Winter Eye Blues

This cold weather always makes my glaucoma worse.  Here in NYC, it can be sunny and 50 degrees one day, and the next day it’s snowing and 20 degrees and there is nothing worse than a cold winter rain.  This drastic change in temperature can cause pressure changes in my body that manifest their effect on my eyes.  I am forced to smoke a lot more weed when this happens, but this always seems to lower my eye pressure.  To make things worse, I tried to help this guy out and he gave me a shiner, in fact, he hit me so hard that I ended up with two black eyes.  He was involved in a fight and I heard that the cops were on their way, so I told him that this would be a good time for him to split, before he ended up getting arrested.  He said, “You don’t tell me nothing”, and then the next thing I knew, I was on the ground, as this guy had a punch like Mike Tyson.

Written for Devereaux Frazier and Beth Amanda’s Go Dog Go Café Midwest Fantasy Tuesday Writing Prompt – where we are supposed to write about black eyes and cold winter rain.

China Doll

She checked into the Heartbreak Hotel and went to the jacuzzi to soak her porcelain skin.  After soaking for an hour, she made an appointment with the masseuse in the massage parlor to get buffed, as she wanted to get the shine back in her skin.  She wanted to look her best before shooting herself in the head and then diving off the balcony of her hotel room and being smashed into thousands of pieces.  The Grateful Dead song ‘China Doll’ was originally titled ‘The Suicide Song’ and this is not for the faint of heart.  The song was written by Jerry Garcia and Robert Hunter.

She was a human being not a child’s toy and she fell on hard times due to the Covid-19 virus, but I really didn’t know all that much about her.  I can’t condemn her for her drastic actions and all I can do is offer sympathy to her family.  I sold her the pistol and I asked her what she needed it for, but she would not tell me a thing.  I heard the bells ringing up in heaven and then the Donovan song ‘Hurdy Gurdy Man’ began playing.  She knew that this was an unforgivable sin, so even with her head cracked open, but before she hit the ground, she begged her Creator to have mercy on her soul.

A pistol shot at five o’clock
The bells of heaven ring
Tell me what you done it for
No I won’t tell you a thing

Yesterday I begged you
Before I hit the ground
All I leave behind me
Is only what I found

If you can abide it
Let the hurdy gurdy play
Stranger ones have come by here
Before they flew away

I will not condemn you
Nor yet would I deny
I would ask the same of you
But failing, will not die

Take up your china doll
It’s only fractured
Just a little nervous from the fall

La la la la la la la

Written for Devereaux Frazier Tuesday and Beth Amanda’s Go Dog Go Café Midwest Fantasy Tuesday Writing Prompt where we are supposed to use the words hotel and porcelain skin.

Warmhearted Wackadoodle Waitress

The affectionate girl was sympathetic and kind, always acting out of tenderness and showing good will toward everyone.  There was no room in her heart for anger, jealousy or insecurity, as she was the girl that you wanted to take home to show off to your parents.  The problem was that she could be eccentric at times bordering on fanatical, maybe she went off her meds, or it could be that deep down she was completely bonkers.  I had just won a shin kicking contest and I decided to get involved in a face punching match.  It was snowing the day that we met and I noticed her as soon as I walked into the café.  It is not easy being a lumberjack up north and I was happy to start up a conversation with this warmhearted wackadoodle waitress.

Written for Devereaux Frazier and Beth Amanda’s Go Dog Go Café Midwest Fantasy Tuesday Writing Prompt where today we are asked to list 3 of our favorite words beginning with the letter W.

Human Trafficking

The exploitation for commercial sex or forced labor along with psychological coercion is a $150 billion industry, that must stop, and everyone has to do their part to make that happen.  Currently, there are more slaves in the world than the population of London, New York, and Los Angeles combined.  Predators choose children because they can be vulnerable and naïve.  They commonly look for a child that is alone, isolated, poor, rebellious, one that comes from an abusive, fractured home or has emotional and physical needs.  Children account for 27% of all the human trafficking victims worldwide, and two out of every three child victims are girls.  Children are being trafficked into prostitution and made to become agricultural and domestic workers who are paid little or nothing.

Florida ranks third in U.S. in human trafficking cases reported by states, behind only California and Texas.  Politics plays a big part in this, as legislation and protocol against it have recently increased, however the Trump administration has cut back on prosecutions of these crimes and also any assistance to the victims, even though he has pledged to make the fight against human trafficking a priority.  Trump asserted that building a wall along the southern U.S. border is essential to stopping human trafficking, but this is not a humanitarian project that will end human trafficking and this claim is inaccurate and misleading.  Many experts agree that the wall would not have any impact on the rate of trafficking and his allegation is not supported by several global and local organizations that track data on tens of thousands of human trafficking cases in the country.

