Same Difference

Same as it always was
The same old used to be
Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results
He doesn’t smoke the same cigarettes as me
Like opposite sides of the same coin
It is all the same to me
Lightning never strikes the same place twice
We are all in the same boat singing the same tune
She can’t walk and chew gum at the same time
She lost her sparkle you know she isn’t the same
I’ll have the same thing
When it starts to rain, everything’s the same

Written for Devereaux Frazier Tuesday and Beth Amanda’s Go Dog Go Café Midwest Fantasy Tuesday Writing Prompt – Write a poem that begins and ends with the same word.

I Had a Dream

The other day I told Li over at Tao Talk about my dream and she felt that I had a moral obligation to tell somebody else about it, just in case it could save some lives.  In my dream I saw a ward of sick Covid-19 patients all hooked up to ventilators, which was seen as the final measure of care for these patients.  Then I thought that maybe all of these people could be saved if they were given O3 ozone to kill the coronavirus that they were infected with.

My CPAP cleaner uses activated oxygen O3 (ozone) a naturally occurring gas, that is supposed to be extremely safe and it kills 99.9% of bacteria, germs, and other pathogens and it has been used to purify water since the 1800s.  In my dream it was added to the ventilators of the people that were being treated for Covid-19 and they all recovered after a few treatments.  Ozone generators are able to make ozone from normal air and they are normally used as room disinfectants.  Ozone is at least ten times stronger than chlorine as a disinfectant.

I am not a medical professional and I would never suggest that anyone should inhale ozone, or drink Clorox, or inject Lysol, especially since ozone is dangerous to humans.  It can destroy your cells lining in your mouth, nasal pathways and be harmful to your lungs.  It has the ability to cause cell mutations and cause cancer.  When inhaled, ozone can damage the lungs.  Relatively low amounts can cause chest pain, coughing, shortness of breath and throat irritation.  Ozone may also worsen chronic respiratory diseases such as asthma and compromise the ability of the body to fight respiratory infections.

However, ozone gas is a remarkably versatile molecule.  The medical and disinfecting uses of ozone are vast and still being studied today.  Ozone has been particularly helpful in treating Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA).  These bacteria can cause infections across the body, and it is referred to as a “superbug”, because it is highly resistant to most antibiotics.  Ozone breaks down the cell walls of the bacteria, destroying it when other treatments fail.  Ozone not only destroys the bacterial cell, but it does it without leaving a residual effect after its oxidative reaction.  Ozone gas has been proven to kill the SARS coronavirus and since the structure of the new Covid-19 coronavirus is almost identical to that of the SARS coronavirus, it is relatively safe to think that it will also work on this new coronavirus.

The antipathogenic effects of ozone have been substantiated for several decades.  Its killing action upon bacteria, viruses, fungi, and in many species of protozoa, serve as the basis for its increasing use in disinfecting municipal water supplies in cities worldwide.  Typically, viruses are small, independent particles, built of crystals and macromolecules.  Unlike bacteria, they multiply only within the host cell.  Ozone destroys viruses by diffusing through the protein coat into the nucleic acid core, resulting in damage of the viral RNA.  At higher concentrations, ozone destroys the capsid or exterior protein shell by oxidation.

The chemical formula of ozone is O3.  It consists of 3 oxygen atoms and is very reactive.  Two atoms of oxygen form the basic oxygen molecule, becoming the oxygen that we breathe which is essential to life.  The third oxygen atom can detach from the ozone molecule, and re-attach to molecules of other substances, thereby altering their chemical composition.  It is this ability to react with other substances undergoing chemical reactions, which makes it an effective cleaning agent.  When it comes to disinfecting, the oxidation reaction targets microorganisms and destroys them on contact.

