Indelible Mark Of Cain

Cain killed his brother Able and he had to admit his mistake to God.  God declared to Cain, “Now you are under a curse and driven from the ground, which opened its mouth to receive your brother’s blood from your hand.  When you work the ground, it will no longer yield its crops for you.  You will be a restless wanderer on the earth”.  Cain reasoned that more people would come into existence later in his lifetime, and that there was a good chance that they would rise up against him.  They would not just merely curse and swear at him, they would try to kill him.  Cain had been a farmer, but now that God had put a curse on the ground which would prevent him from making a living, so he was really troubled.  Cain was not just worried that other people would think he was a murderer, he was also worried because he was the one that had caused the ground to be cursed that many people would hate him.  Cain knew that the curse on him would become a curse on others as well and that all future farmers would encounter difficulty reaping the crops they had sown in their fields, no matter how hard they would work.  Cain felt that they would eventually resort to vengeance against him because he had caused them all this trouble.

God gave Cain an indelible mark, which was a tattoo of a cross, that was marked on Cain’s forehead. Everyone understood that the cross was a sign of God’s salvation, so nobody messed with Cain after he was marked.  Cain took comfort in knowing that if anyone killed him, that they would be punished in a way that was seven times worse than the punishment that he received.  Cain did not know that this sevenfold vengeance, which God had decreed against him, was a curse that would endure for seven generations, when Cain would eventually be killed by Lamech, one of his ancestors.

After Cain was born, but before Abel was born, Adam and Eve had a daughter, who they named Awan. After Abel was born, but before he was killed, Adam and Eve had twin daughters named Candy and Sugar. Adam and Eve told Cain that he was to marry Awan because he was their oldest son and she was their oldest daughter.  Cain told his parents that he wanted to marry his sister Candy, because she was the most beautiful of his sisters.  Cain was not happy about the decision that his parents made, but he obeyed them, because they convinced him how much Awan loved him and that he would be much better off having a wife who showed her love towards him.  Cain had intercourse with his wife, and she conceived and gave birth to Enoch.  Cain became the founder of a city and he gave the city the name of his son Enoch.  Enoch fathered Irad, and Irad fathered Mehujael, Mehujael fathered Methushael, and Methushael fathered Lamech and Lamech fathered Jabal.

Cain became the first engineer and he tried to immortalize his name by creating monuments, which he called cities.  The cities that he built were walled in towns that were more like protected encampments, which allowed him to enjoy a measure of rest and peace.  By surrounding himself and his family inside of a wall, Cain felt that he was secure from the eyes of God.  Cain and Awan had six more sons and seven daughters, which seemed to be a perfect family for them, as they now had a son to marry everyone of their daughters.  After Cain built Enoch, he founded six other cities and he named them after his other sons.  Cain wanted each of his sons to have their own home, but he also wanted his family to stay together, so he invented trade.  Cain devised a system of measures and weights, because he wanted to eliminate arguments and keep things fair and honest.

Things were finally looking up for Cain, in spite of the divine curse that was placed on him, which prevented Cain from growing crops.  Having these seven cities allowed Cain to abandon his nomadic life of a hunter-gatherer.  Once his family began to grow, Cain was able to obtain food by engaging in barter and trade with other farmers and he started selling some of his game to them.  Cain was still a wanderer, traveling constantly between the seven cities that he founded and as his family increased in size, however the murder that he committed started bothering him more and more.

Many years later, Cain was out hunting in the woods one day when he stumbled upon a wall, which he followed around to a river.  Cain thought he had discovered a hidden city and he felt like he should try to do anything to get inside this wall and investigate what was going on in this concealed city.  Cain saw that this wall was much greater than any of the ones that he had erected around his cities.  Cain finally noticed an opening where the wall rose over a river, so he swam under the wall in that spot.  Cain did not realize that he was inside the Garden of Eden and he wondered where all the people of this city were.