Written for Devereaux Frazier Tuesday and Beth Amanda’s Go Dog Go Café Midwest Fantasy Tuesday Writing Prompt – where we are supposed to write a piece of prose or poetry that uses the words child, predators, and politics.

And Miles to Go Before I Sleep

In Robert Frost’s poem, Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening, he says, “My little horse must think it queer”, which is odd, but the horse is domesticated and it likes to do things that are in its routine, so it feels strange when they stop at a place where they normally wouldn’t.  I became a fan of this poem after watching the 1977 Charles Bronson War/Spy movie Telefon.  Today Eugenia explained Golden Shovel Poetry which was created by Terrance Hayes and she wrote about the Robert Frost poem Acquainted with the NightI will give this a try with the line that makes up the title of my post, thus I will write a seven-line poem with line one ending with the word “And” and this will continue till the last line of my poem which will end with the word “Sleep”.  My apologies in advance for my poem not making much sense.

Can I end a sentence with the word and?
If I can will this help me to see for miles and miles.
In the English language, it is permissible to end a sentence with the preposition to.
They begged me not to go.
I heard these words before.
When I am talking about myself, I use the word I.
I had a nightmare when I went to sleep.

Whose woods these are I think I know.
His house is in the village though;
He will not see me stopping here
To watch his woods fill up with snow.

My little horse must think it queer
To stop without a farmhouse near
Between the woods and frozen lake
The darkest evening of the year.

He gives his harness bells a shake
To ask if there is some mistake.
The only other sound’s the sweep
Of easy wind and downy flake.

The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.

Written for Eugenia Hoffman’s Go Dog Go Café Prompt of Golden Shovel Poetry, where you take a line (or lines) from a poem you admire and use each word in the line (or lines) as an end word in your poem.  The new poem does not have to be about the same subject as the poem that offers the end words.

What’s Up Doc

Happy Birthday Bugs Bunny, and I want to say that you are looking really great for someone who turned 80 years old today.  I am so happy that I grew up with you and your fellow cartoon characters and that I was able to go on many an escapade together with you.  I never made it all the way down your rabbit hole, but beneath the surface of the night while I was laying in my bed, I did dream about you.  When I was young, I had trouble distinguishing between my R’s and W’s which had nothing to do with the locale that I was from, it was natural for a kid my age that watched Elmer Fudd, and I often said wabbit instead of rabbit.  My speech teacher had me say things like,Bitter bananas” and I had to repeat many things to satisfy her.  Elmer Fudd may have been the worst hunter ever and even though he could never get a break from that wascally wabbit, he would have never made any money at this, despite all of the labor that he put into his hunting.  I just ran out of shows to watch on Netflix and I am thinking about checking out Umbrella Academy.

Written for Sheryl’s Daily Word Prompts – Locale, for the Daily Spur prompt – Natural, for FOWC with Fandango – Escapade, for Midwest Fantasy Devereaux Frazier and Beth Amanda Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge – Beneath the surface of the night, for Jibber Jabber by Sue – Satisfy, for August Monthly Writing Prompts – Bitter bananas, for Ragtag Community – Umbrella, for Di’s Three Things Challenge prompt words – Labor Money Break, for GC The Main Aisle and Sue W Nan’s Farm Weekly Prompt – Characters and for Word of the Day Challenge Prompt – Dream.

More Than I Need

I had enough toilet paper to last me till Thanksgiving and I was not worried when all the shelves were empty at the store, but yesterday when I went out, I saw that they had toilet paper available on the shelves again, and I bought more.  It is taking up the whole bottom space in my pantry and I can barely close the door and I figure that now I will be good through Easter and my pantry could be called the cupboard of abundance.  I certainly don’t want to run out of toilet paper and it looks like we have a long way to go with this Covid-19 pandemic, as it doesn’t seem to be going quietly away.  I wonder if I was stocking up, or have I become a hoarder.