We typically think of ozone as a molecule in the ozone layer called the stratosphere.  The formation of ozone occurs when sunlight breaks apart an oxygen molecule (O2).  These two oxygen atoms then collide with another oxygen atom to form ozone.   It actually forms only 0.000004% of the earth’s atmosphere but it protects the planet from harmful sunlight, by filtering out harmful UVB radiation.  This radiation directly harms skin and causes skin cancer and cataracts.  Ozone at ground levels acts as an air pollutant.  It forms smog and causes breathing issues and other respiratory ailments.

Ozone can also be artificially created by using a high voltage electric current which acts as sunlight to convert oxygen gas to ozone.  Ozone generators are just a few of the machines that generate ozone.  These machines can be used as an air and water purifier by destroying bacteria and other toxins.  Ozone generators that are sold as air cleaners intentionally produce the gas ozone.  Often the vendors of ozone generators make statements and distribute material that lead the public to believe that these devices are always safe and effective in controlling indoor air pollution.  For almost a century, health professionals have refuted these claims.

In other countries is medical grade oxygen ozone therapy is being used to treat the coronavirus.  This is something very unique whereby a certain amount of blood is removed from the patient’s arm, then oxygen is introduced to the blood in an IV bag and then the blood is re-infused into the patient’s arm.  Sometimes they add ultraviolet light to the treatment plan as well.  This can help kill viruses and bacteria.  Studies being done now on these treatments.  In the US, a federal judge barred a Texas company from making claims that this treatment could be used as a cure for the coronavirus.

As far as my dream goes from what I learned today, ozone added to ventilators will most likely kill the people that are attached to them, but as Li said I had a moral obligation to do some research on this, just in case it turned out to be the cure that we are all looking for.  It is not my duty to save the world, but it never hurts to discuss your dreams with others.  Life goes on and today is like any other day and as I look at the sinking moon, I realize that even a rose has thorns.

Written for Go Dog Go Devereaux Frazier and Beth Amanda’s Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge – Even a rose has thorns, for May Writing Prompts – Sinking moon and for Linda G. Hill Life in progress What Day is it Anyway? Sunday, May 10th, 2020.

Alice Wondering

Alice had run out of toilet paper, so she went down to the gully to take care of her business, as here she could leave a stink and the jasmine would cover it up.  Alice blamed China for the toilet paper shortage, as this was their plan from the start, to destroy the American way of life.  China mishandled the outbreak, they delayed their initial response and they withheld information from the rest of the world.  Alice saw her president as a man who she would always worship, and since he was pointing his fingers at China, they must be guilty.  Eight weeks ago, Alice had 10 rolls of toilet paper and she figured that was fine, but times got bad and it started flying off store shelves and now all she can do is wonder when the store shelves will be restocked again.

Alice understood that demand was outpacing supply, but nobody seemed to know when it would be available again.  Toilet paper doesn’t kill the coronavirus, as the COVID-19 disease is a respiratory infection, not a stomach bug that necessitates frequent trips to the bathroom.  Alice was in a rage after being in lockdown and now having to take a dump without any toilet paper to wipe with was becoming the final indignity.  She never thought this shortage would still be going on and she wondered why her president had not solved this yet.  Was this cypher so complex, that nobody would ever unmask what is behind it, or would this all disappear like a miracle as her president promised that it would?

Alice frequently experienced bowel control problems, so she stretched out in the gully with her legs spread apart to slowly tighten and pull up her sphincter muscles to take some of the pressure off the area around her anus.  She was ready to squat now and she brought an old sock to wipe herself off with.  The days of Alice having feelings like life would return to normal were becoming far and few between and she wondered if she could ever be able to buy toilet paper again, and if she could, would that would be enough for her to feel normal again.  Alice could still remember when she had a normal life, but that memory was slowly fading.  She continued with her business as she thought silently to herself reflecting, “What does a return to “normal” look like for you?”

