has been studying the outer Solar System since 1977. We are only 250 miles away from Jacob’s ladder now, which after you park your car, you will have to climb up to get into heaven.  Sit back and listen to the music that we have selected for your journey.

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie NEKNEERAJ’s Photo Challenge #272.

Maybe It Was The Roses

Annie died in her wedding dress and her body was sent to the funeral parlor.  Her will clearly stated that she wished to have her whole body covered in roses till she couldn’t see.  That was an awful lot of roses, but no expense was spared, and the funeral director purchased 24 dozen roses.  Annie got a loving feeling every time she was around roses, and her beautiful fantasy would finally come true, her corpse would smell lovely even though some people might think that this was decadent.  Her makeup was fixed and her long brown hair was dressed up with crimson ribbons and then the undertaker laid her down in a bed of roses.  Thorns from the roses, were placed around her head, which kind of made her look like a model for the Statue of Liberty.

She looked so beautiful, having died young, and leaving behind her gorgeous corpse.  We were having an affair and she pledged to marry me when I got back from my trip, but a whole bunch of shit happened and I was out at sea for 10 years.  When I returned from the sea, I found my love dead.  The casket contained one pane of glass, a window to view Annie, before she was lowered underground.  I knew that over time the crimson ribbons in her hair would fade and that I would be haunted by the vision of my Annie for the rest of my life.  A lone old man entered the funeral parlour when I was morning and I told him to come in and shut the door.  He introduced himself as Annie’s father and he told me how faithful she was to me.  He said that all she ever thought about was me and that she had abandoned all of her friends which he felt was strange because nobody comes around to see her anymore.  He said that all Annie ever wanted was me and the roses and now all I can do is reflect on my pain and the beauty of love lost.

Annie laid her head down in the roses.
She had ribbons, ribbons, ribbons, in her long brown hair.
I don’t know, maybe it was the roses,
All I know I could not leave her there.

I don’t know, it must have been the roses,
The roses or the ribbons in her long brown hair.
I don’t know, maybe it was the roses,
All I know I could not leave her there.

Ten years the waves roll the ships home from the sea,
Thinkin’ well how it may blow in all good company,
If I tell another what your own lips told to me,
Let me lay ‘neath the roses, till my eyes no longer see.

I don’t know, it must have been the roses,
The roses or the ribbons in her long brown hair.
I don’t know, maybe it was the roses,
All I know I could not leave her there.

One pane of glass in the window,
No one is complaining, no, come in and shut the door,
Faded is the crimson from the ribbons that she wore,
And it’s strange how no one comes round any more.

I don’t know, it must have been the roses,
The roses or the ribbons in her long brown hair.
I don’t know, maybe it was the roses,
All I know I could not leave her there.

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie NEKNEERAJ’s Photo Challenge #271.

Play Misty For Me

I should have never drank as much as I did last night. I lost all control and my friends talked me into streaking with them, and I only went along because of all the alcohol I consumed.  I made a big mistake because all my inhibitions disappeared.  Johnny will never respect me again after I let him have his way with me.  I was just a one night stand for him and I am hopelessly in love with Johnny, but he doesn’t want me and now I will be lonely for the rest of my life.  As I stand here in the mist on this beach, I am so emotional all I can do is cry.  Love hurts and I am destined to be wandering through this wonderland alone.  Will I ever find love?

Look at me
I’m as helpless as a kitten up a tree
And I feel like I’m clinging to a cloud
I can’t understand
I get misty, holding your hand

Walk my way
And a thousand violins begin to play
Or it might be the sound of your hello
That music I hear
I get misty the moment you’re near

You can say that you’re leading me on
But it’s just what I want you to do
Don’t you realize how hopelessly I’m lost
That’s why I’m following you

On my own
Would I wander through this wonderland alone
Never knowing my right foot from my left
My hat from my glove
I get misty, and too much in love

I’m too misty, and too much in love

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie NEKNEERAJ’s Photo Challenge #270.