It seems simple enough, wash your hands, avoid touching your face and when you are out in public, wear a mask and practice social distancing.  Trump came up with a deeply flawed argument, dismissing the severity of the pandemic, downplaying the effect of the disease even as infections continue to spread across the US.  He falsely claimed that 99% of the virus cases are totally harmless and I heard on the news that 4% of the people who get Covid-19 in the US, end up dead.  Almost 130,000 people have already died here from this so-called “harmless” virus and at about 2.9 million people have tested positive for the infection, so a simple observation along with some easy math says that it is closer to 4.5% of the people that contract this virus will end up dead.  These statistics don’t even account for the thousands of people who have spent weeks in the hospital or weeks at home with mild to moderate symptoms that caused debilitating health problems.

In Florida where many people are aging, test results showed that by July 3, that there has been a total of 190,052 positive COVID-19 cases with 3,702 of these resulting in death from the virus.  Since July 3rd, 18 more Florida residents have died from this pandemic.  It is not just the older populations and those with underlying health conditions that are at risk, as Covid-19 is having a severe impact on young people now.  In Florida, the median age of positive Covid-19 cases in March was 65 years old, but within the last week, it has dropped to 35 years old.  Florida has reopened and maybe this was done by Governor Ron DeSantis to oblige the Republican president, but if that is the case, this was done in bad taste.

A significant portion of Covid-19 patients are asymptomatic, so that means that there are a lot of people who are walking around with the virus, but since they are unaware of having it, but they are passing this infection on to others, so the transmission is still spreading.  The Novel Covid-19 is a silent killer and you may not know that you are infected, until it is too late.  The world is different now, especially in the stillness that was created by social distancing, quarantine, and isolation.  Many people feel loneliness and this is apparent in those who wear their heart on their sleeve, but everyone copes differently and you can’t tell a book by its cover.  It is not like we can put on a pair of ruby slippers and tap our heels together like Dorothy did in The Wizard of Oz and have everything go back to normal again, as the genie is not getting back in the bottle.

Written for Sheryl’s Daily Word Prompts – Oblige, for the Daily Spur prompt – Loneliness, for Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Observation, for Reena’s Exploration Challenge #Week 142 prompt – The genie is not getting back in the bottle, for FOWC with Fandango – Taste, for Midwest Fantasy Devereaux Frazier and Beth Amanda Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge – to write a poem or piece of prose around the words “in the stillness”, for Jibber Jabber by Sue – Quietly, for July Monthly Writing Prompts – The cupboard of abundance, for Ragtag Community – Ruby, for Di’s Three Things Challenge prompt words – Available Book Sleeve, for Linda G. Hill Life in progress What Day is it Anyway? July 7th, 2020 and for Word of the Day Challenge Prompt – Aging.

Atlantis Sinks

52,000 years ago, Thoth left his city of Keor, on the island of Undal, in the lost continent of Atlantis to go on a three-hour cruise with his daughter Seshat the librarian who had just finished recording all of the sacred spells on a scroll.  Thoth christened his new boat the Mystic Moonlight and he opened a bottle of wine to celebrate Seshat finishing her project of recording the spells that would unlock the necessary knowledge which would allow them to exist on transcendental planes.  They finished the wine and Seshat started crying about her boyfriend leaving her for another woman.  Hell, hath no fury like a woman scorned and Seshat cast a wave curse upon the village where her boyfriend and his new lover were living.

Waves came rushing in, one after another and the village was completely destroyed.  Thoth tried to talk some sense into his daughter, telling her that she had done enough damage and it was time for her to end the curse.  Seshat said that she was not doing this, as she only called for three waves to hit the village, and this was only meant to scare them, not wipe the village off the map.  The weather started getting rough and the tiny ship was tossed.  A sea-floor earthquake erupted, as tremors shook the foundations of the continent and a battalion of fire descended from the sky, which was so intense that the Utopian kingdom of Atlantis was swallowed by the sea and it sank deep into the ocean, never to be found again.

They looked back at Atlantis in disbelief and Thoth told Seshat that if they sailed through the pillars of Hercules that they might end up in Greece or Egypt.  Thoth thought that Egypt might be better, as Atlantis had waged a war on Greece years ago, but they were repelled when the Athenians led a resistance against them and Thoth felt that they might still harbor ill feeling for them as a result of this conflict.  They sailed East for weeks catching fish to eat and saving rain water to satisfy their thirst.

One day an ibis landed on the deck of the ship and Thoth killed it and they ate the bird, happy that they didn’t have to eat fish that day.  Thoth said that the ibis was a sign of good luck and it would become their sacred bird, so he left what remained of its carcass tied to the bow.  Without dark, there were no stars to guide the Mystic Moonlight, but when the Sun went down celestial bodies guided them on their way.  Thoth and Seshat made it to Egypt and they sailed up the Nile where they were both worshipped as gods, because of their advanced knowledge.

