I never wanted to be a politician, as I think that all these people do is take from society and they never give anything back. Politicians are supposed to have a caring attitude that allows them to commit their best efforts toward the public welfare, but it seems that most of them are only interested in gaining money, status or power.  The 32nd president of the United States Franklin D. Roosevelt referring to the owners of power utilities whose actions he deemed to be against the interests of the American people said, “My friends, judge me by the enemies I have made.”  In politics, enemies are made, but there are no permanent enemies, and no permanent friends, there are only permanent interests.  Politicians think that they are right, because they won an election and they develop their own preferences instead of trying to compromise and allow people to cooperate with each other.  They use things and people, as tools to achieve their result and public figures make us hate their enemies, so they can get their way.

Politicians need to make deals, in order to get any legislation passed and every time that they make a deal, a little bit of grease from that deal ends up sticking to them.  When any politician makes his or her way out of the bush leagues up to the top of the political chain, they are very greasy.  It is not abnormal for politicians have a license to steal, and this becomes poignant to their constituents when they are fleeced.  The Supreme Court insisted that political spending is a form of protected free speech, and this gives all politicians a monopoly to collect money from wealthy donors.  As the US heads closer toward the 2020 elections, all politicians will utilize campaign staffers to work the phones in hopes of encouraging a larger voter turnout, and making a mad dash for donations, which will lead to a significant rise in unwanted calls from these pests.

Roman Emperor Tiberius allegedly conducted sexual experiments on goldfish, ushering in an era of decadence and the sadistically wacky Nero drained the treasury to support his elaborate lifestyle.  Much of Rome was burned in the great fire of 64 and it is often said that Rome was lost as Nero played his fiddle, but he actually played a lyre or a cithara, as the fiddle didn’t even exist during ancient Rome.  Nero may or may not have been responsible for the blaze, but he did take advantage of the situation, by building himself a verdant landscaped palace on the land that was destroyed.  Nero accused the early Christians for setting the fire, making them the scapegoats and somehow he was able to make this logic click with the people.  He was a despicable character with an insidious reputation who got what he deserved in the end, because he was too interested in debauchery to take a bold and billowy stance about anything that would help the people.  Nero tried to wreck a ship that his mother was on, in an attempt to kill her.  After a turbulent 13-year reign, the Roman senate ran out of patience and declared Nero to be a public enemy and he became the final Roman emperor of the Julio-Claudian dynasty.

Nero married a castrated man named Sporus, and he played the role of a bride to his bedfellows Doryphorus and Pythagoras, which lead to him being called the rainbow emperor.  Nero thought of himself as being a charioteer and a singer and there is a good chance that he may have been up on the roof watching as Rome burnt.  Nero was performing in a theater when the legions revolted and he fled the city in disguise when he heard about a plot against his life.  When they caught up to him, a few of his faithful followers dug a grave for him and he burst into a verse of Homer’s song, “The gallop of swift footed horses strikes on my ear”, and when he finished singing he committed suicide.  Elvis impersonators need to be able to sing, and the first professional Elvis impersonator actually didn’t look like Elvis and he only saw his career take off when he stopped sitting at the piano and began to gyrate his hips onstage.  It is no accident that the first Nero impersonator was able to pass himself off as Nero in part because of his musical impersonation.

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50 Paths Of Dorian

Hurricanes are notoriously harder to track than land-based weather systems and since the strong winds and heavy rains from a hurricane cover a path that is usually 100 miles or so across, they can change in less than a day.  Although the models have gotten much better, we still can’t really predict how strong they’ll be when they arrive, as most hurricanes are caprice having a mind of their own.  Some predictions say that storm is expected to grow in size and could hit Florida as a Category 3 hurricane by early Monday, while others say that Dorian is set to become a Category 2 hurricane.  Right now it is still a tropical storm and it is closing in on Puerto Rico.

