Not That Plane

Photo prompt provided by Yarnspinnerr.

Jim said, “I was anticipating it would another airline.”  Frank said, “It was the only flight that I could book, I hope this is not going to be a problem?”  Jim said, “It is fine, but I did have a bad experience the last time that I flew on IndiGo Air.  I was coming back from Australia with my wife and that the kangaroo burger I ate for lunch upset my stomach.  I made about ten trips to the bathroom, but only gas came out and when I got those stomach pains again, I figured why go all the way to the bathroom if it is just gas.  I lifted my cheek up off the seat and let it slip out, but that was a bad idea, as it came out as a deadly bomb.  The smell was atrocious and seconds later all the mothers on the plane started changing their babies diapers.  The blind lady sitting in front of me started beating her dog with a cane and saying ‘bad boy’.

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Written for Princess Joy FFfAW Challenge-168th

Till The Cows Come Home

It was already too late to make any more hay bale decorations, as the judge would be here soon to bestow the hay decorating prize.  The cows will also be wandering up this way as soon as we open up this field for them to graze.  Cows are notoriously languid creatures that usually go along at their own unhurried pace.  The cattle that are let out to pasture are usually expected to return to the barn for their milking the next morning, as otherwise their udders will feel like they are bursting with milk, which would make them very uncomfortable.

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Written for Randomness Inked Scribbling the Unspoken “Let it Bleed” Weekly Prompt Challenge 15 and Princess Joy Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers 164th Challenge.

At Last It Is Mine

I finally captured the Sprite and in case you ask, a Sprite is an out of the ordinary diminutive being, a supernatural ethereal enchanter entity who often depicted as a fairy-like creature, such as a brownie, elf, genie, gnome, nymph or pixie.  It was drawn to the cookies that I just baked and I waited for it to show itself.  It looks like a bright light between my fingers, but when I captured the Sprite it was a delicate, beautiful, ageless winged woman dressed in diaphanous white clothing.  Sprites are creatures of the element water and they are found only in places where it is serene and cool.  They like to play with nymphs or torment butterflies, but the butterflies don’t really seem to mind.  Sprites have one very important job, which is going around and changing the colors of a tree’s leaves in Autumn.  I should let this one go, so it can go about doing its business.

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Written for Princess Joy’s FFfAW Challenge-Week of January 30, 2018.

Bus Crash

Photo prompt is provided by Pamela S. Canepa

You can’t see it now because it is so dark, but right over there is where the two busses collided into each other.  It was a really tragic morning, the crash sounded like an explosion, people started running for their lives, as the smoke poured out of both buses from the impact.  The impact was so strong, that cars on the street were being turned over like dominos.  Three people were killed and more than a dozen others were hurt, as the force of the crash sent the charter bus right through the front entrance of that fast food restaurant.  Sixteen others were hurt in the crash, mostly suffering broken bones and gashes, but some are still in critical condition fighting for their lives.  One bus was speeding, barreling down the street and the sheer destruction caused both of the busses to spin around and one of the buses then slammed into a building, compromising the structure’s integrity.  Police, firemen and rescue workers swarmed in to help and the intersection was closed off for hours.

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Written for Priceless Joy’s September 18, 2017 133rd Challenge Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

I Feel Like An Idiot

Photo prompt by shivamt25

You give me this chair which is probably made for a Kindergartener and then you tell me to be quite and sit by these potted plants.  You told me that I am free to roam around in this room, as long as I cooperate and that I don’t tell anyone what I saw you do.  It is just my luck, as I only came over here to borrow a cup of sugar for my coffee and I stumbled into this mess.  I see that you are packing up to leave town and believe me your husband was a real asshole, so I am glad that you shot him.  I played golf with him once and he talked in my backswing, drove his cart on the green and I saw him take a ball out of his pocket and pretend like he did not lose one.  I am sure that he had it coming and that he got exactly what he deserved.  You should get some club soda for that blood stain on the couch.

FffAW Challenge by Princess Joy Posted for Week of September 12, 2017
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The Claw

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My hand is becoming a claw and for some reason it wants to get you.  The claw is very powerful, it will grab you and crush your bones into dust.  The claw is hungry now and you know that nothing can stop the claw!  Ooh, the claw’s coming to get you.  You should run, go save yourself before the claw attacks you!  Mom just became the claw, and now we are both after you.  Mom, I hope that Junior does not discover that the claw actually does have a weakness.  No, I will never tell him that it loses all of its power when someone is no longer scared of the claw.  I am not sure where he is hiding, but the claw is pointing this way, so he is probably behind the couch.  There he is, so claw do your stuff and get him.

FFfAW Challenge by Princess Joy Posted for Week of September 05, 2017
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Giant Squid Brain

Photo by Jade M. Wong

It is sad that this is all that is left of the giant squid who washed in with hurricane Harvey and was found off the coast of Texas.  The squid was 43 feet long, and it probably weighed nearly a ton.  The carnivorous mollusk had a long, torpedo shaped body and at one end, it featured a beak-like mouth that appeared to be strong enough to cut through steel.  The beast was found with its arms and tentacles held up over its head, in what’s known as the ‘cockatoo’ position attacking a bait store in the harbor.  A marine scientist managed to save its doughnut shaped brain after many Texans shot the creature multiple times and then consumed it in a turtle seafood soup.  A Comanche Indian felt that the brain was still alive, as he sensed subliminal messages being sent to him to go out and buy a book titled the, ‘Ancient Book of Eli’, so he shot the giant squid brain with several arrows and then it began to bleed.

FFfAW Challenge by Princess Joy Posted for Week of August 29, 2017
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