Time and Distance

Far out, time keeps on slipping into the future, so things that seem far away, eventually end up being right around the corner.  Take my cellphone provider for instance, as they told me that they will no longer be covering my phone in October, because it is a 3G and the only service they will have, would be for 4G and 5G phones.  I figured that I would need a new one eventually, but that time which seemed far off is rapidly approaching.  I sprang for the 5G, which I guess is better and since October is very near now, I ordered this yesterday.  Near and far are relative terms, as what is near to one person might be considered far to another.  I know that Halloween is coming, as I have already seen some decorations set up and before you know it, Christmas will be here.

Your nose is always visible to you, because it is right on the center of your face, however your mind will ignore it through a process called Unconscious Selective Attention, so even though it is close, it seems so far away because it is not seen, thus being out of sight puts it out of mind.  A person with bad depth perception would not be able to tell you for sure if an object is near to them or far off.  Astronomy is a weird subject and anything that is out in space, I would consider to be far away, but that would mean that objects known as near earth objects are far away, which does not make all that much sense.  Objects that are further away should be smaller, if both objects are the same size.  The astronomical unit is a convenient distance unit for measuring stuff in our solar system, but when we go beyond that we switch to light-years and parsecs which is a bit farther away.  Our Milky Way galaxy is about 100,000 light years, or 30,000 parsecs across, which seems like a relatively far distance, but compared to the known or observable universe this distance is close or near.

Written for Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday where the prompt is to use the words “near” or “far” and if you start your post with one word and end with the other word, you will get the bonus points, whatever they are good for.

Numbered Dots

My mom always valued math and she helped me with my homework when I was young.  She was a bookkeeper and she worked as a comptometrist before calculators and computers became popular.  She understood how to work this special machine that performed mathematical operations for accounting and I guess since not everyone knew how to use this, she got paid pretty well at the time for a woman.  She helped me with all of my subjects, but she thought that math was the most important subject for me to learn, so when I was little, she got me all of these connect the dot puzzles.  I enjoyed finding the numbers and when I joined them together with a pencil, they turned into pictures that I would show to my mom and she would give me a treat for solving them.

It wasn’t very difficult but it helped me to see patterns and that is why I was able to do calculus later on in college.  I had to take several courses in calculus in order to get my Electrical Engineering degree and I absolutely hated this subject, because I didn’t understand it.  All the other math courses that I took before calculus made sense to me.  Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry all had rules that I understood and even though Calculus had rules, I never saw the purpose in any of these problems, but I was able to solve them because I saw the patterns.  I would look at the problem and see if there was something similar to it and then I would notice how they differed.  I made a puzzle out of every problem, adjusting this problem to fit and even though I fumbled my way through this subject, I did pass.

Working on the connect the dot puzzles enabled me to visualize the outcome of the pictures that I was drawing.  I feel that it went beyond that, by helping me to develop a spatial relationship between the dots that I was connecting and the objects that the pictures turned into.  If I were to draw a line from number 3 to number 5 instead of number 4, the picture would not be correct and the hidden shape would never be revealed to me.  I had to take responsibility for connecting the dots in the right order and this taught me that there were consequences for doing things the right way and for doing them the wrong way.  These puzzles became a stepping stone for me to learn how life works.

Written for Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday where the prompt is to use the word puzzle anyway you like.

I Got the Job

On September 11, 2001 I drove 90 miles to go to a job interview at Wyeth Ayerst up in White Plains New York.  I had been out of work for a while and I was desperate to get another job, because I only had 6 weeks left of unemployment benefits.  I did not want to work that far away from where I lived, but a man has to do what a man has to do.  The interview was going well in my opinion, but as the interview was wrapping up, the guy who later became my boss told me that there was one more person that he wanted me to speak with and this person was currently in a meeting.  He asked me if I could go out to a coffee shop and come back in 45 minutes, which I agreed to do.

