Ginevra Lisa

The crooked painting winked.  It winked right at him and he immediately knew what it was.  He had been searching for Ginevra Lisa, the younger sister of Mona.  This was the unsubstantiated work of Leonardo da Vinci, and just like the Mona Lisa gives the viewer the impression that her eyes are following any person that moves in front of the picture, this painting gives off the effect that it is winking at you.  This optical illusion is achieved by a special painting technique which alters the position of her right iris from the perspective of the looker’s eyes, but also changes the orientation of the looker’s head.  When anyone makes eye contact with this picture for more than five minutes without blinking, Ginevra Lisa will lower her right eye lid.  If you look really closely, you can notice that she also raises her cheek muscle while lowering her eyelid.  Even more amazing is the very subtle raise of her right eyebrow, and then just like that her eye is back to normal, like it never happened.  He had to have this beautiful masterpiece and he would do anything to get it.

Written for Michelle of Putting My Feet in the Dirt Weekly Story Starters challenge.


The heavenly brew exceeded his expectations.  He kept experimenting with the process and the ingredients till he finally got it right and he decided that he was going to call his concoction nectar of the gods.  It was too good to be called beer, but that was the name that it would be sold under, so he could comply with Title 27 Subchapter A of the Code of Federal Regulations.  He used the same three simple ingredients that all of the other beer manufactures were using, yeast, hops, and barley to make this light American lager.

Fred was in a bad place ever since he broke up with his girlfriend, because he thought she was too kinky for him.  She was into spanking and bondage and he went along with that just to keep her happy, but when she asked him to choke her while they were having sex that was too much for him, because he couldn’t see how this would turn anyone on.  Just two weeks after they broke up, Fred read in the paper that she died from autoerrotica asphyxiation.  He was devastated and he emersed himself into the microbrew kit that his girlfriend had given him for last Christmas, so he could get his mind off of the tragedy.

Fred’s kit contained all of the specialized brewing equipment that he needed to brew his own beer and since he was an excellent chef, this was right up his alley.  He put all of his passion into his dishes and his specialty was making enchiladas, and since nothing goes better with an enchilada than beer, this became a snappy, refreshing way for him to showcase his heavenly brew.  Fred had waited 2 weeks for the yeast to consume the sugar, and the beer to absorb the carbon dioxide and tonight he was going to tap the keg and enjoy the fruits of his labor.  He invited all of his friends over and he would make enchiladas for everyone and find out what they think of his new beer.  Everyone complimented Fred on the wonderful batch of beer that he brewed and asked him for his recipe, which he wouldn’t reveal, which prompted them to demand how come the enchiladas tasted so good tonight.  When Fred told them that he made them with racoon meat, they barfed up all the beer and the enchiladas.

Written for Michelle of Putting My Feet in the Dirt Weekly Story Starters challenge.

Havana Syndrome

The room suddenly tilted to one side and the people poured out.  I was at my desk typing up a report, when this room tilt illusion hit me and all of my colleges.  Twenty of us ran out all at once, but I was in charge of locking the building, so I was the last one to get out.  Some people said they felt the room tilt upside down while others said that it shifted on its side, but everyone was unsteady, and many were barfing.  This same anomaly was reported by everyone, and it may be the result microwave bombardment and it could be causing widespread brain injury symptoms.  It is very likely that this could have possibly been caused by the Russians or some other foreign power that decided to target Americans working in the intelligence field around the world.  Either they were trying to harm us or just get their kicks from watching all of us being disoriented.  The CIA says that there are plausible alternative explanations about what caused this illusion, like previous underlying conditions or other medical explanations why we all sensed that the world has tilted at the same time, but this is making people dizzy all around the globe.

We all heard the same high and low-pitched sounds and felt these weird vibrating effects just before we came down with these symptoms which has been a deep disappointment.  Russia has consistently denied any involvement, but I don’t trust them, because they are not a peaceful country, and they want to dominate the rest of the world.  It comes down to money and their desire to sell their dirty oil to the rest of the world.  The individual and individuality as a whole means nothing to Russia and Putin has promised the Russian people with his domestic political propaganda that he will restore them to the former glory they once had when they were the Soviet Union.  He is a slimy dog and in order to stay in power, he has to do whatever it takes to meet his objective, whether that involves imprisoning dissidents, torturing others that get in his way, poisoning them, or killing them.  This unexplained dizziness, the constant headaches and these intense and painful sounds in my ears just won’t quit.  I am just glad to be back home now, but I do miss that Cuban coffee.

Written for Michelle of Putting My Feet in the Dirt new Weekly Story Starters challenge.