Cain saw a gigantic tree and he tried to climb it, so he could get a better view.  Cain did not get very far as he slipped and he found himself stuck in the roots of this tree.  He was being held prisoner by the roots that penetrated his flesh and winded around his arms and legs.  Cain was stuck in this tree for two days, until he recognized his mother Eve approaching with another man, his younger brother Seth who he had never met.  Eve said, ‘You know that you are not supposed to be in the Garden.  I guess some people never learn.’ Cain felt shame when his mother said that to him, so when they helped him to break free from the tree roots, he ran quickly out of the Garden of Eden without even taking the time to say thanks.  After this, Cain began to wonder around the woods constantly, becoming increasingly more senile.  He liked to place a horn on his head and he would pretend that he was a unicorn.

Cain’s great-great-great-grandson Lamech married two women, Adah and Zillah.  Adah gave birth to Jabal and he became a tent dwelling herdsmen.  His brother’s name was Jubal and he invented the harp and the flute.  Zillah gave birth to Tubal-Cain and he worked with copper.  Tubal-Cain’s sister was Naamah and she liked to sing.  Lamech was the first man to have two wives, which was a dramatic change for the institution of marriage.

Lamech lost his sight from old age, but he still enjoyed hunting, so his son Tubal-Cain, the seventh generation from Cain, had to lead him around.  Tubal-Cain would alert his father when game came in sight, and he also helped Lamech to aim, so he could shoot the prey with his bow and arrow.  One day Tubal-Cain saw something horned out in the distance that he took to be a beast of one kind or another, but it was actually Cain.  Lamech bent his bow, placed an arrow in it and after Tubal-Cain lined his father up with the target, and then he told the blind Lamech to let his arrow fly.  His aim was good, and the prey dropped to the ground.  When the animal screamed out in pain, Tubal-Cain said to Lamech, ‘Shoot again, it is coming this way.’

Lamech shot again with his arrow and he hit what he thought was a wounded animal charging at him.  Then Lamech fitted a stone in his sling, when he heard the animal stumbling through the nearby bushes.  He wound up his arm and he flung the stone from his sling, which landed square in Cain’s face, knocking out both of his eyes.  Cain fell down and died and this was a fitting end that he had been killed by a stone, because he had used a stone to kill Abel.  As they approached the kill, Tubal-Cain exclaimed, ‘Father, you have killed something that resembles a human being in all respects, except it carries a horn on its forehead!’  Lamech knew at once what had happened, he had killed his ancestor Cain, and now he would receive God’s vengeance.

Lamech went home and he said to his wives, ‘Adah and Zillah, hear my voice, wives of Lamech, listen to what I say.  I killed a man today that was protected by God and I will have to pay a sevenfold vengeance for killing my ancestor Cain, but I will put a seventy-sevenfold curse on anyone that tries to kill Lamech.’  Did Lamech think that he had the same power that God has and that his curse would actually ever work?  He may have had more success putting a curse on all mankind, saying that from now on every child would be born completely naked.  Lamech made a mistake and he should have asked for God’s forgiveness, but he only thought about his life and he never considered his soul, so he was drowned in the flood with all of the other sinners.

Written for Linda G Hill Life in progress January 7, 2018 #JusJoJan Daily Prompt is Indelible by Ruth Image & Word.

If you want to read the beginning of this story, follow this link:

If you want to know what Eve was doing in the Garden of Eden, well that is another story.

A Giant Named Og

This is one of the stories from my book, the ‘Ancient Book of Eli’, and it is quite involved as this giant lives a long time and he does many historic things.  I am picking this story up in the middle, so I need to set the background for this to make better sense.  Og was a nephew of Noah and after surviving the flood riding on top of the ark, he got a job working on the tower of Babel.  After it collapsed, he met Abraham who helped him with his toothache.  When Abraham went to rescue his nephew Lot, Og made a move on his wife Sara, which Abe found out about and then he told Og to leave.  OK background set and story starts here.

Og moved to the city of Golan in Bashan, where he got a job constructing dolmens, which is a type of stone monument used for tombs.  Og made good money as he built hundreds of these structures that the people of this region used as burial chambers for the chief of a clan, or some other nomadic elite tribe member.  These dolmens were constructed of two large vertical stone slabs, or sometimes three, and they were capped by a horizontal stone, and some of these stones weighed up to 30 tons.