Storms are exciting but they can be scary like a nightmare.  They can bring irrefutable danger with them, as the strong winds could knock your roof off, or you might be hit with some flying debris.  A hurricane can be an exquisite puzzle carrying exponential risks that might place you under a state of emergency.  When homes are destroyed and infrastructure is damaged, people could suffer a huge debt.  My biggest worry is losing the power, as that will prevent me from blogging and watching TV and I wouldn’t even be able to prepare any instant oatmeal.  I have a bunch of candles and flashlights ready, so at least I could play gin rummy.  NOAA plays a big role, doing aerial survey missions to assess damages to affected areas to develop recovery strategies, facilitate search-and-rescue efforts, identify hazards and to locate errant vessels.

I live in the Cambridge neighborhood at Kings Ridge in Clermont, Florida and they have already distributed these placards for us to place on our front door during the hurricane.  One side is green and it says “Okay” and the other side is red and it says “Help”.  When the hurricane arrives, I will stick the green Okay on my front door and hope that I don’t have to turn it over.  I did get to know some of my neighbors when my dog was still alive, as I walked her around the development, but now that she passed on, I don’t see that many of them anymore.  My neighbors are sort of friendly, but mostly everyone sticks to themselves.  We wave to each other, but I don’t really know many of their names.  My development has a block party every year, which I stopped going to and they also put out a quarterly newsletter, which I don’t bother to read.

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Smoking Hot

That first puff activated the nicotine receptors in her brain, giving Sara the pleasurable feeling that she craved.  She needed to calm her nerves and relieve some stress after spending the night with her boyfriend Dean who was a sailor.  Dean would not allow Sara to smoke in his presence, as his mother died from lung cancer and he knew all too well how harmful this nasty habit was.  Dean had tried many times to give Sara that pivotal pep talk to change her outlook about smoking, but she would never welcome this advice.  Dean had the tenacity of an alligator, as once he sunk his teeth into something, he never quit, but Sara wrote the handbook on being stubborn and she was not about to give up something that she enjoyed so much.

Sara took another drag on her cigarette and she thought of how good Dean looked in his uniform and how much she would miss him as his ship set out early this morning, but she also enjoyed her freedom and when he was gone no one would try to hedge her smoking.  Smoke drifted into her eyes, which made her squint and then she noticed something shiny in the black granite rock that she was leaning against.  It sparkled like pink dust and she thought it might be rose quartz which she always found to be pretty, demure, fresh and she knew that it would look fantastic set in an amulet.  She called out, “Finders keepers” even though there was nobody else around.  She had her mind set on this delicious stone, but she had no idea how she would be able to dig it out of the granite.  Sara knew that Dean was nimble and she did not lack any confidence in his ability to retrieve the stones for her, but she would have to wait for his return.  Sara took a picture of the gemstones and when she got home she would search the web for more information on it.

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Swinging In The Breeze

Some men just can’t keep it in their pants and they love to take it out and brandish their most prized possession any time they are given the opportunity to do so, putting their pride and joy on display, thinking this will stimulate another.  Size maters, but most women are looking for an average guy, one that is not too big, not too small, one which would work out nice because it would be manageable.  I guess that most women will weigh their options before they select a mate, but I don’t have any actual facts to make a substantiation of this claim.  I think that most women are seeking a commitment, someone that is in it for the long run, so they need to have a few lovers in order to tell what they actually like.  Love is not supposed to a surprise party where you are served mediocre manicotti.

A man must try to leave a lasting impression on the woman that he dreams about being with, so he needs to be versatile, because women are looking for both charisma and sincerity and not having both of these attributes would ruin the moment. I have always wondered if women find it irresistible or unattractive when a guy gets inked or a pierced.  I am not particularly fond of needles but I did hear about this tattoo butter from my Aunt Helen, which will moisturize your skin, so you won’t feel too much pain if you decide to get one.  Finding that special person who you can share the simple joys of life and being truly honest with is not an easy task and you may crash and burn a few times before you figure it all out and find the right person.

