Just Guessing

1.  Novalunosis
Fear of a new moon.

2.  Wundervei
Habitual wearing of a Wonder Bra.

3.  Eramnesia
Butting heads with sheep.

4.  Witnessoja
Saying something when you see something.

5.  Sundreesorro
Mexican holiday that celebrates Pancho Villa.

6.  Livilence
Californian holiday that celebrates Liberace.

7.  Seatherny
Having the attention span of a gold fish.

8.  Drizzlosis
Idiosyncrasy where you require hot fudge to be served on every desert.

9.  Zirgwè
Another name for the third eye.

10. Teresaurum
Another name of the comet that killed the last dinosaur.

Written for Di’s Fibbing Friday.

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