I saw a coffee shop right down the street so I parked my car, went inside and I ordered a coffee and a Danish.  They had a TV and the news was on so I started watching it.  I was completely shocked to see the first plane hit the world Trade Center, as was everyone else in the coffee shop.  They showed it over and over again and then they showed the second plane crash into the other tower.  That was it for me, I was blowing off the interview and I just wanted to be home where I could feel safe.  My cell phone had no signal, so I couldn’t get through to my wife and I could not pick up a radio station for my long ride back home.  I finally reached my place, called my wife on the land line and watched the news intently for the rest of the day, not being able to take my eyes off of it.

Two months later the guy that got me the interview called me back and told me that I got the job.  I was coming in as a contractor and I worked out a deal with the agency where I could work four ten-hour days and they paid for a motel room for me to stay in on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights.  I had a long commute on Monday morning and Thursday evening, but I had a three-day weekend, every weekend.  It was a crappy motel, dingy furniture, highway noise, but beggars can’t be choosers and I was happy to finally be back at work.

Written as my second attempt for Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday where the prompt is to use the word where anyway you like.

Where Am I Going With This One

I have been off the wall lately, like a steam locomotive that has run off the track, with no direction home, but I don’t plan on changing any time soon.  I enjoy pushing the boundaries to see how far I can go and what I can get away with.  Provocative, outrageous topics intrigue me and that is what makes writing so much fun for me.  When I start writing about something, I don’t heed a destination to restrict me to where I am going.  I look for the opening and draw back on my life experiences and then let spontaneity take over, so where it takes me is usually a surprise.  I should probably tone it down a bit, as I don’t want everyone hating me, but my real life is boring, thus I live my fantasies out in my writing.

I write plenty of stuff that is more modest and less exciting and would not be termed as click bait and I love to explain things.  I have written about Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle which simply states at the quantum level, you can’t know everything.  This means that the more you know about a particle’s position, the less you will know about its momentum and vice a versa.  Isaac Newton defined momentum in his second law of motion and that is the product of the mass of a particle and its velocity.  The particle’s position tells you where it is.

Written for Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday where the prompt is to use the word where anyway you like.

Stick a Pin in It

Hold on to that thought and we will circle back to this later said the boss as he felt there were more important topics that needed to be discussed.  Jacob asked the boss if he should stick a pin in it, so everyone could sleep on this and gather up their ideas for the next meeting.  The boss told Jacob that the topic was postponed for now and he didn’t want any further discussion, so he should just put a sock on it, be quiet and shut his mouth, as he was starting to get annoying.  Jacob spoke again and said that he would mark this topic for the next agenda as old business.  The boss became furious and said that trying to tell Jacob anything was like talking to a brick wall, as he is like a dog that gets hold of a bone and will never let go of it.  The boss told Jacob that he was driving him up a wall with his going on and on, and Jacob said that he could mark a spot on the wall for the boss with a pin, so that everyone could know how high up the wall he had been driven.  Jacob was the boss’ brother-in-law and he knew that his wife would not stand for him being fired, but the boss wanted to teach that jackass Jacob a lesson, so he told him to stand next to the wall and then everyone could play pin the tail on the donkey with him.

Written for Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday where the prompt is to use the word pin and have fun with it.


My oh my, what a beautiful day.  Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!  She is not my Sharona, she is her own Sharona, just like my girl doesn’t actually belong to me.  I guess your kids are yours, till they grow up and become responsible for themselves and then they are their own individual selves.  All humans seem to like having possessions and that is where the word “my” comes from.  This sense of attachment either stems from a fear of loss, or basic insecurities.  The rich get richer and they want to have more and more.  Donald Trump wanted to hold on to the office of the president, even though he lost the election and there are still a lot of people around who say that, “He is my president”, refusing to let go and swallowing the Big Lie.

The urge to accumulate your own stuff is not just a people thing, as this can be seen in the difficulty of trying to take a bone away from a dog, once it has one.  Most animals are fine with not having any possessions, but as Madonna said this is a material world and people just can’t seem to find happiness unless they acquire things.  I remember when I purchased my first house and my wife said that the garage was hers and I let her have it to make her happy.  I had the driveway to park in and I could come and go as I pleased, but with her having her car in the garage, she had to wait for me to move my car out of her way.  People will always want things to belong to them and I am fine with things that are yours being yours.