Written for Sheryl’s Daily Word Prompt – Cypher, for the Daily Spur prompt – Sock, for FOWC with Fandango – Rage, for the Devereaux Frazier and Beth Amanda’s Go Dog Go Café Tuesday Writing Prompt – What does a return to “normal” look like for you?, for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Nekneeraj’s Photo Challenge #314, for May Writing Prompts – The days of Alice, for Ragtag Community – Unmask, for Di’s Three Things Challenge prompt words – Worship Remember Bad and for Word of the Day Challenge Prompt – Jasmine.

Flattened Coins

We were throwing pennies down onto the railroad tracks because we liked to watch them get flattened when trains ran them over.  Susan saw us and she said, “Can you give me some pennies, so I can join in on the fun?”  I told Susan that I could hear a train coming along and that she would have to wait till the next time as it was too dangerous now.  I said, “After the train passes and when the dust clears, it will be your turn to place the pennies on the tracks.”  The train zoomed by and we heard our pennies flying all over the place and when it was safe again, we collected the flattened pennies.  I told Susan that I would give her the rest of my pennies if she kissed me and she said that she would, but that would not mean that she was in love with me.  He kissed Susan and gave her the rest of his pennies, and she wiped off her mouth and said, “watch me go.”  Just as she was about to put them on the tracks, a police officer came by and chased everyone away.  Susan was furious as he shredded her dreams in dignified air of victory.

Written for Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Love, Devereaux Frazier and Beth Amanda Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge – to write a story or poem that ends with the phrase “he shredded her dreams in dignified air of victory” and for Writer’s Guild prompts – throwing pennies, when the dust clears and watch me go.

Don’t Ease Me In

The wind cut into his skin and grey skies pressed down on the rotting town, but at least he was home.  The guy had been “all night long coming home”, so he probably did a lot of drinking with his friends and even though he is back home now, he is not ready to end the party.  On September 28, 1939, legendary jazz pianist and composer Jelly Roll Morton played ‘Don’t You Leave Me Here’ for Alan Lomax, which is very similar to the Texas Ragtime song ‘Don’t Leave Me Here (Don’t Ease Me In)’ that was recorded by Henry Thomas in 1928.  On several songs, Thomas accompanied himself on guitar and on quills, a folk instrument fabricated from cane reeds.  The instrument is similar in sound to the zampoña, used by musicians in Peru and Bolivia.  His legacy is sustained by four songs. ‘Fishin’ Blues’ which was covered by Taj Mahal and The Lovin’ Spoonful.  ‘Bull Doze Blues’ which was recorded by Canned Heat with new lyrics, and retitled ‘Goin’ Up The Country’ and ‘Honey Won’t You Allow Me One More Chance’ which was covered by Bob Dylan as ‘Honey Just Allow Me One More Chance’.  His song ‘Don’t Ease Me In’ was covered by the Grateful Dead.  Henry Thomas made a series of recordings from 1927 to 1929, before he decided to retire from music.

Tracing the origins of old songs can get confusing and lead to chaos, as in the chorus of the Henry Thomas song, he sings “I’m Alabama bound”, which can be traced back to a 1910 instrumental single by Prince’s Orchestra that was written by John J. Puderer and Robert Hoffman.  Adding to the confusion, Trixie Smith recorded ‘Railroad Blues’ in 1925 and that song contains the lyrics “I’m Alabama bound”.  The song ‘Alabama Bound’ was a hit for Papa Charlie Jackson in the mid 20s, & in different forms found its way into the repertoire of such diverse artists as Jelly Roll Morton & Leadbelly.  In an interview with Alan Lomax, Jelly Roll Morton claimed to have written the song ‘Alabama Bound’ in 1905 which he recorded in 1939 as ‘Don’t You Leave Me Here’ claiming that he made the song up when he was in the Alabama barrel house circuit.  A bar where whiskey is served straight from the barrel is called a barrelhouse.  Add a piano and you’ve got yourself a party.  The barrelhouses of the rural South were rough wooden shacks where the African American laborer community gathered to drink and dance at the edge of small towns and levee camps.  I can’t dance.  No really, I can’t.  Please stop asking.  I am glad we got that settled.

