Minor Complaints

That Low Tire Air Pressure idiot light came on again.  Tire pressure will increase as the outside air temperature rises, and I don’t want to get into the ideal gas law here as everyone has already had too much of that from taking Physics, but the temperature gets hot here in Florida.  Once the weather cools down like it does at night, you may get a signal that says your tire pressure is low.  I heard that some people in Florida fill their tires with nitrogen to avoid triggering this sensor all the time.  The light illuminates to alert you that your tires could be underinflated, which can lead to undue tire wear and possible tire failure, but it could be triggered by a tire that is only 10% to 15% low in air pressure.  Nitrogen molecules are larger and slower moving than those of compressed air, thus nitrogen doesn’t seep out of your tires as quickly as air will, helping to maintain proper pressure for a longer period of time.  They are just tires, but the car won’t work without them, however I don’t understand why this needs to be so complex.

I got the Super Flu shot last Wednesday which is only given to old people and I had a minor reaction to it, at least that was what the nurse said when I called to complain about it.  I have been getting flu shots for years and I never had anything more than a sore arm for a few hours afterward.  This time my arm swelled up and I looked a bit like Arnold Schwarzenegger pumping iron and there was a giant red patch on my arm.  The nurse assured me it was normal and the swelling went down and the pain went away on Sunday, but it is still a bit reddish.

I got an email from Consumer cellular, yea the cell phone company for older people and they said that I need to but a new phone.  They said that since the entire country of wireless network providers are completing major improvements to their networks and cellular towers to deliver faster connections and higher call quality via new 4G and 5G services, that my 4G phone will no longer work in a month’s time.  Whatever happened to downward compatibility?  That used to be a thing where if something new came out, the old stuff would still work, but I guess there is a lot of money involved for everyone getting new phones, so it is what it is.

I got my haircut the other day, but not at the first salon that I went into.  The girl was not wearing a mask, so I asked her if she got the Covid vaccine and she told me that it was her personal business and there was no reason for me to know that.  This is part of living in Florida where you have to deal with republican mentality every day, but I told her that it was my business, as I have the right to protect myself and I got up out of her chair and told her that I was going someplace else.  I mostly blame DeSantis for promoting this cavalier attitude with his baring mandatory mask usage in schools.  The only way we will ever got out of this pandemic is for people to get vaccinated.  This actually worked out good for me, as I went into another salon where this cute blond said she was vaccinated and I think that she will be cutting my hair from now on.

Written for Paula’s Monday Peeve.

Always Upsetting Everything

Why does Joe Manchin the conservative West Virginia Democrat still believe that bipartisanship cooperation is possible?  Is he living in some idealistic world where Trump was never the president and Republicans were not totally into conspiracy theories?  He always seems to be voting against something that the rest of his party supports and with the Senate being equally split between the two parties, he is needed as the 50th vote.  Without Manchin, Democrats don’t have a working majority and even with Manchin on their side, they still need Vice President Kamala Harris to break any tie votes.  In this increasingly polarized Senate, where every issue seems to be split down the middle, he needs to take the blame for nothing ever getting done.

Written for Paula’s Monday Peeve.


Why are these people trying to take advantage of others?  Are they sadists that want to feel powerful and be in control, because they feel superior to everyone, or are they just too lazy to go out and get a real job?  These people are selfish and ungrateful predators that try to miniplate our emotions and they invent scams that will either appeal to us, or try to threaten us.  Phishing is mostly done by email and this attack is an attempt to trick you into doing exactly what the scammer wants you to do.  In order for the world to work, we have to put our trust into certain things and when you see a message that has the Microsoft name and label attached to it, then you feel that it is legitimate.

I got phished the other day and I hate when people f__k with my email.  I clicked the link in my email and it brought me to a web page and then I realized that this was probably a scam, so I closed it.

I don’t know much about Linktree, but it appears to be a legitimate site and as far as I can tell, it is not associated with Microsoft Outlook.  I figure that these scammers are trying to get me to trust them and that is why they are using authentic genuine sites to make me feel better about giving over some of my information to them.  That is not going to happen, but I could see how some people would end up falling for this.

Written for Paula’s Monday Peeve.

Most Of My Spam Is Coming From China

I had 80 comments in my Spam folder this morning and most of them were about online casinos and they had Chinese characters in them.  This just started about two weeks ago and it seems to be getting worse every day.  Some of the comments are nice and they said things like, “Great blog, continue the good work!”, or “I could not resist commenting. Well written!”, or “Your website is extremely helpful. Thank you for sharing!”, or “You’ve made some good points there”, or “Aw, this was an exceptionally good post”, or “Saved as a favorite, I really like your web site!”  To me all of these comments are all Spam, as they don’t have a Gravatar and I delete them every day.

