Damn Aliens

Those tentacled monsters ate off my face and I am going to get even.  I worked out of the Pentagon in the Department of Defense, kind of like one of the men in black, as I was required to make anyone who said anything about UFSs sound like an idiot with my disinformation campaign, which I spewed out over and over.  I kept all of the secrets and I know exactly where every alien is being held and what each one of them is capable of doing and I know Roswell and Area 51 like I know the back of my hand, and since I spend my entire day at the keyboard entering secret data, I am pretty familiar with the back of my hand.  However, this is about my face not the back of my hand and when the space creature latched onto my face, my skin started disintegrating.

I know exactly what you are thinking, “Why would the government hide information about aliens?”, well our government does have a motive for keeping this secret, and it boils down to them having the means and the opportunity to do whatever the hell they want to do.  The government can buy property and close everything down, especially after they have it classified as being Top Secret and then they can control everything that goes on inside of these secret underground bunkers.  Something in Congress gives them the power to control any information that they have deemed to be harmful to our national security, so all of this covert stuff is perfectly legal.  We have their tech and that is the main reason why we are going to Mars, as we want to be far away from any other governments so they won’t have the ability to spy on us when we test out the new devices which we have reverse engineered from their crashed ships.  No, we don’t have warp drive, but these things are a hell of a lot faster than anything that we had previously.

The government wants to pay me off for the what they call an accident of the alien that sucked my face off and they said that reconstructive surgery should get me back to looking normal and I am going to take their money and go through with the surgery, as God knows I need it, but I am getting my revenge first.  Do you know what kind of damage can be done with a double barrel shotgun, well that will depend on how close I get to that stinking alien.  The government says that I should forgive the alien for destroying my face, because it was only attempting to communicate with me, but I am not buying any of that.  The spread is not very large with this gun, so I will need to get in close, but when I do, I am going to blow every one of his tentacles completely off and then I am going to take a leak on its head, as somebody needs to teach it proper manners.

Written for Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #115.

The Skerry

The small rocky island was too small for human habitation, it contained no trees and it didn’t even have any small plants.  Susan said to Cheryl, “We are both in a non-exclusive relationship with the same man and if this is ever going to work out, we must try to get along with each other.  If we both want to remain committed to him, we need to learn how to deal with each other.  I am his wife and he is the father of my children, but I want him to be happy and if that means that I have to share him with you, well I will do whatever I need to keep him.  I guess we are like Eskimo sisters, but I have no desire to join in any group sessions with you two.”

Cheryl said, “I wish that Ted would have picked a better place to drop us off, but I know that we must talk and I guess we have plenty of privacy out here.  I know that Ted loves you Susan and he tells me that all the time, but now I am also carrying his child and I am going to remain part of his life.  We just need to set up some boundaries, so we don’t get on each other’s nerves.  Ted said that next week I will be moving into his house and maybe you call it your house also, but I will be calling it my house, as it will become my home.  The story that he will be telling everyone is that I am the live-in maid, but get this straight, I have no intention of being a maid.  I will keep my bedroom clean and I will also do some chores around the house, but I won’t be taken advantage of.  We can decide who will cook and which one of us will do whatever, and I will be eating dinner with Ted every evening, so you can join us or not.  As far as those group sessions that you mentioned, that will never happen, although I will allow Ted to spend romantic time with you when he desires.  I think that can work for both of us, but it may be difficult for our children.”

Susan said, “We will work out a schedule, but we also have to keep an eye on Ted all the time, as I let him stray once, and I am at fault for this predicament, but who is to say that he won’t try it again, as Ted is one horney bastard.  It does not take much to get him sexually aroused and it would be painful for me to see him in your arms, so we also need a dress code for the common areas of the house and kissing should be off limits when the three of us are all together.  Ted loves it when I kiss his lips when he comes home from work and I enjoy doing that, so I would hate having to end that.  Ted loves to see me walking around the house in flimsy outfits and when I am dressed like that, he can’t seem to take his hands off of me and I just love it.  I know that my life has to change, but I don’t want it to change for the worse.  I am willing to share my husband with you, but I don’t want this to be a hardship for either of us.”