What is this song about, do the lyrics have any significance?  To ease is to make milder or less severe, to relieve or assuage one’s grief or pain.  He “was standing at the corner Talking to Miss Brown” and when he “turned around, She was way cross town”, but she was probably not up to any type of treachery or involved in any conspiracy, she just knew how to jet away.  He is out with a dollar in his hand “looking for a woman”, even though he has one at home that is “sweet and true”.  Some people just can’t be trusted, as when you turn your back and they steal pickles and maybe this guy was the pickle thief from La La Land.  His girl brings him coffee and tea which are both wet and probably quenched his thirst after a long night of drinking.  I am sure that she would have given him a beet, if he asked for that, as they are packed with essential vitamins, minerals and plant compounds, some of which have medicinal properties, but maybe he did not like beets, thinking that they taste like tar.

Don’t ease, don’t ease
Don’t ease me in
I’ve been all night long coming home
Don’t ease me in
I was standing at the corner
Talking to Miss Brown
Well I turned around, sweet moma
She was way cross town
So I’m walking down the street
With a dollar in my hand
I’ve been looking for a woman, sweet moma
Ain’t got no man
The girl I love
She’s sweet and true
You know the dress she wears, sweet moma
It’s pink and blue
She brings me coffee
You know she brings me tea
She brings ‘bout every damn thing
But the jailhouse key

Written for Sheryl’s Daily Word Prompt – Assuage, for Roger Shipp’s Daily Addictions prompt – Beet, for Normal Happenings Daily Inkling prompt – I Can’t Dance. No Really, I Can’t. Please Stop Asking, for the Daily Spur prompt – Significance, for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie First Line Friday hosted by Dylan, for FOWC with Fandango – Conspiracy, for Christine’s Daily Writing Prompt – La La Land, for Linda G. Hill’s ‘Life in progress’ JusJoJan January prompt – Chaos, for January Writing Prompts – The pickle thief, for Ragtag Community – Retire, for Di’s Three Things Challenge prompt words – Wet Tar Jet and for Word of the Day Challenge Prompt – Community.

You Can’t See Me

Twenty four year old Kate was playing with her three year old nice Kelly and she crossed her right arm over her eyes and said, “Na, na, na, na you can’t see me.”  Little Kelly replied, “Aunt Kate, just because you have covered up your eyes, saying that I can’t see you is not a valid point, because I can still see you.  It is not all that complicated, as you would have to cover my eyes for me not to be able to see you.  I don’t see your eyes, but just because you are out of sight, that doesn’t mean that you are out of mind, as I will always think of you and about that night when you were sleepless in the town of Harmony and you told me that you were having a baby and I would have a new cousin.”

Kate said, “Wow that was an impressive answer and I admire your accuracy and I am so proud that you will never be taken advantage of by any riff raff, or disreputable or undesirable people, because you have a functioning brain.  You will know when your glass is half empty and when it is half full, which wheel needs the grease and you will be able to determine which way the wind is blowing and know when there is trouble at the gate.  How about we watch a movie while I comb that scraggly hair of yours, but first we will need to go to Stage Clear and you have to pick up your toys.  While you are doing that, I will get us each some ice for our drinks.  I think I found a movie that we may both enjoy called Robin Hood Turns Over a New Leaf in Sherwood Forest, what do you think, will that work for you?”

Written for Sheryl’s Daily Word Prompt – Accuracy, for Roger Shipp’s Daily Addictions prompt – Gate, for Normal Happenings Daily Inkling prompt – Stage Clear, for the Daily Spur prompt – Wind, for Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Complicated, for FOWC with Fandango – Valid, for Christine’s Daily Writing Prompt – Grease, for Devereaux Frazier and Beth Amanda of Midwest Fantasy Tuesday Writing Prompt – “twenty four” and “ice”, for Linda G. Hill’s ‘Life in progress’ JusJoJan January prompt – Scraggly, for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie NEKNEERAJ’s Photo Challenge #299, for January Writing Prompts – Sleepless in the town of harmony, for Ragtag Community – Movie, for Di’s Three Things Challenge prompt words – Glass Leaf Robin and for Word of the Day Challenge Prompt – Riff.