China is on a global hacking spree and these hackers are all trying to suck up to me.  I am sure that they all have evil intentions.  These sites have all left multiple comments on my blogs: 먹튀사이트, 먹튀검증, 먹튀검증사이트, and 광주출장안마 and I am fed up with it.

Written for Paula’s Monday Peeve.

Up On the Roof

It is unbearable and they just arrived, the roofers are here, bang, bang, bang and scaring the hell out of the cats.  I am lucky that I have a meeting today and then I will be going out to the store, but I already have a headache from the hammering.  You don’t realize how loud getting a new roof will be, till there is a crew of 8 men standing on your roof constantly hammering nails into it.  I know that I didn’t like the noise when my neighbors had their roof shingles replaced, but it is much worse being inside the house.  It is just a one-story house with a tiny attic, so I can even hear their footsteps walking above me.  I guess the only good thing about this is that the contractor said that all the work should be completed by tomorrow, if we don’t get too much rain.

Written for Paula’s Monday Peeve.

Sucked In

I watched the very exciting show Salvation on Amazon Prime, but when Season 1 was over they said I had to purchase Paramount Plus in order to watch Season 2 and because I liked it so much, I got sucked into doing that.  Spoiler alert Season 2 ends with many unresolved issues and I am still worried about whether or not the meteor named Samson will destroy the Earth.  I Googled Season 3 and I found out that the show was cancelled and Salvation will not be returning for a third season.  It is not the worst thing in the world having another entertainment outlet in my life and after ten years of just watching Netflix, I was running out of stuff to watch.  At any rate, it is cheaper than joining another dating site, which I finally realize gives me nothing but problems.

I started watching the series Picard, which I really enjoyed and the best part was when Seven of Nine plugged herself into the Borge cube and became the queen, she was always such a badass.  Now I am watching Star Trek Discovery which I am also enjoying despite the flaw of the spore drive transport system, which is integral to the show, but it is out of place.  The main character is a woman named Michael and she is Spock’s half-sister, and Spock’s father Sarek is also in this series, which puts this show at an early star date, so this advanced technology seems out of place.  The comedic character Fenton Harcourt Mudd also shows up in this series, which enforces this earlier time period, but I guess that everything does not have to be perfect for a show to be enjoyable.  The one thing that does piss me off about Paramount Plus is their need to make me sit through 20 seconds of commercials, before a new episode comes on and that never happened on Netflix or Amazon Prime.  If I am paying to watch something, I should not be forced to watch commercials.

Written for Paula’s Monday Peeve.

Is It My Fault

It looks like the girl that I just met, well technically we never actually did meet, is probably a scammer and I have determined that through varied experiences.  She wrote me and asked me to send her $5,500, so she could pay the tax that is due before she can start her work in Paris.  I wrote back to her and told her to send me some naked pictures of herself and then I would consider it.  She wrote back to me and said that the camera on her phone stopped working, yea right.  I didn’t want the pictures, as I just wanted to see what type of response, I would get back from her.  I have been scammed by more women than I care to count and the last thing that I am ever going to do, is to send money to somebody that I have never met in person.  I should probably write a book on how to spot a scammer, as I have more than enough stories to tell and if they weren’t so painful, I would tell you every detail about every girl that took money from me.

Maybe she is real and not a scammer, but because of all of my past experiences, I am not willing to take the risk.  If she is real, then she is a very bad business woman and her mistakes should not be my responsibility.  It was fun while it lasted, as I love flirting, but I am pretty sure that this lady had her own agenda, which was to draw me into her and then strike at my wallet.  I told her that I could not fall in love with her on the internet, but she kept writing me and telling me how she wanted to spend the rest of her life with me and instead of her telling me all that mushy crap, I just wanted her to be real with me.  It is a different scenario than the way the other girls cheated me, but in the end, it seems like her love was not for me, but instead what she could get her hands on.  When something looks too good to be true, it probably is.  I am willing to accept that whatever happens in this relationship, so I am going to let the chips fall where they may.

Written for Paula’s Monday Peeve.

Cheese With My Whine

Last year I was forced to buy a newer car and because that old jalopy was on its last legs, it wasn’t all that upsetting.  I live in a community which has a neighborhood association and in order to live her, you have to agree to abide by all of their rules.  Somebody reported an oil stain under my car to the ARC Architectural Review Committee, which I call the driveway police and they sent me a letter telling me that I could not park a leaky car in their community.  I found a newer model which I am happy with, but when I bought it, I noticed that the mirror on the driver’s sun visor had a crack in it which was no big deal, as I don’t spend much of my time looking into mirrors anyway.