Cheryl said, “I knew that Ted was married when I started fooling around with him and he has always been honest with me.  Thousands of men cheat on their wives behind their backs and I had no idea that I was going to fall in love with Ted.  I just found him to be so sexy that I was happy he was paying attention to me and I seriously doubt that he will be doing any more straying with the two of us taking care of his needs now.  I don’t think it will bother me all that much if I see you with him, so we differ on that account and I am OK if you want to wear sexy outfits for him and greet him with a kiss.  I am certain that I will be able to deal with that, because I know that I am the other woman and that you will always be his wife.  I don’t mind being the other woman and I can wait my turn to be with him, but I don’t want a dress code, as you are not my mother and I figure that all is fair in the common areas of the house, so if I get in the mood to make advances toward Ted, I am going to go for it and I won’t be following any stupid rules.  If you don’t enjoy watching us, then I would suggest that you go to another room.”

Susan said, “I read that it is incredibly hot watching your husband getting what he wants from another woman, but it seems like it would also be incredibly awkward.  I know that we love each other and that he has not lost interest in me and under the right circumstances this could end up being an enhancement of our sex life.  I think this would only work for me if it was a one-night stand, which is clearly not the case for us.  I have always had an exhibitionist streak in me and I guess that I wouldn’t mind if you wanted to watch Ted and I making love.  You could sit on a chair and be quiet, but I am not suggesting that you join in.”

Cheryl said, “I have never had any voyeuristic tendencies, so watching Ted and you making love is not something that I am particularly interested in, but you do have a smoking hot body and I understand why Ted wants you.  It might be nice seeing Ted being satisfied by another woman, so I guess there would be no harm in trying it, but if it makes me horney than I am jumping Ted’s bones and I will get physically involved, as soon as you two are done and maybe even while you are still on the bed.  I am sure that Ted would enjoy me watching you two together and I love listening to the way that he moans and I guess that it is possible that I could pick up a trick or two from watching both of you in bed.  I am certain that watching you would be arousing, watching your breasts spill free after he unhooks your bra, and listening to you moan while he gropes you.  I don’t want Ted to think that I am boring and I imagine it could be a pleasurable experience for all of us.  If you want to explore your exhibitionism, then I will give voyeurism a try.”

Susan said, “To tell you the truth Cheryl, the sex life that I have with Ted has been off the charts ever since he told me about you.  I’ve never experienced anything like this before in the bedroom, and he is constantly telling me how much he loves having sex with me.  I should probably thank you for what you have done to my marriage.  I have been having all of these fantasies lately and I can’t stop thinking about him being with another woman.  My best friend told me that her husband cheated on her, and this fired up a spark in her marriage that had been dead for a long time.  She found herself sexually attracted to him again and it renewed their sex life and it seems like this has done the same for me.  When Ted confessed the affair that he was having with you, I made him tell me all of the details.  I felt strange at first that him being unfaithful to me was getting me off and I started wondering if there was something wrong with me, but then I realized that there’s nothing wrong with having thoughts and also with consenting adults doing certain things, so as long as I keep having these intense orgasms, there is nothing wrong with that.  I am not going to let you being with my husband make me feel insecure about myself.”

Cheryl said, “The one thing that really attracted me to Ted was hearing him tell me how much he loved you and how he was looking forward to coming home to you when our love making was ending, as that just made me know what a decent person he was, for taking his marriage vows so seriously.  I knew that I could never take your place and I thought that you must have been the coolest wife on the planet when he told me that you knew about our affair.  Knowing that you were allowing your husband to have sex with another woman was a lot better than having him sneak around on you, and I respect you for that.  Ted told me that you figured he would get tired of me and maybe that is why your sex life improved.  We will have separate bedrooms, but it is inevitable that all three of us will end up doing things together.  I am glad we are having this conversation and I am sure that things will work out for us, but when did Ted say he was coming back for us, as I am getting hungry and I have to take a leak.  He should have picked out a better spot for us to discuss all of this, but I think that we are off to a great start.”

Susan spoke, “This went much better than I expected it would and Ted told me to phone him when we were getting along, so I will do that now.  I remember the last time that I was pregnant and I felt like I had to pee all the time, so there is no reason for you to be shy, just let it out, so you don’t strain your kidneys.  I am sure that you have gone pee in front of somebody before, but if you like, I will turn around away from you.  Ted told me all about your sexy lingerie and that made me up my game and I really enjoy wearing pretty things for him.  It is too bad that we aren’t lesbians, as that way Ted would have to wait for us, instead of us waiting for him all the time.”

Cheryl said, “Are my panties turning you on Susan?  I have never thought about being a lesbian and I wouldn’t even know how to start.  I guess that I could explore being bisexual, if you were willing to teach me how to do that.  I have had thoughts about being with a woman, but I never had the courage to act on any of that.  It is not like I don’t find it intriguing, but I never found a sexy, open-minded women before that I wanted to talk with about this.”