Weak in the Knees

I rarely have sex like that anymore and her unusual method caused a really intense sensation which made my butt cheeks clinch together.  It is like riding a bicycle, as even if you fall off a few times, when you get back on it still feels amazing.  She called it the Butterfly and she would lay on the bed while I was standing up.  She would shimmy to the edge of the bed and rest her legs on my chest, hooking them on my shoulders for leverage.  She had me place my hands on her hips to help lift her up.  I thought that the Kamasutra was extinct, but she told me that this was position #76 and it allowed her to feel super submissive and dominated.  Hope was a funny girl and she was very understanding and the moments we spent with each other are portraits of time for me.

Written for Roger Shipp’s Daily Addictions prompt – Hope, for the Daily Spur prompt – Understanding, for FOWC with Fandango – Rarely, for Christine’s Daily Writing Prompt – Funny girl, for January Writing Prompts – Portraits of time, for Ragtag Community – Extinct, for GC and Sue W Weekly Prompt – Unusual and for Word of the Day Challenge Prompt – Clinch.


The scroll of the screen continued even after she closed her eyes.  The long and short arrows pointed left and right, up and down as the ophthalmologist measured the curvature of the front of her cornea by using a non-invasive medical imaging technique to map the surface curvature of the outer structure of her eye.  The test determined that her vision is blurred because her cornea (the clear front cover of her eye) is irregularly shaped, but she also had cataracts.  Jade was a popular blogger who wrote poetry and she also enjoyed the sound of music, participating in Song Lyric Sunday and the MM Music challenge every other Friday.  There was a vast wonderland out there and jade was missing some of it because of her vision, so she decided to schedule the surgery.

With the surgery and the new lenses implanted, she would be able to spot familiar faces again, drive her car with more confidence even if there was rain.  Jade had been making a lot of typos on her posts and after the operation, she hoped to cut down on these five finger fiascoes.  Jade wanted to dive into this new story about Mother Nature wanting to strike back against the fossil fuel companies who were ruining the Earth.  Jade knew that Global Warming was not false and she was embracing the impeachment process against Trump and she would shout, “Hurray”, when he was gone for good.

Written for Sheryl’s Daily Word Prompt – Vast, for Roger Shipp’s Daily Addictions prompt – Dive, for the Daily Spur prompt – Rain, for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie First Line Friday hosted by Dylan prompt – The scroll of the screen continued even after she closed her eyes, for FOWC with Fandango – False, for Christine’s Daily Writing Prompt – The sound of music, for Linda G. Hill’s ‘Life in progress’ JusJoJan January prompt – Jade, for January Writing Prompts – Five finger fiascoes, for Ragtag Community – Wonderland, for Reena’s Exploration Challenge #118 prompt, for Di’s Three Things Challenge prompt words – Story Popular Strike and for Word of the Day Challenge Prompt – Hurray.

Psychic Abilities

She was able to perceive information that was normally hidden from many other average people’s senses.  While she was standing in the mirror, she developed her clairvoyance in a dreamy but extremely aware state, till she started to see images forming that sent messages and opened up her third eye.  She would chant softly, “Mirror, mirror, reveal to me. Mirror, mirror, let me see. I will follow your lead, so shall it be.”  This was a special mirror, not the same one that she used for brushing her teeth.  She practiced catoptromancy using her mirror to foresee future events and gain insight.  She placed the mirror under her pillow at night to instigate dreams of those she considered might turn out to be her future lovers, and she also used this method to find out when a person would recover from sickness.