Og was now 400 years old and he had grown to 15 feet tall.   Og made himself a flute and he practiced playing it all the time.  Og became very accomplished at the flute and whenever he played it, the people that heard him felt this rhythm which took them over and enticed them to dance.  The clothes that Mrs. Noah made for Og had finally worn out, down to the last strip of cloth that was tied around him, so Og went out looking for a tailor.

Og went into Golan where he saw a sign that said tailor shop, so he went inside, however he had to duck his head to fit through the door.  The tailor was named Achish and Og told him that he would need three sets of clothes done right away for him.  Og took out his pouch and gave the tailor 40 gold coins.  Og said that he needed a fine suit of clothes made from linen, that he would be able to wear to an important occasion and two sets of animal skins that he could wear for work.  Og said that he would come back next week to pick up the first set of work clothes and then he would come back each successive week to pick up the rest of his new clothes.  Achish laughed at him and said, ‘You are too big, it will take much longer for me to make your new clothes.’  Og picked up his flute and started playing an enchanting song, which made the tailor dance and Og kept on playing his flute for a whole hour.  Og put down his flute and told Achish that unless he wanted to keep doing the happy dance, that he would have to agree that the first set of work clothes would be ready at the end of next week.’  Og asked Achish who the beautiful girl was in the back of his shop and the tailor told the giant that she was his daughter Azubah.

Azubah was six feet tall and she towered over the rest of the women and all of the men in this land.  It was love at first sight for Og, as he instantly knew that they were meant to be together forever.  Og came back to pick up his first set of clothes and Achish was not there, and Og’s luck would have it as his daughter Azubah was running the shop that day.  Og went behind the curtain and he complained that there was not enough room in the fitting area for him to try on his new clothes.  Azubah told Og that he could go into her bedroom to try on his new clothes, as there he would have more room.  Og followed Azubah to her bedroom where she instructed him to take off the tattered clothes that he was wearing.  Og told Azubah that he was bashful, as he had never been naked in front of a woman before.  Azubah assured Og that she was a professional and that she had seen many men naked in her life time.  Og told Azubah that he was smitten with her, and he has been dizzy with expectation and high on love, ever since last week, which was the first time that he saw her, so he asked if she would let him kiss her.  Azubah said it would be OK, but not till he had put his clothes back on.

Og got dressed and the new clothes fit him real well and he told Azubah that her father did a good job.  Og leaned towards Azubah and he kissed her on her cheek and she smiled.  Azubah told Og that she thought he would make a strong, virile mate for some lucky girl.  Og told Azubah that he hoped she will be the lucky girl for him.  Azubah said that she could give Og all that he needs to be happy, but only if they have some common ground, such as sharing religious and social values.  Azubah said that she would only marry a man who fully appreciated her and who was willing to grow old together with her, so they could spend the rest of their lives being together.  Og told Azubah that he would become whatever religion she was and that his uncle had taught him what was right and what was wrong, so they probably already had the same social values.  Og told Azubah that he was not able to take his eyes off of her and that he wanted her to be the mother of his children.  Og told Azubah that being with her forever would not be long enough for him and he would promise to always be at her side.

Azubah said that she would deliver the clothes to Og at his house next week, but she wanted him to take a bath and use soap before she came there.  They grew very close and eventually they got married.  Og told Azubah that he was afraid to impregnate her, as his mother died giving birth to him, because he was such a big baby.  Azubah said that she could never be truly satisfied as a woman unless she was able to have a baby, so she was willing to take any risk involved in childbirth.  Azubah said that she was aware of a procedure that might be able to be performed, in the case where a woman was bearing a giant baby and this might save her life.   She told Og that this was only a measure of last resort, but if she was unable to deliver her baby because it got too big, that he could cut her stomach open and pull the baby out before she burst.  It took a while but eventually Azubah became pregnant and they had a son who they named Goliath.

If you want to know more about Og, then you will have to read my book, but first I will have to get it published.

