Row Your Boat

This is another first for me today participating in the photo prompt Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers.  The photo is shown below.

Could I write about that nursery rhyme and children’s song, ‘Row, row, row your boat’, why yes I could and I guess I will.  Why do people sing these songs and others like ‘Frère Jacques’ and ‘Three Blind Mice’ and for that matter ‘100 Bottles of Beer On the Wall’?  I think the simple answer is that they like singing, but I traveled on a bus one day, it was my senior trip and all the other students on this bus except me and one other guy were members of the Band and Chorus, and being forced to listen to these songs constantly can be annoying.  Row, row, row your boat consists of different verses sung by different groups of people who will jump in at different times, resulting in harmonious sounds as the melody coincides with the different voices.

FFfaw challenge 175 words exactly / week 7-25 / hosted Priceless Joy “PJ”