Written for Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday where the prompt is to start your post with the word “my” and you can pick up bonus points if you are able to end it with the word “yours”.

Ode To the Commode

Nobody really cares if you shave your pubic hairs or not, and during the pandemic many people let their pubic hair grow.  When I was attending college, I got a part time job as an office cleaner.  My boss seemed to think that it was my job to clean the bathrooms and I hated doing that.  I had gloves, brushes and other cleaning products and mostly it wasn’t that bad, but I was always grossed out when I saw crotch hair on the toilet seats.  I can understand pubic hair coming off a person’s body when they take a shower, but I had no clue why it was always on the toilet seats.  I was not sure if the people that worked in this office were just really hairy, or if they were leaving their pubes there intentionally, just to creep me out.  I have a basic understanding of quantum entanglement, but I couldn’t figure out why every time I went to clean the commodes, that I kept finding pubic hairs left on the seats.  There were never any really nasty stalls covered with poop, like I have seen in some public bathrooms, but I just didn’t have the stomach for this job.

I quit that job, but I do enjoy a clean bathroom and the more often you clean it the easier it is to do the job.  I know that a lot of women complain about men leaving the seat up, but I always put it down along with the seat cover, and I started doing that to prevent my dog from drinking out of it.  My dog is gone now, but I still always lower the seat and the cover, because I don’t like looking at the insides of toilets, as I feel that they are filled with germs.  I realize that the chances of getting an STI from a toilet seat are slim to none, but I guess you could still get lice and crabs, so I prefer to sit on something that is clean.

Written for Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday where the prompt is to find a one- or two-syllable word that rhymes with “ode,” or use the word “ode.”

Do You Feel Lucky Punk?

Last week on Song Lyric Sunday we had luck as one of the theme words and that brought out some great music.  Yesterday on Fibbing Friday because it was Friday the Thirteenth, Di incorporated a bunch of questions pertaining to luck and that was fun.  Also, Dylan incorporated a picture of a black cat on her First Line Friday yesterday and an opening line about Izzy not believing in luck, so there seems to be a lot of luck floating around here on WordPress lately.  I have always felt lucky, but I think that I would rather be lucky in love and unlucky in cards, because I could always quit gambling, but I don’t think that I will ever stop loving.

Lady luck is the personification of luck seen as a lady, who could bring you good luck or bad fortune and lately she has not been on my side, but things can always be worse as so far, I feel safe from Covid and I am not stuck in Kandahar.  I always wonder if we make our own luck, as if we get the vaccine and restrain from traveling to certain places, we are all a lot safer and those decisions were all on us, so even if we don’t make our own luck, we do nudge it along a bit.  With a little luck, I could finish this post and get to read what everyone else has written.

Written for Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday where the prompt is to use the word luck.

Uncle Wee Wee

My dad was the youngest of seven children and he had an older brother named William, whose name my father had trouble saying when he was young.  When my dad was just learning how to talk, he tried to say William, but it came out as wee wee and the name stuck, because everyone thought it was funny.  It was a name that was said with affection, because everyone liked my uncle.  I would hate to have a name that made people think about urine, but I guess that I have been called worse.  I actually always felt a bit strange calling him Uncle Wee, but I actually thought that was his name and nobody that I knew ever called my dad’s brother William.

He had a real good job during the Great Depression working as a typesetter for a newspaper, which is also referred to as a Devil’s Apprentice.  It took time and patients to get they type set correctly by hand and the job paid very well.  During the Depression people went without a lot of things, but they always had money to but a newspaper.  My uncle was able to buy a brand-new car every year, when nobody had any money, but as automation took over the newspaper business, he was eventually out of a job.

He was married and they had a daughter and one year for easter he bought a baby chick for his little girl to play with, but sadly she contracted encephalomyelitis and died.  My uncle started drinking very heavy after that, blaming himself for his daughter getting ill.  He had a girlfriend which he paid for her apartment which was down the hall from where he lived with his wife, and that never went over well, although I guess my uncle was happy.