Camel Toe

Mayor Batnoam died in a camel accident and everyone knows that he was a heavy drinker and he frequently rode on his camel Alcyone while he was inebriated.  The sheriff investigated the mishap and his report said that it was a tragic accident.  The mayor was out celebrating his birthday all alone, since his wife had died earlier this year.  After a long night of drinking, the bar tender helped the mayor up onto his camel and said, ‘May your camel never stumble, your saddle never break, your belly never grumble and your heart never ache. May you speak and not mumble, may your words be true and never fake, may you always be humble and I hope that you will never be a flake.  May your bread not crumble, and may you never make a mistake, may you never fall or ever take a tumble, so that you will get to eat your cake’.

Alcyone belched and hissed when the mayor hit him with a stick and said, ‘Get going, you know the way home.’  Mayor Batnoam liked to kneel back while he was up on his camel and stuff his feet into the saddle bags and he would often get so comfortable riding this way, that he would be lulled to sleep by his camel’s constant rocking gait.  The mayor was most likely fast asleep, as they plodded along at a nice, leisurely pace, until the camel stumbled, where the ground started to gradually slope downhill.  The camel picked up momentum going down the hill and it is thought that the mayor woke up from his stupor, when he started bouncing up and down really hard on the camel, trying to hold on for his life.  The report said that his camel Alcyone had stubbed his toe at the bottom of a hill, because he was found limping and his toe was swollen.  The sheriff conjectured that mayor Batnoam must have been thrown off his camel when he stopped abruptly after stubbing his toe.  The next morning the mayor was found dead with a broken neck and his camel was still standing over him.

You have to take the good along with the bad and remember to smile even when you are sad.  You have to love all that you got and think about what you had.  Always forgive, but never forget, try to learn from your mistakes and never regret.  Shit happens and things go wrong, it is terrible how the mayor died, but life goes on.  That is just plain wrong, what happened to the mayor, as no one should be killed because of a stubbed camel toe.

Dancing for the God of Wine

Bacchus is the Roman equivalent of the Greek god Dionysus.  Jupiter had a son by his priestess Semele, who he named Bacchus, and one day some of the Titans kidnapped him by luring him away with marvelous toys.  While baby Bacchus was gazing at his own image in a mirror, the Titans sliced his throat with a sacrificial knife, and then they cut him up into pieces and first boiled, then roasted him.  Jupiter was attracted by the smell of cooking, and when he realized what was being cooked, he killed the Titans with a thunderbolt and then he resurrected Bacchus.  Man was born from the ashes of these burned Titans.

Bacchus was celebrated at many Roman festivals and his statue was carried to these ceremonies.  Behind the god Bacchus were bands of men dressed as satyrs, the half-man, half-goat creatures of ancient legend, renowned for their love of wine, their sexual excesses, and their loyalty to Bacchus, the god of Mysteries and the Vine.  Their lewd dances were preformed to honor the god of excess, savagery, ecstasy, who was the embodiment of fear, symbolized by the exotic, the irrational and the savage.

Bacchus became the protector of those who did not belong to conventional society and thus he symbolized everything which is chaotic, dangerous and unexpected, everything which escapes human reason and which can only be attributed to the unforeseeable action of the gods.  His followers freed themselves from their normal boring routines, embracing madness and ecstasy with lots of wine.  He was the ultimate party god who brought an end to care and worry.  His followers were mostly composed of women who became possessed by frenzy, they dressed in fawn skins, they raised the Bacchic cry, to the musical beat of tambourines.  The cry of the Bacchae (the women followers of Bacchus) reveals a pure and mystic joy in Bacchic worship.  These worshippers of Bacchus were the Maenads, women who reached a heightened level of ecstasy through excessive drinking.  The drinking allowed these women (and the few men who participated) to achieve a spiritual release which they were otherwise not allowed to do, because of the norms that society dictated.

