This Sucks

I am not happy with what is going on with McDonald’s and them discontinuing their service of the all-day breakfast at all locations, without consulting me.  This decision was drastic and sudden and sometimes I want a sausage McGriddle in the middle of the day, instead of a hamburger.  They actually stopped doing this in March of 2020, but I just found out today.  McDonald’s is the closest fast-food joint to where I live, making it the most convenient one for me.  They claim that this improves their service, but I hope that after this pandemic ends that they will bring back the all-day breakfast menu.  OK, they contain 550 calories, but the Sausage Egg and Cheese McGriddle breakfast sandwich features a sizzling hot sausage, a fluffy folded egg, melty American cheese between two soft, warm griddle cakes that taste like sweet maple syrup, and they are very savory.

Written for Paula’s Monday Peeve.

Rude Hosts

I have stopped participating in writing challenges where the host makes no acknowledgement about my writing.  It is their challenge, so they can run it anyway that they choose, but I do think that they should show some consideration to everyone who responds to their challenge.  I have also stopped writing in challenges where the hosts have remarked that my posts were inappropriate, so eff them and it is their loss.  I understand that not every blogger is retired like I am, and that they have normal lives, that don’t revolve around WordPress, so it might take time to get back to everyone.  If I write more than three times in response to a particular challenge and I do not get recognized for my effort, I will drop that challenge like a hot potato.  Most of the hosts here are very considerate and how much effort does it actually take to hit the like button and say something about what somebody has written for the challenge that you are hosting.  If you don’t have the time to do that, then I feel that you should not be hosting any challenges, as you are being disrespectful.  I don’t think that I am asking for much.

Written for Paula’s Monday Peeve.

Time To Complain

This happened a few weeks back where WordPress changed the way that they sent their notifications to me, making everything more difficult.  This seems to be a common theme with WordPress, as they enjoy changing things around and most of the time it ends up being worse.  I have no clue why they keep trying to fix things that aren’t broke, but some hot shot programmer must have convinced them that this would be better.  I host two different challenges here on WordPress, the ever-popular Song Lyric Sunday and the much more insignificant Thursday Inspiration, but I enjoy doing both of these challenges.  The old notifications that I got when anyone created a pingback to my posts, allowed me to click on a link that led me directly to the post of the person who responded.  Now it is al F’d up, and I have to go to my original post and scroll down to find their link and then click on that to see their post.  I have not complained to the Happiness Engineers as of yet but having to do extra steps really sucks.  I am wondering if any of the other bloggers that host challenges are experiencing the same problems that I am.

Written for Paula’s Monday Peeve.

Short On Time

I had an appointment with the Urologist this morning and she says that I am not emptying my bladder enough after reviewing an ultrasound that the nurse did.  She prescribed me something for the urinary retention issue and she said that if this works, I may be able to sleep through the whole night without having to wakeup to go to the bathroom.  Sorry if this is TMI, but I didn’t have anything else to post about today.  I went to the endodontist yesterday and I had a root canal operation.  It didn’t hurt because I opted for the nitrous oxide, but he said that my crown was cracked and I am thinking that he is the one that cracked it.  They make you sign all of these papers, which I guess prevents them from getting lawsuits and who reads them any.  I check the box that says, “I agree” and then I sign.  I had spaghetti for dinner last night and I chewed my food on the other side of my mouth, but when I was done, it felt like my crown was lose.  When I touched it with my finger, it fell off.  My dentist made me an appointment for 3 PM today and she said that it would take 2 hours for her to make me a new crown and install it, which is good.  I have had a freakin headache all day long, but such is life.

I will leave you with a song by this Danish singer and rhythm guitarist Michelle Birkballe doing her original song ‘Rock This Party’.

Renewed My Subscription

I contacted WordPress because there was a lot of chatter going on yesterday about WordPress canceling the Personal, Premium, Business, and eCommerce plans.  They wrote back to me and said that the Personal, Premium, Business, and eCom plans are not being discontinued.  The Pro plan has been introduced in addition to these plans and is currently only available for the FREE sites.  I will be here for at least another year.

Allergic Reactions

I thought this was over when I figured that eating peanuts was causing my reactions.  I had two reactions this week, mild ones, but still annoying enough to make me take Benadryl again.  I had this Snickers creamer, which I put in my coffee on Saturday and then I got a reaction, stupid me Snickers has peanuts.  I dumped that creamer, but today I got another reaction after eating a bowl of cereal for breakfast.  The cereal was Honey Nut Cheerios and I saw that it has almonds and again I felt like a jerk.  If I don’t narrow this allergy down to being caused by nuts, then I will probably be sent to a lab where this will be worked out.  I threw out the Cheerios and I am going to have to be much more careful with the products that I buy.

