Her Little Man

He holds his mother’s face in his small hands and smiles affectionately at her, knowing that she will always be there for him.  She refers to her son as her little man, and she prays that they will always stay that way with each other, till the day comes when she has to let him go.  She understands that he will eventually grow up and they will not be able to play make believe any more, but she will try to hold on to these precious memories of looking at his face, as long as she can.  Nothing lasts forever and that is the way things have to be, but for now he is her little man, and he is all that she wants to see.  She wishes that she could capture all of the love that she shares with her son from the time she gave birth to him, all the way up to the day where he takes his own bride by the hand.  It is these intimate moments that they have with each other that she cherishes the most.

Written for Sadje at Keep It Alive What Do You See #186.

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