Being a Being

Next month, I will be heading to Portland and then to Kenosha to participate in some demonstrations and I will be taking my long rifle with me.  OK, that was not funny at all, the country is a mess and nobody is safe in Donald Trump’s America, so I am staying home and most likely I will be blogging every day.  It has been six months since I purchased my So Clean unit that I use to sanitize my sleep mask, so I have to change the filter and every month I need to change the nasal cushion, so both of these things are planned for tomorrow.

I am not a big planner, I often go grocery shopping without a list, but I do have a few things on my calendar for September.  My great nephew has a birthday in the middle of the month and some time this week I will send his birthday card out.  I have an appointment with my doctor this Wednesday for my Wellness exam and the day after my great nephew’s birthday I have an eye doctor appointment to discuss Posterior Capsule Opacification.  The Wellness exam is a Medicare requirement, but it is mostly a waste of time for me, as my doctor is a numbers person and she does not give me a full examination.  She is primarily interested in my lab results and she looks at my cholesterol, and blood sugar count.

Since I turned 50 seventeen years ago, all of my other doctors gave me a regular prostate exam as part of my routine physical exam, but in the 8 and a half years that I have had this doctor, she has not done this.  She never asks me to drop my pants, bend over and spread my cheeks, not that I am looking forward to the exam, but I know it is important and she just doesn’t do that.  In order to avoid any future complications, I realize that I should have my body checked out by a trained professional on a regular basis and that walnut-sized organ tucked away in my nether regions never gets examined, probably because it can only be accessed properly through my back door.  I have had my rectum probed before by the lubed up gloved finger and other than feeling a little bit of pressure, and some mild discomfort, it is usually over in about a minute and then I get to wipe off.  I have learned to relax and take a deep breath as the finger goes past my sphincter, as tensing up only heightens the discomfort.

Since she never does this, I will ask her for a referral to a specialist, as everything that I read says that this should be part of a routine in a yearly physical exam for men.  My cat bit me two weeks ago as I was trying to get her into her carrying cage, so she could get her shots at the vet and I will ask my doctor when I am due for another tetanus shot.  I will bring her the paperwork from my super flu shot that I got last week and the paperwork of my negative test result for Covid-19 that I just had done so she can update her records.  My last doctor appointment was a virtual visit and I logged on to the portal online and we chatted with my cam on.  I purchased a blood pressure monitor and a temperature tester and told her my results as well as my current weight.

I no longer need to wear glasses since my cataract surgeries, but my eye doctor scheduled an appointment for a checkup, as my vision was not that great right after the procedure.  She thinks that I may have Posterior Capsule Opacification which can be treated with a quick, painless, outpatient laser procedure to make my vision clearer.  I did have some discomfort in my right eye which felt like I had soap and an eyelash stuck in my eye, but I found some eyedrops to remedy that.  I guess I will just have to wait and see what develops.

I did some whining on my blog about people not following rules on the Song Lyric Sunday challenge that I host and this has cost me some followers, which I regret.  I am going to try and be more chill about the rules and not make any more rants in the future.  I am happy with the two challenges that I am involved with and I will be writing about the Simple Minds song ‘Don’t You (Forget About Me)’ this Friday for the Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie MM Music challenge that I am hosting this Friday on September 4th, although I still have not figured out how to get Mr. Linky working with the new block editor.  The next Song Lyric Sunday challenge should be different as I went with a Musical or an Opera song for this and I am going to write about song ‘Hair’ from the musical Hair.

I am sad that this is the final day for Fandango’s Dog days of August, because I felt that all of his prompts were very interesting, but I am sure that I will find other things to write about.  I don’t require all that much out of life, as I only need basic sustenance, food and water and some rest and sometimes I wonder if René Descartes got it backwards by saying, “I thinktherefore I am”, as I see myself as a being, and therefore, I think.  I have mastered the ability to think and I enjoy writing, so I am a blogger even if nobody reads what I write about.

Written for Fandango’s Dog Days of August FDDA #31 where the prompt is my plans for September.