Susan replied, “This started out being all about keeping Ted happy, but I find it titillating seeing girls kissing other girls and watching girl on girl porn, but like you I don’t have the courage to discuss this with anybody else.  I guess the cat is out of the bag now and we could probably try kissing each other.  Ever since I saw Madonna give that wet kiss to Britney Spears, I have wondered what it would feel like to kiss another woman.  Let’s start off with a kiss and see where it goes.”

Susan and Cheryl started kissing and then Ted came back and said, “It looks like you girls got things worked out and wow this is so hot watching you two going at it.  I could go away if you need more alone time, but I think it would be best if we all just went back home now and left this skerry and finish whatever you two have going on in the bedroom.  I am one lucky man to have two such understanding women in my life.”

Written for Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #113.

That is Where He Jumped

George was walking down the tracks with his cousin Ed and he said, “This is the spot and it happened 45 years ago from today.”  Ed said, “What the hell are you talking about, you need to be a bit more specific, if I am going to try and understand you.”  George said. “The suicide, the famous suicide where Billy Joe McAllister jumped off the Tallahatchie Bridge on Choctaw Ridge, everybody knows about it.”  Ed said, “I can’t believe that we are related, who told you that dumb story, the Tallahatchie Bridge was built on Route 55 and it crossed the Tallahatchie River, it was not a pedestrian walkway that crossed over railroad tracks.  You are such a dumb hick, it is no wonder that your mom goes on Facebook and spouts all this nonsense about vaccines killing people.  The bridge that Billie Joe McAlister jumped off of collapsed in 1972 and now the Bobbie Gentry historical marker exists in the place where the famous bridge once was.”

George said. “What is a dumb hick”?  Ed said, “Well that places you somewhere between a bumpkin and a redneck and you and your family could actually be in this song, sitting around your dinner table talking nonchalantly about the suicide.  I can just see you sitting there eating peas and apple pie and talking, without even realizing that Billie Joe’s girlfriend is sitting at the table right next to you while you try to figure out what was thrown off of the bridge.  The real mystery here is what in the heck ever happened to Bobbie Gentry, as she has not recorded, performed, been interviewed, or been heard from since 1982.  One news report stated that Gentry lives in a gated community near Memphis, Tennessee, and according to another, Gentry lives in a gated community in Los Angeles.  How can a person just drop off the map like that?”

Written for Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #112.

Republican Control

Trump lost the popular vote for a third time, but he became president again after all of the new laws were passed aimed at getting less people to vote, because his party wanted to stop the fraud which they thought took place, because he said it did.  He took a new approach to the immigration problem at the Southern border, by making it a vast wasteland that nobody with any type of brain would dare to enter.  He didn’t need Mexico to pay for a wall, as he went full in on fossil fuel production, going against the science of global warming and climate control and making all of his buddies in the petroleum industry fat and happy.  Refineries popped up all over the place spewing toxic fumes miles high into the atmosphere.

Republicans took control of the House and the Senate all backing everything that Trump told them to do, or say, or think.  Smokestacks spewed smoke which turned into dark grey and black clouds that covered up the orange sky, which Trump thought was a tribute to him, but all the vegetation was dead in this toxic environment and there was a good chance that nothing would ever grow here again.  The smell was just God awful and they set up giant fans to blow all of the pollution back into Mexico.  They figured that the responsible thing to do was to set up warning poles at every crossroads that connected to this area.  Poles were erected which contained surveillance cameras pointed in every direction, and underneath that they included a universal Do Not Enter symbol, along with a drawing of a brain, trying to tell people that this area was off limits to anyone who was not in the oil industry.  In the distance there was no sign of life, just oil wells pumping and refractory towers creating much more than nuisance odors.

Written for Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #110.

Picture Speaks for Itself

Since I have no clue what this picture is telling me, and I think that it is probably speaking in a foreign language, I am going to make this about Harry and Meghan.  I guess there are a lot of people out there who are upset with them for speaking with Oprah and saying that some of the royals were struggling over how dark the baby’s skin tone will be.  It seems that they didn’t mention which one of the royals made these nasty comments.  It really doesn’t interest me that much what the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have to say about anything, although I think that they are both fine people, but maybe the British don’t want any of the royal family trying to keep up with the Kardashians and airing their dirty laundry out in public.

