Suffering from Unrequited Love

I’m all shook up, because I can’t help falling in love.  I was lonesome when I went to bed last night and as I dozed off to sleep, I realized how much I missed her, since we drifted apart.  I dreamt about a bright sunny day when I last kissed her and called her my sweetheart.  I came back for her figuring that she would be all alone and miserable, waiting for my return, but when I looked around the house all the chairs were empty, and this made my heart fill with pain.  We fell in love, but I am the one who was left out in the cold and feeling lonely.  Something went wrong and her love that was so satisfying for me dissolved away.  I am left on an empty stage, wondering when the curtain will fall.  I’m in the white room with black curtains, sleeping all alone in the dark where the shadows seem to run from themselves.

She was a big fan of Elvis, inside and out and she thought that I could be her cure for love.  I let her know that I was not the cure for her love, nor would I be the solution to any of her problems.  She was real, tantalizingly close, but totally out of my reach.  If I only knew the cure for love, I would have been able to fix my broken heart, but instead all I could do was cry.  I woke up in a cold sweat feeling lonesome and hoping that she would come back to me, knowing full well that she had moved on, because I was unable to cire love.

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Dream Interpretations #3 “Unfinished Songs” where we are asked to use the line “Inside out, I can’t cure your love.”