Extra Body

I guess that I had about 25 different jobs before I matriculated in 1978.  I spent 7 years after High School bouncing around from one job to the next.  I started my Engineering career in 1980 working as a drafter after I received my Associates degree in community college, but nothing I learned in any of my engineering classes was helpful to me on my job.  I got a few more direct jobs and then I started working as a contractor consultant, doing whatever work was needed.  I had some great jobs, and one gave me my own private office with a desk and a couch and it had a window with a good view of the parking lot.  Another job paid me $51 per hour and several jobs that allowed me to travel.  I went to California for one job and another job flew me to Sweden.  I had over 40 different engineering jobs and most of them lasted about 4 to 5 months and then I moved on to another position.

My favorite job was working at a company called Ross Air Systems, Inc and I worked for them as a contractor from August 1998 – March 1999.  Ross Air made several different products all involving temperature control systems.  I worked on an air-drying system, and two air pollution control and heat recovery units used on processing lines which were called thermal oxidizers and they decomposed hazardous gases at high temperatures, so they could be safely released back into the atmosphere.  The first job was a new tobacco dryer and they sent me to Brazil to get their PLC program working down there.  I had my own laptop with my own Allen-Bradley PLC5 software installed on it and they had a similar dryer in Venezuela and it had the same communications to a WonderWare SCADA system, so they gave me the program for that, but that program needed to be edited, because the Brazil one was using FLEX/IO.

The FLEX/IO was a cost saving improvement and this guy Rick who wrote their Venezuela dryer programmer was busy, so they needed somebody as R.J. Reynolds wanted to see the programmer down there doing the work.  This was a good opportunity for me as I had never worked with this FLEX/IO before.  Most PLC programmers are sent to school to learn the craft, but me being a consultant, I had to read the manuals to learn how to program.  It is always nice to get your hands of somebody else’s program, to see how they do things and I could tell right off that Rick’s program was a piece of art.  The other hitch was that this system contained a Motor Control Center that featured DeviceNet communications that they had never used before.  The big changes involved addressing, as the FLEX/IO had a different addressing scheme, which I had to figure out, because even Rick had never worked with that.

I finally got all of the addressed changed, but I was not able to download the program, because the processor did not have enough memory storage in it.  I told them that they needed to upgrade the processor and they said that there was no money in the budget for that and that I was going to have to find a way to make it work.  I saw that Rick left large gaps of space in the data tables and I felt that if I tightened them up, that this would give me the memory that I needed.  I told the guys that I was going back to my hotel room where I could work undisturbed and that I would have the new program ready for Monday.

They were a great bunch of guys and this is why I liked this job the best.  My trick worked and the program was able to download, but the PID loops were not functioning.  They sent Rick down and he seemed happy at the work that I had done and he knew just how to fix the problem, but he needed the original Venezuela program to do that.  I had everything backed up on a portable Zip drive and he found these address values, which I did not update on the PID loops when I changed all the addresses to make the program fit.  Rick finished up this job and I was sent back home to work on a program for a thermal oxidizer in Minnesota.

Before I was able to finish the Minnesota program, they told me that I was going to Scotland for a different thermal oxidizer.  They had a programmer over there who had started the program but he was not able to get it to work.  He did a good enough job but he was not able to get these M files to work.  I had never heard of or worked with M files before, but basically, they were necessary to get this remote Panel View (Human Machine Interface) to work with the PLC, because the company was too cheap to buy a better processor.  I learned the M files and I got this program working and then Rick arrived and I was sent back home.

Now it was February and I was going to Minnesota, a place that nobody wants to be in during the cold temperatures of February.  I successfully completed this project from initial programming through Start-Up and customer sign off with out any aide from Rick and then I was let go.  I did what they hired me to do and since I was hired to be an extra body, I knew that I had to find another job and that is what being a contractor is all about.  I worked a lot of overtime and I was being paid hourly, so I made a lot of money putting in 12-hour days all the time that I was in the road.  I got paid for traveling and they even paid me to get my passport in Philadelphia and to get my working Visa in New York City, so I could do the job for them in Brazil.

Written for Fandango’s Dog Days of August FDDA #30 where the prompt is your best job ever.

