Getting in the Mood

This article is about having sex, so if you are a prude, then you can stop reading now.  It is totally normal for a couple to become hot for each other, and this is usually followed by them jumping into bed together, because they are both in the mood and they are aroused, so logically they make love.  It is easier for younger men to get into the mood, than it is for women of any age group.  Most women do not get in the mood at the drop of a hat, and start panting and removing their clothes at any opportunity.

Most men seem to need very little stimulation, as they are ready to go when they see something desirable. While women work differently, they need to relax, so they are able to concentrate on what’s going on, and they enjoy it best when things heat up slowly.  Women have a physical need just like men do, as they get aroused, but they don’t seem to be bothered if they have to go for a prolonged period without sex.  Men have been designed to be the pursuers, and women are the responders in most relationships.  A man has to be ready all the time, in case he is able to find a woman who wants to respond to his advances.

Women want to derive as much pleasure out of having sex as men do, so they don’t ever want to have to fake it.  They need to be ready to respond to kisses and sensual groping and always have their head in the game in case things tend to heat up.  Man or woman, every person needs to know how to properly stimulate themselves, so they know what feels good and they are able to determine what they like.  Sex is a brain thing and if your head is screwed on right, natural instincts will let your body follow.  Everyone controls their own sex drive and whether or not they allow themselves to become aroused.

All men want women to respond to them and to accept them and by having sex, men are able to see how their woman responds and determine if they will be chosen again for this honor.  When you are in bed with your partner, you should stop paying attention to your own body and start paying attention to your partner’s needs.  You don’t actually need to be in the mood, you just have to show a willingness to trust your partner, peruse them or respond to them and most likely arousal will follow.

Sandi Flip Flop 6th installment of Manic Monday titled In The Mood

The Last Time I Cried

Gale was a rescue dog and when she had to be put down I wrote a poem to read to her hoping it would calm her as the Vet gave her the fatal injection. Gale was a German Shepherd and she got that degenerative hip disease as she aged and the life we had together was a sentimental journey. I gave her mega doses of Glucosamine, which is a joint pain supplement.  As the disease progressed, her hind legs grew weaker and eventually she was not able to stand any more and her back legs became completely paralyzed.  I used that Robert Frost poem ‘The Road Not Taken’ as a basis for my poem.

Whose dog is this, I think I know.
You belong to me, wherever we go.
We walk together high and low.
Our best times are spent out in the snow.
My little friend, you are so dear.
We stop at a farmhouse that is near.
In the woods we pass frozen deer.
It is the darkest evening of the year.
You give your tail a little shake.
You are my best friend and that is no mistake.
You like to walk down by the lake.
Oh easy wind and downy flake.
We are in the woods, they are dark and deep,
The squirrels run and the rabbits leap.
We have miles to go but now you must sleep,
We have miles to go but now you must sleep.

I made a PowerPoint video out of my poem and it was pretty cool, but sadly them Russian hackers corrupted my file, so I lost all of the neat sounds that were in it. I had these cool sounds of dogs barking, whining and drinking that are lost, however I was able to save a copy of the file in an email which the Russians did not get.  I like the part at the end where Gale floats up to heaven.

Manic Monday Sentimental Journey


Summertime Blues the Story

I am not going to raise a fuss, and there is no reason for me to shout or cry, I have not worked all summer long as I have been here writing every day.  I see some bloggers have incorporated advertisements on their sites to promote one thing or another, but I am not sure if that is such a sweet deal.  I had to stop following some bloggers because of this and even though I loved their writing, my virus protection system kept issuing warnings so much that I had to close the post before I was even done reading it.  So no matter how much they earn by selling out, I view it as being small potatoes (you know those cute baby or petite ones).

Every time I call my baby, to try to get a date, I tell her that I just finished playing dice with her boss and since I won again she won’t have to work late.  Sometimes I wonder what I am going to do, because writing in this Monday Maniac Challenge is so time consuming, but it seems to be a cure for the summertime blues.  My mother and father both told me, ‘Stop writing all the time, you lazy SOB get out of the house and make some money.  If you get a job, we will let you use the car after church next Sunday.’  I wanted to use the car, but just the thought of going to work made me feel sick.  Thoughts of getting the car haunted me, but I didn’t want to work a lick.

