Put A Little Love In Your Heart

I guess that reading something positive could change my whole day, as everything affects everything else and I am not going to get into a butterfly flapping its wings in San Francisco causing a tsunami in Japan.  My day often starts off as any other day, until something influences it for the better or the worse.  Some influences could change my whole future and others will roll off of me like water on a duck’s back.  If I were to read and inspirational post in the morning which motivated me to do something, that would definitely change my whole day.  It would depend a lot on my outlook, (not my email viewing system) because I have the power to choose how I will react to different stimuli.

The decisions that I make may affect somebody else’s decisions and my actions could change the way that somebody else reacts because of the cosmic or spiritual way that everything is connected.  A positive blog could change my mood and turn my frown upside down and instead of me getting mad at the cat for coughing up a hairball on my floor, I could pet it and ask it if it was doing OK.  The way that I handle things will mess with other people’s lives and wouldn’t it be a much better place if we all just got along.  A lot of things go unnoticed like the roots from one tree talking with the roots of other trees in order to communicate their needs to each other.  If I can relate to a certain post, that means that I am caring about what the blogger is trying to say, and since we all have to share the same planet, then we should be more sensitive to each other’s needs.   If I can try to be nicer to one another person, perhaps this could be the catalyst necessary to make the world a better place to live in.

Written for Blogging Insights by Dr. Tanya where today she asks us to analyze the following phrase, “One small positive blog post in the morning can change your whole day.”

Serious Bloggers Incorporate Smart Publishing

I created a spreadsheet which listed the titles of all the posts that I published in one column and other columns were used for the date it was published, the prompt which it was a response to, the category and the tags, but I found it that it took too much effort and I decided that continuing this was just too much trouble.  I have published 3,402 posts since I began blogging on 4/23/2017 and there are many times that I forget what I have written about, and at these times I wish I would have kept up with the spreadsheet.  Some times I consider writing about a song and when I start researching it, I realize that I have already written a post on it and then I need to find a different one.  I think of myself as being a serious blogger, but I do this for my own enjoyment, so although I can see how smart publishing would be helpful to me, it is something that I am not currently doing.

Written for Blogging Insights by Dr. Tanya where today she asks us to analyze the following phrase, “Blogging isn’t about publishing as much as you can.  It’s about publishing as smart as you can.”

We Have Come a Long Way

Writing is much easier today than it was when words were written in stone by Mesopotamians on cuneiform tablets, but in a way, it has not changed all that much.  In order to write anything, you need to have thoughts in your head, whether someone tells you what to write, or this comes from your muse, or you get these thoughts from Google.  If you look out at the vastness of our Universe, with all the planets, stars, galaxies, and everything else that is out there, it makes you wonder how all of this could have been created from nothing.  I don’t want to delve into the whole matter and antimatter thing, quantum mechanics, or general relativity, or how the Big Bang was able to create existence from nothing at all.  Particle-antiparticle pairs can be created from nothing, that is from no particles to two particles, but energy must be provided, so these particles can be viewed as having been created from the energy.  Writing is no different as it requires you to expend energy and if you put enough effort into your writing, you may be able to create a story.

There is no diabolical nefarious power that an individual can tap into to make them a better writer, it takes time, patients and practice.  You have to place your pen on the paper or your fingers on the keyboard and hope that Microsoft is not going to require you to reboot your computer while they install another update to Windows 10, as that would certainly be distracting and throw off your train of thought.  Find a well-lit and quiet place and just start writing, as there really is no secret to doing this.  Review what you have written and revise what you wrote, if necessary, as this is a process and there are no shortcuts, you just need to be willing to do the work.  If you love what you are doing, you will continue writing and you will become a writer.  You never know where the inspiration will come from, and if you have a stroke of genius and you are articulate enough to capture it, then you will be on the top of the world, as there is no better feeling than knowing that you have written something that you are proud of.

Written for Blogging Insights by Dr. Tanya where today she asks us to analyze the following phrase, “Here is the secret to writing.  There is no secret.”

