Pot Calling Kettle

Elon Musk has no right to speak about work ethics, as he came from a wealthy family, and he probably never did a hard day’s worth of work in his life.  I imagine that him saying working from home is morally wrong, is because he doesn’t want his own employees doing that.  Anyways, anyone that gets in bed with DeSantis is a scumbag in my book.

I am retired and I commuted to work for my whole career before that.  One time I was given the opportunity to work from home and it was very helpful.  I actually didn’t work from home as I was in Brazil and I needed to make a lot of edits to this code that I had written and I told them that I could do it better back at the hotel, instead of being in the plant.  I worked on this code for over a month and the day I first tried to download it to the processor, it failed saying that there was not enough memory available.  I called the home office and told them that we needed more memory for the processor, and they told me that was not in the budget and that I had to make it work with what I had.

I had taken over this program from another guy who wrote it for similar equipment on a job in Venezuela, but there were a lot of changes as all the Input and Output modules were different.  I saw that there were a lot of gaps between addresses in this program and I figured that if I tightened that up, then that was where I was going to gain the memory that I needed for the download.  This was a Friday and they let me work at the hotel all weekend swapping out addresses to reduce the size of this program.  This was tedious work and I had to be careful, otherwise I could create a bug in this program, and I would never find it.  It was so much more comfortable doing this work in the hotel and I was able to concentrate much better there than in the plant as there were no interruptions and I had the new program ready for Monday morning.  I was happy when it downloaded, and everyone was patting me on the back.

Most work can’t be done from home, but that does not make it morally wrong if some work can be performed better at home rather than in the office.  I totally disagree with Musk, and I wish he would just shut his pie hole.  I think Musk is starved for attention and that is why he goes around saying things without thinking them through.  Employees that are allowed to work from home are usually happier and more loyal than others.

Written for Fandango’s Provocative Question #215 which asks, “If you are not yet retired, do you regularly work from home? If not currently, have you ever telecommuted on a regular basis? If so, did (or do) you prefer working from home? Why or why not? And finally, how do you feel about Musk calling working from home “morally wrong”? Do you agree or disagree? And why do you feel that way?

23 thoughts on “Pot Calling Kettle

  1. Agree 100% with you. If people are goofing off at home when they should be working, then they’re probably goofing off at work too. Get better people and let them work however suits them best!

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  2. I worked from home for a decade before I retired in 2016 and loved it. Of course, I traveled a lot for my job, so my WFH experience was when I was not on the road. But as technology improved, and I could use live web meetings via WebEx to conduct a lot of what I previously had to be onsite at a client’s site, my physical travel requirements dropped. And I ended up working from home even more.

    And yes, Musk is a first class asshole.

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  3. Our owner thinks the very same thing as Musk. It’s a control thing more than anything else. The State here has gone for more at home jobs. I am more productive at home because I’m left alone to work. I do work from home some but not as much as I want.

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    1. Yes, I think it is a control thing, especially with Musk. Any employees of his who haven’t quit or be fired he wants to completely control their working life probably to the point where it would affect their families. He might be a very smart man but that doesn’t mean he is a good one.

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      1. He is a very rich man that got a lot of lucky breaks in life, and I really shouldn’t speak about his intelligence, but some of the things that he says make him sound stupid.

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      1. Yes I can….I’m sitting in my office and the only time I move from my office is lunch and walking….that is it. So yes I can do everything at home.

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