Religious worship allowed this cult of revelers to be exempted from certain rules, so they could honor their god Bacchus by partaking in earthly delights in the mountains ignoring any consequences.  The Bacchanalia, a procession of satyrs and overly drunken women, were happy because they were blessed with the knowledge of the divine mysteries, as they attended drunken orgies.  Devotees of Bacchus whipped themselves into a frenzy of intoxication, and Bacchus loosened their tongues as they partook in his wine, which allowed them the freedom to say and do what they wished.

The Bacchantes are maddened by the inspiring power of the god of the vine, but eventually their senses are restored to them, so that they can celebrate life with Bacchus their god.  They are lying on the floor, just waking up from a deep sleep, as the flute and the drums start playing.  One girl is awake, she wiggled her body around on the floor and then begins singing a song, which causes the others to rise up off the floor, wiping the cozy sleep out of their eyes, shaking their arms and hands over their bodies in a sensual manner.  They moved their heads back and forth and from side to side, so their hair was moving all about unrestrained.  Then they started dancing in unison with each other, moving rhythmically about, as they joined in singing the song to praise their god.  Each girl wide awake dancing, letting their hair flow loose and becoming one with nature and now singing.

“Play your flute while I sing my song.
My god awakens as I wear my thong.
An amazing shout of ecstasy is all around.
We sprang from sleep and let our hair down.
My drums sound like thunder, beating the ground.
Bacchus rules the night, he hears my every sound.
Bacchus excites madness which is not odd.
Let my frenzied dancing, awaken my god.
We have loosened our garments and hitched them up.
We get our inspiration drinking wine from this cup.
I’m here because I have this wonderful amazing dream.
That you will take my loving body and make me scream.
May my gift of dancing bring you joy.
I drink your wine, I will not to annoy.
I will tame wild creatures, by nursing them.
My body belongs to you, come lift my hem.
Bacchus your generosity has me awed.
Let my frenzied dancing, awaken my god.”

Mandrakes Tethered

Jacob’s eldest son Reuben, was out harvesting in the field one day, when his beast got tethered to some mandrakes and they became uprooted from the ground.  It was common knowledge that this love plant could be used to help barren women conceive a child, so he brought them to his mother Leah, who had stopped bearing children.  Rachel saw that her sister had mandrakes, and she knew that this medicinal herb, which looked similar to the body of a baby had reproductive power, which could lead to conception in barren women, if it was consumed in very small amounts, or cut into an amulet to wear on the body, or put beneath the bed, or under a pillow.  Rachel begged her older sister Leah, ‘Please give me some of your son’s mandrakes.’  Leah replied,  ‘You have taken away my husband and now you want to take away my son’s mandrakes also.’  Rachel was desperate, she needed a child to validate herself as a woman, so she was willing to do just about anything, to get possession of the mandrakes.  Rachel replied, ‘I will have Jacob lie with you tonight, if you give me some of your son’s mandrakes.’  Leah was overjoyed and she ran out to the field to meet Jacob and said, ‘You must come into me, for I have surely hired you with my son’s mandrakes.’  Leah placed a mandrake under her pillow that night in hope that the magic root would bring her more success in conceiving again.

All parts of the mandrake plant are poisonous.  The plant grows natively in southern and central Europe and in lands around the Mediterranean Sea, as well as on Corsica.  By pinching and tying Mandrake roots as they grow, they can grow to look like human forms.

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No Need To Dash Off

My book cover was completed yesterday and this was the last step in the process, or so I thought.  Yippee, I was all set to publish my new book, however that may not be happening now.  I put my trailer up on YouTube (My YouTube Trailer) to generate interest and I started to download my book to Amazon, so I could sell it as an EBook.  I did a preview after this and my Table of Contents was a total mess and also the Headers, Footers and Page Numbering that I worked so hard on was all lost.  I ended up stopping the process, because I don’t want my name associated with such a mess.

I wrote my book description following a magic formula, which required me to give my readers what they need, and I hoped that this would result in more page views for me.  It was not easy to tell my readers what my story is about, since it is a rather long book it covers a lot of topics and it is about many things.  It is basically an adventure filled with wonderful stories.  The stories are told by my characters and they start out in the beginning and continue all the way to the last page.  One person tells a story and then another person tells a different story.  The premise or plot of my book concerns my main character Eli, who is a step cousin of Jesus and he was working in Rome when Jesus performed all of His miracles.  Eli comes back home and hears all the stories.  He gets engaged and married and then he goes back to Rome on his honeymoon.