I Am Me

I am always myself, even when I write stories that are not based on truth.  Sometimes I lose myself in these stories and I wonder why I am writing certain things, but I tend to go with the flow and write whatever comes into my head.  I bring all of my life experiences to the table and I try to prepare for contingencies, so I don’t fail miserably.  I take my best guess not knowing how my writing is going to be perceived by others, but I have to be me and if I can put my best foot forward all I can do is hope for the best.  The things that I do, say and write about are all part of me.   Blogging is not rocket science and it doesn’t require any proficiency at brain surgery, so anyone can be a blogger.  It certainly would be helpful if you had a good command with language and if you had skill in explaining things.  A blogger needs to be who they are, and put what they have into their writing for it to be any good.

Written for Blogging Insights by Dr. Tanya where today she is premiering her new format which abandons her Q&A format, and she asks us to respond to this quote, “Blogging is not rocket science.  It’s about being yourself, and putting what you have into it.”

It Seems Like the Only Thing I Do is Blog

How committed are you to your blog?
Since I don’t really have a life beyond blogging, I remain committed to blogging on a daily basis.  I could be more committed and go back to all of my previous blogs and edit them to make sure that they still contain valid information, like some bloggers do, but I would rather move on to new things, so I guess in that way I do lack some commitment.  A normal day of blogging for me takes up at least six hours of my day.  If I am not writing about a prompt, or reading other blogs, then I am writing ahead in some of the challenges that I host.

What part, if any, do other bloggers play in your level of commitment?
The bloggers that host challenges play a big role in my level of commitment and I enjoy participating in picture prompts, word prompts as well as question prompts like this one.  The bloggers that acknowledge my posts by hitting the Like button and making comments on my posts are very important to me and I make sure that I follow them and I try to read everything that they write about.

Written for Blogging Insights by Dr. Tanya who asked two questions today.

Over Explainer

I am not insecure about my writing, but I do tend to explain things that I feel my readers will have trouble grasping.  This is usually done by incorporating parentheses, those round brackets “( )” after the word in question and explaining it there.  I don’t feel the need to explain every item in detail, as if the reader needs that much help, then they probably should not be reading my post.  I don’t want to make my posts like a school lesson where I repeat myself over and over trying to drive my point home, but I don’t see a problem with adding relevant information.  I am not big on links, as if I added links, that would take my readers away from my blog and I don’t see the point in writing, just to send my readers away.

I want my readers to get what I am throwing down and I feel that I am very good at explaining things and at times I may even over explain some stuff, but I am not doing this to waste their time.  I see so many bloggers who respond to a prompt and they feel the need to list all of the rules associated with this writing challenge and I see that as a serious waste of time.  Maybe they are looking for higher word counts in their posts, but I only include information in my posts that I feel people need to know and these rules can be found elsewhere.  It is not necessary to explain everything, as this surely will lead to your readers becoming bored.  I don’t want to talk down to my readers and have them feel that I am better than they are, but if I feel that they may not know something, a short explanation wouldn’t hurt.

I write long posts and my friend Fandango always tells me that I should cut back on my word count and he is probably correct, but I enjoy writing and I love explaining things.  If I am going to start investigating something, I am only going to do it once, so I have a tendency to go all out, as tomorrow will be a new day and I will be on to something else.  I am not adding extra words, I am only putting in information that I feel is important to make my point.  I understand what TMI is and I hope that my posts never reach that point, although I am sure that a few already have.

Written for Blogging Insights by Dr. Tanya who’s question today is, “When you use a word/term that you think your readers might not know do you think you should add a link to it, or is it a better idea to let people find out on their own?”

My Writing

I think that prompts influence what I read and I know that I delve into some obscure topics that other bloggers would not touch, but I enjoy learning new things.  Since I am a research writer and I write about off the wall topics, my reading takes me to many different places.  Dr. Tanya is asking all of us today, “Does what you read influence or inspire what you write?”, and I think for me it is the other way around, as my writing is influenced by my reading, but like I said, I am different.  I enjoy breaking down complex information and explaining it in a manner that normal people can relate to and no topic is off limits to me.

