The City That Rudy Built

Rudy built this fun place to give the Disney Theme ride in Fantasy Land “It’s A Small World” and the new Legoland theme park and water park some competition.  The city was easy enough to build, but it only worked for people that were shrunk down to the size of a mouse.  Rudy created a shrink ray that he called his Rudy Tooter and it allowed any person to be shrunk down to mouse size for 4 hours.  The price of admission included a free hot air balloon ride, a helicopter ride, a bus ride, a taxi ride, a boat ride, a walking trip over 4 bridges and all the ice cream that you could eat.

Written for Imagination Plantation by Nova Namastè who asks that I write a short paragraph about what’s happening in the image above.  Create a pingback to this image and Tag three bloggers to write their own story.
I was tagged by Li of Tao Talk and I usually don’t tag other bloggers, because it makes me feel like I am enabling chain mail, but I will tag
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