Sleepy Time

I usually get my best ideas when I am sleeping, but it is quite possible that I am going through hypnagogia at this point, a transitional state somewhere in the middle of being asleep and awake at the same time.  Every night as I lay my head on my pillow and put my sleep mask on, my conscious thoughts start to dissolve into memories of what happened during the day, what things I need to prepare for in the future and I often start dreaming of my past.  I think about places that I have gone to, both distant and near, the hearts that I have broken and the dragons that I slayed.  That time with the three men in the tub, perchance to dream, there’s the rub.  All of these images, stories, emotions and feelings make sleeping my favorite time of the day.

Written for Fandango’s Dog Days of August FDDA #29 where the prompt is your favorite time of the day and for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Saturday Mix Opposing Forces hosted by weejars aka Sarah where she asks us to use the contrasting words asleep and awake along with distant and near.

I Got Nothing

Wait I just came up with something, “So it begins”, a phrase that was used by King Theoden the leader of Rohan in the Lord of the Rings movie The Two Towers, right before the major battle at Helms Deep.  The phrase can be used to signify the start of a major or significant event, and it is very appropriate when a shitstorm is coming.  It is easy to hate orcs, because they were created to be hated.  Tolkien needed these particular monsters, so his heroes would have a continual supply of enemies to fight against, that nobody would feel sorry for, even when they were killed.  Everyone appreciates the concept of violence being used against evil despicable characters.

Written for Fandango’s Dog Days of August FDDA #26 where the prompt is your favorite quote and for FOWC with Fandango – Nothing.

Thanks for the Mammaries

I am basically a wise ass, so a lot of people may follow me, but they don’t ever read my posts (at least that is what I think) and they never hit the Like button or leave any Comments, so these Followers are worthless to me.  My Site Stats say that I currently have 1,180 Followers, but I only count my true followers as being my followers, because these are the bloggers that I feel like I have developed a relationship with.   Based on the 1000 most recent comments made on my posts, 421 of those comments were made by me.  A blogger named glyn40wilton who is a humorous guy that has a deep love for music made 56 of these comments.  55 were made by badfinger20 (Max), the masked blogger Fandango made 55, pensitivity101 left 47 and Peter’s pondering left 35 comments.

Today I had a dentist appointment and I got three cavities drilled and three fillings put in and I only wrote one post before this one, but my Site Stats say that I got 111 Views today.  Apparently, it is a Thing received 13 views today, How To Make Your Vagina Taste Good got 8, Prepositions of Place pulled in 6, About also had 6 and Home got 6.  Sex Is A Three Letter Word got 5 views, Contact received 4 views, Sloopy Hang On also got 4,  I Watched the Cars Below pulled in 3, and Everywhere A Sign got 3 views today.  A post that I never wrote called Blog  got 3 views today, along with Not So Basic Biology racking up 3 and I Watched the Cars Below getting 3.  13 of my posts each got two views today, those being Let Me Die In Your Arms, Home page / Archives, Animals Gather in Groups, Song Stuck In My Head, Lyrical Challenge – In Case You Missed The 60s, Girls Rock Your Boys, Make Sure It’s Clear Now, Pumped A Lot Of Pane , It Was Beauty That Killed the Beast, Ghost Rider, Between The Dawn And The Dark Of Night, Oh My Darling, and Nobody Has To Think Too Much About Desolation Row.  20 more of my posts each received one view today and although it may seem like I don’t give a shit about most of my followers, it is about time that I thanked each and every one of you, even the ones who don’t read my posts, or Like them or make Comments.

Written for Fandango’s Dog Days of August FDDA #25 where the prompt is to thank your followers.

Animals Gather in Groups

Whenever animals gather in groups, the collection gets a special name, which is often derived from characteristics that these animals display.  Animal group names date back to medieval times when a list of collective terms for animals first appeared in The Book of Saint Albans, printed in 1486.