She would often catch a glimpse of a spirit, standing behind her while she was looking into her mirror, one that had become trapped inside of the mirror and was unable to return to its body.  Spirits are energy, and they are not able to see themselves in mirrors.  She was the real deal, not just a person with a funny face that used smoke and mirrors to trick people, but many people thought that she was daffy.  She was a big fan of hors d’oeuvres and at parties, she would often say, “Bring me the cheese please.”  If someone would drop the serving tray, she would always call the three-second rule and declare it not to be a complete loss, as food was something to be valued.  She was known to go off on a tangent, because she was once left standing at the alter by a groom who engaged in a caprice action, but at least she enjoyed the ride.

Written for Sheryl’s Daily Word Prompt – Caprice, for Roger Shipp’s Daily Addictions prompt – Ride, for the Daily Spur prompt – Average, for FOWC with Fandango – Tangent, for Christine’s Daily Writing Prompt – Funny face, for Devereaux Frazier and Beth Amanda of Midwest Fantasy Tuesday Writing Prompt – standing in the mirror, she, for January Writing Prompts – Bring me the cheese please, for Ragtag Community – Daffy, for Teresa Grabs Daily Writing Prompt #15 where she asks us to write about Psychic Abilities, for Ragtag Community – Daffy, for Di’s Three Things Challenge prompt words – Fan Loss Food and for Word of the Day Challenge Prompt – Complete.

Weird Dream

If all roads lead to Rome, then how did the Romans ever get anywhere?  This must have pissed them off if they started out heading for Athens and they ended up back in Rome and the imponderabilia of this situation which was always a vicious circle would boggle anyone.  I will just let that thought bake in your brain for a while I relate my dream from last night to you about this large brain that I met in the woods.  The brain had no voice, but we were able to communicate through telepathy.  The brain scarred me with twisted tales and torture devices and I was ready to say bye, bye birdie to the brain, when I heard the wind chime ring out and I realized that we were not alone.  I heard laughter and I did a search for the sound which began to scintillate my ears.

The brain started to mirror everything that I was doing and all I could think about was finding an axe and splitting it into two hemispheres.  I don’t normally subscribe to violence, but I knew that I was dreaming and I began to think of the brain as being nothing more than an unnecessary big empty text box that should be deleted, because it was just taking up space in my dream.  It became vital that I beat this brain at his own game.  The game was on like Donkey Kong and we were going to tangle, as I was going to test his metal and then rub his nose in it.  I had to maintain my poise and refrain from being shy, so I could destroy the brain and not leave any traces behind.  This was not the time to be negligent, but all I had was a beach towel and some paper and as daylight was running out, I needed a plan.  No matter how many winters had to pass, I needed to save the human race from this giant brain bug and I remembered that in Starship Troopers, that the brain was more afraid of us than we were of it.

Written for Sheryl’s Daily Word Prompt – Vital, for Roger Shipp’s Daily Addictions prompt – Bake, for the Daily Spur prompt – Test, for Normal Happenings Daily Inkling prompt – Big Empty Text Box, for Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Laughter, for Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #49 where the image is a large silver brain in a wooded area surrounded by trees, for FOWC with Fandango – Paper, for Christine’s Daily Writing Prompt – Bye Bye Birdie, for Linda G. Hill’s ‘Life in progress’ JusJoJan January prompt – Subscribe, for Randomness Inked Scribbling the Unspoken Let it Bleed Weekly Prompt Challenge 34 prompt – Winters, for January Writing Prompts – Twisted tales and torture devices, for Ragtag Community – Daylight, for Di’s Three Things Challenge prompt words – Beat Towel Shy, for Word of the Day Challenge Prompt – Boggle and for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Wordle 163, hosted by Yves where the prompts are – Rub Tangle Scintillate Search Wind chime Alone Traces Poise Negligent Imponderabilia Mirror Everything.