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The Best Things In Life

I regret not purchasing those custom handmade leather boot straps and cowboy hats, as I probably won’t ever go back to Texas again.  All that is left is a painted memory of growing up there, having my first bowl of chili and mending that barbed wire fence all the time.  I had a gun and my family grazed cattle, and we had a few chickens scratching around in the dirt.  When I was real young I would have fun trying to catch them.  All that’s left of the overrated years that I spent there, remains hidden waiting for an invitation to be opened.  My dad made the choice to drill for oil, but we never struck any like the other farms around us did.

The town of Cairo, Texas where I lived, doesn’t even exist anymore, but it was in Jasper County a few miles northeast of Houston.  It is odd that a whole town could just up and disappear, but it was nothing more than an insipid town with nothing at all going on.  In the summer for fun, we used to count the tumble weeds blowing down the main street.  My best friend Hoss Cartwright developed a real bad case of jock itch one year and he could not stop scratching his privates.  Hoss finally went to the doctor, and he was told that it was Duck Butter, which is the result of a hard day’s work where sweat and perspiration mix in with dead skin down in the nether regions after going a prolonged period without a shower.  Apparently the churning of the butter creates a quacking sound, and this is the funniest memory that I have from living there.

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End Of Summer

It is the trailing edge of summer and ever since we saw that water snake in our local swimming hole, nobody wants to swim there anymore.  It used to be a place where we would all go to relax, but now our heightened senses have caused an overload and this once peaceful paradise is not the same.  We still go there to hang out, but everyone is too frightened to jump in, even though we learned that they are non poisonous.  We saw it creep out of the water one day to eat a frog, which was very problematic to watch.  The holidays are coming, but I wish the summer would never end.  Next week it is back to school for all of us, it is inevitable we are going back, even though this is against our will.

The weather will change and playing outside will be replaced by doing homework, watching more TV and whatever indoor Olympics we come up with.  I broke my wrist at the trampoline park called Sky Zone and now I am wearing a cast.  I guess all in all it was a pretty good summer, as my Aunt invited me to visit her at her home in Pebble Beach and we went to the Shakespeare festival where we saw Comedy Of Errors.  She makes a delicious chicken noodle soup and sometimes you just have to let summer go, but with a few days left, I haven’t written this one off yet,

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Come See My Etchings

Back in the 60s, this was the line I used to seduce innocent young girls to get them into my room, so they would feel that it was proper to be alone with me.  After a night of shared passion, one girl actually asked me where my etchings were, which puzzled me as every other girl knew exactly what my intentions were.  I was in trouble, as I had no scintilla of artistic talent, so I showed her a picture of a flowerbed that my 8 year old niece drew.  She said that it was nothing more than masterful scribblings, and she did not consider it to be art.  I came clean with her and told her that I was a busboy and not an artist and that I only lied to show her that I had a sense of humor.

She told me that she was a lawyer and that she could sue me for false pretenses, because I misrepresented myself.  I told her that I had never gotten any complaints before from any of the other women who I lured up to my room to have sex with and I told her that it looked like she needed to unwind and said that I could rub her back for her.  She said that she wasn’t having any of that and she wasn’t about to be duped again.  I inquired about the trip or flight that she mentioned that she was taking and said that I could give her a pre-travel massage to help to loosen up and relax her muscles, as well as increase her circulation.  She reluctantly agreed and when I started taking my clothes off she told me that I should go on a diet.  I asked her if she wanted me to massage her breasts and she said fine, but don’t forget my beaver.  I told her no problem and said that I was happy that the beaver population was coming back in Maryland.

Written for Roger Shipp’s Daily Addictions prompt – Trouble, for the Daily Spur prompt – Trip, for FOWC with Fandango – Diet, for August Monthly Writing Prompts – Masterful scribblings, for Ragtag Community – Scintilla, for Sara’s Closet Full Of Notebooks Prompt – Sense of Humor, for Paula’s Three Things Challenge prompt words – Busboy Flowerbed Maryland, for GC and Sue W Weekly Prompts – Unwind and for Word of the Day Challenge Prompt – Flight.