Help Me Rhonda

Delirious, with fever, he called out her name.  She didn’t answer, so he yelled out, “Help me Rhonda, you have always been my best friend and I can’t live without your love.  I will be alone forever, if you are not in my life with me.  Please don’t marry that jerk, as you need to guard your heart against him and watch for the red flags and don’t ignore the warnings.  You are much too trusting, and I know that he is going to hurt you.  He is a charmer and although he probably looks good on the outside, he will cause you trouble later, like he did with every other girl he was with.  Once you get to know who he really is, you will see that he is not normal.  This selfish person will ruin your life, as you will not be able to bring out the best in him, because he will never change, and he doesn’t even realize that he has flaws.”

Rhonda looked at him and said, “What are you talking about?  There is something about him that attracts me like no other and it may not be perfect for us now, but over time, things will improve, especially as we get to know each other better.  I like you, but the moment I wake up, before I put on my makeup, I say a little prayer that he will become a better person.  Signed, sealed and delivered, I’m his, as it has to be him, because I love him so.  You don’t own me, I’m not one of your toys.  You don’t own me, and you can’t tell me that I shouldn’t see other boys.  My love has come along, and my lonely days are over.”  I told her that she could go where she wanted to go and be with whoever she wanted to be with and then I assured her that he doesn’t love her like I love her.  Knowing that people tend to fall in love too quickly, and while they are in the romantic phase, they are always blind you to their partner’s imperfections, I said that she should not be like a fool that rushes into love eventually ends up finding their partner to be irritating them and driving them up a wall.  I told her, “You make my dreams come true, I only have eyes for you and God only knows what I’d be without you, woah, my love, my darling, I will always love you, but my advice is to get out now, before you are trapped with this loser, and if you don’t leave him, then stop dragging my heart around.”

Written for Michelle of Putting My Feet in the Dirt new Weekly Story Starters challenge.

New Variant

The icy flecks melted in her mouth.  Karla is working for the World Health Organization WHO and she is involved in testing new treatments for the emerging variants of the Covid-19 coronavirus, which keeps mutating because stubborn Anti-Vaxxers refuse to get their shots.  Karla knows how people dislike getting injections, so she has created flavored ice pop vaccines, which she is hoping people might be more accepting of.  Since new variants of the virus are expected to keep on occurring and so far, this virus has mutated from Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon, Eta, Iota, Kappa, Lambda, Mu and the newest Omicron, Karla expects to be very busy.  The Alpha variant was first found in the UK in September 2020, Beta was discovered in South Africa in May 2020, Gamma was found in Brazil, in November 2020, Delta was first identified in India in October 2020, Epsilon originated in Southern California in January 2021, Zeta was found in Rio de Janeiro in January of 2021, Theta was detected in Japan in March of 2021, Eta was first detected in Nigeria in December 2020, Iota started in New York in November of 2020, Kappa was first documented in India in October 2020, Lambda first appeared in Peru in December 2020, Mu was found in Colombia in January of 2021 and Omicron was discovered in Botswana in November of 2021.

With only nine letters remaining, the World Health Organization has not decided what they will do when they run out of Greek letters for all of the new variants that are being detected, but they skipped the letters Nu and Xi when naming the Omicron variant.  Nu and Xi were deliberately avoided, thinking that Nu would be confused with the word “new” and Xi was skipped to avoid stigmatizing a region, since the Chinese President Xi Jinping’s name might create an opportunity for racism in view of the origin of the coronavirus.  The next variant will probably end up becoming the Pi variant.  Today Karla is testing out the new banana popsicle vaccine flavor.

Written for Michelle of Putting My Feet in the Dirt new Weekly Story Starters challenge.

Darkness Cannot Overcome Light

It was all an illusion hidden by the lack of light.  Things can be obscured in dim light, or patchy fog, but light is energy, while darkness is the absence of energy, thus the dark cannot overcome light.  This phenomenon of visual discernment has become a fundamental part of human perception, and people will often see what they want to see.  Many things that people see are influenced by the personal experiences that they have had.  People will challenge the things that they have a hard time accepting and they even try to challenge reality, like Trump did with his Big Lie.  These people are utterly and completely unable to distinguish fact from fiction, and they become obviously to the real world by watching Fox News.  When reality doesn’t fit into their lives, they start to believe in strange conspiracy theories.  Whatever these people try to hide and cover up will eventually work its way up to the light and become known and we can all rejoice on the day that Trump is finally locked up for his crimes.

Things were very different when the light from the Big Bang began its journey 13.7 billion years ago, however even with the new telescopes that are being invented, we will never actually be able to see the Big Bang.  The furthest that we can go back in time is to about 380,000 years after the expansion of the universe began.  We can see the heat that was there, which is what we refer to as the Big Bang and this heat covers the entire sky and fills the universe.  Light can travel any distance if the conditions are favorable, but conditions for observed universe is only favorable till 13.6 billion light years so far.  It seems strange that we are able to see light through the dark, but we cannot see light through the light.  When we look up at the night sky, the stars we can see are within our own galaxy, but we also see some fuzzy patches which are other galaxies, that are much further away than the stars.

Written for Michelle of Putting My Feet in the Dirt new Weekly Story Starters challenge.