I heard that Queen Elizabeth II is upset because Harry and Meghan have founded a yet-to-be-named production company and signed a multiyear deal with Netflix, which will pay them to make some documentaries, short-series, feature films, scripted shows and children’s programming giving the couple a global platform six months after they left the House of Windsor.  Supposedly the royals are, concerned this deal will distract from the work that other senior royals including Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William, Prince Charles, and Camilla Parker Bowles are doing, but it seems that Harry doesn’t have a very close relationship with his brother or his father and you can’t pick your family, you just have to learn how to live with them.

OK, I am tired of watching Harry and Meghan on CNN and since I just brought a translator in for the picture, let’s get back to that as it may have something more interesting to say than what is coming out of Buckingham palace.  The picture says that it is worth a thousand words and it wants you to know that this photo was taken around midday, but you probably already knew that from looking at the short shadows.  There are some people sitting around the black and white striped umbrella tables, but they are hard to distinguish, because this was taken from a drone flying 400 feet above, which is the maximum altitude permitted for a small unmanned aircraft system to operate at, as going any higher would interfere with other aircraft in the sky.  Now you need to know why the drone was taking aerial photos of this plaza, well that is top secret and if I told you that, then I would have to kill you.

Written for Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #109 where he has given us a photo which is supposed to elicit a response from the viewer, but that response may or may not be the same for each viewer, so go ahead and give it a try.

Liberal Universities

Coed dorms are becoming more norm at most colleges.  This happens mostly in liberal universities that are not religious (Bible Colleges) that would have these types of housing options.  The common situation would be where two women share one dorm room and next to it would be a room with two men, or the first floor would be where all the men are living and the second floor is reserved for women.  It is much rarer to have a situation with a woman and a man being in the same dorm room, but some universities allow male and female friends to room together upon request and there are a few universities in the country that are starting to challenge the preexisting norms that men and women should be seen as two separate entities.  Campus housing may be set up where you can live with a close friend of the opposite gender whom you trust and feel secure having them around and some women prefer living close to their male friends, because they feel a certain amount of comfort in this, knowing that their male friends will deter any potential intruders.

The experience of living with the opposite gender on campus may be shocking, awkward, funny, or even liberating depending on your level of modesty, as these dormitories most likely contain gender-neutral bathrooms and if you forget your towel, you may have to make a mad dash running quickly with everybody watching.  Male and females can be friends and they can share lots of things, even if they are not married.  The college accidentally messed up Bill’s room arrangements, so they offered him a better apartment with the stipulation that he had to live with two girls, and it seems to be working out just fine.  They are all getting along, and you never know what will happen when you get hooked up with a random roommate.

Jill likes to whisper into Bill’s ear, even when Nancy is not in the room.  She is full of juicy gossip, knowing all the details of who is banging who, who got caught cheating, who just got pregnant, making sure he did not miss any good stuff and that he was all caught up on the things that should be kept private.  Jill was telling Bill about Sharon, that she met a man online and they were madly in love.  She sold all of her books and maxed out her student loans, started borrowing money from other students to send it to him, so he could come here to marry her.  The guy told her that he was a Prince from Nigeria and that all of his funds were tied up for two more years, but he couldn’t stand living without her.  Bill could not believe that anyone was still falling for that old Nigerian scam and he said, “Teach a man to fish and he will be able to feed himself, but when a man learns to Phish he will often become a Nigerian Prince”, and they both had a good laugh.

Written for Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #108.

Book of the Dead

A 13-foot-long scroll was found in a burial shaft in Egypt in the nineteenth century CE, and this was combined with other scrolls of papyrus that scribes copied along with the colorful illustrations and altogether this is known as the Book of the Dead.  This turned out to become one of the most famous aspects of ancient Egyptian culture, because it contained instructions on Egyptian funeral practices and we finally learned how mummies were made.  The book contains numerous spells or magic formulas, that were placed in tombs and are believed to protect and aid the deceased in the hereafter.  It was also full of interesting stories.

In December of 1965, the Warlocks changed their name to the Grateful Dead, because they found out that there were two other bands using that name, one group eventually went on to become the Velvet Underground and the other group became ZZ Top.  The Warlocks auditioned for a record company, but they didn’t get a recording contract as the label wound up passing on them.  Around the same time, their bass player Phil Lesh discovered a record in a store that was credited to the Warlocks, so they knew that they would need get a new name for their group.