Albatross are formally called a flock, rookery, or gam
Alligators come in a pod (young), or congregation
Ants are grouped into an army, bike, colony, nest, or swarm
Apes are called a shrewdness
Baboons make up a flange, troop, tribe, or congress
Badgers become a cete, clan, colony, or company
Barracudas form a battery
Bats are a colony, cloud or camp
Birds are called a fleet, flight, flock, parcel, pod, volery, dissimulation (small birds)
Butterflies are called a kaleidoscope, flight, flutter, or rabble
Camels become a caravan flock, train, or herd
Caterpillars are an army
Cats are a clowder or glaring; Kittens: a litter or kindle; Wild cats: a destruction
Cheetahs are a coalition
Chicken become a flock, brood (hens), clutch (chicks), peep (chicks)
Chimpanzees are a troop, group, or harem
Clams are called a bed
Cobras become a quiver
Cockroaches are an intrusion
Crocodiles are called a bask
Crows are a murder
Dogs come in a pack, while Puppies are in a litter
Donkeys are a herd, coffle, drove, pace, drive, or trip
Dragonflies are a cluster, or flight
Eagles are a convocation
Elephants are a herd, parade or memory
Elk are a gang or a herd
Falcons become a cast
Ferrets are a business, hob (male), jill (female), kit (babies)
Fish are grouped into a school, draft, run, nest, shoal, haul, catch, or drought
Flamingos are called a stand
Foxes become a skulk, leash, or a charm
Frogs are an army
Geese are a gaggle
Giraffes are a tower
Gorillas are a band, troop or a whoop
Hedgehogs are called an array
Hippopotamuses are known as a bloat or a thunder
Hummingbirds are a charm
Hyenas are a cackle or a clan
Iguanas are called a slaughter
Jaguars are a shadow
Jellyfish become a smack
Kangaroos are a troop or mob
Larks are called an exaltation
Lemurs are a conspiracy
Leopards are known as a leap
Lions are a pride
Lobsters are known as a risk
Locusts come in a plague
Manta Rays come in a squadron
Moles are a labor
Monkeys become a barrel or troop
Mosquito come in a swarm, scourge, or cloud
Mules are a pack
Nightingales are called a watch, flock, or route
Octopuses are a consortium or rally
Otters have various names including a bevy, family, lodge or a romp. When they’re in the water, a group of otters is known as a raft.
Oxen are a team or yoke
Owls are a parliament or a stare
Pandas are called an embarrassment
Parrots become a pandemonium
Peacocks are called an ostentation
Pigs are known as a drift or drove (younger pigs), or a sounder or team (older pigs)
Polar Bears are an aurora, celebration, or pack
Porcupines are a prickle
Prairie Dogs are a coterie, or town
Quails are called a covey
Rabbits are a herd, colony, nest, warren, husk, or down
Racoons become a nursery, or gaze and boars (group of males), while sows (group of females)
Rats become a colony, horde, mischief, plague, or swarm
Rattlesnakes form a rhumba
Ravens are an unkindness
Rhinoceroses become a crash or a stubbornness
Sharks are called a shiver
Sheep become a down, drift, drove, mob, flock, fold, trip, or heard
Skunks become a stench or a surfeit
Snakes are a nest
Snails are known as a hood, rout, walk, or an escargatoire
Spiders become a cluster, clutter, or mouthful
Squid are an audience
Squirrels are a dray or scurry
Stingrays are known as a fever
Swans are a bevy or game (if in flight they become a wedge)
Thrushes become a mutation
Tigers become an ambush or streak
Toads are a knot
Tortoises are called a creep
Turkeys are a gang or rafter
Turtles become a bale, turn, dole, or nest
Unicorns are called a blessing
Vultures are called a wake
Weasels come in a colony, gang or pack
Whales are in a pod, school, or gam
Wolves become a pack
Worms are a bunch
Woodpeckers are called a descent
Zebras are a zeal

Written for Fandango’s Dog Days of August FDDA #24 where the prompt is a fun fact.

Plato’s Last Words

I started writing a new book, which would have been my fourth unpublished book, but I lost interest in it and I put it aside.  I used some historical characters in this book, people from Athens including Plato and his nephew Speusippus who go to the wedding of Isocrates and Plathane.  At the wedding Plato is encouraged to tell his story of Atlantis and after telling his tale, he passes away.  Plato talks about Solon who found a very old stone tablet in Egypt and his good friend Critias who inherited this tablet and that is how he learned about the lost continent.

