Instinct Prevails

Wrinkles knew that he had no chance of ever catching that squirrel, but he couldn’t help from chasing it.  When it ran under the chain link fence, Wrinkles had a full head of steam going and he slammed into it, smashing up his face.  He did not need any more problems in his life, as last week he got flees and those buggers chewed the heck out of his hide.  He looked into the mirror and he thinks that he may now have pink eye, or should that be pink eyes, because both of his eyes were itching and they looked pink.  Wrinkles was aware that Friday was his birthday and he hoped to be back on the gravy train real soon.

Written for Stine Writing – Poetry, Positivity, and Connecting!, Simply 6 Minutes hosted by Christine Bialczak.

Where’s Bullwinkle

That moose is always late and I just checked into his room, but all I found was Gideon’s bible.  I hope he is OK, as another moose stole the girl of his dreams.  It is kind of odd that her name was Magill, but she called herself Lil and everyone knew her as Nancy.  I mean like wtf is up with that and then there is that man, who called himself Dan.  Bullwinkle never liked that guy from day one.  Bullwinkle and Nancy went over to Dan’s house where he lived with his wife Debbie.  Nancy and Debbie were besties and Debbie promised Dan that he could have a threesome with her and Nancy, but that left Bullwinkle out in the cold.  Bullwinkle purchased a gun and he burst in on the threesome, while grinning a grin and he said, “Danny boy, this is a showdown”, but that was the last that I heard of him.

Written for Stine Writing – Poetry, Positivity, and Connecting!, Simply 6 Minutes hosted by Christine Bialczak.

Conversations with My Cat

I give him all the tender love and care that he deserves and in return, my furry friend helps me to feel less lonely.  Sometimes I don’t get a meow in response, but I am pretty sure that he is listening to what I tell him.  We don’t speak the same language, but we both understand what one another needs and we enjoy one another’s company.  Milo was a stray cat who was meowing in my driveway looking for food, the poor little thing was starved.  I gave him some scraps in a paper bowl, and he stayed outside my front door all night, so the next day I let him inside.

He caused a lot of trouble at first, climbing on everything and overturning my plants and he was a sloppy eater always spilling and wasting his food, which drove me crazy.  I never had a cat before and I always considered myself to be a dog person, but after my last dog died, I was taking a break from owning any pets.  I picked up a book on cat-human interactions, and I learned that if I spent time talking with Milo this could change his behavior, so I started purring back at him, giving him little meows from time to time, and this has made a big difference.  Now when he wanders up to me to say hi, we often end up having long conversations.

Written for Stine Writing – Poetry, Positivity, and Connecting!, Simply 6 Minutes hosted by Christine Bialczak.

Monty the Squirrel

His mother made her nest in a zombie tree, which is a tree that thinks it’s alive, but it actually isn’t alive because it is rampant with internal decay, so it was dead on the inside.  Heavy snow took its toll, the icy cold temperatures, and wind toppled this tree just after Monty was born.  I went out to investigate and I was saddened to see the dead squirrel laying in the snow with the new born blind kitten shivering in my yard, as they have to depend on their mothers for everything until they are at least two or three months old.  I took the poor thing back inside of my house and nursed him back to health and then I figured that he needed a name.

I was watching Monty Pythons The Holy Grail where King Arthur is talking to the French Guard and tells him that he has been charged by God with a sacred quest and I decided to call him Monty.  Monty went everywhere with me and when I went out, he would be in my pocket, he is the best pet that I ever had.  After he got older, I decided to let him go outside and I never knew if I would see him again, but he stayed in my yard and we play every day.  I taught him this nifty trick where he grabs a nut from my mouth.  I showed this to my mother and she thinks that I am crazy for letting a wild animal that close to me, but I know how gentle Monty is.

Written for Stine Writing – Poetry, Positivity, and Connecting!, Simply 6 Minutes hosted by Christine Bialczak.

Low Down Dirty Dog

The prisoners sat around and listened to Son House play his slide guitar when he suddenly stopped and said, “Even though we can’t have all we want, we ought to be thankful we don’t get what we deserve.”  Son House had been playing in a juke joint when a man went on a shooting spree, and wounded him in his leg, so he shot the man dead and received a 15-year sentence at the Mississippi State Penitentiary.  Edward James “Son” House was born in 1902 and he was raised in the Mississippi Delta.  He became a preacher, pastor and was a singer in his youth, although his strong religious beliefs made him adverse to the blues or anything that was not religious music.  Son House took up slide guitar at the age of 25, after he heard a drinking buddy playing it one night and within weeks, he acquired a guitar and started playing.