I didn’t want to write a complaining post today, but it was the easiest thing that I could write today, especially with me working on my V is for Video A-Z piece that took me all day to finish.  It is sort of a historic approach of the Music Video, starting with the bouncing red ball and going up to YouTube that we have today.  Just W, X, Y and maybe Z, if I don’t see many more of those Russian tanks that were all over the news a while ago.

Written for Paula’s Monday Peeve.


I have been having these awful reactions for the past week where my skin gets really itchy, like I am being stuck by thousands of pins and needles and it turns all red.  My ankles became swollen, and my temperature went up.  I started treating this with Gold Bond Diabetic foot cream, Benadryl and extra strength Tylenol, which made me feel better after a couple of hours.  I had another attack today right after I ate a mouthful of peanuts and now, I think that I may have a peanut allergy.  I just read peanuts are one of the most common foods that cause food allergies in adults.  I feel better knowing that I may have gotten to the root cause of my problem, but I love eating peanuts.  I will say away from them for a while and see if this is what is going on with me.

Written for Paula’s Monday Peeve.


Who are these anti-science, non-Vaxer people that don’t want to wear their masks and keep complaining about not having their freedom?  I am not here to answer that question, but when I see these protests against mask mandate, there are usually a lot of Trump stickers in the crowd.  Today in Tallahassee, the Florida Department of Health lead by Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo made an official recommendation against giving coronavirus vaccines to healthy children and I am pretty sure that is making Governor Ron DeSantis happy.  These people say that wearing a mask won’t stop the spread and that it makes it hard for them to breathe.  There are so many problems in the world now, and these people would rather complain about how having to wear a mask is infringing on their constitutional rights by violating the First Amendment and/or their civil liberties.  I wish that they could just get over it and stop whining!

I am in desperate need of a haircut right now, but I don’t know where to go, as a lot of people here are unvaccinated.  I wear a mask every time I go out and I have been double vaccinated and boosted and since I have been doing this for two years now, it doesn’t make sense for me to start taking any unnecessary chances.  We are not there yet, even though a lot of the restrictions are being relaxed, as the Covid-19 death toll just hit the milestone of 6,000,000 dead world-wide.  The death toll is going down and hospital beds are opening up, but people aren’t getting vaccinated any more.  The CDC reported that the current 7-Day average of Covid-19 deaths is 1,559 and I don’t want to be part of that statistic, so I may not get my haircut for a while yet.

Written for Paula’s Monday Peeve.

Always Been Premium

I got the notice this morning that my WordPress Premium subscription is set to expire in 59 days, on April 21, 2022, and that it will cost me $99.00 to renew it.  It happens every year and I enjoy not having any advertisements on my site, but this always seems to be a little bit pesty to me.  I will renew my Premium subscription, but you would think that they have something better to do with their tome than sending out these annoying, bothersome reminders.  I am pretty sure that these are being sent out by some type of robot, because WordPress doesn’t ever interact with me.

WordPress premium gives you the ability to monetize your WordPress site, but I am never going to do that.  It also gives you 24/7 Email and Live Chat Support, which sounds really nice, but sometimes they never end up fixing anything.  I have an issue which I have had for years, and it has never been resolved.  If I leave a comment on somebody’s site, the only way I will know if they responded to my comment or not, is if they hit the like button on my comment, as then I will get an email saying that they liked my comment.  Sure, I could go back to every site where I left a comment and check to see if they commented back, but I am much too damn lazy to do that.

Written for Paula’s Monday Peeve.


Officials from the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) of the International Olympic Committee have ruled that the 15-year-old Russian figure skater Kamila Valieva can continue to compete at the Beijing Winter Olympics, despite having testing positive for a banned substance.  What is wrong with these people, as it seems to me like they don’t have the backbone to stand up to the world bully known as Russia?  They are referring to this dilemma as being an inconclusive situation, saying that say there will be no medal ceremony if she finishes in the top three.  Nor will there be a ceremony for the team figure skating event, meaning athletes including U.S. figure skaters will leave the Olympics without their medals.  If something is banned or illegal, that makes it wrong and the Russians are known for cheating, as they enjoy pushing everyone around so they can have their way.  I just wanted to say that I am very disappointed with this decision.

Written for Paula’s Monday Peeve.