Sometimes I wonder what I am going to do, I like the Monday Maniac Challenge and it has become a sanctuary for the summertime blues.  I should probably take two weeks off from writing (most of the stuff that I write stinks to high heavens anyway) and go on a vacation.  New York City is not for me and I don’t want to visit the United Nations.  I have no idea who my congressman actually is or what he stands for.  He never helped me with anything and I think he smokes dope.  I no longer wonder what I am going to do, I am in the Monday Maniac Challenge and thankfully it has cured my summertime blues.

Sandi Flip Flops Every day Summertime Blues
4th installment Manic Monday Challenge

Kicks Challenge

My friend Al had a band and one my favorite songs that he would play was called Route 66 and I always got a kick out of it.  Here are some of the lyrics:
If you ever plan to motor west,
Travel my way, take the highway that’s best.
Get your kicks on Route sixty-six.

This is a highway song and who doesn’t like a good highway song, but my favorite highway song Highway 61 was written by Bob Dylan.  I needed some songs for the wedding part of my book, so I copied a few lines of his song and then I changed the name to Biblical Highway 61 when I wrote four more verses (Noah, David, Jonah and Moses) to go with his wonderful words.  I thought about changing some of Dylan’s lyrics, so this would not be considered plagiarism, but his words were so perfect, I could not allow myself to tamper with them.  My song is below.

Oh God said to Abraham, ‘Kill me a son’
Abe says, ‘Man, you must be puttin’ me on’
God say, ‘No.’ Abe say, ‘What?’
God say, ‘You can do what you want Abe, but
The next time you see me comin’ you better run’
Well Abe says, ‘Where do you want this killin’ done?’
God says. ‘Out on Highway 61.’

God said to Noah, ‘Here are the plans for a new boat.’
Noah said, ‘God, nothing that big will ever float?’
God says, ‘All the people will drown, but the animals will survive.
You and your family will be the only ones left and you will thrive.’
Noah said, ‘Are You sure You know what You are doing?’
God says, “Just keep busy and don’t start misconstruing.
Now we are really going to have some fun
Get your butt movin’ while you still have the Sun
Build your boat on Highway 61.’

God said to David, ‘Goliath is here, pull out your sling’
David said, ‘I am not violent, how about if I just sing.’
God said, ‘Your son is after you, he wants to cut your throat.’
David said, ‘God if you help me out, I will sacrifice a goat.’
God said, ‘Absalom will be here soon and you are the chosen one.’
David said, ‘Should I hide in a well or do you think I should run.’
God said, ‘You better hide out on Highway 61.’

God said to Jonah, ‘I want you to issue a warning.’
Jonah said, ‘It is late, I will depart in the morning.’
God said, ‘You better get on that ship and set sail.’
Jonah said, ‘I am afraid I might be swallowed by a whale?’
God says, ‘Don’t sass me boy, or I will hide the Sun.
You need to listen, so stick out your thumb.
Send my message out on Highway 61.’

God said to Moses, ‘Pharaoh is coming, it is time to flee.’
Moses said, ‘I am trapped here, you better part the sea.’
God said to Moses, ‘I want you to follow my rule.’
Moses said, ‘I am down with that, everything is cool.’
God said, ‘The promised land is on the horizon.
But you can’t go because we are not done.
Everyone else will leave on Highway 61’.

Same Song Different Lyrics

Imagine you had superpowers
Go ahead and try
Anyone you want
Maybe you would fly
Picture all the others
Flying through the sky Aha-ah…

Envision that it is raining
And you are staying dry
No umbrella with you
And your head is hanging high
Visualize all the people
Eating some of your pie…

I have always been a dreamer
It is the way I have my fun
I dream that we will be together
And I will get things done

Look at all the others
Watching us make love
We don’t need no audience
Or guidance from above
Dream my dreams with me
I am happy to share with you…

I have always been a dreamer
It is the way I have my fun
I dream that we will be together
And I will get things done