I guess my new book is on hold for the moment, so you don’t have to dash out and get it.  Maybe it is not meant to be an EBook, but I had gotten so many rejections from all the publishers that I contacted that I felt the only choice I had left was self publishing.  Self publishing an Ebook basically has no cost, where as self publishing a regular book would require me to pay all the publishing costs.  My book is a bit quirky and it is possible that the world is not ready for it yet.  All writers learn how to deal with disappointments, but I am happy with my book cover and it is shown below.

Trailer For My New Book

Are You Looking for a Good Book? Watch my trailer to decide if this is for you.  I apologize as I have not added any sound to this trailer yet.  It is just under 5 minutes long and the slides will advance automatically.  My book cover is done, and you can now purchase the Ancient Book of Eli as an E-Book on Amazon.

Sirens Singing

Women are impregnated by fallen angels and urged to keep their silence
They are cursed, their daughters became sirens and their sons became giants
Aglaophonus, Leukosia, Ligeia, Molpe, Parthenope, Raidne, Teles and Thelxiope
All of them lost a singing contest to the Muses, which took away their hope
The Muses plucked out their feathers and wore them as a prize
With their wings clipped, the Sirens needed a new disguise
Eventually their wings grow back in, but they were no longer able to fly
Stuck on an island they took out their revenge on all sailors that passed by
You would not want to be a passenger on a ship that goes near this island paradise
The inhabitants here are not very nice and they will make you pay the ultimate price
These unhappy winged maidens dwelt on a small island in a flowery meadow
They cleared their throats to warm up their voices, as the wind began to blow
Half human and half bird, they watch their harbor for ships going by
Many a traveler is reduced to skin and bones, without knowing why
Eight sirens distract men with their sweet singing on a Summer day
Their hypnotic voices fill the air, as they look over their new prey
The flowery island of Antheomessa draws sailors near its shores
Treacherous rocks line the coast, so sailors come in with their oars
The sailors stare at the beautiful bird women, while they drink their wine
They listen to the enchanting voices, and they become frozen there in time
The naked ears of the sailors are tortured by the sirens sweetly singing
Their voices make them follow and the sky brings them down stinging
They marvel at their beauty, as the Sirens call out their names
Sirens start out singing softly, it is how they play their games
Sailors put their glasses down, unaware that they will never reach their home
They are put into an endless trance, their ears hurt and they begin to moan
Near the raging sea, soft sultry voices sing out a melancholy tune
The sailors start to cry and scream, hoping it will all be over soon
The sailors are in agony now, as they hear the voices of the drowned
Horror and despair take over the sailors, and their brains begin to pound
The captain cries, as he sees his men dying all around him
He devises a plan, knowing that things are looking grim
He sees the siren’s face in a mirror, and he stabs it with a dagger
Dripping blood the Siren screamed and then she began to stagger
The captain prays to Vulturnus, the god of the East wind
Vulturnus never liked the sirens, so he begins to grin
He blows harder and harder till their irritating voices are no longer heard
The captain thanks the wind god, sets sail and wonders what just occurred
He says, ‘we have just touched the distant beaches like the brave Ulysses
We lost some good men, we ran away, but no one can ever call us sissies’