He worked as a carpenter and one day he ended up sawing off one of his fingers and he was given $5,000 as compensation for the work-related accident.  I remember he took a vacation and came out to see us.  He had lost his hair and it was hailing and he was drunk, and he wanted to know why the aliens were attacking him and that made me laugh really hard.  He was a very funny guy and I will never forget him.  One day I was hungry and he taught me how to make tuna fish for lunch and he said if I could do that, I would never go hungry.  It reminds me of that saying, “If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day, but if you teach a man how to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.”

Written for Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday where the prompt is to use the word wee.

My Girl

I joined a dating site and I met a girl.  Technically we have not met yet, but we are emailing, texting and talking on the phone.  We were supposed to go on our first date today, but we postponed it because she just got a new $6.3 million contract to work in Paris, France for 6 to 8 weeks, which the client threatened to cancel if she doesn’t get started in the next 72 hours.  They accepted her proposal in NYC the other day and they need her over there for inspection for the first stage of the job, which should last 2 weeks and then she wants to fly back to be with me.  She said that she would like me to go back with her for the last stage of the job, but even though I have never been to France, or the city of love, I am declining her offer, due to all the warnings out there of how bad the Delta variant of Covid is.  I feel that it is better to be safe, then being on a ventilator or ending up dead.

I met several girls on this dating site and after a few conversations with them, I realized that none of them were right for me.  It is odd how I met this woman as she was not on this dating site, but her cousin is and it was her cousin that contacted me.  I figured this was going to be nothing but trouble, as several other girls contacted me this way, one using her mother’s profile and another using her sister’s profile and neither of them ended up being suitable for me.  Her cousin gave me this woman’s email address and told me that I would not regret contacting her.  I wrote to her not expecting anything and I found out that she is 11 years younger than I am and she has been a widow for the last 5 years.  She lives 47 miles away from me and it would take me almost an hour to get to her by car, which was far from being ideal.  She sent me her pictures and she is very pretty.  She works as a Structural Engineer on building and road construction projects, so we have a lot in common both being engineers.  She has a daughter that studies Medicine and Surgery at Queensland University in Australia.

We have been communicating every day and I have developed feelings for her, but I don’t know her well enough to be in love with her yet.  I don’t want to lose her for not taking a chance to be with her, but the timing isn’t right, and that means everything to a relationship.  I see her as a great opportunity for me, somebody that I would be very happy sharing the rest of my life with.  She would be like an escape from my current life, which I am satisfied with, but having her in my life, would make it much more meaningful.  She is a delightful woman, but I wonder if we are moving too fast and saying things that we should save for when we know each other better.  There is no formula for saying I love you to another person and whenever you feel love, you should express it, but even though I feel that I could be ready to love her, I can’t fall in love with a person that I have not met.

One of the first questions that I asked her was if she had gotten the Covid vaccine yet, and she answered no and I told her that we could never be together till she gets it.  She did get the vaccine this past week, which made me happy, but she claims to be a Republican and I am certain that is not ideal for us, although I haven’t mentioned Trump yet and that could be a whole new can of worms.  It seems like almost everyone here in Florida is a Republican and we have a Republican Governor being Ron DeSantis and two Republican Senators, those being Marco Rubio and Rick Scott, so if you live here in Florida you have to get used to being around Republicans.  Florida is going the wrong way under Republican leadership as on Thursday we had 17, 589 new cases of Covid and DeSantis seems to have something against people wearing masks.

The other day I told her that I was going to take a dip in my pool and she told me to send her a picture of the pool.  Since I had my phone in camera mode, I took this picture of me in my bathing suit for her to look at.  I know that it came out awful, not just because it is a bit out of focus, but mostly because I am in it and I probably should not have sent it to her.  I am thinking that this woman is a real keeper, as who in their right mind would want to date a man that looks like me.  I guess love must really be blind, as in the name of everything that is holy, I wonder why anyone would ever want to date a guy who looks like me.  Her daughter is going to France to stay with her while she is in Paris and I am happy that she will not be there all alone.  I told her that I would be patiently waiting here for her when she gets back home.  You may think this is funny, but I feel that I am better looking when I am wearing my mask.

Written for Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday where the prompt is to discuss the first word that comes to your mind from the last photo that you took.