Written for Blogging Insights by Dr. Tanya.

A Day Without Learning is a Wasted Day

I learn new things all the time, mostly because I am a research writer and I look stuff up, so I can form an opinion.  I enjoy learning and maybe that makes me an oddball, but I am a very well-informed oddball.  I think that learning new things keeps my brain active and that has to be a good thing, it should prevent me from getting any dementia or Alzheimer symptoms.  I know that I have had some trouble remembering some stuff at times, which is probably normal for an old fart like me, but I know what day it is, just by the prompts that I participate in here on WordPress.

Today is Monday, so Paula’s Monday peeve is something that I will read and perhaps participate in and Fandango puts out a picture prompt on Monday’s called Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge, which is usually very interesting.  Dr. Tanya’s Blogging Insights is a Monday challenge as well as Melanie’s Share Your World.  MM has Wordle and Sadje has What do you see, all of which makes Monday a very busy day.  I could go through every day of the week compiling a list of challenges and then make another list of the daily challenges, so there is always plenty to write about here on WordPress and plenty to read also and I am very happy that I ended up here.

I write every day, although WordPress has never given me one of those streak notifications like so many other bloggers get, and this will be my 3,228th post since I started blogging here.  I learned something new from a good friend of mine today Di at pensitivity who gave me instructions on how to block spammers and her help was much appreciated.  I had a difficult time in the beginning when I first started blogging here on WordPress, until I met a blogger named Sight (sadly he is no longer here), but he gave me real good suggestions on how my site should be set up, which I will always be grateful for.  Nobody can know everything and even when Einstein wrote his theories on Relativity, he needed help with the Tensor mathematics, so he could present his theory to the rest of the Scientific community.

I used to think that my brain was only capable of holding so much information and that in order to learn something new, I would have to purge old information out, to make room for new stuff.  I was wrong, as new neural pathways will open up when ever you decide to use them.  The average adult human brain has the ability to store the equivalent of 2.5 million gigabytes digital memory and the hard drive on my computer will only store 2 terabytes of information.  Every time that I learn anything, I gain a new perspective about the world around me.

Written for Blogging Insights by Dr. Tanya where this week she is concerned with “What are you learning (or are you still learning) from your blogging experience?”

Willing to Adapt

How comfortable are you with change?

I need to be adaptable to stay relevant and I do this by being open to change.  I am trying to embrace adaptability and I want to stay open to finding new ways to go with the flow.  Time changes everything and I need to keep up or get out of the way, so if change is required, or expected, I am comfortable with switching up my routine.  Change is a powerful force that cannot be denied or resisted and Sam Cooke probably describes this best in his song.

How often do you like to change your blogging style or the topics or format of your blog?

I bend with the wind and I have always been a versatile blogger, because I feel that I am able to write about any topic, but I have not changed my blogging format.  Maybe if I did that it would help to keep my readers’ attentionI read all the time about the best blogs being made up of short posts, but I mostly ignore this, because I like to write until I am done saying what I have to say.  I don’t like to limit myself and I hardly ever write posts that impose a word count restriction.  My blogging style comes from being a technical writer and therefor I am a research writer.  I am not going to change my style or my format, but I like to keep myself open to writing about any topic.

Written for Blogging Insights by Dr. Tanya where this week she is concerned with change.

So Many Things

What has your blogging experience taught you?
I have learned a lot from blogging and most importantly is that there are a lot of nice people here in the WordPress Community.  Some of the bloggers that I associate with on a daily basis, even though I don’t know them personally, I am proud to call them my cyber friends.  I am only a very small part of this very special community, but I see how everyone works together to create this distinct spirit that lets people associate with others.  I know that there are some bloggers that would rather have all of their teeth pulled out, than have to respond to a comment, but likes and comments are what separate us from being ordinary and boring, so I embrace them.  I am not big on emojis, but I do enjoy clicking the like button to let bloggers realize that I appreciate all the efforts that they have put into writing their posts, which I have enjoyed reading.

Written for Blogging Insights by Dr. Tanya where this week she is concerned with lessons that were learned from blogging experience.