I had to create several characters that supposedly lived in Atlantis and one of them was Toth, who eventually became an Egyptian god and I used the name of Philomena as his daughter who was also one of the survivors of the devastation.  Tom Curry the son of a lighthouse keeper is a major character in my story and he will eventually become the father of Aquaman.  These six teenagers have a party at the lighthouse when Tom’s parents are away and they play this intriguing game called Secret, Sin or Strip, which is similar to the modern equivalent of Truth or Dare.  Three boys, Tom Curry, his good friend Toth Thildo, and a guy that they barely know Nakotah Shilo play this game with three girls Millei Pareon, Ceuralla Racrehel and Puella Suayofo, who were all acquaintances of Nakotah.   Nakotah practices black magic and we learn that he is known as Night Shadow.

Night Shadow stole the Scrolls of Darkness which contain ancient wisdom and he uses their incantations for evil deeds.  Nakotah hypnotized the girls with his evil eye and he commanded demons to do his will.  Tom and Toth are both a bit scarred of Nakotah, and they are only hoping that they will survive the night.  However, Toth is also a wizard and he has some tricks up his sleeve, which I will not reveal.  I should probably thank Fandango for renewing my interest in continuing this forgotten book.

Written for Fandango’s Dog Days of August FDDA #23 where the prompt is to create a character.

Staying Out of Trouble

Each tomorrow brings trouble and pain, as trouble has a way of finding me.  I married me a wife, but she brought me trouble my whole life.  I got divorced and started a new life, but nothing seemed to matter anymore.  I started dating, but I never obtained that same connection and I lost touch with all of my old friends.  I started writing, putting together a portfolio of my Electrical Engineering career, which became this long document, because I held so many positions.  When I finished that, I started writing more engineering documents and I wrote about Six Sigma, which is a set of management techniques intended to improve business processes and I collected all the information that I could on this and I wrote a book about it.

Next, I started to write about process instrumentation which is used for indicating, measuring and recording physical quantities like, flow, temperature, pressure, level and others.  These were just articles that I put together and I published some of them on Scribd.  Then the Russian hackers got me and gave me the Ransom virus, which corrupted all of my files, but I refused to pay them any money, because I was not going to let these scumbags extort me.  I started writing again and this ended up becoming my first book Man’s Footprint in Water, which was a chronological collection of short stories, all involving water.  The Six Sigma book is lost forever and I have no desire to re-write it, so I always consider the water book to be my first book.  I never got this published, but I have written about many of these stories in my blog, which I started later, after my second book.

I got this idea that Jesus had a step cousin who I named Eli.  Joseph was the husband of Mary and he was a carpenter, and the step father to Jesus, so I figured that Joseph who there is not all that much information on in the Bible could have had a brother who I named Seth.  Seth was a stone worker and he has a son named Eli and just like Joseph taught Jesus to be a carpenter, Seth taught Eli his trade of being a stone mason.  Eli did not witness any of the miracles that His cousin performed, and my original intention of this book Ancient Book of Eli (given this name because there was already a movie out with the name Book of Eli) was to write this as a comedy, where Eli was close by but he kept missing out on seeing his cousin perform any miracles.

As I continued to write this book, it changed and evolved into a story book about Eli getting married and going on a honeymoon.  This became a 453-page long book comprised of 286,813 words, because I couldn’t stop writing.  I wanted to get this book published and I found these two talented artists, Annabelle Pullen and Renee Clarke who between them made 13 beautiful illustrations for my book and I was very pleased with their work.  I started reading up on how to get a book published after I got all of these rejection letters back from publishers and one piece of advice said that I needed a platform and this is how I arrived at WordPress in April of 2017.  Only one person has ever read this book and nobody has ever read my water book.