Written for Devereaux Frazier Tuesday and Beth Amanda’s Go Dog Go Café Midwest Fantasy Tuesday Writing Prompt – where we are supposed to write something around the words “mystic moonlight”.

Tales of Brave Ulysses

Women are impregnated by fallen angels and urged to keep their silence.
They are cursed, their daughters became sirens and their sons became giants.
Aglaophonus, Leukosia, Ligeia, Molpe, Parthenope, Raidne, Teles and Thelxiope
All of them lost a singing contest to the Muses, which took away their hope.
The Muses plucked out their feathers and wore them as a prize.
With their wings clipped, the Sirens needed a new disguise.
Eventually their wings grow back in, but they were no longer able to fly.
Stuck on an island they took out their revenge on all sailors that passed by.
You would not want to be a passenger on a ship that goes near this island paradise.
The inhabitants here are not very nice and they will make you pay the ultimate price.
These unhappy winged maidens dwelt on a small island in a flowery meadow,
They cleared their throats to warm up their voices, as the wind began to blow.
Half human and half bird, they watch their harbor for ships going by,
Many a traveler is reduced to skin and bones, without knowing why.
Eight sirens distract men with their sweet singing on a Summer day,
Their hypnotic voices fill the air, as they look over their new prey.
The flowery island of Antheomessa draws sailors near its shores.
Treacherous rocks line the coast, so sailors come in with their oars.
The sailors stare at the beautiful bird women, while they drink their wine.
They listen to the enchanting voices, and they become frozen there in time.
The naked ears of the sailors are tortured by the sirens sweetly singing.
Their voices make them follow and the sky brings them down stinging.
They marvel at their beauty, as the Sirens call out their names.
Sirens start out singing softly, it is how they play their games.
Sailors put their glasses down, unaware that they will never reach their home.
They are put into an endless trance, their ears hurt and they begin to moan.
Near the raging sea, soft sultry voices sing out a melancholy tune.
The sailors start to cry and scream, hoping it will all be over soon.
The sailors are in agony now, as they hear the voices of the drowned.
Horror and despair take over the sailors, and their brains begin to pound.
The captain cries, as he sees his men dying all around him.
He devises a plan, knowing that things are looking grim.
He sees the siren’s face in a mirror, and he stabs it with a dagger.
Dripping blood, the Siren screamed and then she began to stagger.
The captain prays to Vulturnus, the god of the East wind.
Vulturnus never liked the sirens, so he begins to grin.
He blows harder and harder till their irritating voices are no longer heard.
The captain thanks the wind god, sets sail and wonders what just occurred.
He says, “we have just touched the distant beaches like the brave Ulysses.
We lost some good men, we ran away, but no one can ever call us sissies”.

Written for Devereaux Frazier Tuesday and Beth Amanda’s Go Dog Go Café Midwest Fantasy Tuesday Writing Prompt – where we are supposed to write a piece of prose around the word “sirens”.

The Day Before Easter

‘Twas the day before Easter, she laid in her bed
Thoughts of bunnies swirled around in her head
No dreams of dragon scales, just eggs, candy and toys
She was listening to a tune by the Back Street Boys
The egg hunt was soon and eggs she would gather
She could go on for hours with all of her blather
The bunny ears were a subtle innuendo that she was ready
Her excitement kept building up till she felt unsteady
She got up from her bed and walked around her room
She looked out her window and the lilies started to bloom
She loved this holiday and she was known to hem and haw
She saved a carrot for the Easter Bunny and yes it was raw
Today she would watch the film Easter Parade
Help her mom color eggs and drink lemon aide
The whole day long, she felt fine
She coughed at bedtime, was this a sign
She got sick that night and never got her basket
Covid-19 entered her bosom and she is in a casket
I miss you

Written for Sheryl’s Daily Word Prompt – Blather, for the Daily Spur prompt – Tune, for FOWC with Fandango – Innuendo, for Devereaux Frazier and Beth Amanda’s Go Dog Go Café Midwest Fantasy Tuesday Writing Prompt – I miss you, for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Nekneeraj’s Photo Challenge #317, for May Writing Prompts – Dragon scales, for Ragtag Community – Bloom, for Di’s Three Things Challenge prompt words – Raw Film Sign and for Word of the Day Challenge Prompt – Bosom.