Quiet Is a Good Thing

She knows that I am a writer and she calls me her Cyrano de Bergerac, allowing me to flirt with her all the time and I refer to her as the Quiet One, because she never has much to say.  I met her in the library where she worked, as she told me to be quiet because people were reading.  I apologized for being so rude and I asked her if she would like to have dinner with me.  We didn’t talk much, but we just seemed to complete each other like Jack Sprat and his wife did.  We are not two pees in the same pod and just as life is filled with positive experiences, it is also contains those nasty speed bumps, difficulties, and troubles along the way, but together, we are able to get through all that stuff.  We are each missing certain parts in our personalities, but what I am lacking, she has and vice versa and because we have each other, that completes the puzzle, thus the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Talking is over rated and we have the language of love that thrives in the comfort of intimacy.  A girl that is quiet, isn’t always shy, she is just not saying that much, and I am fine with that.  She is a very sensitive women that tends to be in-tune and aware of the details and subtleties that are all around her.  She has this power over me and I willingly surrender my body to the flames of passion when we are together.  We both enjoy pillow talk, having those private conversations between the sheets in our bed.  She has this special way of groaning out her pleasure that always lets me know that she enjoys what I am doing and that makes me feel very satisfied.  Her soft moans in bed have this way of increasing my confidence and this is what contributes to our lovemaking becoming so special.

Written for the Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Sunday Writing Prompt of The Quiet One which is hosted by Sara from relaxitsallwrite.

Why Am I Here?

I started my website to promote a book that I wrote after getting a lot of rejection letters from publishers and then reading that I needed a platform to promote my book.  Eventually I gave up on the book, but I decided to stay here in WordPress.  I had no idea what I was going to write about in the beginning, but I knew that I was a writer and as of yesterday I have written 3,259 about all different topics.  Now I understand why people blog anonymously and if I ever close this blog down and try again, that is what I will do.  I am not a very popular blogger and I think that is because I am different from many others.  I like to challenge myself to write about topics that I don’t know anything about and this helps me to learn.

I worked as a technical writer where I had to write about many things that were not very interesting to me, but when you have a job, you do what you are being paid for.  I write on many different topics and the thing that I am least concerned with is how many Followers I have.  I am not here for them, but I have made many good virtual friends here who I enjoy interacting with.  I like to write serious informative posts and I did that last week in a post titled Finding Comfortable Bras, which I enjoyed writing and learning about.  I look things up all the time, so I can learn and I know that there is no need to cite a source if it is common knowledge, or generally accepted facts, or if it falls into what is accepted to be Fair Use, which amounts to copying material for a limited and “transformative” purpose.  Fair use is a legal doctrine that promotes freedom of expression by permitting the unlicensed use of copyright-protected works in certain circumstances.

I use the practice of never copying more than 10% from any work during my research, since there is no specific number of words, lines, pages, copies that may be used without permission, so I have established my own guideline, which I am comfortable with.  There are no hard-and-fast rules, only general guidelines and varied court decisions when it comes to determining what constitutes Fair Use, which makes it kind of like Free Speech and it is open to interpretation.  The less you use from another article, the more likely that any copying that you did will be excused as a fair use.  The work that I do copy, I rearrange the words, because it makes me feel better to say things using my own words.  A transformative purpose would be something that you write that includes new information which replaces content from the original article that you may have used some information from.

Getting to the point now, I have had some flak from Republicans because of the many anti-Trump posts that I have written and I can understand that as they see him as their god.  The other day my post on bras received a lot of criticism from a reader who got very rude with me and I have since deleted all of her comments and blocked her from making any more comments on my site.  There was no reason for her to get nasty with me, but she went at me tooth and nail and I think it is because she knows that I am a much better writer than she will ever be.  After she accused me of plagiarizing other sites, she said that a man is not capable of writing about bras.  I realize that the first modern bra was invented by a woman, but the proto-bra existed before that and it was invented by a man.  She seemed to be mad that my informative post did not contain any humor and she felt that it should have been written about how to open a bra with one hand.  Maybe she is good at that and all of her girlfriends appreciate her dexterous skills.  I know that was an awful thing to say about her, but she actually accused me of being a closet crossdresser, so what goes around comes around.