I never got this book published, but then I started to write another book titled So You Want To Learn Calculus and I had no idea how this one would turn out.  It would take a lot of guts for somebody to pick up this book and start reading it as I went way beyond beginner level calculus and even above advanced level calculus in this book, and although I think it is fascinating, this book is certainly not for everyone and it will probably never get published.

When I was young, I used to drink and smoke and dance the hoochie coo and I got into trouble, but I settled down when I got married.  After a failed marriage, I was getting into trouble again and writing brings me peace, so I blog every day.  Besides being a way to stay out of trouble, writing helps improve my mind, and I read a lot of posts here that others write, because I enjoy learning new things all the time.  I enjoy the writing challenges and I like the idea that I have some virtual friends out there in the blogging world.

Written for Fandango’s Dog Days of August FDDA #22 where the prompt is why blogging matters to you.

Walk Away from Fights

It is easy to get into fights, but if you walk away from them, you never get hurt.  Sometimes you have to stand your ground and stick up for your principles, but most fights are just stupid, at least the ones that I got into.  If you win a fight, you gain a reputation and then more people want to pick fights with you.  The first real fight that I got into was when I was in Seventh Grade and that could have easily been avoided.  This kid was picking on a friend of mine named Kim, saying that was a girl’s name and I told him to stop being such a bully and he said, “What are you going to do about it?”  There was some pushing and shoving and then he said, “I will see you after school”, so I got talked into fighting this kid and he was bigger than I was.

I had wrestled with my brother before, so this was not something that I was unprepared for, except I never threw a swing at my brother, because we didn’t want to end up hurting each other, as then we would both be in trouble with our parents.  We met in this field across the street from the school and the first thing this kid did was punch me in the eye and that made me know that the gloves were off and I could hit him back.  We fought to a tie where we both gave in, but I went home with a real shiner, my first black eye.  The lesson that I learned from this fight was to be prepared to duck the next time.  It is funny, but after that fight, we all became good friends, me the bully and Kim.

I moved to a new town and went to Catholic School for Eight Grade and this guy started a fight with me in the Boys Room.  I didn’t understand what he had against me, unless one of the girls in the class had smiled at me during recess and that upset him, but anyways we went at it and a Nun walked in and said, “Zip em up boys” and that ended the fight.  The Nuns didn’t take much crap from the students, like the Public-School teachers did.

When I was a Freshman in High School, we got demerits in Gym class if we didn’t have our shirts tucked in, or if we had the wrong color socks on or if we weren’t wearing a jock strap, but we would get a point taken off of our demerits if we took a shower after class.  I always played hard in Gym class, whatever we were doing, except when we had square dancing, so at the end of the period, I always took a shower.  It is tight in a locker room, as there was a bench in the middle and lockers on each side, so not an ideal situation.  I had to walk on the bench to get to the showers and to come back from them.  I guess I splashed a few drops of water on the guy named JP when I was coming back from the shower and he grabbed my ankle and made me trip.

JP never took a shower; he was one of those cologne guys and I called him a dick and said that I didn’t realize that a little bit of water would hurt him so much.  We started fighting right there but some guys broke it up and said we should continue this after school.  JP said, “I will see you behind the A&P at 4 PM and a lot of my friends said that they were coming because they wanted to watch me kick his ass.  After lunch these guys came up to me and told me that the fight was off, because JP had gone home sick in fifth period.  This weird looking guy came up to me after school and said that JP was waiting for me.  This guy’s name was Neil and he was real trouble and I learned later that he dropped out of school in Seventh Grade and he spent time in reform school for stabbing someone in the chest.

I walked to the back of the A&P with two of my friends and Neil, but when we got there, I said, “Where is JP?”  Neil put on these leather gloves and he said, “I’m JP” and he slapped me in the face.  I told Neil that I was here to fight JP and he said that JP was his friend and that I would have to fight him instead.  He slapped me a few more times and then he pulled out a switch blade.  I had read some books about gang fights, so I knew what to do.  I took off my blue jean jacket and wrapped it around my right arm which allowed me to keep the knife from cutting me.  He jabbed the knife at me a few times, but my jacket prevented me from being cut and then we head police sirens, because someone in the A&P had called them and we all scattered.  This was the only time in my life where I was ever happy to see the police.  JP was back in school the next day, but I never talked with him after that and I walked the other way around when going to or coming from the showers.  I guess the only thing that I learned from this fight was to never trust a punk.