Everyone in the group congregated at Lesh’s apartment to figure out a new name, since the Warlocks name was already taken.  Garcia sat on the couch smoking DMT, a hallucinogenic far stronger than LSD, and as normal the whole band all clustered around him, because people were always drawn to him.  When Jerry got up and looked around and he came across the Book of the Dead which was sitting on a book stand with a skull on top of it in between an hour glass and a candle that looked like it was just snuffed out.  Jerry flipped it open, ran his finger down the page, stopped and read these huge black letters, “The Grateful Dead”, and this phrase was accompanied with a folk tale about a heroic figure who encounters people that refused to bury the corpse of a man who had died without paying his debts.  Everybody in the group went, “What?”, wondering how could you be grateful and dead.

A dead body is nothing more than an empty container, it doesn’t need to be embalmed, or dressed up in fancy clothes, or be put on some mournful display, or have its remnants placed in an urn up on the mantle, but caring for the dead has always been part of what makes us human.  Dead bodies are always buried, because rotting bodies have a bad odor when they are decomposing thus making them unsanitary, so they must be put underground.  Humans have decided that lives matter, and they should be remembered and holding a funeral is a way to help a dead person to pass into the next world.  The deceased are buried out of a need to keep them protected from any interference of scavengers or animals who might desire to eat our loved ones.  An old custom involved placing pennies of the eyes of a dead person to be used as the payment to Charon, the ferryman of the underworld, to ferry the deceased across the River Styx, to their destination in the underworld.

In this story, the deceased man was forced to wander the village as a disturbed ghost, because his body was laid out in the open, so he could not find rest.  His spirit was destined to roam on dark and stormy nights, because others thought he was not fit to be buried.  The soul of this dead being was elated when this traveler arranged for the burial of his dishonored corpse.  His soul could now return to the creator, and he would no longer have to stand on the edge of eternal darkness.  His grateful chant would fill the void in order that others may know that in the land of the night, the ship of the sun is drawn by the grateful dead.

The traveler left town when the burial was over, and he found himself in peril when this wall came down an him and his horse.  He was OK and he dismounted his horse and looked at how bad his horse was injured, when he saw blood gushing from its leg.  This strange man comes along and he is able to cauterize the wound and heal his horse.  The traveler felt grateful that this stranger was able to help his horse and he was glad that it was not any worse, as he thought that he might have to put his horse down as that is what was done when a horse has one of their legs injured.  The strange man welcomed the traveler with open arms and then he disclosed that he is the ghost of the man whose corpse he had befriended and paid for his burial.  He said that he was the one who was in debt and then he told the traveler a story which he overheard in the tavern when he was still alive.  This man who he took as a drunk told him that he buried a lot of money in this marsh land and now that the strange man was dead, he was able to see exactly where this money was buried.  He told the traveler the location of where he should dig and he said that this would be his reward for the good deed he did for him.

The story was appropriately creepy, as much in the tradition of Rod Sterling’s The Twilight Zone, however the name was thought to be fitting for their new group, and Garcia thought this was a stunning combination of words.  This chance encounter was one of those moments for him, it was like everything else went blank, and just sort of oozed away, and there it was GRATEFUL DEAD in big, black letters edged all around in gold, which blasted out at him.  Garcia said that seeing the words Grateful Dead on the page was astonishing and truly weird, but he found it to be really powerful.  So Garcia suggested, “How about Grateful Dead?”, and that was it.  Everyone recognized that power, and the name struck a chord of mythic resonance, with a contemporary ring, echoing the past and rippling the future.  Phil Lesh remembered that it hit him like a hammer and it seemed to describe their group so perfectly that he started jumping up and down, shouting, “That’s it!  That’s it!”  Kreutzmann and Weir were more skeptical, but Garcia and Lesh’s relentless enthusiasm banished any qualms, and in December, the Grateful Dead made their formal debut.

There was another entry in the book, which was a poem that read:
“We now return our souls to the creator,
as we stand on the edge of eternal darkness.
Let our chant fill the void
in order that others may know.
In the land of the night
the ship of the sun
is drawn by the grateful dead.”

Written for Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #107.

Turbulent Tranquility

This floating in air routine that I do, helps me to reach an untroubled state that is free from other disturbances.  Up here in my attic, there is a place where the laws of natural gravity seem to be repealed and gravitational anomalies allow me to soar above the floor for a few seconds, before bringing me back down with tranquil streams of air.  This is my special place where I can take a few deep breaths and then focus on the problems in this turbulent world.  I know that am I perfect, someone who always thought to be just out of reach, out of their league for many, and only attainable by a few, but eventually I will be somebody’s soulmate and they should stop at nothing to have me in their life, as I am not a unicorn.

