Do You Love Me – Challenge #196

‘Do You Love Me’ was featured prominently in the 1987 film Dirty Dancing, which revived the record’s popularity. When it was re-issued as a single from the More Dirty Dancing soundtrack album, ‘Do You Love Me’ became a hit for the second time, peaking at #11 on the Billboard Hot 100 in August 1988. The Contours, by then were composed of Joe Billingslea and three new members, and they joined Ronnie Spector and Bill Medley, among others, on a ‘Dirty Dancing Tour’ resulting from the success of the film.

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The Contours were an early African-American soul singing five-man group made up of Billy Gordon, Hubert Johnson, Billy Hoggs, Joe Billingslea and Sylvester Potts who had a record deal on the Motown label.  Their biggest hit song was ‘Do You Love Me’ which was written by Motown CEO Berry Gordy, Jr., who intended to give this to the Temptations for them to record, as they had not charted a Top 40 hit yet.  Gordy hit with a burst of inspiration and he knew this song was going places, so he set out to locate the Temptations, as he thought this would be a good fit for them.  He tried phoning the various group members, but got no answer and it seemed like they were nowhere to be found.  They had all departed Motown’s Hitsville USA recording studio to be in the audience for a local Detroit gospel music showcase, having no idea that Gordy was trying to get…

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Hey! Ho! Let’s Go!

The Ramones were different from anything that anybody had ever heard before, when the four cretins from Queens came up with a mutant strain of blitzkrieg bubblegum.  Punk was born when garage rock evolved into total chaos and music would never be the same again.  Many people say that punk is dead and that it was only a brief epidemic of angry youths that had something in common with each other, which distinguished them in a significant way from others.  Loud, aggressive rock music promoted individual freedom and anti-establishment views, while punk developed its own fashion and style of art.  The long-hair hippie look was out and it was replaced with spiked hair and pink hair was showing up everywhere, as the punk scene was intent on defying the norm.  The pink hair look was not an easy one to pull off, but if you had the guts, it made you cool.

You were a badass if you adopted this look, as this was all the rage, because pink was the color of rebellion while signifying perfection and this became the must have fashion expression around the   legendary club CBGB’s.  Trish hung out at the music club in Manhattan’s East Village which is known as the birthplace of US punk rock and she embraced the blunt haircut, being the same length all around sort of like the way ancient Egyptians wore their hair.  Trish started using the Manic Panic line of cosmetic hair coloring, using a hair dryer which applied heat to her hair during the processing time and this helped to open up her hair cuticles and allow the hair dye color to better penetrate each one of her hair strands.  People in the punk scene were calling he Miss Blunt and it was assumed that this was because she was not the sharpest knife in the drawer, or possibly it came from those hollowed-out cigars filled with marijuana that she would often toke on, but she knew that this name referred to her being super stylish by mastering the punk look.

Written for Sadje at Keep It Alive What Do You See #90.

Week 90 – Gloria

‘Gloria’ was Laura Branigan’s signature song and it was influenced by Donna Summer, Aretha Franklin, Gladys Knight, and Stevie Nicks. Her recording career began in 1972, with folk group Meadow. She toured with Leonard Cohen in 1976, as a backing singer on his first European tour and her first single, ‘All Night With Me’ charted at # 62. Her other hits were ‘Solitaire’, ‘Self Control’, and ‘Power Of Love’. After the release of her seventh album Over My Heart in 1993, she semi-retired from the music industry to care for her husband, Larry Kruteck, who was suffering from cancer and ended up dying in 1996. Branigan died in her sleep from an undiagnosed ventricular brain aneurysm in 2004.

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Laura Branigan recorded this song in 1982 on her Branigan album.  Gloria reached #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 and it spent 36 weeks on the chart, it also went to #6 in the UK and it set a new record for a single by a solo female act at the time.  This Euro disco song ‘Gloria’ was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Pop Vocal Performance, Female in 1983, but she lost out to Melissa Manchester’s ‘You Should Hear How He Talks About You’.  This song was written by Italian composer Gaetano Bigazzi, Italian pop singer Umberto Tozzi, and Canadian songwriter Trevor Stanley Veitch.  Umberto Tozzi released this song in 1979 and it was popular in some non-English-speaking countries in Europe. 

Los Angeles keyboardistGreg Mathieson replaced Edgar Winter in White Trash, and from 1974-1976 he traveled with Helen Reddy around the world and then from 1976-1978 he traveled with Olivia…

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Blame it on the Browser

I contacted the WordPress Happiness Engineers today, but my issue got lost in the sauce of deflecting the problem.  My Gravatar just stopped appearing when I hit the Like button on other bloggers posts and I was not happy about this, so I contacted them to help me out.  Their motto is: We care about your happiness!  They don’t call us Happiness Engineers for nothing.  If you need help, we’re here for you!

I went to and it knew who I was, so I scrolled down and clicked on the Chat with us button at the bottom of the page.  The person asked if it was OK for them to log into my account and clock the Like button on a post, and I told them that was fine.  They were able to get my Gravatar to appear next to the like button and they said, “I’d recommend trying the browser troubleshooting tips in this guide:, which is what they always do.  Nothing got fixed and even if I ate a Happy Meal right now, I would not be loving it, as I have lost that loving feeling and I don’t believe in Happiness Engineers.


Michael Jackson walked into an oasis where a Bedouin was drinking with his camel and he asks the Bedouin if he can buy the camel to finish his trip across the desert.  The Bedouin told Michael that he could have the camel if he could tell him how a camel hides out in the desert.  Michael said that the camel uses camouflage.  Michael said that he could make a crocodile smile and a kookaburra laugh and he asked the Bedouin, “What do you call a camel with no humps?”  The Bedouin gave up and Michael said, “Humphrey.”  Michael said, “When I bring the camel back, where should I park it?”, and the Bedouin replied, “Put it back in the Camelot.”

My Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie MM Music challenge Midnight at the Oasis re-blog went to the wrong website, and I guess that you only get one, so this is a bit different, but if you want to read the whole post, then go here.

Please Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood

I hope that I am not incorrectly interpreted, please don’t get me wrong.  If you get a misconceived notion of what I said, because you were mixed up, I sincerely hope that does not give you the wrong impression or idea about me.  Perhaps you are mistaken and you have misjudged me, anyway there is a fun challenge going on today and everyone is welcome to participate.

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This song was recorded by the Animals and it came out on their1965 Animal Tracks album.  It reached #3 in the UK and charted #15 in the US.  This single was ranked by Rolling Stone at #322 on their list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.  ‘Please Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood’ was written by Horace Ott, Bennie Benjamin and Sol Marcus. Horace Ott started writing this song while pondering a troublesome time with his girlfriend Gloria Caldwell, as they had just gotten into a heated argument.  Ott sat down at the piano, and he expressed how he was well intentioned, but misunderstood by Gloria, a sentiment that many men can relate to, married or not.  He was unable to finish it, so he took it to his writing partners Bennie Benjamin and Sol Marcus.  The trio finished it in short order, but because they used different publishing…

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(Fresh Air) Have Another Hit!

Sometimes all you need is the air that you breathe and to love someone.  She took my breath away and when I lost her, it was like living in a world without air.  I can feel it in the air and tonight I will be walking on air.  Bob Weir wanted “Thick air” and producer David Hassinger threw his hands up in the air.  It is about time that I come up for air and let everyone know that for MM Music challenge today you could write about breathing air.

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This song was written by Gary Duncan, and the lyrics are by Jesse Oris Farrow, who is professionally known as Chester William Powers Jr and he also used the stage name of Dino Valenti.  Dino Valenti recently rejoined the San Francisco-based band Quicksilver Messenger Service just before this song was released.  ‘Fresh Air’ was the only single released from the album Just for Love.  The single peaked on November 7, 1970 at No. 49 during a nine-week stay on the Billboard Hot 100, making it the band’s most successful single.  This song featured some of John Cipollina’s best guitar work.

Quicksilver Messenger Service is an American psychedelic rock band formed in 1965 in San Francisco.  All five members of the band were born under the sign of Virgo, which is ruled by Mercury, so they took the name Quicksilver Messenger Service.  The original members of Quicksilver Messenger Service were…

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For What It’s Worth

Some times you win and sometimes you lose, but everyone who participates in the Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie MM Music challenge is a winner.  Stop by and check out an old Buffalo Springfield song ‘For What It’s Worth’.

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Folk rock band guitarist Stephen Stills of Buffalo Springfield was inspired to write ‘For What It’s Worth’ because of the Sunset Strip curfew riots that culminated in November 1966.  This song charted #7 in the US and it eventually became part of their 1966 eponymous debut album.  It was not originally included, but after ‘For What It’s Worth’ became a hit single, it replaced ‘Baby Don’t Scold Me’ on re-issues of the album.  In the 60’s, Los Angeles was the home for many rock & roll groups including Buffalo Springfield, The Byrds, Canned Heat, The Chambers Brothers, The Doors, Electric Prunes, Love, The May Wines, Mothers of Invention. The Seeds, The Sloths, The Standells and Yellow Payges.  On November 12, 1966, outside teen hangout Pandora’s Box, the infamous riot took place between police and young people on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood, California.  The riot itself was a long-simmering eruption…

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Forever Young

Give it a try, you never know, you might like it. I wrote about this song and it already has 7 LIKES woohoo!  Check it out and see how much fun you can have writing in this exciting challenge.

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This song was originally recorded by Bob Dylan with The Band in November 1973 and it appeared on his album Planet Waves. There are two different versions of this song on Planet Waves a slow and a fast version. Dylan had four children between 1966-1969, and this song is a warmhearted wish that his children would have all the best in life, from making the right choices to having the right attitude and spiritual guidance and it was intended as an uplifting message from a parent to a child. It is a hopeful song that a loved one will maintain the wonder of a youthful heart, no matter their actual age. Dylan tells his child that he wants him to reach his fullest potential, to reach the stars but not without climbing on every rung along the way. Rod Stewart recorded his ‘Forever Young’ song that was released as a…

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Playing Dress Up

My sister had the Barbie game when we were young and it was definitely a girl’s game and she wanted my brother and I to play it with her.  It probably was not easy for her being the only girl and after some coaxing from our parents my brother and I reluctantly decided to play.  My sister described it as an adventure game where we were supposed to find a date for the prom and then pick out our outfit for the party.  It was a board game played with dice and each player got a marker to move around the board.  There were SURPRISE game cards that contained instructions and suggestions on things to do and there was also fake money involved.  For some unknown reason I always ended up being Poindexter, the brainy smart one.  My brother was Ken the good looking one and my sister was Barbie the popular one and my sister’s best friend Lynn was Midge, Barbie’s best friend.

The game was really lame and I was required to sign up for school clubs, and earn pocket cash by working as a part time model and eventually make it to the prom.  My sister and her friend Lynn seemed to enjoy the game a lot especially the parts that I hated, like getting a date and choosing a formal dress.  There were not all that many games around for girls to play back in the early 60s that I can remember, other than the Game of Life and Aggravation.  I think that Barbie was a positive influence on girls allowing them to have dreams about having a career, owning their own house, car, having any type of clothing they desired, getting a boyfriend that they chose and being a success in anything they tried.

Written for Linda G Hill’s October 26, 2019 Stream of Consciousness Saturday where the prompt is “dress”.