When I was a Sophomore, one day my friends and I were walking down the street and this crazy guy was swinging a chain around blocking our way.  He looked scary, but I approached him thinking that I could reason with him.  There was no reasoning with this guy and he hit me with the chain, but I held on to it and I ended up taking it away from him and then I beat him with his own chain.  I learned that there is no reasoning with crazy people.

I have a lot more stories about fighting, but I am going to make this the last one for today.  As a Junior, I had my driver’s license and I used to drive around in my car with my friends and we would go past the regular spots where other kids hung out.  One of these spots was Friendly’s Ice Cream parlor and as I drove by, I would slow down to see what was going on.  One night this kid came up to my car and he stuck his arms inside of my window and said, “I don’t like you coming around here and looking at our chicks”.  I said, “Dude this is not Russia and if I want to look that is what I am going to do.”  He smacked me in the face, but before he could get his arm out of my window, I rolled it up and had him pinned.  He demanded to be let out and I told home to go F himself and them I said that I would roll down the window, but he had better remove his arm from my car.  I rolled it down, but before he took his arm out, he smacked me in the face.

That was it, I got out of my car and we were going to go at it, but the mayor of the town happened to be behind me and he got out of his car also and said you boys better break it up.  He said that he would call his boys (the police) and have us both arrested if we didn’t clear out this instant.  I got back in my car and I heard the other guy who was a Senior named Frankie say, “Tomorrow night 8 PM on the side of Channel Lumber”.  The next evening, I showed up with a friend and Frankie and his girl were there.  Frankie was all talk and he was probably the worst fighter that I ever went up against, as within two minutes he was crying like a baby and his girl kept saying, “Stop hitting him.”  I bashed his head up against the concrete wall a few more times to teach him a lesson, but I could see that he had no fight left in him, so I let him go and told him to never bother me again.  I guess if this fight taught me anything, it was not to kick a man when he is down.  The best lesson that I ever learned from fighting was not to fight, as it is always better to walk away than risk getting hurt or worse.

Written for Fandango’s Dog Days of August FDDA #21 where the prompt is a lesson you learned.

Times, They Are a Changin’

It must be Covid-19, or the mess that Trump has made out of my country with all of the hatred that he has been spewing out of his trap, but at one time I was a very mellow person.  Maybe it is because of all the bloggers saying how much they hate the WordPress Block editor and wishing that they would have left well enough alone.  Lately I have been grumpy, letting stupid things bother me.  I guess I think that I am funny, as when I went for my Covid-19 test yesterday and the lady approached me with a cotton swab, I said, “It’s up your nose with a rubber hose”, which is something that Vinny Barbarino used to say on Welcome Back Carter, but because she was so much younger than me, that went right over her head, but she did smile at me, maybe just thinking that I am a jerk.

I always tried to be funny and make people laugh, even if it came at my own expense.  In school, being funny was no joke to me, it was something that I tried very hard at and I guess I liked the attention that I got from it.  I never tried to capitalize on the misfortunes of others, by making fun of the special kids, who others thought were inferior to them, so I would never stoop that low, because I felt sorry for these students, but kids can be mean.  I was more like the kid who would ask those stupid questions, like in Science class where I asked the teacher how much the Sun weighed.  I am sure that some of the smarter kids thought that I was an idiot or a complete jerk, but I just wanted to have fun all the time.

The other week I went into a tirade because of some stupid comments made on my post and I was so mad that I ranted about this and even went on to write another post about this issue.  Years ago, I don’t think that this would have bothered me, as it probably would have rolled off like water on a duck’s back.  My whole life was lived in my own little world where nothing ever seemed to bother me, kind of like the duck feathers being coated in special oil to make them look dry after they are submerged under the water, but now that special oil is gone and I have become the cranky old man that I never thought I would be.

Written for Fandango’s Dog Days of August FDDA #20 where the prompt is your temperament.