This lady had the nerve to write a post about me today and that was after I told her that if she didn’t have anything nice to say that she should refrain from making comments.  When did it become perfectly acceptable to criticize someone just because you didn’t like something that was in a post that they wrote?  The whole world is going to hell, while I am trying to make it a better place to live in.  I am not going to change the topics that I write about and if anyone does not enjoy my writing, then please find another blog to read.  I am not trying to offend anyone, but I have feelings also and a person can only take so much, and I have reached my limit.  I was going to save this for Paula’s Monday Peeve which is a good place to let off some steam, but instead I am going with the Sunday Writing Prompt of Not my Circus, Not my Monkeys, because this saying relates to being involved in an argument that you should NOT be in.

Written for the Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Sunday Writing Prompt of Not my Circus, Not my Monkeys which is hosted by Sara from relaxitsallwrite.

Relationship Deal Breakers

Irreconcilable differences in any relationship will probably lead at least one member of the couple to end it and move on.  First off, living too far away would be something that is unattractive to me, because it would be too hard to deal with.  Some couples can handle long distance relationships, but I am much too old for that now.  The smell of cigarettes on someone is also something that would make me reject them, as I don’t want to be kissing an ashtray.  I guess that I need to mention poor hygiene and/or having an STD, as that is just yucky.  Being totally crazy is a definite swipe left, and yes, I have dated some girls that were bonkers, but this is something that may take some time to weed out, however when someone is not normal, this will never turn out to be a satisfying relationship.  Another undesirable personality trait would be a person that has no interest in having sex and even though they may capitulate, they are just laying there, not really enjoying it.  I guess that this could be negotiable, as everyone has different desires at different times.

I don’t want to come off as being selfish or insensitive, but everybody should have a way of getting their own needs met.  I don’t want a partner that I would have to push into doing something for my pleasure and there are other ways that I can utilize to satisfy my needs, although that would get boring after a while.  I totally understand that when someone says, “no” that this means “no”, so I would never try to force the issue.  I will make my request, and if she is not ready or not interested, and if we are in a committed relationship, then I think that I have the right to know why and this topic should be discussed.  I don’t mind offering her some encouragement, affirmation, showing empathy, and being supportive, but if sexual intimacy is overlooked, the relationship is never going to work.  Touching and kissing will always be fine for me, but I would draw the line at a partner who did not want intimacy or romance.

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Sunday Writing Prompt which is hosted by Sara from relaxitsallwrite and the prompt “for better or worse” when it comes to relationship deal breakers, thresholds, non-negotiables, and where you draw the line?

Not an Easter Story

This was our first date.  I had heard rumors about this girl being a free spirit, but what she did completely shocked me.  When she went into the living room of my parent’s house, she started stripping off her clothes.  I couldn’t believe my eyes.  I wondered what the hurry was, as I was interested in having sex with her, but I had never done anything before with a girl that didn’t start out with foreplay, or at the very least some kissing.  I got to witness something that most people don’t get to see, and not only was it was very arousing, I never would have considered that she would ever be comfortable doing this in front of me, or for that matter, that anyone would let me watch them doing this.  To her this was no big deal and she concentrated on getting herself off, while I was completely stunned.  I am sure that she enjoyed being the center of attention while she was putting on this show for me.  I knew that girls did it, but I always thought that this was only done in private.

I was happy that she was revealing another side of herself that she didn’t let other people see, or at least I didn’t think that she was letting everybody watch this.  She laid naked on her back and my eyes were glued to her the whole time, because this was the hottest thing that I ever saw.  She was in a frenzy working up a lather, driving her fingers in as deep as she could bury them.  I dropped my pants and started giving her large breasts the attention that they were craving, before working my way down toward her …, but then it was over as her whole body began squirming around and she started trembling and then she froze, and just like that, she sat up smiled at me and got dressed.  Next time, I will have to be a little bit quicker, so I don’t miss out on all of the fun.

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Sunday Writing Prompt – Three Senses which is hosted by Sara where she asks us to use one of our three senses, either a smell, a sound or something that we saw to trigger memories that reminds us of our childhood.