About a month ago I dropped my keys in my trunk when I was loading my groceries there and I closed the trunk.  This made me feel old as I had never made a mistake like this before.  Anyway, I have AAA and I called them and they said that they would send someone down to open up my trunk and all I had to do was wait.  It took about an hour and a half and it made me realize that if I had another set of keys at my house, I could have called my cousin and she would have brought them to me.  Years ago, when you bought a car, you always got an extra set of keys, but now with the fob, you only get one set.  That is such a stupid name fob, as there is no definitive acronym definition for the keyless entry remote and supposedly fob stands for Free on Board or Freight on Board, like WTF.

I decided to go to the parts department at the Chevy dealer and I purchased a new fob, so I would have an extra set of keys for my car, but it was expensive about $150.  I decided to spring for the new mirror while I was at the parts department, but they told me that they don’t sell just the mirror, that I had to buy the whole sun visor and that was $125.  I decided in for a penny, in for a pound and I got a new sun visor, which I really didn’t need, but it would make my car look better.  When I brought it home, I saw that it had internal hex head screws and that I would need an Allen key screwdriver to take the old one off and install the new one.  The problem with this is that I did not have a set of Allen key screwdrivers.

I had a foot doctor appointment the other day and I decided to go to Home Depot after that to get the screw drivers and they were relatively inexpensive.  I got caught in a downpour, well it is Florida and the weather changes fast here, but my umbrella was in the car.  My shirt was soaking wet and I was in a bad mood so the installation of my new sun visor was going to have to wait for another day.  When I finally got to it, I had a hell of a time getting the old screws out, but when that happened, it was still stuck on and I was not able to remove it.  I figured that I could pop into Good Year and they would install it for me and I could just pay them.

The mechanic looked it over and told me that it was stuck because of these spring clips and that he didn’t have a tool to remove them and he suggested that I contact a body shop, as they would have one.  I wondered into a vicious circle and all this trouble was not worth it for me.  I decided to take the good mirror out of the new sun visor and pop it into the existing sun visor, as that was all I wanted to happen in the first place.  I am sorry to put everyone through my long whine, which I did not offer to serve cheese with, but writing this has made me feel better.

Written for Paula’s Monday Peeve.

Comment Peeve

The comments that are made on my posts are fine, I am talking about the comments that I leave on other posts.  This is the best part of blogging, but only 85% of my comments work properly.  It seems like 5% of the people do not incorporate a like button and this is very useful for me, as I only get alerts when somebody likes one of my comments, but also since I am not an emoji type of guy, I would just hit the like button to let them know that I have read their comment.  The next 5% falls into this category where I will get an alert and then I will go back to the post that liked my comment, but they do not have a like button there, but my alert said that they liked my comment.  I have already said what I wanted to say on my initial comment, but I would enjoy hitting the like button on their comment just to let them know that I did read what they said, but since it does not exist of this blog, there is nothing I van do except read what they wrote.  The last 5% of my complaints about comments is on the blogs that make you do a lot of work in order to leave a comment.  They require your name to be entered in a box, your email and your website and yesterday this one blog even took this a step further by forcing me to enter a special code to prove that I am not a robot and all of this crap that they put you through takes the fun out of making comments,

Written for Paula’s Monday Peeve.


When I make an appointment, I put it in my calendar on my email account.  I also scotch tape the appointment reminder card that my doctor gives me to the side of my monitor for quick access, and this reminds me when I need to go.  I don’t miss appointments even if I am not feeling well like yesterday, I keep them, because I want to get them over with.  I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow and I was just there yesterday, so I didn’t need the phone call reminder, or the email reminder that they sent me today.  I understand that these reminders are well intentioned, but it is getting to be overkill and I have had enough of these reminders.  Maybe when I reach a state of senility, I will appreciate them, but robots are running the world today and they have nothing better to do than annoy people with all of these unnecessary reminders.

This is becoming ludicrous and when I call my doctor their robot message always says, “Listen carefully, as our menu has just changed”, and it takes forever for me to figure out which button I need to press.  I feel like they are questioning my honesty, as I made the appointment in good faith and this bombardment of reminders makes it sound like I am going to show up for it as any respectable person would do when they make an appointment.  If some unknown reason pops up that is out of my control, I would cancel it in a reasonable amount of time so that it does not upset their schedule.  I have never worked in a doctor’s office, but it makes me wonder if there is an epidemic of people out there that just don’t show up for their appointments.  Does everything need to be confirmed and why doesn’t technology work for the people instead of against us?

Written for Paula’s Monday Peeve.