Well you know that sun is goin’ down
I said behind that ol’ western hill
I said behind that ol’ western hill
You know I wouldn’t go a thing not against my baby’s will
You know when that’s bad I declare there’s two black bags
I declare there’s two black bags
You know my woman done quit me
Looks there’s a whole world of pain
You know she stopped writin’
Won’t even send me no kind of word
I said she wouldn’t send me no kind of word
She turned her little back on me
‘Bout some low down thing she heard
You know I’m goin’ away baby
I’m gonna stay there a long time
I said I’m gonna stay there a long time
You know not comin’ back honey
Oh baby till you change your mind
I wake up in the morning
Feelin’ sick and bad
I said soon every morning I be feelin’ mighty sick and bad
Thinking ‘bout the old times
Baby that I once have had
If I don’t go crazy
I say I’m gonna lose my mind
I believe I’m gonna lose my mind
‘Cause I stay worried bothered all the time
Lookie here baby sit right here on my knee
I said sit right down on my knee
Well I just want to tell you
Just how you been doin’ me
What do you want for me to do
I said what do you want me to do
I’ve been doing all I can honey
Just trying to get along with you

Written for Stine Writing – Poetry, Positivity, and Connecting!, Simply 6 Minutes hosted by Christine Bialczak.

Strange but True

Every time she ate, it was like she was chewing her cud and eventually her rumination got on my nerves.  I was the dietitian who was hired to treat her Rumination Disorder.  Everything that she put in her mouth seemed to need another cycle of chewing.  Her significant weight loss brought her into the hospital where she was treated for malnutrition, and I administered a high-calorie tube feeding formula, which seemed to help.  I realized that her condition was much more serious when I heard her making mooing noises.  This is a rather uncommon condition, but King Nebuchadnezzar was driven into the fields and he ate grass for seven years after he was humbled by God for boasting about his achievements.  People can suffer from a psychological disorder called Boanthropy that makes them believe that they are a cow.  They try to live their life as a cow.

Written for Stine Writing – Poetry, Positivity, and Connecting!, Simply 6 Minutes hosted by Christine Bialczak.

The Journey of Life

Do you remember Jannick saying, “One day, you’ll be just a memory for some people.  Do your best to be a good one.”  Susan replied, “Are you sure that you are not talking about Yannick Jacob, the guy who likes to help people think, learn & grow and who hopes to inspire the world to embrace their human condition in all its beautiful and challenging facets, as I think that this saying might be from him.  Well, what about it anyway?”  Bill said, “Life is short and we are both going to die one day and I was just reflecting on my mortality and I thought this was appropriate.  I am going to make a living will and I thought that I might use this statement as a prologue to give who ever reads it my reason for making it out.  We just topped 300,000 Covid-19 deaths and I know that the vaccine will be coming soon, but as we are on this journey called life, we are stuck in a cycle of new beginnings and sad endings.”

Written for Stine Writing – Poetry, Positivity, and Connecting!, Simply 6 Minutes hosted by Christine Bialczak.

Just to Belittle You

The statement today is, “People only bring up your past when they are intimidated by you present”, which just doesn’t read right with me.  Those three words together “by you present” are God awful English and I get that some people actually talk that way, because this phrase is all over Pinterest, but it does not work for me.  Before I say something, I try to sound it out and this phrase should not fly.  You have to be able to distinguish the meaning of the words that you use and not just spout things out of your mouth.  I think it should be “intimidated by your presence”, or “intimidated by you in the present”.  Anyways, I understand the meaning behind this saying, which to me would be said by an insecure close-minded person that wants to hurt you and they do this by attacking something that is in your past.

These a-holes will use something personally that you have probably told them in confidence that will embarrass you and hit you where it hurts.  They may be envious of you and since we all make mistakes and have regrets, they should be offering their forgiveness, instead of trying to slander you.  Most of us have embarrassing moments or chapters of our lives that we’re not particularly proud of and we all have moments that we would like to take back.  The last thing we need is someone publicly broadcasting or going on about our worst possible moments.  These stupid, irritating, contemptible people will seize on these moments from your past, continually attacking you because they don’t have their own lives to live, which is just sad.  Everyone is constantly changing and evolving as a person, and since your past is done and over, they should let it go.

Written for Stine Writing – Poetry, Positivity, and Connecting!, Simply 6 Minutes Challenge #20 hosted by Christine Bialczak.

The Fairest of Them All

Cynthia Rylant retells The Brothers Grimm story of Snow White in her 2009 40-page Juvenile Fiction Walt Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.  Her book starts out with this line, “It is when we are most lost that we sometimes find our truest friends” and then she relates the story of the evil queen who cared about only one thing—that she was fairest of all.  This queen learns that Snow White has beauty that is greater than hers, so she sets out to destroy the girl.  It is then that Snow White finds herself lost, but lucky for her, she finds these seven little men who change her life forever.  They grow to love her as she does them.  When the Queen returns and all seems lost, love saves the day once more.  This book was used to set the tone for Walt Disney’s animated film which was released on October 6, 2009 as a Blu-ray Disc, marking the first time the film was ever shown in high definition.

Written for Stine Writing – Poetry, Positivity, and Connecting!, Simply 6 Minutes hosted by Christine Bialczak.

A Code to Live By

It is often thought that the phrase, “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men” is attributed to Frederick Douglass, but the only quote of his that comes close to this is, “Once thoroughly broken down, who is he that can repair the damage?”.  Potatoes, potatoes, as they both seem to mean the same thing to me, that being a child that experiences an undo trauma will most likely carry that with them for the rest of their life and they will never be the same.  Adults can recover better from a deeply distressing or disturbing experience, because they have seen more of life, but children are special and they need to be protected as much as possible.

Written for Stine Writing – Poetry, Positivity, and Connecting!, Simply 6 Minutes hosted by Christine Bialczak.