Time to Hit the Road

She has a long journey ahead and there is always traffic to consider.  This is the 1960’s and streams of young people are heading for San Francisco, to be in the center of the Flower Power generation, and many girls were wearing flowers in their hair.  The FBI just announced that a record number of 90,000 runaways were headed there in 1967.  They quit school, or stopped working at their jobs, basically following the Timothy Leary philosophy of, “Turn on tune in drop out” getting away from the establishment and leaving the straight society, for a supposed freedom.

One such teenage runaway was Melanie Coe, a pretty 17-year-old blonde the daughter of John and Elsie Coe from Stamford Hill, London.  The schoolgirl seemed to have everything, she owned an Austin 1100 car and she had a wardrobe full of clothes, which were both left behind and her parents couldn’t imagine why she ran away.  The February 27th, 1967 issue of London’s Daily Mail featured an article about her disappearance with the heading “A-Level Girl Dumps Car And Vanishes.”  Coe didn’t go to San Francisco, she briefly rented a flat in Paddington with her boyfriend who worked as a croupier and who she met in a nightclub, and she returned home around 10 days after the newspaper report was published.  Her parents were able to track her down because she told them where her boyfriend worked.  Melanie stated that she left her home because her parents never told her that they loved her.  She reached the end of the road feeling unloved, leaving behind her cushy lifestyle and a couple of confused parents.

Before Melanie left home, she went to a doctor and he said that she was pregnant, but only after she left home.  Her best friend at the time was married to Ritchie Blackmore, so she hid at their house in Holloway Road.  This was the first place her parents came to look, so she ran off with her boyfriend, who was a croupier, although he had been ‘in the motor trade’ like it says in the song.  Her dad called up the newspapers and her picture ended up on the front pages.  He told the story like she must have been kidnapped, because why else would she leave?   They gave her everything fur coats, cars. but she indicated not love.  Once her parents found her, she had an abortion.

Paul McCartney read the newspaper article, and he began to write the song ‘She’s Leaving Home’, which came out on the Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album.  This article gave Paul enough information to create a story line and then make a song out of it.  Years earlier in the fall of 1963, Coe appeared on the pop music TV show Ready Steady Go! in a contest with three other teenage girls that involved miming (lip-synching and dancing) to the Brenda Lee song ‘Let’s Jump The Broomstick’ where Paul was the judge.  He was impressed by contestant No. 4, the 13-year-old Melanie Coe, and he presented her with a Beatles album as her prize.


Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Sunday Writing Prompt hosted by Michael – The End of the Road.

Play Me A Danceable Ode

Paul McCartney and Wings released ‘Getting Closer’ in 1979 on the album Back to the Egg.  The song reached #20 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart.  ‘Getting Closer’ is a blistering power pop song and many people put it in the same class as ‘Band on the Run’.  Back to the Egg was the seventh and final studio album for Wings, as the group imploded after McCartney’s drug bust in Japan for bringing 7.7 ounces of marijuana into the country, which is almost a half a pound.  McCartney was busted on Jan. 16, 1980 at Tokyo’s Narita International Airport he was facing a possible seven-year sentence for drug smuggling.  Paul ended up spending nine days in jail as Inmate No. 22.

After the drug bust, McCartney cancelled all prospective dates for the group and later released his solo album McCartney II, which was his first solo album in ten years.  Any band with an ex-Beatle is always going to be a backing band, so when McCartney’s interest in the group dwindled, Wings dissolved like sugar in tea.  Wings had twelve top-10 singles (including one number one) in the UK and fourteen top 10 singles (including six number ones) in the US.  All 23 singles released by Wings reached the US top 40, and one two-sided hit, ‘Junior’s Farm’/’Sally G’, reached the top 40 with each side.  Of the nine albums released by Wings, all went top 10 in either the UK or the US, with five consecutive albums topping the US charts.  Besides Paul McCartney Wings had Denny Laine, Jimmy McCulloch, and Linda McCartney in the group and they all contributed in songwriting.  Laine, McCulloch, Joe English, and Linda McCartney all performed lead vocals.  Lee Eastman, Linda’s father asked Jack Lawrence to wrote the song ‘Linda’ as an ode to his daughter when she was four and it was recorded by Jan and Dean in 1963.