Traveling Thief

Wagon wheels keep on turning, while the sky above is blue.
I am on my way to Rome, and I plan to see something new.
God please keep my wheels turning down this road of dust and sand.
Help me Lord as I travel down this road, singing along with the band.
I need help from my friends with the songs that I sing.
Only God knows for sure, what tomorrow will bring.
The first time I traveled out in the rain and snow.
I did not have any money or even any place to go.
I’m going to where the water tastes like wine.
I will jump in the water and stay drunk all the time.
It is a beautiful day, the sun above is beating down.
I will beg for food, when I get to the next town.
I wake up every day not knowing where or when I will get my next meal.
When doors are left unlocked and no one is around, items are easier to steal.
Lord, can you guide me with a clear night sky.
Keep the rain away, so I stay warm and dry.
I need your protection from the wind and from the rain.
I am going to Rome, where the streets don’t have a name.
When I get there, I will raise my glass and give a toast.
I am having a blast singing this song, riding up the coast.
It is a beautiful day, the sun above is beating down.
I will beg for food, when I get to the next town.
I wake up every day not knowing where or when I will get my next meal.
When doors are left unlocked and no one is around, items are easier to steal.
I found out that I can’t face being alone,
I wish I was living on the streets of Rome.
I have always enjoyed traveling and there are many lands left to see.
I would be happy going nowhere if I only had my girl here with me.
I know that I must do what is right,
I hear you calling my name tonight.
It is a beautiful day, the sun above is beating down.
I will beg for food, when I get to the next town.
I wake up every day not knowing where or when I will get my next meal.
When doors are left unlocked and no one is around, items are easier to steal.
I seek adventure to prove that I am still alive.
I won’t know where I am going until I arrive.
I can’t really say exactly where I have been,
And I don’t know if I will come back again.
I am on a long and winding road and I don’t know the way.
I hope God will guide me and prevent me from going astray.
It is a beautiful day, the sun above is beating down.
I will beg for food, when I get to the next town.
I wake up every day not knowing where or when I will get my next meal.
When doors are left unlocked and no one is around, items are easier to steal.
Everything must end, but for now the girls make me sing and shout.
I have paid my dues, but I still do not know what my life is all about.
Lord, you know that I was born a traveling man.
I try to stay out of trouble and do the best I can.
The time is here for me to enjoy the best of life, laugh and sing my song.
I can’t stop this feeling in my heart, which helps me to remain strong.
It is a real big world out there with many places to go.
I will sing my song, bide my time and just take it slow.
It is a beautiful day, the sun above is beating down.
I will beg for food, when I get to the next town.
I wake up every day not knowing where or when I will get my next meal.
When doors are left unlocked and no one is around, items are easier to steal.
I have been driving for hours, my hands are on the reigns.
I am enjoying my life, I trust in God and I feel no pains.
Feeling good is easy Lord when I know that her love for me is real.
I have known this since she kissed me, by the way it made me feel.
Tonight I will dance all around and sing my song with joyful harmony.
I am traveling all alone and I wish my girl was here for company.

Dancing My Way

I hop and bop, you know I can’t stop, as I just keep jumping to the rhythm of that tune.
We will keep on dancing all night long, in fact we will dance our way up to the moon.
I shake and quake, I never fake and I keep moving out on the dance floor.
I am moving all the time, I move with the rhyme as I dance more and more.
Shaking your body all around, moving every time you hear that sound.
The music is great, it is profound, it keeps you spinning round and round.
To my dismay, I am on display, but I am not heading out the doorway.
I am not going to delay and I will never betray, because that is my way.
She came dancing my way and it made my day.
Dancing right on cue, dancing till the morning dew.
Everyone is watching you as you laugh, smile and have fun.
Don’t stop moving baby, you are a long way from being done.
Hop and bop, not going to stop, as I make my way up to the top.
I plop and pop, but I won’t eat that slop, and I am not going to flop.
The music has made a connection deep down inside your body.
Your moves keep getting better and you are not looking shoddy.
This is about spontaneity, you won’t need to make a plan.
You go girl, you look awesome when you shake your can.
She came dancing my way and it made my day.
Dancing right on cue, dancing till the morning dew.
If you don’t know the steps, you can follow my feet.
You must keep moving, but first get out of your seat.
You are dancing for pleasure and that is sweet.
Moving your body all over in time to that beat.
Keep going honey, I can feel your heat.
The way you are dancing is really neat.
You have learned all the steps and you know how to dance.
Watching you move all around is putting me into a trance.
This is my chance, should I take a stance as I watch you prance.
Baby all I am looking for is to be with you and share romance.
She came dancing my way and it made my day.
Dancing right on cue, dancing till the morning dew.