Written for Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #103, for FOWC with Fandango – Unicorn, for February Monthly prompts – Turbulent tranquility and for Di’s Three Things Challenge prompt words – Many Other Few.

Sitting on Top of the World

Overjoyed, happy, ecstatic that he made it to the top of this rock and found this great resting spot where he could look at the oceanside town far below, Jack reflected on his life and thought about what a lucky man he was.  His woman had just left him, but he wasn’t fazed, as he knew that he could find another.  He was tired of working on the farm and he was thinking about catching a freight train out of town.  He had his health, his whole life was ahead of him and he felt that no matter what he did, that things were going to work out fine for him.  It was a beautiful day and Jack was sitting on top of the world.

On April 28, 1930 The Mississippi Sheiks recorded ‘Sitting on Top of the World’.  This song was written by Walter Vinson and Lonnie Chatmon who were both members of the prominent African American string band.  Vinson claimed to have composed the song one morning after playing at a white dance in Greenwood, Mississippi.  It was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 2008 and in 2018, it was selected for preservation in the National Recording Registry by the Library of Congress as being “culturally, historically, or artistically significant.”  The Sheiks lived around Jackson, Mississippi and they were farmers when they weren’t making music.  Two years after the original release, Big Bill Broonzy covered the song, as did a number of other performers, including early blues legend Charley Patton.  In 1957, Howlin’ Wolf recorded a famous blues version of the song.  This song appeared on Doc Watson’s self-titled debut album in 1964.  In 1967, The Grateful Dead’s self-titled debut album included a country-infused, upbeat version of the track, and one year later, Cream, continuing to pay homage to their biggest influences, recorded a famous version of the song for their Wheels of Fire album.

One summer day, she went away
Gone and left me, she’s gone to stay.
She’s gone, but I don’t worry,
I’m sittin’ on top of the world.

All the summer, worked on this farm
Had to take Christmas in my overalls.
She’s gone, but I don’t worry,
I’m sittin’ on top of the world.

Going down to the freight yard,
Gonna catch me a freight train.
Gonna leave this town,
Work done got to hard.

She’s gone, but I don’t worry,
I’m sittin’ on top of the world.

One summer day, she went away
Gone and left me, she’s gone to stay.
She’s gone, but I don’t worry,
Cause I’m sittin’ on top of the world.

All last summer, worked on this farm
Had to take Christmas in my overalls.
She’s gone, gone, but I don’t worry, no
Cause I’m sittin’, sittin’ on top of the world.

Going down to the freight yard, yeh, yeh, yeh
Gonna catch me a freight train.
Gonna leave this town, yeh, yeh, yeh
Work done got to hard.

She’s gone, but I don’t worry,
Cause I’m sittin’, I’m sittin’on top of the world.

Written for Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #102.

Antifa Versus QAnon

As the current political climate remains in unrest increasing the chances of violent confrontations at protests and rallies, this new game was created to entertain children who have no interest in politics, but just enjoy seeing these groups at each other’s throats and laying waste to everything in their path.  Today the left-wing anti-fascist and anti-racist political protest movement Antifa, which is comprised of autonomous ununified groups made up of a loose collection of networks and individuals who believe in active, aggressive opposition to extreme far right-wing movements and ideology are facing off against the unfounded fringe conspiracy theorist right-wing group QAnon that embrace a range of unsubstantiated beliefs such as politicians, celebrities and journalists are covering up for pedophiles and that Satan worshipers in control of our government and this cabal which is in control of the deep state government is going to bring about a Storm and the Great Awakening.

Billy chose to be Antifa today, which is short for “antifascist” and he plans on destroying the right-wing group and ensuring that their age of utopia never happens.  Yesterday Billy championed the Black Lives Matter group and he fought a great battle with the White supremacists and the Ku Klux Klan and between them they wiped out half of the city.  The day before Billy picked to be the Marijuana Rights activists and he went up against the Bible thumpers and the Anti-Abortion groups, but sadly he was overwhelmed and got destroyed when hell fire rained down on him.  His sister Janet thought that was funny, but today she is cheering for him.  Janet pointed to the destruction that Billy created in the protest then she yelled out. “Way to go Billy, you put an end to any hope of there ever being a Great Awakening” and Billy raised his arms in victory.

Written for Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #101.