Say You Don’t Love Him, My Salamander.
Why Do You Need Him?
Oh No, Don’t Answer, Oh No.

I’m Getting Closer,
I’m Getting Closer To Your Heart.

Keeping Ahead Of The Rain On The Road,
Watching My Windscreen Wipers.
Radio Play Me A Danceable Ode,
Cattle Beware Of Snipers.

When Will You See Me, My Salamander?
Now Don’t Try To Tell Me
Oh No, Don’t Answer, Oh No.

Hitting The Chisel And Making A Joint,
Glueing My Fingers Together.
Radio Play Me A Song With A Point,
Sailor Beware Of Weather.
I’m Getting Closer, My Salamander.
Well When Will We Be There?
Ah No, Don’t Answer, Oh No.

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Sunday Writing Prompt hosted by Michael where we are supposed to write an ode, but I went in a different direction for this prompt.

Hourglass Shape

Female figures are typically narrower at the waist than at the bust and hips.  Women have also been described as having either an hourglass, pear, apple or ruler/banana body shape.  The hourglass body shape has a wide bust, a narrow waist, and wide hips with a similar measurement to that of the bust.

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Sunday Writing Prompt hosted by Yves where we are supposed to create a shape poem.

Comes a Time

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed everyone’s life and some of us are filled with darkness, or despair because so many of us have suffered a loss.  It is hard to find a bright side in these painful moments, especially since most of us are feeling a deep sense of meaninglessness about all of this senseless death.  Disasters have a way of invalidating the meaning that your life had before things turned dark.  It would be nice if I could emerge out of this with a deeper sense of purpose in my life and transform into the being that I am supposed to be.

It is not just the pandemic; it is also that idiot that we have for a president and his loyal following who seem to think that he is a good guy and they ignore all of his lies, that also upsets me.  I see Trump as being the Dark One, a primordial, sapient, cosmic force of evil in the universe, that only cares about himself.  He is the Dark Lord, a powerful villain and an evil henchman who has a history of speech and actions that have been widely viewed as racist or racially charged.  It seems that he wants to divide our country by inciting hatred, which no president has ever done before.  Racism has been around a long time and the way things are looking now, maybe things will actually change for the better as no particular race is superior or inferior to another, and no person’s social and moral traits are predetermined by their inborn biological characteristics.

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Sunday Writing Prompt where we are supposed to use the following quote for inspiration, “The Dark Night of the Soul is a purging process that calls us to release all that is unhealed or unnecessary— releasing all that is in the way of our highest good” and this challenge is hosted by Yves.

Trusting as Little as Possible in the Next One

I wrote some nonsense
A bad habit from whence
Couldn’t conjugate the tense
Smelling frankincense
Put in my two cents
Moving forward hence
Gained a false sense
A little bit dense
Got off the fence
About Mike Pence
Very intense
So much suspense
Becoming immense
No need for pretense
Not a sentence
Justice to dispense
Going on offence
Should I offer recompense
Deduct the expense
Try to condense
Consulting Hortence
Poetic license

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Sunday Writing Prompt “Uncontrollable Nonsense” hosted by Yves.

The Punk Test

I read this book when I was young that was about teenage social acceptance and gangs, and in order to get into this one gang, you had to pass the punk test.  This involved letting somebody burn your hand with a lit cigarette.  When I was a Senior in High School, I hung out with a group of these six Freshman girls, who I thought were pretty cool.  I told them about the punk test and they all wanted to be burnt, to prove that they were not punks.

I told them that I was not interested in getting burnt with a cigarette, but they all dared each other and all six of them burnt each other with cigarettes.  It was awful and sometimes I can still smell the burning flesh.  It is amazing what people will do to prove that they are not punks.  I felt bad because if I didn’t tell them this story, then none of them would have done this.  I was the only one to punk out, but I was also the only one not in pain.

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Sunday Writing Prompt “Dare” hosted by Yves.